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Innovative Resources from the Leading Edge of Nanotech


  • Contents

    Nanoscience & Technology ..............................3

    Nano & Biotechnology ....................................7

    The Perspectives in Nanotechnology Series ....10

    Nanomaterials & Processing ..........................12

    Nanocircuits & Electronics ..............................18

    MEMS & NEMS ..............................................22

    Nanotechnology & Energy ............................24

    Nano-optics & Photonics ................................25

    Nano Tech & Clean Tech Proceedings ............27

    General Resources ..........................................27

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  • 3Nanoscience & Technology

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    NanocrystalQuantum DotsSecond EditionEdited by

    Victor I. KlimovLos Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA

    A review of recent advancements in colloidalnanocrystals and quantum-confined nanostructures,Nanocrystal Quantum Dots is the second edition ofSemiconductor and Metal Nanocrystals: Synthesis andElectronic and Optical Properties, originally publishedin 2003. This new title reflects the books alteredfocus on semiconductor nanocrystals.

    Gathering contributions from leading researchers,this book contains new chapters on carrier multipli-cation (generation of multiexcitons by single pho-tons), doping of semiconductor nanocrystals, andapplications of nanocrystals in biology. Otherupdates include:

    New insights regarding the underlying mecha-nisms supporting colloidal nanocrystal growth

    A revised general overview of multiexciton phe-nomena, including spectral and dynamical signa-tures of multiexcitons in transient absorption andphotolumines cence

    Analysis of nanocrystal-specific features of multi-exciton recombination

    A review of the status of new field of carrier mul-tiplication

    Expanded coverage of theory, covering theregime of high-charge densities

    New results on quantum dots of lead chalco-genides, with a focus studies of carrier multiplica-tion and the latest results regarding Schottkyjunction solar cells

    The book also includes a review of recent progressmade in biological applications of colloidal nanocrys-tals, as well as a comparative analysis of the advan-tages and limitations of techniques for preparing bio-compatible quantum dots. The authors summarizethe latest developments in the synthesis and under-standing of magnetically doped semiconductornanocrystals, and they present a detailed discussionof issues related to the synthesis, magneto-optics,and photoluminescence of doped colloidalnanocrystals as well. A valuable addition to the pan-theon of literature in the field of nanoscience, thisbook presents pioneering research from expertswhose work has led to the numerous advances of thepast several years.

    Catalog no. 79263, April 2010, 496 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-7926-5, $149.95 / 95.00

    In Full-Color!

    Introduction toNanoscience andNanotechnologyGabor L. Hornyak, Harry F. Tibbals, Joydeep Dutta, and John J. Moore

    The maturation of nanotechnology has revealed itto be a distinct discipline rather than a specializationwithin a larger field. Its textbook cannot afford to bea chemistry, physics, or engineering text focused onnano. It must be an integrated, multidisciplinary,and specifically nano textbook. The archetype of the modern nano textbook, Introduction toNanoscience and Nanotechnology builds a solidbackground in characterization and fabricationmethods while integrating the physics, chemistry,and biology facets. The remainder of this color textfocuses on applications, examining engineeringaspects as well as nanomaterials and industry-specif-ic applications in such areas as energy, electronics,and biotechnology.

    Catalog no. 47795, 2009, 1574 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-4779-0, $139.95 / 77.99

    Also available in two course-specific volumes:

    Introduction to NanoscienceHighly recommended

    B. Ransom, formerly, University of California, SanDiego, in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

    Catalog no. 48058, 2008, 856 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-4805-6, $89.95 / 39.99

    Fundamentals ofNanotechnology" ... an outstanding, essential resource for anyone inthe field... . It covers the entire spectrum of nan-otechnology... This comprehensive, highly readablebook with extremely high production values can beread and appreciated by experts and non specialistsalike. A revolutionary book in a revolutionary field."

    B. Ransom, formerly, University of California, SanDiego, in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

    Catalog no. 48031, 2009, 786 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-4803-2, $89.95 / 39.99

    Color illustrations and a growing wealth of pedagogical tools are available online for each of the three books, and solutions manuals are availablefor each volume with qualifying course adoption.


