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  1. 1. Presentation
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Netex: Who we are 2. What is Gamification? 3. Open Badges in an organisation, a user-case 4. Gamification and Netex learningCloud 5. Live demo
  3. 3. Who we are 01
  4. 4. We are Almost 100 professionals Working in three continents A learning technology company offering innovative solutions in the corporate and publishing field @NetexLearning | #gamification
  5. 5. @NetexLearning | #gamification
  6. 6. What is Gamification? 02
  7. 7. Gamification applies game-like elements to non-game situations @NetexLearning | #gamification
  8. 8. Some stats. Transforming a subway staircase into a set of piano keys-each step producing a musical note increased its use 66 percent 26 % of people playing games are over fifty, which is an increase from a mere 9 % in 1999 When player reaches the maximum prize level, dopamine is released in the same amount, regardless of the nature of the prize 55% of people would work for a company that offered games as a way to increase productivity 56 % showed no difference between games and conventional instruction. 32 % favoured games. 5 % favoured conventional @NetexLearning | #gamification
  9. 9. What do points mean? @NetexLearning | #gamification
  10. 10. Why Open Badges? 70:20:10! FORMAL Online Course INFORMAL Social network champion ON THE JOB! Display a competency
  11. 11. Motivation In the model 70:20:10, it is important that the user guides his/her own development They are portable They are associated to the user, during all his/her life, not to the user in the company Oriented to tasks They provide evidence: they do not indicate that you can, but that you have done it They prove what it is learnt informally as well as formally Open Badges: Benefits @NetexLearning | #gamification
  12. 12. User-case 03
  13. 13. Badges a case-study QWERTY Inc. Technology projects IT Professionals Life-long learners @NetexLearning | #gamification
  14. 14. L&D Scenario TrainerEmployees Supervisor @NetexLearning | #gamification
  15. 15. Mike Developer Frank Tester Lewis Javascript Developer John Systems Admin @NetexLearning | #gamification
  16. 16. Before Badges (now) Everyone is frustrated! @NetexLearning | #gamification
  17. 17. Move to standards Laura(Assessor) Designs a badge system to verify the skills of IT workers @NetexLearning | #gamification
  18. 18. Mike Developer Frank Tester Lewis Javascript Developer John Systems Admin Programming Languages Development Tools Specs and Standards Product Knowledge Testing Tools Communication Programming Development Tools Operating Systems Networks Security and Competencies @NetexLearning | #gamification
  19. 19. Create Badges To know which programming languages, standards, and tools each employee is competent in. @NetexLearning | #gamification
  20. 20. Stacked Badges Master badges for each category for individuals who complete a certain number of achievements. @NetexLearning | #gamification
  21. 21. Accreditation sources Relate your Badges to real certification. ONLINE, LMS, BLENDED COURSES ACCREDITATION BADGES! @NetexLearning | #gamification
  22. 22. Show Competencies Showing competencies in some skills is easy: SKILLS Programming Development Standards Visual design SHOWN BY Build a website Simulation Exam Portfolio @NetexLearning | #gamification
  23. 23. BADGE HTML5 CSS3 Photoshop Visual design ASSESMENT Build a website Build CSS3 style Create Icons Create an UI Assignments & Activities Want your badge? Show your knowledge! @NetexLearning | #gamification
  24. 24. Mike Developer Frank Tester Lewis Javascript Developer John Systems Admin Programming Languages Development Tools Specs and Standards Product Knowledge Testing Tools Communication Programming Development Tools Operating Systems Networks Security Proudly showing skills! @NetexLearning | #gamification
  25. 25. Up to date records on employees skills Single source of employee skills List of interventions to develop skills Easy to know how to recognise expertise Easier to track 70/20/10 Easier to identify and promote talent After Badges @NetexLearning | #gamification
  26. 26. Define a competency framework How can you implement this now? @NetexLearning | #gamification
  27. 27. Gamification Netex learningCloud or . Any platform 04
  28. 28. learningCloud
  29. 29. Apps
  30. 30. Multi-channel LMS compatible with eXperience API With learningCentral you can launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application. Reduce training costs Quick and easy set up process Customisable and scalable Compatible with all e-learning courses Interoperability Key features Planning Activities Communication Reports @NetexLearning | #gamification
  31. 31. Authoring tool for creating e-learning courses in HTML5 Creating engaging and responsive content is now simpler than ever with learningMaker. Publish your courses in SCORM or xAPI format, with no programming knowledge to create truly multi-device content solutions. Your own corporate content model Keep your content up to date without incurring additional costs Create content compatible with mobile devices Just one click away from your LMS Key features Templates Resources Score Project control Versions Collaboration @NetexLearning | #gamification
  32. 32. Social network for knowledge management It creates learning communities where users can share all types of resources, take part in debates, interact with other users with the same interests, write articles and much more. Increase productivity within your organization Enhance knowledge management Improve human capital management Enrich communication Reduce costs Key features Gamification Communication Recommendations Customisation Reports @NetexLearning | #gamification
  33. 33. L2P Learning Platform LRS L2P New gamified activity has been created! Sends TinCan statement Stores the new activity Tracks new activities Warns to create or assigns a badge Assigns success criteria for the badge @NetexLearning | #gamification
  34. 34. Basic workflow Learning Platform LRS L2P Sends statement User completed the activity with score=90 and success=true Stores the statement Parses the LRS Find new users who match the criteria Assigns the badge to the user Returns widgets like trophy case, badge notificator Users can see their badges and share them with openBadges @NetexLearning | #gamification
  35. 35. GAMIFICATION Open Badges Increases Engagement Motivational Portable Oriented to Task 70/20/10 In short
  36. 36. CONGRATS! Attentive audience badge ACHIEVED! @NetexLearning | #gamification
  37. 37. Dont miss our next webinars! Content Authoring in the Cloud A new approach to content creation Thu 26th March | 10am GMT Learning Analytics And new Intelligent Content Thu 9th April | 10am GMT Netex learningCloud Creating the right Blended Learning Mix in your organization Thu 23th April | 10am GMT
  38. 38. @NetexLearning | |


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