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G324 Narrative Theory


  • 1. Narrative Theory

2. Tzvetan Todorovs Narrative Theory Todorov suggested that every story started balanced beginning, then disrupted which is a disequilibrium. Later, the main character attempts to fix the disequilibrium to return to a balance story (equilibrium). This is just an interpretation of the world of fiction. This is not always the case with film but just one theory of many. 3. Todorovs Theory Todorov explains his theory to be split up into five stages which constructs these narratives; A state of equilibrium Some soft of problem disrupts this equilibrium The character acknowledges this disruption The attempt to fix the problem The return of equilibrium or new equilibrium These narrative stages are most common to us as we frequently see these in everyday films. 4. Equilibrium This is ideally the start of the film, where there is no problem and a calm ambience. In our film, Equilibrium is when the bartender has just opened the bar and is just cleaning up the final few bits. This shows a calm atmosphere with no problems or disruptions occurring. 5. Disruption Disruption is when something or someone has obstructed the calm ambience and the peace in the atmosphere. In our film, the disequilibrium occurs when Joe (the first female) realises that the second female (Sam) has entered the bar which could be a problem. This causes friction between the two applied by Joe as she is not happy about the situation. This builds up tension in the bar and may go all wrong. 6. Recognition This is when the character realises that there is a problem/disruption. The recognition is when Joe, the angry customer, realises that Sam is also there to visit a blind date. This is when tension is built to the maximum level before somebody is approached. At this moment, Sam also realises that Joe is onto her. This causes Sam to feel uncomfortable. 7. Attempt to repair disrution This is when the character tries to handle the situation and find a solution for it. Joe, decides to approach Sam in order to find out what is happening. This confrontation may lead in two ways, good or bad. This is how Joe decides to take matters into her own hands rather then mind her own business. 8. Equilibrium Equilibrium is the part of the narrative were everything from the start is restored with no commotion. This is the part of the production when both characters finally come to the conclusion after a conversation that there was a misunderstanding. The two characters where each others blind dates and they both has nothing to worry about, this leads to all the tension that was built gone to a waste.