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  • 1. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL! PART 1 JenYoder, CPSM, ETM Barbi Stiles, CPSM, Jacobs

2. BAD NETWORKING 3. PRESENTERS BACKGROUND 4. REPUTATION VS. TITLE 5. It is not cold calling It is not selling It is not about getting leads (although this happens) Networking is the exchange of information, ideas and resources WHAT IS NETWORKING? 6. WHY IS NETWORKING IMPORTANT? The job market is competitive You can gain valuable information and connections Your competitors network Winning work is competitive & often won by relationships Competition 7. WHY IS NETWORKING DIFFICULT We are taught as children: Dont talk to strangers Wait to be properly introduced Good things come to those who wait Talk to strangers 8. 3 ADVANTAGES INTROVERTS HAVE AT NETWORKING Good listeners Focus on quality conversations Less likely to say something stupid Introverts have advantages 9. NETWORKING STRATEGY 10. BAD NETWORKING 11. HANDSHAKES ARE IMPORTANT 12. Show up early & stay late Eliminate tardiness & absences, make networking a priority Make networking a PRIORITY! FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 13. FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING SPLIT UP from your friend / business associate Dont sit and talk to the same old peopletake a risk Dont sit at an empty table or stand by yourselfempty has no value PRACTICE Makes Perfect! 14. There are no strangers, only friends we havent met Shyness is a habit not a trait Practice & plan for success Shyness is a habit FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 15. FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING Best way to start a conversation? LISTEN. The person who listens best will win Everyone has something interesting to impart. Assume everyone you meet has valuable information LISTEN 16. Character countsdo not gossip, use foul language or off-color humor Honesty begets honesty Remember networking circles are BIG Character Counts FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 17. Dont follow the crowd, follow the targetschoose events/activities carefully Know your 30 sec. elevator speech Follow the Targets FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 18. ELEVATOR SPEECH 19. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL! PART 2 JenYoder, CPSM, ETM Barbi Stiles, CPSM, Jacobs 20. YOU NEED A GAME PLAN Where do you network now? Where should you network? Where do your targets network? What are the best organizations or associations to get involved with? Where, what, when, how 21. YOU NEED A GAME PLAN Pre-plan the event or outing do your homework & be prepared What are your networking goals? Do you have the skills and tools necessary to network successfully? Who is great at networking that you can ask for help or guidance? Prepare, Prepare, Prepare 22. 6 DEGREES 23. WORKING THE ROOM 24. WORKING THE ROOM 25. WORKING THE ROOM 26. Every room has a current The current leads to an energy point Energy points attract people Follow the path of energy WORKING THE ROOM 27. BREAKING THE ICE 28. MAKING YOUR NETWORK WORK Share information & exchange ideas Give first & give again Commit, be persistent & patient The primary rule of networking is staying in touch. 29. MAKING YOUR NETWORK WORK Be seen & known as a leader Be genuine & purposeful Offer value Cant send someone else to network for you You cant send someone to network for you 30. Do you have stacks of business cards you have done nothing with? Have you kept in touch with your network? How do you maintain your network? Is your network in hibernation? MAKING YOUR NETWORK WORK 31. Follow Up - most important aspect of networking! Networking window of opportunity closes quickly Proper follow up will enhance your reputation. Lack of follow up can ruin your reputation. The primary rule of networking is staying in touch. MAKING YOUR NETWORK WORK 32. A wise man knows everything, a shrewd man knows everyone. ~Chinese proverb Have Fun, Be Positive, Be Passionate