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Love to Swim

Love to SwimLearn to Swim

INTRODUCTIONIf it slipped off your mind to indulge in swimming, then you are probably prodding yourself to the back end of the society. Image the fun learning swimming can render at times when you are out to a riverside and want to feel the cold tingling water yourself.when you stand besides some dusky beach, feeling the crashing waves and even conquering them once in a while! Learning swimming will not only add a speck of fun to your life, this will make you physically groomed and fit as well.

Why you CHOOSE us?We provide lessons for both adults and kids above 10 years. We have special summer classes where the kids can have loads of fun while getting to learn something constructive. The equipment's are top notch and are regularly maintain, so that we do not fall short of any weapon in our arsenal.We have trainers who are certified by Singapore swimming club. They are very proficient in what they do and know exactly how to tackle each of their students in an efficacious way.

FACILITIESWe have outstanding pool facilities which include:

1. One pool for competitions.2. One pool for teaching.3. One wading poolSuch of these facilities is specially designed and created so as to promote each of these distinct activities without interference.

ContacT US

Watsapp or call : +65 938 20200

Email: Address: Hougang Swimming Complex: 95 Hougang Avenue 4, Singapore 538830