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  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    The Basic Mode of Operation of

    CapitalismsKiller Institutions:An Initial Examination of the Central Tools of


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  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



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  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    The Basic Mode of Operation o f Capitalisms K iller Institut ions

    An Initial Examination of t he Central Tools of Neo-colonialism

    1 Introduction

    1.1 Raising consciousness of neo-colonialism in Afrikan communities

    This paper is intended as a brief introduction to imperialism, its changing faces and how they have

    and continue to impact upon Afrika. It is impossible to comprehend the recent history of Afrika

    without understanding that European imperialism imposed three distinct, but integrally related

    historical phases on us: slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. The paper focuses principally on

    the neo-colonial phase of Afrikas history the phase that we are currently in and the phase of

    imperialist domination that we must overcome if we are to be free. It does not attempt a

    comprehensive analysis of all of the mechanisms of neo-colonialism, but instead focuses on some

    of its central institutional drivers.

    The paper reminds us of the way in which imperialism has, over a period of 500 years, systematically

    metamorphosised in a concerted bid to steal and retain the resources of Afrika and other colonised

    parts of the world. These metamorphoses have taken place both in Afrika and at imperialisms centre

    depending on their relative strengths at the historical point in question. Despite its changing faces,

    imperialisms objectives and central principles i.e. exploitation, elitism and individualism have

    remained consistent throughout. Finally, the paper briefly examines the way in which the current

    crisis of capitalism has forced imperialism to re-arrange its centre in a desperate bid to survive.

    Imperialism is now so desperate that Uncle Tom has been given the reigns of the presidency by

    Uncle Sam.

    1.2 Afrikan peoples challenge to slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism

    Imperialisms historically phased methods of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism were all

    aimed at creating the conditions necessary for its systematic theft of Afrikan peoples wealth. In order

    to achieve this economic outcome it had to disempower Afrikan people politically. It had to destroy

    the just indigenous political systems that promoted Afrikan peoples sovereignty, Afrikan peoples self-

    determination, Afrikan peoples self-government, Afrikan peoples autonomy, Afrikan peoples

    democracy etc. It replaced these just indigenous political systems with its own evil corrupt despotic

    systems of rule which were democratically bankrupt because they were controlled from outside ofAfrika.

    Through constant struggle, Afrikan people defeated the evil corrupt despotic system of slavery and

    forced imperialism to back track to colonialism instead. Afrikan people continued the constant

    struggle and defeated the evil corrupt despotic system of colonialism, again forcing imperialism to

    back track this time to neo-colonialism the phase of history that we are currently in. Osagyefo

    Kwame Nkrumah explained that neo-colonialismis the last phase of imperialism (Nkrumah, 1974, p.

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    1). This means that when Afrikan people defeat neo-colonialism, there will be no place for

    imperialism to back track to. The most important task before us as Afrikan people, in this epoch of

    history, is to defeat neo-colonialism. In doing so, we will defeat imperialism and usher in a new

    phase of history that will eventually lead to the freedom of Afrika and other externally controlled parts

    of the world.

    1.3 Ignorance of neo-colonialism blocks the path to Afrikan liberation

    The task of achieving our freedom is not as simple as it may at first sound. Neo-colonialism is

    simultaneously a period in Afrikas history of exploitation by imperialism and a varied set of cunningly

    deceptive techniques designed to control and contain Afrikan people while our resources are being

    stolen. Neo-colonialismis used by imperialists to subdue Afrikan nations on the continent and in the

    Diaspora. Internal or community based neo-colonialismis also used to subdue Afrikan communities

    in the imperialist heartlands.

    Neo-colonialismtakes different specific forms in different situations, but the essence - using Afrikan

    agents to overtly or covertly assist imperialisms theft of resources from Afrikan people - remains the

    same. In Britain for instance, where the British capitalist state is the mortal enemy of Afrikan people,

    the actions of any Afrikan person who unites with the British capitalist state against the interests of

    the Afrikan community provide examples of internal or community based neo-colonialism.

    Neo-colonialist techniques have been specifically and successfully designed to confuse as well as

    control us. Its European imperialist architects have successfully ensured that the majority of Afrikan

    people are not even consciously aware that neo-colonialism exists. If we do not know that neo-

    colonialismexists, then we are likely to be confused by everything that occurs around us.

    A case in point is the appointment of Barack Obama to the position of President of US Satan - the

    highest possible overt expression of neo-colonialism, taking it onto a completely global level.

    Obamas role is to mislead the gullible, by showing a bogus new kind faced imperialism instead of

    the exhausted iron fist version. He must then: (i) use US Satans state power against the interests of

    Afrikan people living in US Satan, and; (ii) use US Satans imperial power to further subdue Afrikan

    and other oppressed people around the world in order to intensify its theft of our resources. Yet many

    sincere Afrikan people have been so confused by this neo-colonialist con trick that they are

    expressing pride at his overt appointment.

    This is because neo-colonialism is a methodology that is used to hide the racism of the system that

    oppresses Afrikan nations; the racism is still present, but because it is fronted by co-opted Afrikan

    agents the racism loses its visibility. Since US Satan is the leader of imperialism, Obamas

    appointment is an attempt to deceptively and falsely portray US Satan as a nation free from racism.

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    When we were oppressed under slavery and colonialism our ancestors knew it; they also knew that

    he they had to remove these oppressive systems in order to be free. It is a massive contradiction that

    despite the fact that we are actually living in the neo-colonial phase of history, most of us do not

    know what it is. The problem this poses is that if we do not know it, we cannot understand it; if we

    cannot understand it, we cannot consciously do anything to challenge it; if we cannot do anything to

    challenge it, we cannot get rid of it; if we cannot get rid of it, we will remain stuck in it; if we remain

    stuck in neo-colonialism, Afrika cannot be liberated and we will not be a free and self determining

    people. The critical task before us therefore, is to raise our collective level of consciousness of the

    nature of neo-colonialismand how to defeat it in Afrikan communities everywhere.

    2 Imperialism in the slavery and colonial phases of Afrikan history

    2.1 Methods of control in the slavery phase of Afrikan history

    Since the 15th

    century, imperialism has imposed slavery, colonialism and currently neo-colonialism

    upon us. This means that our wealth is still being stolen with unrelenting vigour. During the

    enslavement phase of Afrikan history, Afrikan people experienced the direct theft of our bodies and

    our labour; however, Afrikan land still remained under Afrikan peoples control. This meant that

    kidnapped Afrikan people were simultaneously living under a system of slavery and colonialism. The

    land of the American Indians was colonised and enslaved Afrikan people were forced to labour on it.

    Britain and other imperialist nations used a combination of their own national and American colony

    based state mechanisms to administer the slave economies.

    Brother Omowale

    European Intervention











    Historical Phases: From Oppression to Freedom




    2.2 Treaty of Tordesillas: Origin of co-ordinated enslavement

    The treaty of Tordesillaswas essentially an agreement on the allocation of stolen land and the

    assumed rights of imperialists to steal resources from the peoples of those lands. On 4th

    May 1493

    Pope Alexander VI issued a decree (i.e. Papal Bull). What was to become known as the Americas

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    was to be allocated to Spain with Afrika and India being allocated to Portugal. In return Portugal and

    Spain were each to force Christianity onto the peoples of those lands.

    The Portuguese King John II was not pleased with the decree. He felt that it did not give him enough

    of the Americas so he opened negotiations with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain with a

    view to getting it changed. Portuguese and Spanish diplomats negotiated a mutually agreeable

    allocation of the land they intended to steal and in doing so staved off a potential imperialist war.

