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LIVING LIFE WELL UNIQUE PRODUCTS BACKED BY SCIENCE Exceptional leadership Wealth generation comp plan

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1. LIVING LIFE WELL UNIQUE PRODUCTS BACKED BY SCIENCE Exceptional leadership Wealth generation comp plan 2. Internet Health & Wellness ( Nutrition and food supplements) Beauty & Skin Care (Anti-Aging Cream) Holistic & Natural Healing (Essential Healing Oil Blends) 3. HEALTH & WELLNESS COSTS Fiscal expenses fiscal year 2011[345 ]Expenses by department Expenses $ millions 2011 fiscal year Percent of expenses Health and Human Services 891,244 24.76% Social Security Administration 784,194 21.79% Defense-Military 678,073 18.84% Treasury 538,702 14.97% Agriculture 139,399 3.87% Labor 131,973 3.67% Veterans Affairs 126,917 3.53% Transportation 77,302 2.15% Office of Personnel Management 74,091 2.06% Education 65,486 1.82% Housing and Urban Development 57,005 1.58% Other Defense Civil Programs 54,862 1.52% Homeland Security 45,744 1.27% Energy 31,372 0.87% Justice 30,518 0.85% State 24,355 0.68% International Assistance Programs 24,355 0.68% National Aeronautics and Space Administration 17,617 0.49% Other independent agencies 14,496 0.40% Interior 13,529 0.38% Environmental Protection Agency 10,770 0.30% Corps of Engineers 10,138 0.28% Commerce 9,930 0.28% Judiciary 7,295 0.20% National Science Foundation 7,146 0.20% Small Business Administration 6,162 0.17% Legislative 4,583 0.13% General Services Administration 1,889 0.05% Expense total 3,599,285 100% Source: 4. HEALTH VS. GDP Industries by GDP value added 2011.[106] Industry GDP value added $ billions 2011 % of total GDP Real estate, renting, leasing 1,898 13% State and Local Government 1,336 9% Finance and insurance 1,159 8% Health/social care 1,136 8% Durable manufacturing 910 6% Retail trade 905 6% Wholesale trade 845 6% Non-durable manufacturing 821 6% Federal Government 658 5% Information 646 4% Arts, entertainment 591 4% Construction 529 4% Waste services 448 3% Other services 447 3% Utilities 297 2% Mining 290 2% Corporate management 284 2% Education services 174 1% Agriculture 173 1% Total 15,075 100% Source: 5. LIFE GENERATIONS LOST (1890 -1915) LIFE GENERATION PERIODS AGE NOW LOST (1890-1915) 99-124 INTERBELLUM (1901-1913) 101-113 GREATEST (1910-1925) 89-104 SILENT (1923-1944) 70-91 BABY BOOMER (1945-1964) 50-69 X (1961-1981) 33-53 Y or MILLENIAL or NEXT (1975-1995) 19-39 Z (1995-PRESENT) 0-19 6. BABY BOOMERS CHARACTERISTICS 76 MILLION PEOPLE SANDWICH GENERATION WEALTHIEST GROUP MOST ACTIVE MOST PHYSICAL 7. GENERATION X & Y CHARACTERISTICS Prefer to work in teams rather than individually. Fear living poorly View financial independence as a requisite for adulthood Entrepreneurial Independent 8. GMP Sanovita is a unique beverage and the first of its kind Contains one of the most powerful antioxidants Oleuropein FDA cGMP CGLP cGD HACCP SUPERFOOD RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS UNIQUE MEDITERRANEAN INGREDIENTS Healthy Life Our manufacturing facilities strictly complies with the following agencies: 9. BELLAVITA LEADERS TOUR OF THE MANUFACTURING PLANT IN UTAH 10. 7 Keys to optimal health 11. 1.ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION (fruits & botanicals provide phytonutrients & phytochemicals) 2.ALKALIZING CHELATED MINERAL (alkaline cells are more resistant to infections & diseases) 3.ENZYME NUTRITION (no high heat pasteurization means natural enzymes preservation) 4.DIETARY FIBER (daily dose is equivalent to 3-5 servings of common fruits) 5.PLANT BASED ESSENTIAL HEALTHY FATS (olive oil has Omega 3 fatty acids which may help with lower triglycerides; blood pressure; rheumatoid arthritis; depression & inflammations) 6.ANTI-PATHOGENIC (olive leaf extract is known to have anti-pathogenic properties) 7.COLLAGEN SUPPORT (Rose Hip is a source of plant based collagen known to improve cardio health; skin elasticity; hair strength; joint health; bone structures) 7 HEALING FUNCTIONS OF SANOVITA 12. CERTOBELLA FUNCTION Anti-aging for all skin types Increase of collagen synthesis Providing exceptional anti-aging benefits Protection against environmental effects such as UV irritation Increase of procollagen I and fibronectin protein production Safety Tested Dermatological tolerance : Standard testing has been performed which has shown neither cytotoxic effects nor any irritation or sensitization reaction in healthy volunteers Proven safe for all skin types as a multi-daily skin therapy 13. ESSENTIAL OILS USER GUIDE 14. HEALING MONTE 15. IMUNNE 16. SANTO 17. FEMMINA 18. FRESCO 19. CALMA 20. RESPIRO 21. PASSIONE 22. DIGESTIONE 23. CITRO SLIM 24. ALLEVIAVE 25. ENERGIA 26. LEADERSHIP Gary Hasson PRESIDENT, Bellavita Global 27. 3 STEPS PLAN FOR SUCESS 28. Script: People you know well I recently started partnering with some of the most successful men in the Health and wellness industry. The wellness industry is a 70+ billion dollars industry and is growing daily. What we are trying to do is be the first to introduce the Mediterranean healthy lifestyle to North America. Being the first has the added advantage for capturing a large size of the market. I can send you a link to the company website to watch a 20 minutes video. How quickly can you watch it and we can get together if you need more information on how to be a part of this. Time is of essence. 29. Script: People you have not talked to recently Reconnect by calling or email or text. Ask about their welfare and family (if they are married). Then ask if they are open to making a part time income. If yes, use the script for people you know well. 30. Script: People you do business with Develop a philosophy to let all the businesses you patronize know about your business. Everyone needs to be well and let them know how your products can help. Ask to leave fliers announcing your meetings wherever you can. If they are not interested, their customers may want what you sell. 31. Script: People you meet online There are rules that guide what you can post online including advertising your business. Facebook, you can actually pay for a business facebook page that will advertise your business and drive traffic but you must be ready to respond to the traffic in a very timely manner. You can open a group facebook page and post a short video to pique interest but you must follow up within 24-48 hours. 32. Share the Bellavita Opportunity Live Purpose of one-on-one should be to close the deal Make sure your prospect already saw a presentation online. Then follow up with phone call to collect a decision (yes, no or maybe). If Maybe, ask if you can overcome their objections. Do a 3 way call if necessary to build their belief. If No, ask for a referral. If a strong yes, sign them up online. If the prospect needs to see the products, then personally visit them or invite them to a business opportunity meeting to experience the products. 33. Share the Opportunity Online ntations 34. In Italian, Bellavita means Beautiful Life Our mission is to help you enjoy the beautiful life well Hence our slogan LIVING LIFE WELL YOU ARE INVITED TO BE AMONG THE FIRST TO INTRODUCE THE MEDITERRANEAN LIFESTYLE TO NORTH AMERICA