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  • TYPE IN CONTEXT;A Guide to Neon Signage in Leeds

  • 3CONTENTS;The Science Behind NeonPage 04

    A to Z Location GuidePage 10 / 61

    The History of NeonPage 07

    Neon Signage in LeedsPage 08

  • 5The Science Behind NeonNeon sign are an adaption of an original concept coming from their predecessor the Geissler tube in which an electric current is passed through a gas filled glass tube, the reaction between the electrodes and gas creates the coloured light. Although the process is named after neon gas the first gas used in the process creating the iconic red glowing light seen in many neon signs much greater number of possible colours can be created thhrough the use of different gases, alternatvely argon or mercury gas can be used to create ultraviolet light of which reacts with phosphorescent coatings to achieve a much higher number of colour possibilities.

  • History of Neon Signage

    Although neon signs use a technique of which is taken earlier examples of similar lighting seen in the Geissler tubes, early development of neon can be found as far back as 1675 when French astronomer Jean Picard observed a faint glow in a mercury barometer due to static electricity. Neon signs as we know them orignate from around 1902 when Georges Claude applied an electrical charge to a sealed tube of neon gas to create a light. The first commercial use of a neon sign was installed at a Parisian barber shop in 1912 and from this point onwards became the crucial advertising method used all over the world.

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  • Neon Signage in LeedsWhen walking around Leeds it becomes more evident that neon plays a big part in the history of the city. During the 1940s a company called Oldham Street Signs opened in Leeds making it the only city in the north of the country manafacturing neon signs and the biggest producer outside of London. Leeds remains one of the biggest neon producing cities in the country boasting five neon workshops which might not sound like a lot but when this is compared to the fact that there is still only five in Denmark, Norway and Sweden combined it is evident to see the place that neon signs plays in the history of Leeds.


  • The AlchemistTrinity Centre, Leeds, LS1 6HW


    Trinity was the first Alchemist out of Manchester across the Pennines in Leeds. Located on the second floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre this Alchemist lets you make the most of any weather with its heated wrap-around terrace and stunning views of Leeds city centre. Open all day for pre shopping coffees in the morning to late night cocktails its the perfect reason to venture into the city. Tara G - So much choice, the mystery makes your mind wander into cocktail wonderland. Always a pleasure! Talented staff!

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  • A special type of new venue in Leeds offering Ping Pong, Pool, Snooker and Beer Pong while offering Craft beers, cocktails, many different types of drinks and pizza that can be delivered to your tables combinding together to give you the opportunity socialise and entertain at the same time, like nothing else you will experience anywhere else in Leeds.

    Victoria S - Amazing bar with amazing activities! Great cocktails & a wide range of drinks, we could literally have stayed in there all night! Ping pong, mini golf, pool & most of all beer pong! Hours of fun!

    Roxy Ball Room, 1st Floor, Albion StreetLS6 1HW



  • All Bar One have been running stylish city bars in central locations since 1994 and have their Leeds based bar in Millennium Square. Its a stylish city bar where you can catch up with friends, unwind after work or simply find a sophisticated space to indulge in an excellent selection of food and drink.

    Vicky M - Had a very nice cocktail and a couple of gin and tonics, friendly service and nice atmosphere and nice lighting, altogether a relaxed environment to drink in. We will definitely go again when in the area!

    All Bar One27 E Parade, Leeds, LS1 5BN


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    Oporto was founded by Ged Feltham with one clear aim, to create a bar in Leeds that he wanted people to be able to drink and hang-out in in comfort and this principle still stands as the main goal for the whole Oporto team. They hoped that people enjoy the unique space they have created and also hope the great drinks and crackin tunes make Oporto one hell of a night out for all.

    Rachel B - A great night out will be had by all at oporto, the bar staff are friendly and informed and theres loads of seating and room for socialising. One of Call Lanes best.