    What was later to become known as Brazil would be allocated to the Portuguese and Spain would

    retain the remainder. On 7th

    June 1494 the treaty was signed in the Spanish village of Tordesillas

    hence the treatys name (Justice, 2005, p. 94; Treaty of Tordesillas). On 2nd

    July 1494 the treaty was

    ratified by Spain, followed by Portugal on 5th

    September 1494. It was sanctioned by the Catholic

    Church via a Papal Bull issued by Pope Julius II on 24th

    January 1502.

    The Roman Catholic Church lent its authority to what was really a treaty amongst thieves aimed at

    preventing imperial war. Popes Alexander VI and Julius II both lied by pretending that they had been

    given the right by God to give away the American Indians land. The Spanish and Portuguese

    imperialists found it convenient to act as though they believed them. The church also gave the

    official go ahead for European imperialism to enslave Afrikan people; all of the resulting genocide

    was apparently sanctified by God. Other European nations were not powerful enough, at the time, to

    merit Gods or the popes consultation and had to wait their turn. The Catholic Church got its cut of

    the stolen proceeds in the form of tributes from both Spanish and Portuguese imperialism.

    Brother Omowale

    Toussaint LOuverture, Catherine

    Flon & Jean Jacques Dessalines

    The 1494Treaty of Tordesillas is a critical historical milestone that marks the origin of European

    imperialisms overtly calculated political programme of enslaving Afrikan people. Some Afrikan

    people were enslaved before the treaty, but the treaty marks the beginning of imperialisms co-

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    ordinated plan for the enslavement of Afrikan people. Clearly, Afrikan people were not prepared to

    put up with this state of affairs. Our resistance, aimed at overcoming this genocidal onslaught,

    marked a critical milestone in the development of Pan-Afrikanism. The Haitian revolution is symbolic

    of the massive levels of struggle during this historical era.

    2.3 Methods in the colonial phase of Afrikan history

    A similar scenario existed in the colonial phase of Afrikan history where Afrikan people experienced

    the theft of our land as well as our bodies and labour. Learning from its own feudal history, European

    imperialism realised that stealing the land from under the feet of Afrikan people would be a more

    profitable form of enslavement and a more effective mode of control. As was the case with the

    enslavement phase, Britain and other imperialist nations used a combination of their own national and

    Afrikan based state mechanisms to administer the colonies. In summary, during the slavery and

    colonial phases of Afrikan history, imperialism used its individual nation-state apparatus as its main

    source of power.

    2.4 The Berlin Conference: Origin of the modern day theft of Afrikan land

    The Berlin Conferencewas initially requested by Portuguese imperialism and facilitated by German

    imperialism. It ran from 15th

    November 1884 to 27th

    February 1885 (Legum, 1961, p. 20). Fourteen

    European imperialist and other nations met to agree zones of theft on the Afrikan continent. These

    thieving nations included: Germany, Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria-Hungary Union,

    Sweden Norway (Union until 1905), Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Russia, US Satan and Turkey

    (Ottoman Empire). The meeting took place in Chancellor Otto Von Bismarks dining room at 77

    Wilhelstrasse in Berlin, Germany (Pakenham, 1999, p. 239). The delegates essentially drew lines on

    a map, carved up Afrika and legalised the result in the so called General Act of the Berlin

    Conference (Belin Conference). No Afrikan nation participated in these negotiations nor were any


    Purpose of the conference was to prevent war amongst European imperialist nations by allocating

    each of the most powerful of them exclusive stealing zones in Afrika - misleadingly described as

    spheres of influence. Whereas in the Americas, the imperialist had fought each other over the

    enslavement colonies, now they realised that they did not need to fight amongst themselves. There

    was too much wealth for them to handle. They each had literally years of stealing ahead. There was

    so much wealth in the vast mineral rich land of Afrika, that they could steal to their hearts contentwithout having to conflict with each other.

    The 1884/5 Berlin Conference is a critical historical milestone that marks the origin of European

    imperialisms overtly calculated political programme of colonising the Afrikan continent. Some areas

    of Afrika were colonised before the conference, but the conference marks the beginning of

    imperialisms co-ordinated plan for the colonisation of the Afrikan continent. Afrikan peoples

    resistance to this phase of imperialisms racist genocide, marks another critical milestone in the

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    development of Pan-Afrikanism. The birth of Marcus Garvey on 17th

    August 1887 and the build up to

    Henry Sylvester Williams 1900 Pan-Afrikan conference both occurred in the immediate aftermath of

    the Berlin Conference.

    Brother Omowale

    Henry Sylvester Williams,Yaa Asantewaa & Marcus Garvey

    3 Imperialisms transformation in the neo-colonial phase of Afrikan history

    3.1 Transformation of controls in Afrika during the neo-colonial phase

    In the current neo-colonialphase of Afrikan history, the tactics of imperialist control have changed.

    Neo-colonialism transformed both the predator and the prey i.e. its centralised global imperialist

    structure and the allegedly independent Afrikan colonies which it feeds upon. In Afrika it appointed

    Afrikan agents to local leading positions and used them as human masks in an attempt to hide or

    camouflage the racism inherent within the system. The Afrikan agents overtly or covertly manage or

    oversee the process of forcing fellow Afrikan people to use our labour to assist them in stealing our

    resources on imperialisms behalf. When Afrikan agents join with European imperialism against

    Afrikan peoples interests, they manifest neo-colonialism.

    One of the central roles of any countrys governing party is to make national plans. It is important to

    clarify the forces acting on a neo-colonial governing partys national plan in order to truly

    understand the workings of the neo-colonial process in Afrika. Neo-colonial governing partiesgenerally get on with the task of implementing national plans that are designed to oppress their

    people, while they content themselves with stealing as much of the peoples resources as they can.

    Even on the rare occasion when a neo-colonial governing party attempts to fight against the

    corporate capitalists by creating a national plan which genuinely tries to improve the quality of the

    lives of its people, it finds itself in a multi-fronted war situation. It is attacked from all sides by Afrikan

    neo-colonialagents and their allies with powers over the national planning process, whose interests

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    are against those of the people (Hasan, 1987, p. 39). All of these Afrikan neo-colonial agents

    ultimately serve the interests of the corporate capitalists in one way or another.

    The Afrikan neo-colonialagents are used to bind the neo-colonial governing party into a national

    plan dictated by the corporate capitalists through their so called aid agencies the IMFand World

    Bank. For the governing party, this means that winning a general election or carrying out a coup is

    not enough to be in genuine charge. This is because real power lies outside the governing party in

    the hands of Afrikan neo-colonialagents and their allies with power over the neo-colonialplanning

    process. These Afrikan neo-colonial agents include: (i) the neo-colonial managers, (ii) the neo-

    colonialopposition parties and (iii) the corporate capitalists.

    Brother Omowale


    InvestorsFinancial & IndustrialCapitalists


    InvestorsFinancial & IndustrialCapitalists




    Exploited by InvestorsOppressed by Agents


    Exploited by InvestorsOppressed by Agents


    Really Workingfor Imperialism


    Really Workingfor Imperialism



    For a commission, Afrikan neo-

    colonial agents keep fellow

    Afrikans under control to create

    the conditions for capitalist

    investors to steal the wealth of

    Afrika and impoverish theAfrikan people

    For a commission, Afrikan neo-

    colonial agents keep fellow

    Afrikans under control to create

    the conditions for capitalist

    investors to steal the wealth of

    Afrika and impoverish theAfrikan people

    Neo-colonialism in Afrika

    The first group, the Afrikan neo-colonialmanagers are the ones that have the real power internally;

    they are the people that really run the country. They consist of planners, implementers and

    administrators of the national plan and their local i.e. internal capitalist allies. They are fighting to

    subtly control the actions of the neo-colonial governing party and the direction of the national plan

    through their role as administrators and implementers of the national plan. Their personal wealth,

    influence and power are more important to them than their own peoples welfare. If the governing

    party steps out of line with the dictates of the corporate capitalists, the neo-colonialmanagers have

    the power to subtly disrupt its agenda.

