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Napoleonic Wars. War. Only Britain was at war continually with France during this time The four Great Powers (Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia) did not fight France simultaneously until 1813 Nations were willing to ally with Napoleon for their own foreign policy benefit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars1WarOnly Britain was at war continually with France during this timeThe four Great Powers (Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia) did not fight France simultaneously until 1813Nations were willing to ally with Napoleon for their own foreign policy benefitAfter Napoleon conquered Italy, European countries decided they need to defeat him in order for a peaceful Europe2War of the Second Coalition1798-1801Napoleon had his navy destroyed by Englands Lord Horatio Nelson in the Battle of the NileNapoleon and the French army isolated in North AfricaNapoleon was victorious in the war, nevertheless, but never conquered England

3Treaty of Luneville1801Ended the Second CoalitionResulted in Austrias loss of its Italian possessionsGerman territory on the west bank of the Rhine incorporated into FranceRussia retreated from western Europe when they saw their ambitions in the Mediterranean blocked by Britain4

5Peace Interim1802Treaty of Amiens with Britain in 1802Hoped to increase trade with the ContinentFrance remained in control of Holland, Austrian Netherlands, and most of Italian peninsulaNapoleon reorganized the Confederation of SwitzerlandSent large army to Haiti to subdue a slave rebellionSold Louisiana to US6Empire Period1804-1814Dec 2, 1804, Napoleon crowned himself hereditary Emperor of France in Notre-Dame CathedralHoped to stop plans of royalists to return the Bourbons to the throneNapoleon viewed himself as a liberator who freed foreign peoples from their absolute rulers who oppressed them7


9Grand EmpireBeginning in 1805, Napoleon engaged in constant warfareAchieved the largest empire since the Roman times


11Satellite KingdomsDependant satellite kingdoms (where Napoleon put his appointees to throne)SpainBrother, Joseph BonaparteWestphaliaYoungest brother, Jerome BonaparteHollandBrother, Louis BonaparteItalySister, Caroline, Queen of NaplesStep son rules Lombardy, Venice, and Papal States

12IndependentIndependent but allied states includedAustriaPrussiaRussia

13War of the Third Coalition1805-1807In 1803, Napoleon began preparations to invade Great BritainIn 1805, Austria signed an alliance with BritainCoalition was complete with addition of Russia and SwedenNapoleons conquest of Italy convinced Russia and Austria that Napoleon was threat to balance of power14


16Battle of TrafalgarOctober 21, 1805French and Spanish fleets were destroyed by the British Navy under the Command of Lord Horatio Nelson, off the Spanish CoastEstablished supremacy of British navy for over a centuryFrench invasion of Britain no longer feasible17

18Battle of AusterlitzDecember 1805Alexander I pulled Russian troops out of battle, giving Napoleon another victoryAustria accepted large territorial losses in return for peaceThird Coalition collapsedNapoleon now master of western and central Europe19

20Arc de TriumpheIn commemoration of his victory, Napoleon commissioned in 1806Using classical style, the Arc hearkened back to the Roman Empire who built arches to signify victoriesNapoleon was clearly emphasizing the conquest of an empire

21Treaty of TilsitJune 1807ProvisionsPrussia lost half its population in lands to FranceRussia accepted Napoleons reorganization of western and eastern EuropeHeight of Napoleons success22



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