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Understanding everyday life, of habit is so much interesting, by knowing your own habit, in this slide you will learn how the brain works of making a new behaviour that become habit. I hope by learning this we will understand more, and make a new change. Also, this includes how to break a bad habit and change it. Hope you enjoy, for mrs peggy


  • 1. By : Alya Ayu Tazkia

2. Everyday Life Habit Habit is a certain activity that we often, ussually or constantly do that triggers us doing the certain activity in somewhat of unconscious state. Habit can also lead you into a certain addiction, sometimes causes bad health influences such as overeating, smoking, bad manners. That can be bad for our lives. 3. Whatishabit? An activity that people constantly do or practice that leads to doing the activity in a more relaxed and easy state or more uncounscious state Playing piano Playing guitar Playing football 4. Andotherallactivitythatincludespracticing Walking Stretch before activity Swimming 5. How can someone never forget their hab it? Someone that used to a habit for example playing basketball, he/she didn'tt practice or played basketball for 2 months He/ she played and practiced constant again repeating the habit he/she used to do After 5 times constant practice He/She can do it all over again fluently, as an expert do 6. Howcanithappen? as we practice basket more and more often and we get used to it Our brain will save the memory, in the infralimbic that become ingrained routines No matter what lesion it is, memory will come back as we practice all over again 7. WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPEN INSIDE THE BRAIN?? 8. Prefrontal cortex New behavior coming Prefrontal stratium midbrain add dopamine (midbrain) stratium globus pallidus prefontal 9. After we repeat behavior, sensorimotor and stratium strongly engaged Sensorimotor stratium add dopamine (midbrain) thalamus sensorimotor 10. The new behavior becomes habit as we repeat over and over again. Midbrain (dopamine to remember) infralimbic stratium Infralimbic : control us engage in habit, It stored in infralimbic, and ingrained routines 11. Howcanwebreakourownbadhabit? Breaking a habit it is not that easy, Many of neuroscientist tries to find a way to disable a certain habit One of the breakers, We can overcome our habit by treatment and therapies. Mentally or physicallyto disable a bad habit For example : smoking and deperssion 12. But actually changing your habit it is in your own decision on varying You want to make a new routine by not being late for school, which you used to be late. You are lazy enough to do it, because the bad habot that we have But as you put your bags beside your bed, it will remind and motivate This will change your mimic, motivation and reminder are important for us to change our bad habits 13. Habit is habit, and not being flung out the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs one step at a time MarkTwain