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mike.byrne@netexlearning.comjose.martin@netexlearning.comAgendaNetex: Who we areWhat is Gamification?Open Badges in an organisation, a user-caseGamification and Netex learningCloudLive demo

Who we are01We are

Almost 100 professionalsWorking in three continents

A learning technology company offering innovative solutions in the corporate and publishing field

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@NetexLearning | #gamificationWhat is Gamification?02Gamification applies game-like elements to non-game situations

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Some stats.Transforming a subway staircase into a set of piano keys-each step producing a musical note increased its use 66 percent26 % of people playing games are over fifty, which is an increase from a mere 9 % in 1999When player reaches the maximum prize level, dopamine is released in the same amount, regardless of the nature of the prize 55% of people would work for a company that offered games as a way to increase productivity56 % showed no difference between games and conventional instruction. 32 % favoured games. 5 % favoured conventional@NetexLearning | #gamificationWhat do points mean?

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Why Open Badges?70:20:10!FORMALOnline Course

INFORMALSocial network champion

ON THE JOB!Display a competency

MotivationIn the model 70:20:10, it is important that the user guides his/her own development

They are portableThey are associated to the user, during all his/her life, not to the user in the company

Oriented to tasksThey provide evidence: they do not indicate that you can, but that you have done it

They provewhat it is learnt informally as well as formallyOpen Badges: Benefits

@NetexLearning | #gamificationUser-case03

Badges a case-studyQWERTY Inc.Technology projectsIT ProfessionalsLife-long learners@NetexLearning | #gamification

L&D Scenario TrainerEmployees Supervisor@NetexLearning | #gamification

MikeDeveloperFrankTesterLewisJavascript DeveloperJohnSystems Admin@NetexLearning | #gamification

Before Badges (now)Everyone is frustrated!

@NetexLearning | #gamification

Move to standardsLaura (Assessor)Designs a badge system to verify the skills of IT workers@NetexLearning | #gamification

MikeDeveloperFrankTesterLewisJavascript DeveloperJohnSystems AdminProgramming LanguagesDevelopment ToolsSpecs and StandardsProduct KnowledgeTesting ToolsCommunicationProgrammingDevelopment ToolsOperating SystemsNetworksSecurityand Competencies@NetexLearning | #gamificationCreate BadgesTo know which programming languages, standards, and tools each employee is competent in.

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Stacked Badges

Master badges for each category for individuals who complete a certain number of achievements.@NetexLearning | #gamification

Accreditation sourcesRelate your Badges to real certification.




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Show CompetenciesShowing competencies in some skills is easy:

SKILLSProgrammingDevelopmentStandardsVisual design

SHOWN BYBuild a websiteSimulationExamPortfolio

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BADGEHTML5CSS3PhotoshopVisual design

ASSESMENTBuild a websiteBuild CSS3 style Create IconsCreate an UI

Assignments & ActivitiesWant your badge? Show your knowledge!

@NetexLearning | #gamification

MikeDeveloperFrankTesterLewisJavascript DeveloperJohnSystems AdminProgramming LanguagesDevelopment ToolsSpecs and StandardsProduct KnowledgeTesting ToolsCommunicationProgrammingDevelopment ToolsOperating SystemsNetworksSecurityProudly showing skills!@NetexLearning | #gamification

Up to date records on employees skillsSingle source of employee skillsList of interventions to develop skillsEasy to know how to recognise expertiseEasier to track 70/20/10Easier to identify and promote talent

After Badges

@NetexLearning | #gamification

Define a competency framework

How can you implement this now?

@NetexLearning | #gamificationGamificationNetex learningCloud or. Any platform04



Multi-channel LMS compatible with eXperience APIWith learningCentral you can launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application.

Reduce training costs Quick and easy set up process Customisable and scalable Compatible with all e-learning courses Interoperability

Key features

Planning Activities Communication Reports@NetexLearning | #gamificationReduce training costsWith learningCentral you can launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application. You dont have to worry about maintenance, implementations nor updates. We take care of everything for you!

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Key Features

PlanningCreate training plans and courses and call for training sessions.

ActivitiesSCORM, video, link, assessment, webconference, etc.

CommunicationThrough surveys, notifications, virtual classrooms, news, etc.

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Additional Services

ImplementationThe implementation plan entails guidance and consultancy through the process of implementing learningCentral in your organization.

TrainingTwo hours of training via a virtual session are included. It is possible to extend this service under quotation.

Technical OfficeThe goal of the Technical Office service is to assume the maximum amount of training tasks. This way, your Training Department focuses on higher qualitative value tasks, delegating those tasks that bring less added value to our Technical Office.The Technical Office comprises a set of human and technical resources that complement the client resources.

Associated Tasks

White Paper creationContent review and validationDialogue with content suppliersIssue of reports and dashboard creationDelegated management of the platform


Authoring tool for creatinge-learning courses in HTML5Creating engaging and responsive content is now simpler than ever with learningMaker. Publish your courses in SCORM or xAPI format, with no programming knowledge to create truly multi-device content solutions.

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Key features

Templates Resources Score Project control VersionsCollaboration

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Key Features

TemplatesSelect the template you want to use to create content.

ResourcesAdd the resources you need (photos, videos, animations).

ScoreEstablish the scoring and assessment methods for evaluating students.

Project controlMonitor the project life cycle (draft, under revision and reviewed).

VersionsAccess the project versions list and restore them anytime.

CollaborationWork in groups safely thanks to the automatic locking system.

Additional Services

TrainingTwo hours of training via a virtual session are included as standard. It is possible to extend this service under quotation.Creation of additional templateslearningMaker is delivered with 4 basic templates but it is possible to create as many templates as needed so that your content has exactly the behaviour and appearance that your organization needs.

Hire additional storage spaceDo not run out of space for your projects. You can hire all additional space you need.


Social network for knowledge managementIt creates learning communities where users can share all