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On Saturday, September 24, 2011 I gave a presentation to PodCamp Boston on how to maximize the conference experience for introverts.I shared tips, techniques to get over natural concerns about talking to people you haven't yet met and ways to follow up.


  • Presented to: Boston @DianeDarling September 24, 2011
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  • Friendly UnfriendlyExtrovert Introvert
  • Introvert vs. Shy Energy Ways you prefer to connect with others How you learn What you learn
  • Whether Report 7.1.Location 1.Host organization 7.2.Price 7.3.Parking 7.Logistics 2.1.Prospects7.4.Time of day 2.2.Clients 7.5.Function 2.Attendees 2.3.Competitors 2.4.Quality 8.Company attendee 2.5.Quantity 9.Networking buddy 3.1.Time 3.Networking 3.2.Structured Event Evaluation 10.Board members 4.1.Who 4.Speaker 4.2.Bio 11.Weather 4.3.Available 12.Cameo 5.1.Potential client 5.Sponsors 5.2.Strategic partner 13.Who invited you 5.3.Competitor 14.Goal 6.Industry 5
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  • Body Language, Voice, Words 55% Body language Voice tone 38% Words 7%Source: Decoding Inconsistent Communication Prof Albert Mehrabian UCLA
  • Self-aware 10
  • Gender, age, race, etc. 11
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