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Narrative Theory Propp and Character Types

Narrative Theory:Propp and Character TypesGCSE Media Studies

Lesson ObjectivesTo learn the theory of Propp.

To apply this theory to a film I have seen.

Starter QuestionWhat is a possible link between these characters?

Vladimir ProppPropp was a Russian scholar who analysed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their narrative elements. He concluded that all the characters could be resolved into 7 character types.1. The Hero

Leads the narrative, is usually looking for something - a quest, or trying to solve something- a mystery. Does not have to be male.

Example: Batman from Batman 2. The VillainHas a conflict with the hero and tries to stop them from succeeding.

Example: The Joker from Batman3. The DonorGives the hero something - a clue, a talisman, a special power - which helps them complete their quest.

Example: Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars4. The PrincessIs usually a prize or reward for the hero. If the hero is female, there can be a price but this is unusual.

Example: Princess Fiona from Shrek5. THE HELPERHelps the hero, often acts as a sidekick

Example: Donkey from Shrek6. The Princess FatherAn authority figure who offers a reward to the hero for completing their quest. That reward might be a prince, a princess or in more modern narratives, a new car.

Example: The Sultan from Aladdin7. The False HeroThe false hero takes credit for the heros actions or tries to marry the princess.

Example: Prince Charming from ShrekMain ACTIVITYComplete tasks 1-3 on your worksheet.

If you finish, move onto task 4.

Lesson ObjectivesDid we achieve...

To learn the theory of Propp.

To apply this theory to a film I have seen.