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National Union Worker Cooperative Movement. Creating an Economy that Works for All. The Inspiration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


National Union Worker Cooperative Initiative

National Union Worker Cooperative MovementCreating an Economy that Works for All.In California, the primary contact for union worker coops is California Council of Churches, Elizabeth Sholes, Director of Special Projects. 916-488-7300. The union coop movement is a coalition of labor, immigrant advocates, low-wage workers, faith communities, communities of color seeking sustainable, self sufficient jobs for all. The InspirationMondragon is the top industrial group in the Basque region, ranked 10th in Spain with 80,000 personnel, a presence in 70 countries, and winner of the 2013 Financial Times Boldness in Business award.

With its own bank, university, and insurance mutual, together with 12 cooperative laboratories holding more than 850 patents, Mondragons 60-year-old mission is to generate wealth for society through business development and job creation under the one worker, one vote cooperative framework.

Mondragon holds that labor is sovereign and capital, while essential, is subordinate to labor and sustainable job creation.

The FoundationUnited Steel Workers 2009 Historic Agreement w/Mondragon

Foundational PrinciplesInstead of a co-op standing alone it presents us with a co-op of co-ops

Solidarity Culture~ found in both Mondragon and the American Labor movement

A for-profit businessowned and directed by workers.

This business model utilizes the collective bargaining process and is guided by the core principles of sustainability, solidarity, accountability, and community and is based on the Mondragon principles.What Is a Union Co-op?How Co-ops Function: Democracy in the Workplace- Advantages, Broad based ownership

5Union-Worker Cooperative Structure6Board ofDirectorsUnionCommitteeManagementWorkerOwners6CUCI is a non-profit that partners with individuals and organizations to develop worker-owned businesses that create family-sustaining jobs and an economy that works for all. CUCI emerged from the historic partnership between Mondragon, the worlds most successful network of worker owned cooperatives, and the United Steelworkers

All-volunteer, self-funded, cast wide net: integrated businesses, unions, universities, advocacy groups, banks, politicians, faith-based groupsCited as a national example of sweat equity economic developmentDeveloped 7 projects and 1 union co-op business in 2 years as prototypes for roll-out models (now used as templates in other geographies)Example: Launched Our Harvest Co-op in April 2012 Hosted International Union Co-op Symposium in December 2013

7Vision: Worker owned farms and distribution and processing center for locally produced, sustainable food.

Progress: First Mondragon-USW model union co-op nationwideTo date has created 15 jobs including eight worker-ownersBusiness model calls for 200 jobs in five years A self-funded $40k feasibility study led to a $500k commercial loan in less than one operating yearPracticum site for Cincinnati State's Sustainable Agriculture Management program

Working Group: CUCI ,UFCW, Mondragon, Ohio Employee Ownership Center, We Thrive!, OCDC, Ohio State University Agricultural Extension Office, and the Center for Community Change

Mission: Sustainergy is an energy efficiency contractor specializing in customized energy analysis, and retrofitting electrical and heating and cooling systems.

Progress: Business Plan was completed in Fall of 2013 Launched Dec 2013 w/3 worker owner track team members and an organizing committee of 10 CUCI & Sustainergy are playing a leading role in a coalition to enable a PACE district(Property Assessed Clean Energy) with responsible contracting in Cincinnati.

Steering Committee: Greater Cincinnati Building and Construction Trade Council, Mondragon, Cincinnati Union-Co-op Initiative (CUCI), Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Blue Green Alliance

Cincinnati Railway Manufacturing Co-opVision:Attract world renowned Mondragon Cooperative Group, Danobat Group Railways (DGR), to the North American market creating a unionized railway manufacturing cooperative to capitalize on the ongoing tremendous growth in the railroad industry in the United States.

Progress:The Ohio Employee Ownership Council (OEOC) finished the feasibility plan. Danobat Group Railways funded & commissioned an expanded market analysis study in Dec 12.Feb 14: City of Cincinnati offer letter & DanoBat Delegates Visit

Steering Committee: USW, Mondragon, Danobat Group Railways (a Mondragon Co-op), CUCI, OEOC, the Blue Green Alliance, and the NAACP of Hamilton/Fairfield/West Chester and Liberty Townships chapter.

