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Benjamin Gates embarks on a mission to locate the mysterious treasure hidden by the nations Founding Fathers. He is accompanied by his friend Riley and Dr. Abigail James. Despite the fact that no one believes the treasure exists and forces him to stop his search, he breaks all the rules needed to prove the conspiracy of his family and prove the national government wrong. National Treasure Homer Hickman, a young coalmine worker, is inspired to take on rocketry when he spectates the launch of Sputnik. Despite going against his fathers wishes, he dreams of launching his own rocket. With the support of his best friends; Quentin, Roy Lee, and ODell, and his teacher Miss Riley, he strives to make his dreams a reality. October SkyChris Gardner, a salesman living in New York City, who struggles to support his family financially. It has come to the point where his wife leaves him, and threatens to take their son with him. Chris, only wanting one thing in his life, pleads to take him. A few months later, Chris loses the house and is forced to live on the streets. He has suddenly lost hope, when an opportunity arises to work for a huge stock firm. Chris works his hardest, despite the fact that he was inexperienced, and eventually was offered the job. He tells his son one thing, which was the moral of the movie, Never let someone tell you that you cant.The Pursuit of HappynessThe movie is set in Saigon, Vietnam, during the turmoil of the Vietnam War. The love triangle of Thomas Fowler, Alden Pyle, and Phuong is the center of the film. Pyle has stolen Phuong from Fowler as he asks her for his hand in marriage promising security, but things gets interesting when Fowler founds out a truth about Pyle. Pyle is involved in the bombings during the Vietnam War. In the end, Phuong chooses Fowler. This movie tells us that looks can be deceiving, and people can turn out to be the opposite of what youve expected. The Quiet AmericanInspector Carter and Inspector Lee are two officers who were forced to team up on a big case. The ambassador of Chinas daughter was kidnapped on her way to school, and they have to track her kidnappers down. Along working on the case, the two has butted heads and failed on many occasions. It then came to the point where the FBI took them off the case. Lee, who knows the daughter, goes behind the FBI to find her. In the end, the two saves the girl, and proves that they were capable of handling the case. Rush HourBethany Hamilton was merely 14 years old when a tragic incident changed her life forever. She lost her arm by a shark attack. Being a competitive surfer, Bethany is in disbelief when people tell her that she will never get on a surf board again. She decides to prove the inevitable, and slowly reteaches herself to surf. In the end, Bethany loses the competition, but inspires others around her that anything is possible. Soul SurferAndy is off to college. This means things are about to change, while cleaning out his room to pack for college, Andy stumbles upon his childhood toys. He still feels attached to the toys and decides to bring them to college with him. His mom mistaken the box for donated items with the box that holds his toys, and they get donated to a local day care. The ending bases the main idea of the movie, which is that some things are worth to let go regardless of your own feelings. Toy Story 3Abby Richeter, a big time TV producer, is forced to side with Mike Chadway in order for her TV programs ratings to go up. After a few confrontations, the two greatly despises each other. Abby wants Mike out, so they come up with a small bet. Abby has met a guy who could possibly be her Mr. Right, but Mike is going to try to hook them up. If Abby can land Dr. Colin, then Mike can stay, but if not he must leave the TV show. The two work together only to find themselves falling for each other. Nevertheless, people find love when they least expect it. The Ugly TruthValentines Day follows the lives of different famous faces as they celebrate the romantic holiday. In the movie, we find a proposal, a marriage, a cheating scandal, a break-up, a teenage romance, and of course an anti-valentines day party. Something that this movie portrays to the viewers is that this day is celebrated by all ages, no matter how old you are love is still the same. Valentines Day Daphne Reynolds have always dreamed of meeting her dad. Every year her mom would tell her the story about their romance. Daphne, now 17 years old, travels to London to meet him. When seeing her fathers campaign speech for the first time, Daphne is left speechless to finally having seen him. She breaks into his home, and surprises him with the fact that he had a daughter. Throughout the movie, Daphne and Henry slowly grows fond of each other, and the two discuss about what happened between her parents. In the end, Daphnes parents are reunited and become officially married. The story shows us that there are people in the world that will try to mess with your head, but only true love will overcome these obstacles. What a Girl WantsThis sci-fi movie tells the story of a group of super heroes who were attacked by a member of mutant species. The villain Magento is on a mission to show humans what this league of mutants are capable of doing. The mission of the X-Mansion where they work closely with young mutants to teach them on how to adapt well with the human race, and hopefully slow down Magentos plan. No matter how different you are, there is always someone out there who understands things as you do. X- MenHigh school sweethearts Frank Beardsley and Helen North are reunited at their high school reunion. After being married once before, the two find the spark between them is still igniting. They decide to get married, to much dismay from their children. Living together was gruesome as the children greatly hated each other, but throughout the movie they started growing closer. It was too late, as Frank and Helen later decided to divorce, but the children pulled together to keep that from happening. The movie suggests that no matter how big or how small your family is, you always can count on them to have your back. Yours, Mine, and OursZorro is well-known all throughout Mexico as the masked hero. Following the separation with his wife Elena, Zorro was devastated and decided to retire. In the movie, we see him on the streets, drunk. Joaquin, Zorros son is unaware of his fathers identity of being Zorro. Later on in the movie, Zorro is slowly progressing into his comeback. His son assists him in saving the day after discovering his own father is Zorro. Zorro and Elena gets remarried. The movie teaches us to never lose sight on what youre meant to do in life. The Legend of Zorro


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