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Networking and Personal Branding for Senior Executives Developing a Strategy for Success


Business success today centres around trust and relationships. To ensure long-term career success, senior executives can not ignore the powerful combination of a well-established, carefully constructed network, and professional modus operandi for driving personal success. At times it may be useful to move beyond a professional modus operandi, and to develop an authentic, differentiating personal brand which others strongly associate with the executive, and which may provide personal leverage both with customers and within the organisation, leading to improved prospects and opportunities. Similarly, senior executives experiencing career transition in the face of organisational change face a situation that they are often unfamiliar with - a dissonant situation that can be made increasingly difficult as a result of their seniority and career stage. At times of transition, the rules that apply during periods of stability and career growth continue to apply only this time, with increased urgency and energy, given that the future is less predictable. For this reason, any effective career transition strategy should focus on effective networking and the development of an effective personal Brand. Networking Effective networking is central to building and sustaining a top level career in any industry, for in todays business world success consistently coincides with the ability to build good relationships.

Some Senior Execs get to the top of their industry by focusing solely on workload without acknowledging the importance of building a robust network of reliable contacts. When faced with the challenge of building a network during times of transition, it is important to align your contacts with your objectives This will ensure your network is meeting your needs effectively. Equally, it is important to become a valuable contact to your target audience - utilise your knowledge, experience and expertise to become someone worth knowing. Personal Branding Developing a Personal Brand is a vital component of successful career management. It involves using your values, strengths and experiences to distinguish yourself from others in order to advance your career. By uncovering, building and nurturing a personal brand Senior Executives will differentiate themselves from the competition and experience professional success. During times of transition, the need for a solid personal brand becomes more acute.

Building a personal brand takes time however. As such, the development of a differentiated personal brand should be undertaken long before the need to actively promote it arises that is, at all stages of ones career. Conclusion To maximise on the opportunities associated with a career transition, Senior Executives should develop a long-term approach to managing their career, both during periods of career stability and career transition.

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