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  • 1. Homonyms By: Natalie Tymczyszyn

2. Homonyms Two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning 3. BEAR Abearwill hibernate in the winter. Everyone mustbeara gift when they arrive at my party. 4. I wasbilledby the water company for my water usage for the month. We are going tobuilda house on that lot. The nurseweighedthe baby after she was born. Wewadein the water looking for marine life. 5. Theweatheris cloudy today. I am going for a drivewhetheror not you like it! I am sobored , there is nothing to do. The teacher wrote the assignment on the whiteboard . 6. Theprincipalis so mean! I was taught theprincipleof sharing.Thewitchcast a spell on Sue. Whichway are we supposed to go? 7. Joe likes to write notes on hisstationerypaper. Mary isstationary ; she is not moving. The girlshairis very long. A rabbit is ahare . 8. My favorite color isblue . My hairblewin the wind. There are many fish in thesea . I canseewith my eyes. Redis Johns favorite color. The teacherreada book to the class. Thesunis up in the sky. Mysonis an honor roll student. 9. 10. References