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<ul><li> 1. Advising Technology Mythbusting:Guidance and Challenges for UsingSocial Media on CampusEric Stoller and Julie Larsen NACADA #AdvTech Talks 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. a nationally known thought- leader, speaker, and consultant on using social media in higher education to create connections and enhance communication. Eric has over 10 years of student affairs technology experience and is the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for InsideHigherEd.comAssistant Director/AcademicAdvisor for Emerging Media andCommunication at theUniversity of Texas at Dallas.Community manager Member ofNACADA Tech Commission. Canbe easily swayed with coffeeand/or a burrito. 3. Lets start at the beginning 4. Are you the only oneusing social media inyour office, or arethere others?What tools are you already using?On a scale of 1-10, wherewould you fall with yourfrequency of technologyuse? 5. Communications 101Myth busted: Social media is like the laser disc player. Dont remember that? My pointexactly. 6. Social Media StrategyMyth busted: We dont need a plan, just get on the Facebooks and post the thingz! 7. Whats Your Channel?Myth busted: Everyone else is doing it so our office should too. 8. FERPA FolliesMyth busted: Oh no! Sensitive data will be everywhere! 9. Building for #AcAdv 10. Resources 11. Questions</p>