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    Nanoscience & Technology

    MicrojoiningandNanojoiningEdited by

    Y. (Norman) ZhouUniversity of Waterloo, Canada

    A comprehensive overview of microjoining process-es and techniques, this book covers solid-statebonding and fusion microwelding, then moves onto microjoining and nanojoining processes, such asbonding mechanisms and metallurgy, processdevelopment and optimization, thermal stressesand distortion, positioning and fixturing, sensing,and numerical modeling. It discusses microjoiningof materials such as plastics, ceramics, metals andadvanced materials such as shape memory alloysand nanomaterials. The book also includes applica-tions of microjoining such as joining superconduc-tors, the manufacture of medical devices, and thesealing of solid oxide fuel cells.

    Catalog no. WP7083, 2008, 500 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-7083-5, $339.95 / 179.00

    NanotechnologyUnderstanding SmallSystemsBen RogersUniversity of Nevada, Reno, USA

    Sumita PennathurUniversity of California, SantaBarbara, USA

    Jesse AdamsNevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.,Reno, USA

    Written in an accessible and engaging style, thisbook works from the ground up, providing adetailed yet accessible introduction to the worldsfastest growing field, linking the academic disci-plines of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineer-ing in new and promising ways. This book's com-prehensive system-by-system approach clearlyexplains the major differences between macroscaleand nanoscale phenomena, using real-world exam-ples, problems, illustrations, and applications toteach each concept. This book can also be adoptedfor classroom use and features useful ancillarymaterials.

    Catalog no. 8207, 2008, 416 pp., ISBN: 978-0-8493-8207-9, $93.95 / 59.99

    Handbook ofNanoscience,Engineering,and TechnologySecond EditionEdited by

    William A. Goddard III, Donald W. Brenner, Sergey EdwardLyshevski, and Gerald J. Iafrate

    The first edition of the standard-setting Handbookof Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technologysaw the field through its infancy. Reassembling thepreeminent team of leading scientists andresearchers from all areas of nanoscience and nan-otechnology along with several new pioneers, thissecond edition continues to guide the field throughits burgeoning adolescence. In particular, it discuss-es fundamental theory of molecular and nanoelec-tronics, advanced fabrication technologies, model-ing and simulation results, and novel molecular andnanoelectronic devices. The information containedin this handbook remains relevant and captivatingfor this exponentially growing field.

    Catalog no. 7563, 2007, 1080 pp., ISBN: 978-0-8493-7563-7, $154.95 / 98.00

    Frontiers in theDesign ofMaterialsEdited by

    Baldev Raj, S. Ranganathan, S.L. Mannan, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao, M.D. Matthew, and P. Shankar

    This collection of advanced topics in alloy designand materials development stands apart from othersimilar books on the subject. Authored by profes-sionals in the field of next-generation materials forstrategic and engineering applications, the textcovers multi-scale modeling for alloy design andstructural materials, nanomaterials, and quasicrys-tals, among other high-performance materials. Thebook provides a blend of subjects of interest tophysicists, materials scientists, engineers, and stu-dents.

    Catalog no. UN4730, 2007, 456 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4200-4730-1, $164.95 / 105.00

  • 5Nanoscience & Technology

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    OrganicSpintronicsEdited by

    Zeev Valy VardenyUniversity of Utah, Salt LakeCity, USA

    The U.S. Department of Defense has invested half amillion dollars to further the field of quantum spin-based electronics, and the science behind this tech-nology won the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics.Organic spintronics is a nascent field of researchwith ample current and future potential applica-tions, including spin-valves used in reading andwriting modes of magnetic information and mem-ory devices, magnetic field effects on conductivityand electroluminescence, and optically detectedmagnetic resonance dynamics. This book is an in-depth discussion of the latest discoveries in thefield, including a look at the various materials andapplications involved.

    Catalog no. K10326, April 2010, 350 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4398-0656-2, $129.95 / 82.00

    Nanotechnologyand theEnvironmentKathleen Sellers, Christopher Mackay, Lynn