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  • 1949, small village, America1964, LebanonDrama schoolLeft high school without a degree at 17First film called Julia(1977)Wolfboy(1984) at 20Kramer vs Kramer, Sophies Choice, Out of Africa, Music of the Heart, JuliaSpeed, The Matrix, Sweet November, Hardball, WolfboyGot married in 1978, a son and three daughtersStepfather, a film director Retell the story

    NameMeryl StreepKeanu ReevesBirth (time/place) Schooling Beginning of the acting career Films Family

  • I have a dream

  • Choose the correct answer:1. ( ) What was Mr. Malcolms dream when he was young?A: He dreamt of being a film star.B: He dreamt of being a director.C: He dreamt of going to the university.2. ( ) Where were the film shown in the small town?A: In the cinema. B. In the school library. C: In the street.3. ( ) What did he study when he went to university?A: Art B: Medicine C: Law4. ( ) When did he decided to become an actor?A: After he graduated from the university.B: Before he joined the Student Club.C: When he met his wife.


  • Listen for the specific information and fill in the blanks:1.What do we know about the city where Malcolm grew up? It was _________________ far from ______________.2. What did he want to be when he was a student? _____________________________________________.3. What was the reason why Malcolm studied law? The reason is that _______________wanted him to study law.4. When did Malcolm really start his career in the theatre? When Malcolm met _________, he started his career.5. Why was the film called The Dream Machine important to Malcolm? Because he didnt have any ____________.

    a small townthe big cityHe wanted to be a teacherhis fatherhis wifeexperience

  • True or False1. Steven Spielberg invited Jackie Chan to make the the film Nosebleed. ( )2. Chan thinks his old films are better than his new films. ( )3. Asian people dont like Chans American films because of the music in them. ( )4. Jackie Chan wrote the script for Spielbergs film ET. ( )5. Chans dream is to make a blockbuster such as ET. ( )


  • The Tuxedo

  • Choose the correct answer:1. Before Jackie Chan went to which country, he made his career in Hong Kong. ( ) A: Japan B: Canada C: America D: Germany2. Which films made him a Hollywood star? ( ) A: The Young Master B: Rush Hour One C: Shanghai Dawn D: Rush Hour Two3. Though he made many films, which films did he still prefer to ( ) A: Shanghai Noon B: New Police Story C: The Young Master D: Armour of God4. Asian people didn't like Jackies American films, could you tell me why? ( ) A: Didn'tt understand the jokes. B: Didn't understand the content. C: The action is terrible. D: They hated America, so they didn'tt like Jackies American films.


  • New Police Story

  • Homework:1. Review The films and the actors and actresses that we have talked about. For example, Keanu Reaves, MalcomeLangland. I will ask you some questions tomorrow morning.

    2. Preview the reading part Getting to know Steven Spielberg.Tomorrow we will have a new lesson.