    The Afrikan neo-colonial managers will deliberately subvert the governing partys national plan

    when called on by their masters. They achieve this by not doing what the governing party orders.

    For instance: they work slowly on those governing party plans that they do not like; they fail to

    correctly understand the governing partys instructions when it suits them; they creatively interpret

    instructions to do what they want to do; they can leak details of controversial policies that they do not

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    like to the press. When they decide not to do what the governing party decides, its plans become

    impotent. The governing party cannot govern without their willing assistance, because the

    governing party is once removed from the actual planning process; everything must go through

    them. The neo-colonialmanagers can therefore force an uppity neo-colonial governing party to

    fall into line with the requirements of corporate capitalism when the price and other benefits are


    The second group, the neo-colonial opposition parties consist of various permutations of land

    owners, industrialists, traders, media practitioners, civil servants and military officers etc. (Payer,

    1974, p. 43). They are fighting to take over power or to place their friends in the role of the current

    governing party so that they can further enrich themselves. Gaining and staying in power is more

    important to them than the peoples welfare. Like vultures in the wings, they are constantly in a state

    of readiness, ever awaiting the signal from their corporate capitalist masters to take over the political

    leadership of the neo-colony even at a moments notice. Furthermore, the corporate capitalists

    hold million dollar budgets in reserve for the specific purpose of funding their own national

    governments contingency plans for bringing their chosen neo-colonialopposition parties into power

    if and when the need arises (Sampson, 1973, p. 276).

    There is an even deeper category of neo-colonial opposition. They are the fake or pseudo

    revolutionaries; they do not contest elections as a route to power; they pretend to be fighting for

    Afrikan liberation; they pretend that their fight is for the people, the workers, the peasants; they

    pretend that they are fighting against the interests of all of the exploiting neo-colonial opposition

    parties identified above; meanwhile, they are really on the payroll or under the influence of US

    Satans CIA or other of the anti-Afrikan groups at the neo-colonialcentre (Stockwell, 1978, p. 54-55).

    The third group, the corporate capitalists consist of the IMF, World Bank (IBRD) and associated

    agencies, trans-national corporations and their imperialist governments in the neo-colonial

    centres. They are fighting to externally control the neo-colonys governing party and the direction

    of the national plan through their role as advisors. They impose restrictive conditions on the neo-

    colonysgoverning party in their capacity as financiers of the national plan (Stiglitz, 2002, p. 43-52).

    Extracting the nations wealth is more important to them than the peoples welfare.

    Even the corporate capitalists are determined to ensure that they have a direct presence on the

    inside. They use their aid conditions to enforce the appointment their own employees to work as

    planners in key positions in the neo-colonysadministration. All of this is done at a high cost to the

    people and the governing party because these so called advisors are corporate capitalisms own

    highly paid men, consultancies and organisations. They are placed into strategically important and

    sensitive positions, particularly in roles that develop, monitor and implement the national plan (Hasan,

    1987, p. 51).

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    Their placements allow them to direct, supervise and control the day to day planning and

    implementation of the national economic plan; to take over the running of the government (behind the

    scenes); to ensure that it is the corporate capitalists plans that are being carried out and not the

    governing partys national plan; to take unreasonably high payments for themselves in the form of

    fees and salaries; to rip off the peoples resources and give them to imperialisms aid agencies,

    trans-national corporationsand NGOs; to use their positions to spy on the governing party and

    then provide corporate capitalism with confidential information which is then used to further

    undermine the governing party and the neo-colony. The secretive and underhanded nature of their

    operation ensures that the neo-colonial governing party is left to take the full blame for the

    advisors deliberate mismanagement of the economy all carried out on behalf of their corporate

    capitalist masters.

    Meanwhile, the corporate capitalists further consolidate their control by chaining governing parties,

    neo-colonial managers and neo-colonial opposition parties into secret agreements designed to

    redirect and control the national plan. If the governing party fails to submit to their will, they offer

    patronage or bribe neo-colonialmanagers and oppositions parties to subvert the governing party to

    make the people openly hostile to the governing party. They then threaten to seize all of its national

    assets held overseas which adversely affects the governing partys income and reduces the neo-

    colonyscapital assets. In the knowledge of the governing partys growing dependence on food

    imports, they can also threaten to withhold food credits since the food grown in the neocolonyis all

    ear marked for export to pay off the debt. Furthermore, they all know that lack of food leads to hungry

    and upset people which in turn leads to rioting in the streets and unstable governing party (Hasan,

    1987, p. 44; Stigletz, 2002, p. 77).

    In a neo-colonial situation, the people are simultaneously the most important and least cared for

    stakeholders. It is their labour and resources that provides the wealth that all of the Afrikan neo-

    colonial agents and their allies to feed on. Despite their central importance, the people are

    completely shut out of any and all state positions that can influence the national plan. Amidst all of

    this super-exploitation, the people are generally fighting for survival and a better quality of life, with

    the more organised elements amongst them fighting for justice and genuine self-determination.

    Harassed by a multiplicity of Afrikan neo-colonialagents, the people resist the plans and actions of

    the Afrikan neo-colonial establishment at whatever levels of consciousness and organisation they

    have reached.

    The massive parasitical onslaught of the Afrikan neo-colonialagents causes tremendous suffering

    and hardship for the neglected people. The Afrikan neo-colonial agents collude to benefit

    themselves by stealing the peoples wealth for their own benefits as well as for the benefit of their

    masters. They all collude to impose political and economic restrictions which adversely affect the

    peoples quality of life. All of the Afrikan neo-colonialagents i.e. the neo-colonial governing party,

    the neo-colonialmanagers, the neo-colonial opposition parties and their allies the trans-national

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    corporations gain at their expense. Conversely, the people can only gain at the expense of the

    Afrikan neo-colonialagents and allies who organise their control of state mechanisms to quell the

    peoples resistance. This system ensures that at the point of conflict, it is Afrikan people that are

    oppressing their fellow Afrikan sisters and brothers.

    Neo-colonialism is racism in disguise. It is totally unnatural for a sovereign Afrikan state to fail to

    defend the material and immaterial interests of Afrikan people within its boarders. However, when a

    trans-national corporationfaces criticism as a result of its devastating practices, up to and including

    systematically killing defenceless Afrikan people, the Afrikan neo-colonial agents of allegedly

    sovereign, independent governments instinctively seem to side with the trans-national


    Instead of carrying out their obvious duty to defend their Afrikan citizens, Afrikan neo-colonial

    governing partys and the Afrikan agents employed within them, automatically spring to the defence

    of foreign bankers, industrialists and arms dealers. They over-see a neo-colonialstate mechanism

    that operates as an intermediary and more precisely an instrument of imperialist aggression against

    Afrikan people.

    In some respects, Afrikan neo-colonialagents are comparable to bus drivers who are in operational

    charge of a bus. Everybody on the buses have a level of operational dependency on the drivers;

    some may even think that the bus drivers are in charge. However, if bus drivers deviate from the

    route dictated by their bus company masters, they may lose their job. What is more, if the bus drivers

    were instructed to drive the bus over their own children killing them in the process we could

    reasonably expect them to refuse. However, Afrikan neo-colonialagents of imperialism actively put

    class allegiances before nationalism and in terms of the analogy, run over their own children rather

    than lose their jobs.

