need it sales leads? 10 ways to generate more leads right away (slides)

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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: Need to generate more IT sales leads for your business, right now? We have 10 options that you can implement today as part of your IT sales strategy. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.


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2. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comThere are Plentyof Actions thatYou Can Take froman IT Marketing &Sales Perspective 3. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comTo Help Kick-startYour LeadGenerationProcess Today: 4. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com1. AttendNetworking Events 5. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com2. Join Up with aGroup 6. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com3. ConsiderRunning SomePrint Advertising 7. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com4. Sponsor a Prizeor a Table 8. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com5. Drive MoreOrganic SearchTraffic 9. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com6. Engage in aSocial MediaMarketingCampaign 10. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com7. Prospect forLeads 11. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com8. Run a FacebookAds Campaign 12. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com9. Run a (PPC)Pay Per ClickCampaign 13. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com10. Cold Calling 14. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comLeads Will NotJust Come to You 15. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comYou Need to beProactive inSeeking Them Out 16. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comWhat IT SalesStrategies HaveWorked for YouRecently? 17. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comShare YourExperiencesWith Usin the CommentsSection 18. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading:Seven IT Sales SecretsDownload thisFree Special Report Now atITSalesSecrets.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Source: iStockphoto