na62 straws status and plan

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NA62 straws Status and plan

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NA62 straws Status and plan. Content. Module assembly and preparation Electronics Testing, design, procurement Stacking Shipping Technical run Excitation of the Argon at the straw wall. Module 1 assembly and preparation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: NA62 straws Status and plan

NA62 strawsStatus and plan

Page 2: NA62 straws Status and plan


Module assembly and preparation

Electronics Testing, design, procurement



Technical run

Excitation of the Argon at the straw wall

Page 3: NA62 straws Status and plan

Module 1 assembly and preparation

Both views wired. HV test leak test ok . Except for 3 cells in 2:nd view need investigation

Module equipped with one final web (New HV connector)

Plans for technical run We plan to equip of subset of the cells (U and V) Limited by electronics readout (SRB) However, we will connect all cell in terms of gas supply (for safety)

Procurement Electronics Production of webs and final covers is launched

The first web batch for September Cover for beginning of October . We need to solve rapidly the problem with the oscillations.

Mechanics 3 additional frames ordered (8 in total) Corresponding Manifolds: release option. A contract of 70 kEuros ( decreased by ~30% ). To be placed in the fall.

Page 4: NA62 straws Status and plan

Example HV testing Module 1, 2:nd view(first view all cells ok)

Page 5: NA62 straws Status and plan

Module 2 assembly

Straw insertion in the first view is ready

Straw installation of 2:nd view planned for August-September

Quality the same as Modulel 1 or higher. No straws were replaced in the 1:st view so far!

Wiring will follow in September/October in order to complete the module at the end of the year.

Page 6: NA62 straws Status and plan

Straw straightness (Module ,X, layer 4)

CenterTop Bottom

Page 7: NA62 straws Status and plan



Interface parts and all parts are available in 156

The plans is to start the stacking this week using two empty frames. First module (X,Y) will be put tomorrow. A second module frame without straws will used to make a dry assembly

If all the parts are validated (studs, diemsnions etc) and the procedure established, the final assembly (planned for beginning of September) will go quickly

Page 8: NA62 straws Status and plan

Stacking in preparation

Page 9: NA62 straws Status and plan

Setting up the 2:nd assembly line in Dubna

A lot of activities: Training of operator and supervisors, procurement , tooling , parts , consumables, shipping…..

See presentation by Neil.

All the parts and tooling up to the straw installation and QC will be sent to Dubna in the first delivery.

Some tooling and parts will come later e.g. tooling to cut the straws ,webs wires etc.

Page 10: NA62 straws Status and plan

Electronics status 1 Update of the cover

The new version has been pipelined with the design office and includes (known updates/corrections):

The modification of LV power supply connector.

Moving a few tracks interfering with screws heads and printing on the sealing area.

Replacement of PT1000 0603 package with 0805.

Removal of HV components and R26 and R29.

Addition of hole for HV LEMO connector.

Move of gas connector.

Removal of SPI/I2C jumper, direct connection to the correct potential.

Improvement of ground plane around CH7.

Move of DAC output vias around CH15 protection resistor.

Need to understand oscillations

Page 11: NA62 straws Status and plan

Electronics status 2

Design of the mezzanine (Georgios). There has been some delay, but the plan is to submit the scheme to the design

office before the 10 of August. Basic firmware has been drafted.

Dry run participation Georgios will represent the straws in order to learn as TEL62 and to prepare for the

technical run later this year

Page 12: NA62 straws Status and plan

Proposition:Déplacer la carte électronique de 300mm vers l’extérieur et descendre d’environ 40mm vers la chambre, pour préserver la forme du chanfrein d’angle (c’est ce qui fait le hors tout de la chambre).Le fait de déplacer de 40mm vers la chambre, condamne l’accès à 3 vis de fixation du support sur le flasque de la chambre.Pour compenser, on rallonge le support, ce qui nous permet d’utiliser les 2 derniers trous taraudés du flasque.

Carte électronique (en vert) déplacée,Support (en rouge) rallongé, ouvertures modifiées

Fixation support:3 vis ne peuvent plus être utilisées2 vis supplémentaires dans la partie rallongée du support

300mm 40mm



Page 13: NA62 straws Status and plan

Test beam

Validate the FPGA integrated in the cover. Performance, efficiency noise behavior etc. Oscillations under certain conditions.

Running and integration of the Micromegas telescope

Preparations for the technical run

Publications !

Note: Straw (NIM) paper in preparation

Page 14: NA62 straws Status and plan

H. Danielsson NA62 Plenary

14Metastable Argon levels Problem ? Al Odian and Dave Coward Argon and CO2 Argon has two metastable levels, one at 11.55 ev and one at 11.72 ev. A substantial fraction of the energy lost by a particle crossing the gas goes into

creating metastable excitations of the Argon as well as ionization of the Argon. In a straw chamber, if the excited Argon cannot deexcite by colliding with its companion molecules,

Can they live long enough to diffuse to the outer wall where they deexcite by releasing an electron from the outer wall?

A straw chamber is usually run at high gains for which single electrons produce large pulses. This means that the passage of a particle through the chamber is followed by a large number of after pulses, which, if the gain is high enough results in a continuous discharge. For lower gains, there are a large number of after pulses for each traversal of a particle. Now the numbers: Metastable energies of Argon: 11.55 ev and 11.72 ev

Penning mixtures for metasable levels: CO2 13.77 ev: no! 11.1 ev:C4H10(isobutane):yes


Page 15: NA62 straws Status and plan

H. Danielsson NA62 Plenary


Literature Work has been done on the subject

Study on 64-straw prototype

We have not seen the effect yet. However, we have the 64-straw prototype equipped with the covers. We plan to look at this once up ad running.


Page 16: NA62 straws Status and plan

Conclusions and plans

Module assembly procedures are now defined and the assembly line in 154 complete Some work needed on the services panels and the work to finalize these issues will start in August

(patch panels, services routing, cable trays etc.) Procurement

Most of the big contracts placed (Manifolds in the fall 70 kEuros) Webs, covers, SRB, mezzanine boards to come… We have an issue with oscillation on the cover/CARIOCA which we need to understand and solve

Tooling and parts to start straw installation in Dubna ready to be shipped. (Module shipment supports , damping , accelerometer etc in preparation).

The goal is to have the first module assembled up to wiring at the end of the year The goals is to have 2 modules (1:st chamber) ready at CERN at the end of the year and the 3:rd

started. Stacking started and on schedule Dry run and test beam important. Also a preparation for the TR.