    Afrikan neo-colonial agents of imperialism have no strategic power. They have no strategic

    economic or financial power, which therefore means that they have no strategic political power.

    Whilst they have a degree of operational power, they are under the total strategic control of their

    racist masters; they are active tools of imperialisms racist agenda as well as its economic one. The

    racism of the imperialist system is still present, but the role of Afrikan neo-colonial agents is

    disguising it at the point of conflict.

    Neo-colonialism was specifically designed to throw us off the course of liberation. The very

    existence of Afrikan agents of neo-colonialism injects confusion into the minds of the majority of

    Afrikan people. Since we have historically been used to Europeans oppressing and enslaving us on

    the basis of race, we generally expect all Afrikan people to automatically fight against European

    imperialisms enslavement processes; it can come as a shock to us when we are confronted with

    Afrikan people that actively join with the imperialists. When bare faced racism is disguised, we lose

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    an important reference point and it takes time for us to re-orientate ourselves. In the meantime,

    amidst the confusion, the corporate capitalists continue with their unrelenting theft of our resources.

    3.2 The Bretton Woods Conference: Origin of Co-ordinated Neo-colonialism

    The Bretton Woodssystem of global financial management was created by 730 delegates from all

    44 Allied Second World War nations who attended a United Nations (UN)-hosted Monetary and

    Financial Conference at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, US

    Satan. The conference ran from 1st

    to 22nd

    July 1944. The governments represented were:

    Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,

    Czechoslovakia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Greece,

    Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Luxembourg, Mexico, The

    Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, South

    Africa, USSR, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and Yugoslavia.

    The conference had many purposes including: the prevention of future World Wars via mutual

    agreements; the reconstruction of a capitalist system virtually destroyed by World War II - which

    involved aiding the economic recovery of former capitalist leaders i.e. Britain and France; the

    crowning of US Satan as the leader of the capitalist world which required of forcing the former

    capitalist leading nations to give up some of their control over their colonies and; the introduction of

    controls to contain newly independent colonies in order to ensure that their forthcoming

    independence would be meaningless. These aims required the establishment of key capitalist killer

    institutions to operate as the central driving force of neo-colonialism.

    Brother Omowale

    Capitalist ReconstructionBretton Woods

    ConferenceBretton Woods


    IBRDWorld Bank


    IBRDWorld Bank






    Keep poor

    nations under

    capitalist control

    through debt

    Keep poor

    nations under

    capitalist control

    through debt

    Tell governments

    what actions to

    take to ensure best

    outcome for

    capitalist investors

    Tell governments

    what actions to

    take to ensure best

    outcome for

    capitalist investors

    Create trading

    rules that

    maximise profits

    for capitalist


    Create trading

    rules that

    maximise profits

    for capitalist


    Bretton Woodswas the system of rules, institutions and procedures that regulated the international

    monetary system, under which were set up the International Bank for Reconstruction and

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    Development (IBRD)(now one of five institutions in the World Bank Group) and the International

    Monetary Fund (IMF), which came into effect in 1945 (Babu, 1981, p. 33). It also made what was to

    become a failed attempt to set up the International Trade Organisation (ITO). The ITO initiative failed

    in 1947 when the Havana Charter on world trade could not be ratified due primarily to opposition from

    the US Satan Senate. The ITO idea was replaced by an interim set of international trade rules called

    the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which came into effect in 1948. On 1st

    January 1995, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) took over from GATT on the basis of an

    agreement signed by 125 Nations at Marrakesh in April 1994 (Gulla, 2002, p. 29/30).

    The agreements reached at the Bretton Woods Conferencemarked the beginning of a globally co-

    ordinated system of Neo-colonialismunder the leadership of US Satan imperialism: All 3 institutions

    IBRD, IMFand GATT(later WTO) were dominated by US Satan imperialism. US Satan imperialism

    used its dominant position to force Britain and other colonising nations to give independence to their

    colonies so that it could assume proxy neo-colonialcontrol over their former colonies. Behind the

    scenes, all of the imperialist nations fought amongst themselves for the resources of the former

    colonies using indirect i.e. neo-colonial techniques spearheaded by Trans-national corporations

    and US Satan imperialism which controlled the key capitalist killer institutions was best placed to win.

    The 1944 Bretton Woods Conference is a critical historical milestone that marks the origin of

    European imperialisms overtly calculated political programme of neo-colonising the Afrikan

    continent. Some areas of Afrika, including Liberia and Ethiopia, were neo-colonised before the

    conference, but the conference marks the beginning of imperialisms co-ordinated plan for the neo-

    colonisationof the Afrikan continent and other previously colonisedparts of the world.

    Brother Omowale

    George Padmore, Amy AshwoodGarvey & Kwame Nkrumah

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    Once again there was resolute resistance to imperialisms arrogant imposition and this led to yet

    another critical milestone in the development of Pan-Afrikanism. The 1945 5th

    Pan-Afrikan Congress

    represented an immediate response. The congress transformed the diluted Pan-Afrikanism of the

    time into a force that sanctioned armed struggle as a legitimate means of Afrikan peoples self-

    defence. This re-invigorated Pan-Afrikanism spearheaded our movement toward independent

    Afrikan nations.

    3.3 The demise of Bretton Woods: Neo-colonialisms centre expands to survive

    US Satans leadership of imperialism was seriously undermined by its defeat in Vietnam coupled with

    an internal revolutionary challenge led by the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence (BPP). The US

    Satan dollar was seriously weakened by the failed Vietnam War. So many US Satan dollars had

    been printed to pay for the war that US Satan did not have enough gold to back the amounted of

    dollars in circulation. Dissatisfied with US Satans leadership, France joined with Germany to create

    the European Economic Community (EEC) - an economic power block designed to challenge US

    Satan hegemony. France, which had a large stockpile of valueless dollars, then demanded that US

    Satan take all of its dollars back and supply it with the appropriate amount of gold instead; this tactic

    caused a devastating crisis for US Satan which could not pay up (Armstrong, 1984, p. 227-232).

    The chief feature of Bretton Woodswas an obligation for each country to adopt a monetary policy

    that maintained the exchange rate of its currency within a fixed value all underpinned by the US

    Satan dollar at a fixed value of $35 per ounce of gold. However, this arrangement, which

    underpinned capitalisms neo-colonial centre, began to collapsed when US Satan suspended the

    convertibility of the dollar to gold on 15th

    August 1969. The pressure on the neo-colonial structure

    intensified on 15th

    August 1971 when US Satan broke the link with gold and floated the dollar and

    culminated with the floating of all major capitalist currencies on 19th

    March 1973 (Went, 2000, p. 57;

    Armstrong, 1984, p. 292 & 294; Amin, 1976, p. 120/1; Babu, 2002, p. 130).

    This multiple floating currency arrangement created the unique situation whereby no currency had a

    real value, but the US dollar became the reserve currency for the other countries within Bretton

    Woods. US Satan then secretly colluded with the Arab countries under its influence and engineered

    an international oil crisis. US Satan did this knowing that it had its own oil reserves, whilst France

    and other nations challenging it did not (Harvey, 2005, p. 62 & 75-77). It then pegged the dollar to oil

    by ensuring that all oil was sold in dollars. This ensured the dollar, once again, had real material

    backing and therefore had real value. The switching of the dollar from gold to oil backing is the

    reason that oil is sometimes referred to as liquid gold. This new form of backing brought some

    strength back to the dollar and partially buffered the much weakened position of US Satan as the

    leader of imperialism.