Jewelry Makers Co-op

Vision: Sustain Sarah Center (a non profit that encourages women on the margins to build positive lives for themselves through jewelry making, health & wellness programming, & entrepreneurial education). Expand successful, high quality jewelry making operation to create family sustaining full time jobs.

Progress: Feasibility Study will be completed April 2014.

Steering Committee:USW, St. Francis Seraph Ministries (including Sarah Center), Mondragon, Applied Information Resources, CUCI, Design Impact

Vision: The Renting Partnerships organization provides the infrastructure - leadership, legal agreements, resources and services - to facilitate the exchange process and protect the interests of both owners and renters.1) Model Legal Agreements 2) Facilitated Community-Based Leadership 3) Administrative Practices4) A Financial SystemProgress: Feasibility Study completed. Business Plan in process.Steering Committee:USW, CUCI, Mondragon, Renting Partnerships

Vision:Create family sustaining full time jobs via baking and distributing cookies from proprietary recipes made with whole fruit and vegetables that have been proven delicious in premium NYC gourmet outlets. A little bit of good, a whole lot of delicious

Progress:In recipe development at World Outreach Christian Church

Steering Committee:UFCW, Mondragon, Our Harvest, Yucky Cookies, CUCI

Worker Owned Grocery Stores in Food Deserts

Vision:Create family sustaining full time jobs while meeting the need for grocery stores that can provide quality, affordable, walkable groceries in neighborhoods that are food deserts.

Progress:Market Study & Feasibility Study will be completed by Feb 28th, 2014.

Steering Committee:UFCW, Mondragon, Our Harvest, CUCI, community stakeholders from Avondale, College Hill, and Northside

Working For a Neighborhood GroceryNorthside College Hill Avondale

Fernando Fernandez de Landa, Director of the Americas, Mondragon, at the International Union Co-op Symposium, 12/13

Armando Robles of New Era Windows Cooperative (Chicago)at the International Union Co-op Symposium, 12/

National Union Worker Co-op MovementTxomin Garcia Hernandez, President of Laboral Kutxa and Charles Snyder, President and CEO of National Cooperative Supports the creation, building,andlaunching of union worker cooperatives and union worker cooperative initiatives across the country underthe 2009 USW-Mondragon one worker, one vote collaboration framework

Creates a national network of union cooperatives (key to the 60-year-old Mondragon model, winner of the 2013 Financial Times Boldness in Business award)

Inclusively intersects with all participants in Americas growing National Worker Ownership Movement to increase1worker1vote ownership visibly and profoundly nationwide

Inspiration & Model for Union Cooperatives1Worker1Vote.orgCincinnatiSan Francisco - OaklandLas VegasDenverChicagoSt. Louis BuffaloPittsburghReadingNYC

Visionary mayor, city staff, local committed business leaders and unions like the United Steelworkers and the Laborers Community Development Corporation: Redesign Reading Community bank Municipal finance agency Aggregate public funds New union co-opLocal Laborers International Union apprentices = worker-ownersTraining to do building demolition, deconstruction and weatherizationCity buildings used as training ground - provide jobs, training, demolish/weatherize more buildings for the city and keep money local

Reading Union Cooperative InitiativeThe Reading Revolution

18Union co-op green commercial laundryWith sponsorship from the Heinz Endowments Less than $500k invested to create 100 jobsRe-employ and empower workers who are being dislocated by former laundryRecruit and train low-income residentsEach worker can expect to earn tens of thousands of dollars in equity in the first few yearsPays local business taxes as a for-profit enterpriseAn early anchor for the ALMONO site development, representing the green, cutting-edge businesses that the owners are working to attract1:1 Pittsburgh, PA

The Reading Revolution


Join the Union Worker Cooperative MovementAnd be a part of thisGame Changer for Our Communities

20Kristen Barker:; 513.403.9963Michael Peck: 20


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