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Catalogue 2016/2017 We Grow Your Business by Growing Your People

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  • Catalogue 2016/2017We Grow Your Business by Growing Your People

  • KCM Performance trains, consults and coaches people to helporganizations unlock business value by optimizing individualpotential and organizational performance.Founded and led by our Managing Director, who has been in thetraining and education industry for many years, had built areputation for offering high-quality training delivered by onlyexperts with genuine practical and applicable experience.All of our trainers are real-world industry practitioners turnedtrainers. Our corporate training solutions can also be customizedto address your unique challenges and developed on demand,fostering development for professionals everywhere.Our 360 solutions cover a broad range of program areas to enabletactical and strategic skill that solves immediate on-the-job needsand also align with your organizational goals.Our extensive portfolio of public seminars and programs aredesigned for all experience levels, covered everything fromgeneral concepts to specific program area, processes ortechniques.

    We Grow your Business by Growing Your People


  • Our Advantage

    Mystery Shopping

    Training & Development

    Customized Training

    Post-Training Review

    In KCM Performance, whether you are an individual attending one of our public seminar or ateam receiving on-site training at your company, you will certainly experience quality and proventraining from leading experts in the field. KCM performance promises to keep our clients comingback again and again.Flexible SolutionsIn reality . Only through multiple delivery methods and customized training programs forcorporate clients, allows learning solutions to best meet the needs of all our customers.Collaborative WayWe will work with you to develop a relevant, applicable and practical solutions that customize toaddress the challenges specific to your company.Trusted PartnerKCM Performance aims to provide our clients to enjoy exceptional return on investment,resulting in long term partnerships.Extending Value Beyond ClassroomTraining rarely starts or finishes in the classroom. Remember, the world is the classroom.KCM Performance offers a full suite of solutions designed to help your company establishtargeted talent development objectives, improve existing work processes, put learnedknowledge into work, ensure skills are reinforced and the real value of training is realized.


  • Welcome to KCM PerformanceWe grow your business by growing your people.KCM Performance provides unique in-house, off-site and public leadership development andmanagement training courses across Asia Pacific.We can customize our training to suit your organization's needs, whether that is sales,marketing, leadership skills, business communication skills, personal effectiveness, upselling atFront Office, MICE and hotel service operations courses.All participants of our management and leadership training courses will take back withsomething specific to them that will make a real difference in their workplace or individually.We work with clients from the public, private sector, small start-ups to multi-nationalcorporations.


  • At KCM Performance, we are always movingforward..updating and expanding our offerings beyond what is represented in this booklet.For a more comprehensive understanding of our solutions and programs, please contactus now.


  • Customized On-Site Corporate Training SolutionsWe curate one of the best programs in KCM Performance, based on the real industry challengesof today with a focus on developing trends. We also offer a truly comprehensive, customizedcorporate training solutions.

    Programs can be customized toeach client's unique need. Our public or internal seminarsprovide a strong foundation ofskills that we encourage to bebuilt upon by practice. On-goingtraining reinforces acquired skills,ensuring that participants havefully and appropriately interpretedthe material and can correctlyapply what they have learnedonce training has ended.

    Investments in corporate trainingare among one of the mostconcern.Although, learning can turn intoactions and drive results, yet manyexecutives still see them asexpenses instead of drivers ofrevenue and efficiency.


  • Immediately Applicable, Practical and FocusedEvery program is unique. Each course is to address different challenges, goals and skill sets tothe individual or organization You or your company will benefit from our programs as theyfocus on results, where professionals gain the tools they need to enhance capabilities and drivesuccess.

    Our workshops are highlyinteractive and inspire participantslearn by doing (not lecture-based).Participants can digest our trainingmaterials and share genuineconcerns through with a mix ofshort lectures, team discussions,varied activities and role-playexercises.


  • What Makes KCM Performance Different?Training, whether driving profit or driving costs, ultimately defines the future and sustainabilityof any company. In order to optimize your investment in human assets, we will map out thecriteria with you, that impact the ROI.

    Training by experts not facilitatorsOur experts not only familiar with thechallenges and solutions, they bring ourprograms to live by sharing their "warstories" .

    We aim to build relationshipWe build ethics and that make usdifferent and unique. The success ofour business will build on fosteringloyal partnerships with our clientsrather than extracting short gain.With every client, we strive to buildlong term relationships based onclarity, approachability and trust.

    Post training evaluationsWe do not end our relationship afterthe training. We will help you toevaluate your employees who hadattended our training.


  • Introducing a total solution to raising training ROI

    Mystery shopping

    Training budget insights

    Impact of employees skills Sustainability

    Training portfolio optimization

    Raising Return On InvestmentOrganization wants to know that the money they are spending on training is correctly and wellspent. Often, they want to know that they are getting a desired or sufficient return on theirtraining investment (ROI). Improvement factors likely include but not limited to, increasedproductivity, reduction of cost and improved employee retention.


  • Our Resource CollectionsBrowse our resource collections and check if they support your training and likely able to applythe knowledge and skills you have learned.

    Sales & Marketing Finding Gold: Prospecting for Sales Lead like a Pro The Fundamentals of Hotel Sales : Overcoming Hotel Sales Lead Fatigue Hotel Sales: It is Easy to Identify the Right Customer The Next Source of MICE Revenue through UP-SELLING and

    CROSS-SELLING The Relationship Advantage: Connecting with Customers and Increasing

    Sales How to Turbocharge Your Strategic Account Management? How Clienteling Strategies Increase Revenue And Customer Retention? Fundamentals of Customer Centricity Turning your Contacts to Contracts through Successful Upselling An Authentic Customer Experience That Builds Brand Success Are You Building an Order Taker or Solution Maker Environment?

    Leadership & Personal Effectiveness How to Deliver Exceptional Value to Todays Busy Customers? Strategic and Analysis in Business PlanningWhat It Takes a Leader to Lead? Leading People to Work Together as a Team Effective Team Leadership Practical Strategies for Supervising Sales Team The Voice of Leadership: How to Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results Coaching Skills for Leaders It Is Not My Fault, But It Is My Problem Building Commitment &

    Teamwork In The Work Train the Trainer Effective Handling of Complaints Made to Your Organization


  • Business Communication & Presentation Skills The Professional Proposal: Make It SellsWe Can Work It Out: Negotiation with Influence and Persuasion Social Media Advocacy Strategies The High-Level Business Impact of Social Media From Inspiration to Incorporation: Writing a Business Proposal Perfect Pitch: Crafting and Delivering Effective Sales Presentations Presentation Strategies for Managers Creating Better Customer Experience and Improved Contact through

    Effective Communication Using Positive Communication to Empower and Develop People

    Up-selling at Front Office & Reservations Increasing Revenue through Upselling at Front Desk

    MICE & Hotel Service Operations Storytelling is Key to Hotel Sales Success How to Skyrocket your Hotel Career to become a True Superstar? Developing Competencies in MICE Sales Secrets to Successful Event and Conference Sales Breaking into Hospitality & Play Up Your PassionManaging Upset Customers & Service Breakdowns Increase Your Restaurant Revenue through Creating Returning

    CustomersManaging Front Office Operation Effectively A Role of a Manager in Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry Skilled Housekeepers Go Beyond the BasicsAre You Ready for that



  • All information stated in the brochure is correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice. All contents may vary from time to time. [email protected]