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    However, the very real divisions between the imperialist allies created space for revolutionary Pan-

    Afrikanist advances in Afrika and other parts of the oppressed world. Added to this were the effects

    of the US Satan inspired oil crisis which caused the price of crude oil to shoot up from $1 to $2 per

    barrel to $10 or more. Even though the impact was greater on Europe, the oil rises operated to

    weaken both sides of the imperialist divide, further dampening their ability to hold the Afrikan

    revolution back. Pan-Afrikanist freedom fighters were now breaking the grip of imperialism with their

    military victories over Portugal in Angola, Guinea-Bisseau and Mozambique in 1974. Furthermore,

    potential revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist victories were in sight in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Azania. Since

    Afrikan liberation spells the end for imperialism, unity at its neo-colonialcentre became an absolute

    necessity they had no choice but to resume co-operative working.

    Brother Omowale

    Amilcar Cabral, Josina Machel, MarinaMachinuapa & Samora Machel

    3.4 G5 to G8: Co-ordinating neo-colonialisms fight for survival

    Convened by the French, the first G5summit meeting took place from 15th

    to 17th

    November 1975 in

    Rambouillet, France. It was convened following the void created by the collapse of the Bretton

    Woodsmonetary agreement in the early to mid-1970s. It was attended by leaders from France,

    Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and US Satan; Italy and Canada joined this original Group of

    Five in 1976-77 and the configuration became known as the Group of Seven or G7. G7meetings

    have been held on an annual basis since then. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early

    1990s, Russia joined and the configuration became known as the Group of Eight or G8. The

    European Union is afforded observer status at G8conferences.

    As the information above demonstrates, the true origin of the G8 can be traced to the origins of

    imperialisms enslavement of Afrikan people. The G8 is the latest mechanism of imperialism for

    adjudicating and co-ordinating its joint system of stealing other peoples resources. It takes over from

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    where: the Treaty of Tordesillas (i.e. the original G2 convened to usher in slavery); the Berlin

    Conference, (i.e. an earlier G14 convened to usher in colonialism) and; the Bretton Woods

    Conference(i.e. an earlier G44 convened to usher in neo-colonialism) left off. The G5(later the

    G8) is really a reconfiguration of imperialisms neo-colonialcentre which was convened to stabilise

    the global capitalist economy in a period of intense crisis.

    The purpose of the G8 is to: oversee the corporate takeover of the worlds resources through

    globalization - the single global capitalist economy; co-ordinate the various mechanisms of the

    imperialist system (IMF/IBRD or World Bank/WTO/UN/Trans-nationals/NGOs/Intelligence

    agencies/Armies/World Media etc.); agree the allocation of the resources stolen by the capitalists

    from peoples around the world; prevent World War between the competing capitalist groupings and;

    retard the advance of Afrikan and other revolutionary forces around the world.

    The group of 8 industrial countries (G8) dominate the world economy through trans-national

    corporations that have imperialist nations as their headquarters and cultural base. They have a

    controlling influence over the Bretton Woods triplets i.e. the WTO, the IMFand the IBRD(World

    Bank), sometimes also referred to as the iron triangle (Roddick, 2001, p. 222). The G8ensures that

    these institutions exercise their common duty to work together in a co-ordinated way on behalf of

    imperialism (Gulla, 2002, p. 79 & 87). They also use these institutions as instruments to further

    entrench corporate capitalist domination of the world economy (Danaher, 1994, p. 165).

    Long before there was a G5, Nkrumah informed us that imperialism operated an invisible government

    comprised of three overarching networks: the Wall Street financial networks, the intelligence agency

    networks and the Pentagon and its military networks (Nkrumah, 1974, p. ). With their activities

    shrouded in secrecy, the politicians, business executives, military and intelligence officers present at

    G8annual conferences are controlled by imperialisms invisible government and are at the same time

    part of imperialisms invisible government. The composition of the G8 is a feature of the open and

    hidden tightening of links between the upper echelons of state power and trans-national

    corporations, with the corporations holding the upper hand (Gulla, 2002, p. 135; Monbiot, 2000, p.


    The glorious victory of Quito Cuanavale on the boarders of Angola and Namibia on 27th

    June 1988

    was an outstanding example of the solidarity of Cuba with the struggles of Afrikan people. The

    victory contributed to pushing back imperialism by sowing the death nail which led to the fall of

    apartheid in Azania (South Afrika) the last bastion of settler-colonialism on the motherland.

    Similarly on 4th

    October 1993, US Satans 28,000 military forces were driven out after having been

    resoundingly defeated in the Battle of Mogadishu. This great victory followed US Satans completely

    unprovoked criminal invasion of Somalia on 12th

    December 1992. However since then, amidst the

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    confusion of neo-colonialisms chicanery the ideological calibre of mass Afrikan resistance has


    The most progressive recent examples of Afrikan resistance to imperialism have focused their

    attacks on its real neo-colonialfront line i.e. the interests of trans-national corporationswithin our

    sphere of geo-political influence. Attacks have been launched against neo-colonial privatisation

    initiatives with Afrikan people boldly reconnecting electricity and water supplies to homes that the

    Trans-national corporations disconnected in Azania in the early 2000s. Again, throughout the

    early 2000s there have been land reclamation action groups in Azania and Zimbabwe boldly

    removing the thieving settler colonialists from parts of our land to make space for dispossessed

    Afrikan peasants.

    Brother Omowale

    Movement for the Emancipationof the Niger Delta

    In 2008, ships have been seized off the coast of Somalia which Afrikan warriors appear to be holding

    as a means of gaining foreign exchange. Also in 2008 as part of their armed struggle against the

    excesses of Shell Oil, warriors of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) are

    capturing corporate executives and their associates and releasing them in exchange for payments.

    However, it must be noted that these actions seem to be more inspired by our legitimate need to

    survive rather than a clear ideological understanding of the need to liberate Afrika and the rest of the

    oppressed world from the clutches of corporate capitalism.

    3.5 Operation of controls at the centre during the neo-colonial phase

    Imperialism also pre-empted Afrikan independence by reorganising itself and uniting on an

    international level. This change was specifically calculated and designed to put it in a position to

    contain and defeat all nationalist level challenges to its hegemony. At its centre, the imperialists have

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    united at a level above the nation-state; at a level more powerful than the nation-state; at a level that

    transcends national boarders. It has integrated its own nation-state mechanisms into a much more

    powerful infrastructure. Through the granting of independence, imperialism allowed us to adopt its

    prescribed brand of nationalism; a form of nationalism that was devoid of Afrikan self-determination;

    that was specifically designed to prevent Afrikan liberation. Trans-nationalcorporationsare at the

    heart of imperialisms neo-colonial theft programme from the late 1940s, they led a new network

    of global organisations as the then updated source of modern upgraded colonial power.

    Imperialism has retained the support of its national state mechanisms including its armies and

    intelligence agencies which work co-operatively as part of imperialisms invisible government

    (Nkrumah, 1974, p. 240). In addition, it has supported its trans-nationals programme of inhumane

    theft of Afrikan resources through a web of genocide promoting global capitalist killer institutions. At

    the heart of this gangster mechanism we find institutions such as the International Monetary Fund

    (IMF), the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) the founding institution

    of the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations (UN) all

    strategically politically co-ordinated via the G8. The modern imperialist attack on Afrika is

    implemented, not through slavery or direct colonialgovernments as happened in the past, but through

    the continents multiplicity of neo-colonialgovernmentspeopled by an Afrikan elite class dominated

    by traitors, that colludes with imperialism.

