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Welcome to Nagano!
1. First Thing You Need to Do After Moving In
2. At the Time of Emergency
3. Protecting Yourself from Earthquakes
4. Living in Harmony with Your Neighbors
5. Introducing Nagano Prefecture
(2) Government Offices
Table of Contents
1. First Thing You Need to Do After Moving In
Electric Power Company
Water Works Department
Gas Company
Municipal Office: Within 14 days of moving in, please file your change of address at the municipal office of your new residence (Present your Resident (Zairyu) Card, Certificate of Moving Out (Tenshutsu Shomeisho), etc.). If you have moved in from another municipality in Japan, or if you are leaving Japan, you must submit a Notification of Moving Out to the municipal office of your previous residence. You will need the Certificate of Moving Out to notify your relocation to your new municipality. Regarding procedures of moving out, please contact your municipal office for details.
Electricity: Contact the electric power company. Water: Contact the Water Works Department of your municipality. Gas: Make an appointment with the gas company before moving in to have
the main tap opened. A safety inspection is also necessary before you start using gas.
School: Submit an application for enrollment permission to the board of education of your municipality.
Driver’s License: Submit a notification of address change to your nearby police station.
Call 110 to reach the police if you should have an accident or become
a crime victim.
(Fire and Ambulance)
Call 119 to reach the fire station at the time of a fire, sudden
illness or injury.
using this list.)
Address, Apartment Name
1. Go under a table or a desk to protect your head and body.
2. Turn off the stove and heaters immediately.
3. Open doors to secure an evacuation route.
4. When you go outside, pay attention not to step on broken glass
5. Go to the nearest evacuation site with your neighbors (Your
evacuation site is usually the closest school campus).
6. Evacuate with only what you can carry.
3. Protecting Yourself from Earthquakes
Evacuation Site in Your Area
There are many earthquakes in Japan. What should you do when an earthquake occurs?
Get an “Emergency Backpack” ready in case of evacuation.
• Food (Keeping water and cookies in your car also helps.)
• Medicines (a first-aid kit including Band-Aids and regular household
• Portable radio, flash light, spare batteries
• Cash (including changes)
Please try to get to know your neighbors, and maintain good
After you move in, visit your neighbors to greet them and introduce
associations called “Jichikai” or “Chonaikai.” They are in charge of
various community events, including cleaning. You may be asked to pay
a membership fee when you move in.
Household garbage.
pality. These garbage bags are sold at supermarkets
and convenience stores.
tions for garbage collection. Please ask your
municipal office or neighbors.
Nagano Prefecture (also known as “Shinshu”)
Nagano is blessed with rich nature, history and culture. We were chosen the
best relocation destination of all prefectures in Japan ().
Source: Inakagurashi no Hon (Book of Country Life), 2016. Nature
Nagano has the largest number of mountains rising above 3,000m in Japan.
The Japan Alps are a good example of the many mountains well-known for
their beauty. About 80% of our land is covered by forests.
Nagano has the second largest number of hot spring resorts in Japan.
Mountains and highlands in summer and ski resorts in winter attract many
tourists to Nagano.
Before WW, a silk industry thrived in Nagano. After the war, a precision
machinery industry took over the silk industry, and produced high quality
cameras, watches and clocks. Now computer-related electronic devices
are the main products of our precision industry.
Nagano is especially famous for delicious apples. We also produce
many “Kyoho” grapes, prunes, apricots and blueberries. A large amount
of vegeta- bles are also produced including lettuce,
celery, asparagus and wasabi.
Nagano’s Symbols
Supporters for International Residents
026-235-7186 in English, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese and Thai
9:30am~5:30pm, Monday through Friday
Regional Communicators for a Symbiotic Society
These communicators are volunteers who live in your community and
help you with translation and necessary information in 21 languages
(as of February 2018).
