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  • 1. This theory was based around theidea that all stories start in a stateof equilibrium which is thendisrupted, setting in motion achain of events. The newresolution f the story is thecreation of a new equilibrium

2. Propps theory is based around thenarrative of folk tales, they werebasic stories with an obstacle thatneeded to be overcome. Includedbasic Stock Characters. Thecharacters and their actions thuscreate the narrative function andprovide the foundation for thestory 3. Meanings, including narrative,depend on binary oppositions.Strauss explores these in terms ofunderlying typical themes ratherthan events. Conflicts of thesebinarys drive the narrative events:E.g. Good vs. Evil 4. Michael Jackson You Rock My World Link: 5. Narrative Analysis The music video has many intertexuality references. Michael Jackson (MJ) includes references to hisown music, I dunno man I got a Bad feeling about this, I think we should just Beat It. In additionthe actors used in the music video are famous actors because of the role they have played, the mobgangsters and boss are from famous mob and gangster movies. Actors such as Marlon Brando andMichael Madsen There is also a sense of self pastiche as Chris Tucker delivers lines usually said byMichael Chommon, it seems in the video that MJ is paying homage to himself. In terms of Todorovs theory the video is narrative based so thus follows the expectations of thistheory:Michael sees the girl > follows her > finds her > serenades her > bar fight > Michael escapes with girl From that chain of events it is easy to recognise the sense of equilibrium and disruption within thevideo. If one were to also look at the video in terms of Propps theory we could argue that in terms ofcharacters:The Hero MJThe Villain Mob BossThe Dispatcher Oriental restaurant OwnerThe Helper Chris TuckerThe Princess The Female (Damsel in distress) Finally Levi Strauss theory bases simplistic ideas into the narrative of the video the to binaryopposites that are included are:Good vs. EvilHero vs. Villain Overall I think Propp and Todorovs theories are best used in the music video as it grasps theconcepts much better than Levi Strauss, allowing the narrative to have a clear flow and direction thatis easy for the reader to follow. The audiences may have watched this for social constructions ofconversation entertain, sexual appeasement, and to relax as the music is quite calm yet up beat.