    Brother Omowale



    Investmentof Surplus

    Investmentof Surplus



    Steal Rawmaterials

    Steal Rawmaterials

    Trans-Nationals Purpose

    Collectively, these US Satan controlled imperialist institutional monstrosities are responsible for the

    wholesale, unwarranted and unprovoked massacre of millions of innocent hard working and

    unsuspecting Afrikan people. These thieving capitalist killer institutions each have their particular role

    to play in battering the neo-colonialgovernments into submission. As a general pattern of operation,

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    they bully the Afrikan elite class into submission and encourage their treacherous actions against

    their own people through a veiled system of intimidation, threats, extortion and bribes as well as

    pandering to their egos. The neo-colonial governments are used as a means for creating

    devastating mayhem and carnage in the lives of millions of ordinary Afrikan people who are simply

    fighting for mere survival.

    Under the title of multi-lateral aid, Imperialism uses the World Bankand associated agencies to

    grant loans to neo-colonial governments at exorbitant rates designed to put Afrikan micro nations

    into an irretrievable situation of debilitating debt. History clearly demonstrates that it is imperialism

    that is in debt to Afrika, since it owes its very existence to its theft of the resources of Afrikans and

    other oppressed peoples. Nevertheless, this fictitious debt is designed to leave ordinary Afrikans and

    other oppressed peoples at the eternal and constant mercy of those who control imperialisms


    Once the micro nation is tricked into believing that it is in debt, the IMF(or imperialisms murdering

    force) is employed to advise the neo-colonialgovernment on what to do next. The IMFinvariably

    dictates to the neo-colonial governments the self crippling actions that they must take in order to

    create the best possible conditions for capitalist thieves. These thieves, otherwise known as

    investors, act through their savage trans-national corporations, to come in and steal Afrikan

    peoples wealth. This inevitably means dismantling the countrys already poor infrastructure of

    hospitals, schools and other social amenities, with direct adverse consequences for the quality of life

    of ordinary Afrikan people.

    The WTOwas vomited into existence out of the notorious anti-Afrikan and anti humanity General

    Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1995. It is there to ensure that Afrikans and other

    oppressed peoples do not have the option of trading their way out of the catastrophically crippling

    dilemma assigned to them by imperialism. Its purpose is to permanently maintain an unequal

    international trading situation in favour of countries at the imperialist centres (i.e. US Satan, Britain,

    France etc.) and against the interests of the countries at the imperialist periphery (in Afrika, Asia and

    South America).

    On behalf of imperialism, it sets the biased prices at which Afrikan nations can buy from and sell to

    imperialisms trans-national resource grabbing monstrosities. The imposed unequal trading

    arrangement forces Afrikan nations to buy manufactured products at exorbitant prices, whilst selling

    Afrikas abundant resources for a pittance. This leaves the neo-colonial governments in a

    permanent and debilitating state of having a balance of payments deficit, created through spending

    substantially more money than they receive through trade.

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    By taking the emphasis away from resources and focusing instead on money, the illusion is created

    that Afrikan nations need more money to make ends meet. It is this illusion which creates the

    requirement, in the minds of the neo-colonial elite class, dominated by traitors, that they must go

    crawling on their knees to beg for further high interest loans from the IMFand World Bank, which

    only serve to make their peoples situations even worse.

    The ultimate purpose of the UNis to police the neo-colonialstates on behalf of imperialism. It is a

    sad fact that the so called armies and police forces in the Afrikan neo-colonieshave been trained by

    imperialism to fire their guns at innocent unarmed Afrikan civilians rather than to protect our people

    and our land from outside invaders. The UNoperates as the external police force that smiles and

    fakes friendship as it invades the neo-colonialcountry when the internal policing institutions (i.e. the

    police and the army), through the peoples resistance, have lost control of the neo-colonial state


    In this way, the UNsupplies imperialisms rear guard or backup oppressive force that prevents the

    neo-colony from breaking away from its masters controlling clutches. Where necessary, it will

    arrange the physical execution of progressive leaders, as happened with Patrice Lumumba, because

    he dared to challenge imperialisms domination of his country. Prior to its ultimate role it provides a

    veil of political justification for a range of more subtle undermining interventions into the internal

    affairs of uppity neo-colonialregimes. In any event, history allows us to safely conclude that:

    the UN is not an arena where small countries can moderate the ambitions and power of the larger ones.

    (Ovenden, 1992, p. 48)

    In short, in the neo-colonial phase of Afrikan history, imperialism introduced an integrated global

    system so powerfully constructed that it could subdue any nation-state. Imperialism - led by US

    Satan currently operates by exploiting Afrikan people through a web of interlocking capitalist trans-

    nationalcorporations (i.e. oligopolies and monopolies), assisted by a set of global capitalist killer

    institutions that subdue Afrikan nation-states in order to maximise profits. The profits are hoarded by

    a few greedy ultra wealthy elite families, supported by an equally greedy webbed network of Trans-

    national corporationexecutive board members, each holding multiple directorships. Elite family and

    board members network to occupy virtually all powerful positions in the capitalist killer institutions and

    imperialisms government and international governmental alliances; together they control the trans-

    national corporations, the capitalist killer institutions and national and international government

    mechanisms - from behind the scenes. They are imperialisms hidden masters who secretly make up

    its invisible government.

    4 Second stage neo-colonialism: disguising racism at imperialisms centre

    4.1 Capitalism in crisis

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    In 2008, we are living in a special transitional period of the neo-colonialphase of Afrikan and world

    history. Imperialism i.e. the global capitalist system and its neo-colonialmechanisms are in a state

    of serious crisis. In addition to the obvious financial crisis brought about by the cost of the

    unprovoked expansionist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is the problem of an economy built on

    unsustainable debt levels, leading to a crisis in the real economy the industrial sector of the

    economy that actually produces material things.

    The ultra greedy finance capitalists (i.e. elite family and board members), who make no material

    contribution to increasing real wealth, have become so powerful that they have subdued all other

    groups under capitalisms domain. Unlike these finance capitalists, industrial capitalists, because of

    their proximity to the labour of the workers, are involved in processes that make a tangible

    contribution to wealth creation. The parasitical finance capitalists greed motivates them to tax (in

    effect steal) from all other groups in capitalisms domain, including their allies the industrial capitalist.

    The burden of carrying the parasitical finance and industrial capitalists is already great for everybody

    else. However, the burden of carrying the finance capitalist who also tax the industrial capitalists is

    now proving too great for even the industrial capitalists.

    Consequently, the greed of the parasitical finance capitalists has stifled the industrial capitalists

    ability to produce it has stifled wealth creation. Capitalism is currently suffering from a financially

    induced bout of industrial constipation resulting in stagnation in production. Stagnation in production

    will lead to a regression of wages; a growth in unemployment and; an aggravation of poverty and

    suffering in Afrika and other parts of the colonised world. What is happening is not a recession, but a

    depression (Amin, 2008, p. 1). US Satan - imperialisms leading nation - is at the centre of this

    problem. If the entire system does not reconfigure itself, the US Satan economy will collapse or at

    the very least, lose its position of pre-eminence.

    4.2 The G8 to G20: Neo-colonialisms last stand?

    In the early 1990s, Iraq threatened US Satans neo-colonial leadership by seeking to sell its oil in

    Euros rather than dollars (Babu, 2002, p. 127-132; Harvey, 2005, p. 77 & 82). US Satan, aware that

    this change would have destroyed its economy, launched the first of two colonial wars against Iraq

    and eventually occupied it. In the early 2000s, a similar colonial invasion was launched against

    Afghanistan under the guise of US Satans so called war on terror. The massive resistance of the

    Iraqi and Afghan people led to equally massive military costs for US Satan imperialism which

    completely undermined the US Satan economy. This is what has created the current global crisis for

    capitalism and with it a loss of power amongst all G8nations.

    The resulting decline in power of the G8nations coupled with the relative rise in power of the BRIC

    nations (Brazil, Russia already in the G8, India and China) meant that the BRIC nations could no

    longer be excluded from imperialisms top table. As a result of this most recent capitalist crisis

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    (2008), the G8has been expanded and now operates with what seems to be a second tier the G20.

