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Name Badges International is a professional name badge company situated in Miami.They offer the best quality services.They produce all types and sizes of name badges.


  • 1. Name Badges International Professional Name Badge Company

2. Name Badges 3. About Us 4. Name Badges International is a professional name badge design company in Miami. We are the ideal choice for beautiful and quality personalized name badges. We offers quality services to customers. We give great importance to customer needs and demands. Cost efficient. 5. Characteristics 6. Customer needs is to be evaluated. Best materials are used in making cards. For security purpose, we create unique card which can be used safely. Each card is different and unique. Unique style and colours are used. 7. Contact Us 8. Address : Name Badges International 1500 N.E. 131 Street Miami, FL 33161 Phone : 1-877-422-0NBI (0624) Website :


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