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National Media Activity. 2013 campaign: 714 stories 3,400+ news stories in 10 years. 2001: Genesis. 2004: A Symphony of Life. 2008: Life Takes Flight. 2009: Stars of Life. 2010: New Life Rises. 2012: One More Day. 2013: Journeys of the Heart. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1[NOTE: This presentation may be preceded by the 3-minute Donate Life Rose Parade Float Video. Please request a copy by emailing Annie Kiefhaber at]

Donate Lifes entry in the Rose Parade is not just a floatit is the totality of what the float makes possible. It is Americas Donate Life Celebration (CLICK)

2A national media campaign with representation from 43 states and the District of Columbia last year, as well as Canada and the Dominican Republic. Scores of national, regional and local media stories follow riders and floragraph families as they make their meaningful pilgrimages to Pasadena to usher in the New Year. (CLICK)National Media Activity2013 campaign: 714 stories3,400+ news stories in 10 years

3In all, thanks to the efforts of more than 140 official sponsors each year, more than 2,000 positive news stories about the float and its riders have been placed since 2004, and each year our call to action is seen by more than 30 million TV viewers, up to one million parade spectators, and tens of millions more in 150 countries worldwide. 2001: Genesis

4The Donate Life Rose Parade Float began with one mans vision. In April of 2001, lung recipient Gary Foxen, with the ever-present support of his wife Lois, wrote to the chairman of OneLegacy, the organ and tissue recovery agency serving the greater Los Angeles area. In the letter, he shared his dream of thanking donor families and celebrating the gift of life in the Rose Parade, the third most-watched entertainment event in the world. (CLICK)2004: A Symphony of Life

5Garys dream became a reality on New Years Day 2004 as Donate Life made its Rose Parade debut. Each year, the float committee has used the parade theme as a starting point to create a story that anyone can relate to, represents the experiences of the participants it spotlights, and achieves a balance between celebration and reverence. (CLICK)2008: Life Takes Flight

6Year after year a message of strength has been ever more evident, from lifting each other up with hot air balloons... (CLICK)2009: Stars of Life

7to celebrating how donors are Stars of Life (CLICK)2010: New Life Rises

8who leave soaring legacies. (CLICK)2012: One More Day

9We paused to reflect on the preciousness of time... (CLICK)2013: Journeys of the Heart

10before dramatizing the ups and downs of our Journeys of the Heart. (CLICK)

11So how will we inspire our nation and the world this year? As always, we began with the theme of the parade, which for the 125th Rose Parade is Dreams Come True. (CLICK)

12Of course, for recipients their dreams of new life come true, and their brilliant smiles reflect their gratitude. (CLICK)

13Living donors have a light all their own knowing their generosity has made dreams come true. (CLICK)

14But for donor families, their dreams do not come true. Their dreams are shattered, and no wish upon a star can bring them back. (CLICK)

15But we also know that many times, donor family members and recipients carry on the dreams of their loved ones. For Nicholas Green, thanks to his gift of life and a generation of advocacy by his family, his dream of having streets and parks named after him were realized. (CLICK) Michele DeMoss created a foundation, Foster Socks, to carry on her daughter Blairs passion for clothing foster children. (CLICK) Likewise, another donor family created Jessie's Desk, a nonprofit organization that like their daughter Jessie Starnes used to do without her parents' knowledge provides children with school supplies. (CLICK) A donor family from Louisiana will sponsor a float rider and floragraph honoree as a tribute to Ryan Viators Legacy. (CLICK) And Steve Ferkau does Chicagos Hustle Up the Hancock with friends of his lung donor Kari who dreamed of running with her once again. (CLICK)Individuals and families touched by organ and tissue donation and transplantation shine a light on us all.Transplant recipients radiate with gratitude and renewed life thanks to the gifts of organ, eye and tissue donors; families of deceased donors rekindle their spirits by carrying on their loved ones dreams; and both living and registered donors are beacons of hope to patients who aspire to live longer, fuller lives.Like lanterns illuminating the night sky above or the path before us, those who give and receive the gift of life...With this in mind, our 2014 Donate Life Rose Parade Float campaign will inspire with this story:

Read first paragraph (CLICK)Read second paragraph (CLICK)Read third paragraph (CLICK)16

17Light Up the World: a festival of beautiful lanterns which will inspire viewers worldwide to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. (CLICK)

18The 2014 Donate Life Rose Parade Float entry features five beautiful, enormous lanterns rising nearly 30 feet into the air, with the flames of second and fourth lanterns animated to flicker with life.

19The lanterns will illuminate 30 riders, all grateful organ and tissue transplant recipients.

20Each lantern is adorned with 72 memorial floragraph portraits of deceased donors whose legacies of life shine brightly.

21In recognition of the increasing importance of living donation to meet the ever-increasing need for kidney transplants, 12 living organ donor Walkers accompany the float on foot, demonstrating their ongoing vitality.

22Once again, the Dedication Garden will be filled with thousands of roses bearing personal messages of love, hope and remembrance and serving as a source of great potential for relationship-building with constituents, DMVs and hospitals.

23Leading up to New Years Day 2014, our Riders, Walkers, Floragraph Families and the national community who make the Donate Life Rose Parade Float campaign possible invite tens of millions of people worldwide to Light Up the World and support organ, eye and tissue donation. And we hope every member of our community will consider joining, and contributing to, Americas Donate Life Celebration. (END)Donate Life Float CommitteeGlenn AbercrombieAnne GreyBetty McNamaraThomas AsfeldtKaren HeadleyTom MoneRivian BellKathleen HostertKevin MonroeEsther-Marie CarmichaelStephanie JanskySimera NicholsChristina CourtneyAnnie KiefhaberErika Ospina AwardSteve FerkauKari KozukiLisa RhodesGary FoxenKaren LibsBryan StewartMary GanikosRanda LipmanAmy Waterman, PhDElisse GlennonVirginia McBrideAnn

25Follow the floats journey from construction to decorating to New Years Day 2013 at Well see you in Pasadena!


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