    The G8has no choice but to expand if its domination of the world economy is to survive. The G8

    nations remain a part of this extended group which is now joined by 12 other nations: Argentina,

    Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Afrika, South Korea, Turkey

    and the European Union.

    It is now possible to identify a discernable trend at the neo-colonial centre of the capitalist system.

    During colonialism, Britain was king. However, after the Second World War, neo-colonialism

    ushered in US Satan as the new undisputed king i.e. the capitalist world governor with Britain

    tucked under its wings in a special relationship. However, the overall trend of US Satan power since

    then has been downwards. US Satans 1970s dollar crisis led to the wider capitalist crisis; US Satan

    was forced to join forces with the other imperialist nations in an expanded neo-colonial centre in

    order to survive; capitalisms global government became collective. At that point US Satan was no

    longer outright king, but more like a senior lord amongst lords.

    Furthermore, imperialist nations ceased to be the base of neo-colonialism. Instead, collectives of

    imperialist nations are now supporting trans-national corporationswhich have taken over the lead.

    In the current capitalist crisis, US Satans power has been further eroded by its wars in Iraq and

    Afghanistan. The G8inner circle has now been forced to create a G20outer circle in order to survive.

    US Satan is now more like an ordinary lord amongst an even greater number of lords. Each new set

    of admissions to the top table are confirmation of the weakening position of US Satan imperialism,

    the G8and capitalisms neo-colonial centre. They are rapidly losing their ability to compel other

    nations to do as they wish they must now seek to persuade rather than bully.

    4.3 Imperialisms adjustments at its centre

    As predicted by Kwame Nkrumah (Nkrumah, 1974, p. 1), imperialism cannot make any further

    substantive changes to its neo-colonialstructure in Afrika. From now on, it is limited to tinkering with

    its centre in order to preserve its life. Whilst this is not by any means an exhaustive list, the

    weakening of US Satans imperial power is leading to a number of tactical systemic changes at the

    centre, including:

    A reconfiguring of the G8into the G20 US Satan is bringing some of its more powerful neo-

    colonieson to imperialisms top table so that collectively they can politically out manoeuvre

    rivals such as China, Russia and India and further isolate the likes of Venezuela, Iran and


    Restructuring or strengthening the rules of the WTO to systematically support the trans-

    national corporationscampaign of theft of Afrikan and other peoples resources - a process

    that was intensified in response to the weakening positions of the IMFand the World Bank;

    New super theft raids being launched against Afrika to steal massively greater amounts of

    our resources in a desperate attempt to hold the capitalist system together;

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    Fascist containment techniques being heightened in the capitalist centres in order to deter or

    prevent revolution from within;

    A vain attempt to disguise racism at its centre by appointing an Afrikan as president of US

    Satan imperialisms nominal top job. Through this move, neo-colonialism is being raised

    to its highest possible heights. This tactic is designed to undermine and stifle Afrikan

    revolutionary tendencies in US Satan and across the globe.

    4.4 Imperialism: attempting to conceal its racist core

    The most heavily publicised feature of this reconfiguration is the globalising as opposed to

    regionalising of neo-colonialismsuse of Afrikan agents to front it. Those Afrikan people that are

    motivated by personal ambition become excited and elated by the appointment of Barack Obama to

    the position of president of US Satan. To them his appointment symbolises, not the breaking, but the

    smashing of the proverbial glass ceiling that has for so long been a stumbling block to their ability to

    advance in the capitalist hierarchy. His appointment creates the false illusion of a meritocratic US

    Satan society where an Afrikan person from any walk of life can allegedly advance to any position in

    a capitalist economy no holds barred. The most deluded among us see him as a kind of messiah

    who is somehow going to rescue us from our exploitation and our commensurate suffering.

    Brother OmowaleUncle Tomholds the reigns for

    Uncle Sam At the same time, those Afrikan people that are motivated by the liberation of Afrika and Afrikan

    people en mass recognise the appointment of Barack Obama as the highest stage of neo-

    colonialism. This is the stage of neo-colonialism that tries to hide, or at least camouflage, the

    racism at its centre through the appointment of an Afrikan as its overall head. His appointment

    becomes yet another barrier to Afrikan liberation because it confuses and disorientates Afrikan

    people sufficiently for a substantial number to totally reject or even abandon the Afrikan liberation

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    agenda in favour of personal advancement - for themselves and their families - within the capitalist

    system. The confusion created by this toxic tactic provides space for a kind of bogus amnesia that

    permits some Afrikan people to pretend that capitalism is not the source of their peoples exploitation,

    oppression and consequential suffering.

    This shrouded tactic of appointing Barack Obama to the position of president - of the visible

    government - in an attempt to hide or disguise racism at the heart of imperialism will not work. The

    truth is that no matter how hard imperialism tries, it will never be able to hide its racism, whether at its

    European centre or in its Afrikan periphery. The whole system is built on racism, a phenomenon

    which is imbedded within its very fabric. Racism is an inextricable part of one of imperialisms

    cardinal principles elitism the idea that some people are generically better than others. The racist

    characteristics of imperialism will never change, because its principles cannot change; indeed, a

    change in principles would mean the death of imperialism.

    Furthermore, every entity has a history and the proof of imperialisms racism is overtly apparent in its

    history of slavery and colonialism.

    All knowledge, of course, has a history: every science began somewhere. All knowledge was originally

    related to solving problems of a society, of a particular group The international companies always refer to

    themselves as American, French, Japanese, Swiss etc the international firm, that major new agent of

    imperialist aggression, like every other sector of present day capitalist society, starts from a cultural

    background For every international firm, for every oppressive technology, one can point to an original

    cultural background. (Ziegler, 1981, p. 22).

    In addition to the original cultural background, we can also point to the tangible practical support that

    nations at the neo-colonial centre give to their trans-national corporations. For instance,

    imperialist nation-states such as US Satan have set up government departments with a specific remit

    for insuring their trans-national corporationsagainst losses incurred in the neo-colonies. The

    insurance includes financial cover which is paid out in the event of the trans-national being

    nationalised by a progressive government (Sampson, 1973, p. 267). These pieces of evidence help

    to demonstrate that

    The critical consideration in proving imperialisms racism is the identification of its dominant ideas

    together with the particular culture that gave rise to them; not the nationality, race or colour of the

    individuals that people or lead racist institutions; not even the personal ideas of the individuals that

    people or lead racist institutions.

    Furthermore, even those of us that are not clear on the racist history of imperialism are likely to be

    aware that the appointment of an Afrikan president of US Satan does not mean that Afrikan nations

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    will no longer be exploited by imperialism, or that the shorter life expectancy of Afrikan people; the

    higher rate of Afrikan peoples imprisonment; the lower rate of Afrikan childrens educational

    achievement and; the poor state of Afrikan peoples housing will cease to exist. The racism

    imbedded in US Satan capitalism will not cease because of the appointment of an Afrikan person as

    the head of its visible governmental institutions.

    4.5 Obama: Uncle Tom holds the reigns for Uncle Sam

    History helps us to uncover a deeper counter-revolutionary motive behind Obamas appointment. In

    the late 1960s US Satan was in the process of being defeated by the people of Vietnam after

    launching an unprovoked war against them. In the height of that external war, US Satan imperialism

    made a startling admission in relation to its unprovoked internal war against the Black Panther Party

    for Self-Defence (BPP). The head of US Satans Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the time, J

    Edgar Hoover declared the BPP:

    the greatest threat to the internal security of the country [US Satan] (Jones, 1998, p. 366).

