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<p>New 7 Wonders of The World</p> <p>New 7 Wonders of The WorldKaushal patel Computer engineering</p> <p>ContentsThe Pyramid at Chichen ItzaChrist RedeemerThe Roman ColosseumThe Great Wall of ChinaMachu PicchuPetraThe Taj Mahal</p> <p>Chichen Itza (Mexico)800 ADThe most famous temple cityCenter of the Mayan civilizationAn extraordinarycomposition</p> <p>Christ Redeemer (Brazil)193140 m. tallWeighs 700 tonsAt the peak of 700 m.Heitor da Silva CostaPaul Landowski</p> <p>The Roman Colosseum (Italy)70-82 ADGladiatorial showsType of show:Munera individual showVenation the animal hunt</p> <p>The Great Wall of China 220 BC and 1368-1644 AD4000-5000 m. longHeight: 6-10 m.56 m. wideKeeps Mongol tribes invading </p> <p>Machu Picchu (Peru)1460-1470Incan EmperorLies deep in the Amazon jungle above the Urubamba RiverClassical Inca style</p> <p>Petra (Jordan)9 BC-40ADOn the edge of the Arabian DesertGlittering capital of the Nabataean empireWater chambers</p> <p>The Taj Mahal (India)1630 ADTo honor wife of Shah JahanThe white marble tombAn arch-shaped doorwayTopped by a large dome</p> <p>References Italy</p>