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Networking for introverts!Stefano VerdesotoMeredith Morell Welcome! TODAYS GOALSDefine introvertDiscuss importance of networkingReview practical application and tipsPractice and apply our learningShare awkward and success stories along the way! Definitions. DefinitionsPopular vs. intended definitionsExtraverted: understood to mean sociable or outgoingIntroverted: understood to mean shy or withdrawn

DefinitionsPopular vs. intended definitionsExtraverted: understood to mean sociable or outgoingIntroverted: understood to mean shy or withdrawn

DefinitionsPopular vs. intended definitionsUsed to describe the preferred focus of one's energy on either the outer or the inner worldExtraverts orient their energy to the outer worldIntroverts orient their energy to the inner world DefinitionsNetworkingAlso known as meeting new people!Classmates, professors, supervisors, alumni, colleaguesOnline and in-person Importance. importanceLearn about different major and careersReceive advice on job/internship search prepMake connections to serve as references Methods:Online andIn-person.

Online. onlineHow many of you have a LinkedIn?How many of you use your LinkedIn regularly?

onlineLinkedInPresent yourself in a professional profileShowcase your education, skills, and experience your VIRTUAL resume!Search for jobs/internshipsConnect with othersLearn from those you connect with!

onlineLinkedInSearch for AlumniJoin groups

onlineUB Mentor Program on LinkedInGroup for students to connect with career mentors (alumni/employers)FREE and open to all UB students (you!)Group discussions for both mentors and students to share tips/perspectivesCommon group that connects you to 800+ career mentors that want to help!

onlineUB Mentor Program on LinkedIn tutorialJoining the groupEngaging in group discussionsSearching for career mentorsMessaging/connecting with others In-person.

Informational interviews.

Informational int.An informational interview is an opportunity to meet with someone in a particular field or industry of interestTip: utilize people you know to find more people to talk to; use your network Also, they can always introduce you in-person or via email Informational int.PreparingBe on time, wear professional attire Show up prepared and with questions Offer to pay for his/her food Take notes on your discussion Ask for a business card to follow-upAsk if he/she know someone else who might be willing to speak with youVery helpful! Informational int.InterviewingWhat do you say/ask? Depends. Career exploration? What do you like most about working in this field? Job/internship searching? What are some important key words to include in a resume or cover letter when applying to positions?See sample questions on handout Informational int.Following upReview your notes and end thank you note within 24 hours to express your appreciation Highlight some of the things learned Welcome the mentor to keep in touch Ask if he/she would be open to meeting againUpdate him/her on career decisions and achievements Events.

eventsPreparingKnow who will be there If its a job fair, know which employers will be there Dont think of yourself as someone who is in need of a job, rather be interested in learning about new people or organizations Have 2-3 relevant topics to talk about, questions to ask, and a pitch*Practice with people you know! eventsApproaching othersScan the room first to see who is thereLook for people who are alone first, its harder to get into a conversation that is already happeningDont break into a conversation of 2 people, if 3 or more are talking together it is easier to join that group Catch the eye of another person in the group. eventsApproaching othersSmile and reach out to shake hands as you approach Say your name and how you fit into the situation. Hi, Im Stefano, a graduate assistant at UB Career ServicesFollow up with a question to them What brings you to the event? eventsApproaching othersDont start by going into a 30 second commercial about yourself Show a genuine interest in the other person (aka ask them questions) Be a personable human being first, then a talented person looking for a job Ask others about themselves so you can connect to their interest and livesIts okay to take a break! eventsApproaching othersHow did you hear about this event? What have you heard about this speaker?How did you get started at this company or in the field?Where did you go to college? What did you study? Dont ask when they graduated! eventsFollowing upTake notes on each meeting or chance contact you have Request business cards/give them yours Thank-you letter/email within 24 hrs Establish the next step: Will you touch base again in a few weeks? Will they help circulate your resume? Dont expect instant results! Questions?

Lets practice!

practiceYour pitchIntroduce yourself to someone newYour educational level Your class/work/internship/club/leadership experience Your career aspirations End with question practiceYour pitchWhat did you say? How did you feel? Now what?

ACTION STEPSCreate and/or update your LinkedIn profileSchedule an Express appointment for reviewJoin the UB Mentor Program LinkedIn groupLook for and connect with career mentorsAttend campus events to practice! Apr. 7Summer jobs fairApr. 16Annual etiquette dinnerBerts Caf, 5:00 p.m.

Student Union Lobby, 11:00 a.m.RSVP at UPCOMING EVENTSThank you!

Stefano VerdesotoMeredith MorellCareer Services259 Capen Hall(716)