    The US Satan state was admitting that a relatively small group of Afrikan people, committed to

    revolution and resolutely acting on that commitment, were the greatest internal threat to the continued

    existence of the most powerful nation-state in the world. Sadly, Hoover omitted to inform us of the

    reason why the BPP was such a great threat. Fortunately, a former member of the Swiss version of

    Parliament, Jean Zeigler, points us in the direction of the unmentioned underlying problem. He

    informs us that:

    the army is social violence institutionalised it serves both to defend national sovereignty against

    foreign enemies and to combat the enemy within the enemy within consists of any group, party,

    movement, trade union or organisation that threatens the political hegemony of the imperialist hierarchy.

    Maintaining public order also means maintaining the order of monopoly capitalism. (Ziegler, 1981, p. 113).

    The army is the last line of defence against internal revolution. It is the back up to an over stretched

    police force. If it is heavily engaged in external wars, thousands of miles away, then as well as

    draining the nations treasury (Tzu, 1998, p. 17 & 23), it will not be able to carry out its critical task of

    putting down intense internal revolts. It follows therefore, that when a nation is fighting an external

    war, it must have internal unity.

    If a nation has divisions within i.e. a powerful internal enemy, it is almost certainly doomed to lose the

    external war and even more significantly, its government and state mechanisms will be in serious

    danger of collapse. This is a fundamental ongoing problem for imperialist nations because, by their

    very nature, they are built on divisions between the exploited poor and the exploiting rich. Intense

    racism introduces another dimension in the case of US Satan. It keeps the majority of Afrikan people

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    amongst the poorest of the oppressed poor putting them amongst those most likely to become the

    enemy within. This type of phenomenon is what the British imperial warmonger Field Marshall

    Bernard Montgomery was alluding to when he said:

    In war, the enemy is plain and clear. In peace, a nation is confronted with a more insidious foe: the

    weakness within, from which alone great nations fall the danger from within is always present [even in

    wartime] and must be kept in subjection. (Montgomery, 2000, p. 19)

    An example of the destructive power of the enemy within came with the fall of the fascist dictatorship

    in Portugal on 24th

    April 1974. Portugal was fighting three colonial wars of aggressions in Afrika:

    Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique and was defeated in all of them. However, the final defeat

    came when the Portuguese people turned against and overpowered their government, destroying it

    from within. It was at that point that Portugals imperial allies were forced to pull out their money and

    the political system collapsed (Ziegler, 1981, p. 40).

    The BPP which was totally committed to opposing the US Satan state, through their militant actions,

    threatened to turn the majority of Afrikan US Satan citizens into an enemy within. Furthermore, its

    committed opposition to the state, threatened to turn large numbers of European and other non-

    Afrikan US Satan citizens into internal enemies of the state also. Through their actions the BPP was

    busily reminding everybody in US Satan and beyond, that all US Satan citizens had a constitutional

    right to carry fire arms.

    Furthermore, the BPP were legally pointing their arms in the direction of the police (i.e. states the

    frontline force or internal army) - a force that was partially disempowered by the untimely absence of

    their more powerful army comrades who were being given a hiding, thousands of miles away in

    Vietnam. The BPP was advertising the impotence of the state, whilst simultaneously igniting a

    ground swell of potentially armed anti-imperialist opinion, which if it was not checked, would have

    brought the government and the state down.

    Even though it was clearly not his intention, Hoovers statement is an indication of the level of respect

    that US Satan imperialism had for the level of organisation and discipline in the BPP. We can reason

    that the states concern went beyond the BPPs militancy to its revolutionary potential because:

    A modern revolution requires the co-incidence of a revolutionary situation and a party or organisation ready

    or organisation ready to seize power. (Armstrong, 1984, p. 289).

    US Satan imperialism saw in the BPP a highly committed Afrikan peoples government in waiting.

    Along with other participants in the anti-war movement, it had the potential of playing a leading role in

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    a revolutionary or progressive anti-imperialist governmental alliance capable of taking power in the


    The US Satan state is currently in an even more precarious situation because it is simultaneously

    fighting two long range wars one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan. Its military is being

    completely overstretched; it is being defeated externally and cannot effectively do the job required of

    it internally. At a cost of $10b per month, US Satan citizens are feeling the pressure in a variety of

    ways. The current president George Bush is possibly the most unpopular president in the history of

    US Satan. US Satan is now even more vulnerable to the possibility of internal revolution, than it was

    during the era of the BPP at its heights. It is therefore indoctrinating and conditioning its citizens as a

    result. Recognising that Afrikan people have the most to gain from its fall, it is paying special

    attention to us.

    Brother Omowale

    Black Panther Party(Original Members)

    US Satan cannot allow its Afrikan citizens loyalty to the state to stray or it may precipitate the

    governments and possibly even the states collapse. It cannot allow its Afrikan citizens to turn

    against it en mass for fear of a repeat of the major internal threat posed by the BPP. Against the

    background of a growing anti-war campaign, it must do all that it can to discourage its citizens from

    taking up arms against the state. Its survival strategy has therefore been twofold: firstly, an attack

    against Afrikan revolutionary forces within its boarders and; secondly and much more cunningly, the

    appointment of an Afrikan person as its head of state.

    The essence of the second tenet of the strategy is to totally confuse and indoctrinate Afrikan people

    into falsely believing that they are now accepted, so that they will not bare arms against the state; to

    make them feel grateful to their US Satan oppressor state; to make them loyal to US Satan; to deflect

  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction



    Afrikan people from their naturally antagonistic stance towards US Satan as their oppressor, so as to

    avert revolution from within; to deflect them from their rightful Afrikan liberation agenda so as to cut

    out the possibility of them assisting the revolutionary activities of their struggling sisters and brothers

    on the ground in Afrika; to deflect other groups from gaining courage from the militant leadership of

    Afrikan people and joining in physical attacks against the US Satan state; to keep hidden from its

    citizens the fact that the state cannot cope with a collective revolt of the people.

    From the point of view of US Satan imperialism, the appointment of Barack Obama to the position of

    president is a master stroke. It represents a major set back for Afrikan liberation and Afrikan self-

    determination; it reduces the prospect of armed revolutionary struggle inside US Satan; it confuses

    Afrikan people into serving their oppressors interests rather than the interests of their own people; it

    encourages Afrikan people into putting their efforts towards fighting for the oppressive states

    preservation, in the vain hope that they will get a greater share of its spoils. All of this discourages

    Afrikan people from actively seeking the destruction of US Satan imperialism. In short, it preserves

    the status quo which keeps Afrikan people all over the world, in a state of abject poverty and

    corresponding misery.

    US Satan imperialism is a dying creature. A dying creature will always try to survive, but it is difficult

    to see what other moves still remain for neo-colonialism under the leadership of US Satan. Its

    options are virtually exhausted - an epoch of history is coming to an end. The consequences in

    heartache, misery and bloodshed, already being experienced at the neo-colonialperiphery, will soon

    be felt at the heart of the neo-colonialcentres.

    This new situation raises many questions for those that are truly committed to Afrikan liberation

    including: How long will it take for the effects of the Obama con-trick to wear off? What can be done

    to shorten the resulting period of our confusion? How do we relay the truth about Obamas real role

    without offending and alienating our people? How do we mobilise and organise our people for Afrikan

    liberation during this period of intense confusion? How close are we to Afrikan and world revolution?

    What should we be doing in this time of capitalist crisis to bring us closer to freedom? Answers to

    these questions are important because when the effects of the con-trick wear off, US Satan

    imperialism will be somewhere near its end and outright fascism will reign.


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  • 8/6/2019 Neo1 Neocolonialism Introduction


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