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Natalie Cole passed away Thursday at the age of 65 as a result of congestive heart failure with her son Robert by her side.

The singer is best known for her Grammy-winning hits This Will Be and the duet Unforgettable, which she sang with her father Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole, Natalie and her sister Carole - 1953

Sister Carol, Nat King Cole and Natalie - 1956

Natalie with her father Nat King Cole - 1956

Nat, Natalie, mother Maria and sister Carole - 1956

Natalie with her father at the piano - 1956

Natalie sings at a recital in her home in Malibu. Nelson Riddle's son "Skipper" is at the piano - 1960

Natalie gets kisses from her husband co-producer Marvin Yaney (left) and co-producer Chuck Jackson (right) at the 1979 American Music Awards.

Whitney Houston and Natalie pose at the "Carousel of Hope Ball" on October 25, 1996

Ray Charles and Natalie


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