    Oporto Dogging Club33 Call Lane,Leeds, LS1 7BT


  • With an extensive selection of champagne, comprising rare and exclusive bottles, we cater for all tastes, from the most discerning, to those unfamiliar with the pleasure. We stock multiple vintages sourcing our champagne from larger established names, to small independent growers. The stylish, spacious interior is perfect for drinking through to the early hours, or simply relaxing on the beautiful terrace, when the bar comes into its own.

    Jmc321 - The staff are friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is amazing. The bar itself was classy and sophisticated, without being too snooty!

    Epernay12 Great George Street,Leeds, LS1 3DW


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    Reds True Barbecue rely a its rustic USA barbecue style while having a relaxed and fashoinable aethetic. Look. Salivate. Weep. Taste and be saved. The Church of True Barbecue brings forth the gospel of glorious smoked meats, rubs and table sauces worthy of worship. With such confidence in the food and atmosphere where better to have a nice night out with family or friends.

    Tanya F - This is most definitely the best burger joint in Leeds, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Beautiful tasting burgers and great atmosphere.

    Reds True Barbecue1 Cloth Hall Street,Leeds, LS1 2HD


  • Northern Guitars has been established now for over twenty years. Providing Leeds with new and used Guitars, Amplifiers and Effects Pedals. The shop was opened in 1989 by Dusty and business partner Dave. Dave and Dusty have been playing guitar for over 40 years each and are some of Englands premier Blues guitarists!

    Rachel G - This is a shop for those that are serious about their instrument. Quality seems to be their philosophy and the walls are lined with the sort of guitars to make any guitar buff go weak at the knees. Informed and helpful!

    Northern Guitars,41 Call Lane,Leeds, LS1 7BT


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    Barburrito are a modern chain of resteraunts that combine mexican dining with a bar space for socialising to create the hybrid place that has become as popular as it is today! The worlds first opened in 1920s LA, courtesy pf Alejandro Borques with the Leeds branch being one of the first to be built in the UK.

    Josh W - I go here quite often, much to my waistlines detriment, but its very much worth it. The burritos are consistently great & Im yet to meet a staff member that wasnt friendly, great for a quick stop.

    Barburrito,62 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8EQ


  • You could spend the whole day at Hotel Chocolat Roast & Conch, exploring all the amazing ways they use cocoa in all the way you thought they couldnt. Our contemporary Anglo-West Indian menu is spiced with a savoury twist of roasted cocoa, inspired by Hotel Chocolats hugely successful Boucan restaurant in St Lucia.

    Lily D - Roast & Conch is one of my favourite restaurants. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in and around Leeds. The menu is completely unique and the staff were extremely professional and attentive. Definitely give it a try if youre ever near.

    Roast & Conch55 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5EL


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  • Zaap Thai offers Thai street food at its very best! They offer the authentic Thai street food style but also combining it with a formal dining out style. Zaap Thai is a true taste of Thailand right in the heart of Leeds! They will transport you to the streets of Bangkok with just one taste!

    KL1983 - Loved loved loved this place! I have to say it was fabulous from the setting, to the food, to the service was excellent. The food was mouth watering and will definitely return. Prices were almost as good as Thailand too! Couldnt recommend this high enough.


    Zaap Thai22 Grand Arcade,Leeds, LS1 6PG


  • Get Baked Presents The Joint177-179 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9JT


    Get Baked has been plying the hungry with gourmet quality burgers and imported treats and sweets for the past decade. So whats new? Now theyve stepped up their game by opening The Joint bar and restaurant on Woodhouse Lane. The Joint might be the first of its kind, but whether youre looking for a cool place to escape in the day, or a venue focussed on food and fun in the evening, a trip there be rewarding one way or another.

    Dan L - Great food, friendly staff, very reasonably priced and quick service. Would be good for all ages.

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  • An exciting new arrival to vibrant Hyde Park, The East Village brings an artistic edge and a casual cool to the area. This friendly New York style community bar serves individually-sourced high-quality drinks at affordable prices in a stylishly comfortable setting that welcomes students and locals to relax into the evening with good company and timeless tunes.

    M S - Wasnt sure what to expe