Municipality Language/Day/Time Phone Number
Matsumoto City
Thursday: 6:00~10:00pm
Consultation Contacts at Municipal Offices (In Foreign Languages) (as of April 2018)
2013 4
Okaya City
Wednesday: 9:00am~3:00pm
Mon., Tue., Thurs., Fri.:1:00~5:00pm
Wednesday & Friday (with some exceptions): 1:00~5:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 1:00~5:00pm,
(Ex. 288)
Komoro City
(Ex. 2311)
(1) Consultation in Foreign Languages
Fellowship Association
Komagane City
(Ex. 1196
Saku City
(Ex. 6341
Azumino City Portuguese Monday ~ Friday: 8:30am5:15pm 0263-71-2000
(Ex. 1215
Shimo-Suwa Town
(Ex. 199
Friday: 11:00am~2:00pm
Hakuba Village English
(1) Consultation in Foreign Languages
Prefectural Offices
The following are each office’s main switchboard numbers. Please give the operator
the name or extension number of the section in Japanese.
(Monday ~ Friday, 8:30am5:15pm
Regional Development Bureau (General prefectural offices in 10 regions in Nagano)
Saku Regional Development Bureau 0267-63-3111
Ueda Regional Development Bureau 0268-23-1260
Suwa Regional Development Bureau 0266-53-6000
Kami-Ina Regional Development Bureau 0265-78-2111
Minami Shinshu Regional Development Bureau 0265-23-1111
Kiso Regional Development Bureau 0264-24-2211
Matsumoto Regional Development Bureau 0263-47-7800
Northen Alps Regional Development Bureau 0261-22-5111
Nagano Regional Development Bureau 026-233-5151
Hokushin Regional Development Bureau 0269-22-3111
Sakae Village 0269-87-3111
Sakaki Town 0268-82-3111
Saku City 0267-62-2111
Shimojo Village 0260-27-2311
Shimo-Suwa Town 0266-27-1111
Shinano Town 026-255-3111
Shiojiri City 0263-52-0280
Suwa City 0266-52-4141
Suzaka City 026-245-1400
Takamori Town 0265-35-3111
026-232-3317 (Japanese only)
Foreign Residents Information Center , Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau
0570-013904 / IP, PHS, International calls03-5796-7112
(MondayFriday, 8:30am5:15pm)
Government Offices
Hello Work
Portuguese Friday: 1:00~3:00pm 026-228-1300
Ueda Office Chinese Thursday: 1:00~4:00pm
Portuguese Monday & Friday: 10:00am~3:00pm 0268-23-8609
Iida Office Chinese Tuesday & Wednesday: 10:00am~3:00pm
Portuguese Friday: 10:00am3:00pm 0265-24-8609
Ina Office Portuguese Friday, 9:00am4:00pm 0265-73-8609
Suwa Office Portuguese Tuesday: 10:00am3:00pm 0266-58-8609
Consultation Corner for Labor Conditions and Labor Issues, Nagano Labor
Affairs Bureau 026-223-0553 (Portuguese only)
They give counsel on labor conditions to Portuguese-speaking people.
(Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00am~3:30pm (The office hours may change.)
Out-of-Hour Emergency Medical Care Service 0570-088199 (Japanese only)
Get information on medical institutes available on holidays and during the
night time.
0263348000 (7:0011:00pm) (Japanese only)
Call #800 for advice when your child gets sick or injured at night.
Driver’s License Center (Japanese only)
Hokushin Driver’s License Center (Nagano City) 026-292-2345
Toshin Driver’s License Center (Saku City) 0267-53-1550
Chunanshin Driver’s License Center (Shiojiri City) 0263-53-6611
Government Offices
Asia Embassy of the Republic of India 03-3262-2391
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia 03-3441-4201
Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 03-3440-6911
Royal Thai Embassy 03-5789-2433
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China 03-3403-3388
Embassy of Nepal 03-3713-6241
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines 035562-1600
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 03-3466-3311
Embassy of Malaysia 03-3476-3840
Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar 03-3441-9291
Embassy of Mongolia 033469-2088
Embassy of Canada 03-5412-6200
Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay 033265-5271
Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil 03-3404-5211
Embassy of the Republic of Peru 03-3406-4243
Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia 03-3499-5441
Embassy of the United Mexican States 03-3581-1131
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 03-5776-5400
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 03-5791-7700
Embassy of France 03-5798-6000
Embassy of the Republic of the Commonwealth of Australia 03-5232-4111
Embassy of New Zealand 03-3467-2271
Middle East
Embassies of Major Countries (Tokyo)