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Need For Speed Campaign

Alex Clare

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To promote a new movie there are many different elements that can be used. Elements such as TV shows, Websites and radio shows. These promotions are used to inform a wide variety of people for the new film. However the promotions aren't shown on every channel, only certain channels such as BBC1and E4, they have done this to appeal to the correct target audience. The decision to use a particular way of marketing may depend on your target audience, but I believe the best way would be the T.V as it is very visual and has a impact straight way.


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Appearing on a TV show is the most effective way of gaining an audience because the viewers can not only hear what is being said but they can visually be seen as well. With Aaron Paul appearing on Top Gear, a huge car program would help promote the movie greatly, this is because everyone who watches the show is obviously a huge car enthusiast and basically both TV show and Movie have the same target audience, furthermore. When appearing on Top Gear he did a small interview about the film where they also showed a short trailer of the film. After doing this he did a challenge where he had to drive a car around a track in the quickest time. This is something that the target audience would be interested in and it also relates back to the film as he is a race car driver in it.

Appearing on Top Gear

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Aaron also appeared on the Graham Norton show on a Friday night. Because of the show gaining a different target audience to Top Gear it helped the marketing of the film reach out further. He appeared on the program to talk about Breaking Bad which would naturally attract a huge audience as the show is so popular, he then went on to talk about Need For Speed, people watching would be interested in watching the film as Aaron is staring init.

The Graham Norton Show

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Another way the film makers promoted Need For Speed was for Aaron Paul to give a speech at the E3 convention where the new Need For Speed game was released. This will appeal to the gamers who play the game. The speech was filmed at the convention so people who didn’t even go to it can still watch it online, this is creating an even bigger target audience for the movie whilst promoting the game aswell.

E3 - Internet

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Aaron Paul was chosen to play the lead protagonist in the movie because of star theory at the moment. Aaron Paul is very popular at the moment because of his role on the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Whilst the gaming side of the movie will bring in people, using Aaron will bring in loads of people who watch Breaking Bad and don’t nessassarly like cars will watch Need For Speed just to see him star in something else.

Why was Aaron Paul Chosen?

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◦ One of the most important aspects of the film industry is the marketing campaigns such as TV appearances and Posters of the movie. If the marketing is done correctly even small time movies can make it big at the box office. The main 3 roles to make sure that a film is marketed properly are:

◦ Identifying your target audience – For this movie the main target audience would be mainly male car enthusiasts with ages ranging from young teens to middle aged men.

◦ Planning – The distributors for the Need for Speed film would have to look back at their target audience and surveys for their gaming francize and focus groups.

◦ Background – Need for speed was first introduced as a video game on the computer back in the 90s.

Pre Production

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In some cases post production can actually last longer than the actual filming itself. It can be also used as a sort of second directing and editing of the movie as it is still possible to change certain sections of the film. The films producers and directors want to get feedback so they can see what can be improved or what works really well.

To do this they have screen testing before the final edit of the movie is released. A screen testing is a preview of the film. Once the screening is over they typically ask the audience to fill out a questionaire so the producers get feed back so they can see if any changes need to be made and what bits work well in the film.

Post Production

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The term anchorage means ‘the fixing of meaning’ through connotations and signs. It can be a key strategy in print advertising, following the ‘rules of good copy’. The film’s target audience of 15-35 year old males.

The poster on the far right clearly shows that it is a action movie, I can tell this because of the car being hung by the helicopter in the background, the fact that there are 3 men in leather jackets who look like they ‘mean business’ Also the use of the super cars in the image shows that the cars a going to appear in the movie either in a race or in a chase of some sort. Furthermore the red and yellow colouring suggests that it is hot and fuel enduced like the engines in the cars and the way they have positioned the text on the poster shows that it is a fast action movie.


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The poster to the right is using a woman as the main attraction to this poster, so they are using her as a sexual object which will obviously appeal the male target audience.

The woman is looking directly at you so you feel involved with the poster as well, she is stood to the side to show off her body better giving the target audience more to look at. The use of text is similar to the previous poster as it is still hot and flamed like the car engines in the film.


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Synergy is the sales of related products of the film. For Need for Speed the biggest product would be the video game. This would help sell the film because the target audience of the game would want to go and see the movie aswell. Younger child would be attracted to the film aswell because if they have smaller toy cars like Need for Speed toy cars.

USP stands for ‘Unique Selling Point’ this means what about a movie makes it stand out from the rest. The USP for Need For Speed is the fact that It was a video game years before the movie came out giving it such a big target audience even before a lot of people have seen the trailer.

Synergy and USP