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4th ESO, Ciencias Sociales


  • 1. The Cuop detat of 18 brumario gave thegoverment to a CONSULATE. Executive power: 3 consuls SIEYES DUCOS NAPOLEON: bacame the first consul of the Republic

2. Peace with AUSTRIA and PRUSSIA 3. CONSTITUTION YEAR III (1799): Established the goverment of the Consulate Gave Napoleon most of the powers of a dictartor Ratified by referendum 4. Catholicism was thereligion of the greatmajority of the French butnot the official state religion(freedom of religion). The State would payclerical salaries.Allegory of the Concordat Napoleon won favor of thecatholics. 5. Centralised administration Higher education system NAPOLEONIC CODE: new civil code: Forbade privileges based on birth Freedom of religion Goverment jobs: the most qualified 6. 1804: Napoleon crowned himself EMPEROR Napoleon crowned his wife Josephine in the presence of Pope. 7. From 1804 to 1807 Napoleon defeated hisenemies (Prusia, Russia, Austria and Portugal). 1806: Continental System or Contiental Blockadeagainst British Empire 1808: French troops invaded Spain to wakePortugal enforce the Continental System 8. 1812: Napoleon started the invasion of Russia. The beginning of the end: Winter Russian Campaign Peninsular War in Spain (aka Spain War of Independence) 9. Great BritainEuropean coalitionRussia Prussia Austria1814 arrived in Paris Napoleon abdicated sent to the island of ELBA 10. Napoleon escaped from Elbarecovered the power for 3 mounths N. was defeated by Wellington (GB) in BATTLE OF WATERLOOsent to the island of Saint Helena (died 1821)