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  • 1. "Theres Plenty of Room at the Bottom," a talk given byphysicist Richard Feynman at an American PhysicalSociety meeting at Caltech on December 29, 1959. Richard Feynman won nobel prize for fundamental workin quantum electrode. In 1985, researcher reported the discovery ofbuckyball,a round molecule consisting of 60 carbonatoms.This led in turn to the 1991 discovery of a relatedmolecular shape known as the carbon nanotube.

2. The first two of these, known as armchair (top left) andzig-zag (middle left) have a high degree of symmetry. The terms "armchair" and "zig-zag" refer to thearrangement of hexagons around the circumference. The third class of tube, which in practice is the mostcommon, is known as chiral, meaning that it can exist intwo mirror-related forms. The structure of a nanotube can be specified by avector, (n,m), which defines how the graphene sheet isrolled up.

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