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Emotions by Destiny child's Structure

Emotions by Destiny child'sNarrative Structure

Often love songs convey a narrative through out their music videos portraying a story3 screens each displaying different real-life problem each girl who is part of the group is going to.The narrative is matched to the lyrics. When Kelly is singing it is matched with her problems. With the other two dimmed out. When Beyonc is singing the other two are dimmed out etc. at the end Michelle's problem is the biggest her loved one dies. And the Kelly and Beyonc over come their issues to comfort Michelle this is displayed by the three screens merging into one at the end. When the 3 girls meet up and support each other. When listening to just the lyrics it sounds like the song is about a lovers relationship. But the video enables a much wider range of people to relate to the song instead of just lovers due to the visuals somehow matching the lyrics.

In the first scene it displays all of the three girls different and individual problems.

Then it focuses onto Kelly while she sings her verse ; to capture the emotions she is feeling as we found out the her partner is going off to the war.

Then it focuses on Beyonc's story but still keeps Kelly and Michelle in focus who are doing the backing singing.

We find out the Beyonc's lover is cheating on her and Kelly and Michelle go off scene to emphasize the impact of what Beyonc has witnessed.

Then Michelle calls Beyonc and Kelly and tells them that her mother has died, Beyonc and Kelly come over their own problems because Michelle needs the most support now.

In each different screens the girls are now supporting Michelle. With the joining of there emotions the screens merge into one. Showing that together you can overcome emotions and support each other.

The 3 different stories portrayed allows a wide audience to be able to connect with the lyrics as it becomes more then a love song but a song that you can relate to any relationship and the narrative shows this.