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Twitter Findability

The Essential Business Roadmap to Social Media and Mobile

Marketing your App to get Downloads

Natalie Henley,Director of Marketing Findability Group



Natural Horsemanship 22,000 Searches Each Month

Natural Horsemanship

Horse Training 167,000 Searches Each Month

Become Findable Under the Right Keywords

Keyword Phrases

11Findability in the Buying Cycle

App for Android




Fun App for Android

Purchasing12Know How Your Prospects Search

Source: ClickZ 200952.9% Search 3+ Keywords131352.9% search with 3 keywords or more Findability Keyword Discovery Process

Dont Guess! Always Use a Keyword Tool


Free Android Apps downloads



Local Monthly Searches


The Power of Social MediaMore than 30% of Mobile users access social networking on their phonesSocial Media users with cell phones are twice as likely to have apps on their phones then typically cell phone owners.240% increase in social networking app access yr over yr (US) Apps Get Found

Pew Internet & American Life Project, Nielson App Playbook, December 200983% of Downloads are a results of a search or a referral from your network With Search

Biggest Misconception

Android Market

Android Market

iTunes App Store

Social Media

Element # 1: Title Brand X Presents XNameApp an awesome game for all ages

XNameApp one of the top, Fun Android Apps of 2012

Fun Android Apps for all ages, including XNameApp Keyword: Fun Android Apps

We know that you want fun android apps that are easy to use, but more importantly that work well on your android phone

Element # 2: Evenly in the Text

To Download XnameApp click here

You can download our fun, android app XnameApp

Element # 3: Links To your Site!

Silverson MixersTop Performing Keyword: Industrial High Shear Mixers

YouTubeKeyword: Industrial High Shear MixersFourth Position!ResultsYouTubeKeyword: Industrial High Shear Mixers

Martin Faith, Owner of a Small Stained Glass Company

Top Performing Keyword: Stained Glass Denver

LinkedInKeyword: Stained Glass Windows Denver

TIP: Select the other category when selecting the industry associated with your website.This will allow you to re-name the website URL with your keywords39

Fifth Position!ResultsGolden Rule:

You Must Have a Personality!Skittles v M&Ms

Action PlanFind your Keywords-Dont Guess Use a Keyword Tool

2. Optimize your Social Media, Mobile Stores & Webpages with Downloads with a Keyword

3. Have Fun with it Show some Personality

4. Setup to save time

5. Measure success through Google Analytics

46.2% click traffic (based on Google CTR information given early 2011), and instead they received 71.3% of the clicks on this page, helping them pull an additional 25.1% of market share from their competition on this page. 44Thank you for attending!

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