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<ul><li><p>April 2015</p><p>4k u</p><p>ltra </p><p>HD</p><p> test</p><p>ing</p><p>Clo</p><p>ud D</p><p>RM</p><p>sT-</p><p>VoD</p><p>DT</p><p>H in</p><p> Rus</p><p>sia</p><p>ww</p><p>w.c</p><p>sim</p><p>agaz</p><p>ine.</p><p>com</p><p>New building blocks: Is OTT the future of IPTV?</p><p>cover.indd 1 27/03/2015 16:15:34</p><p>http://www.csimagazine.com</p></li><li><p></p><p>Take Center Stage with the AMOS Satellites</p><p>Spacecoms AMOS satellite constellation, consisting of AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 co-located at 4W, AMOS-4 at 65E and AMOS-5 at 17E provides high-quality broadcast and communications services across Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. With the upcoming launch of AMOS-6, Spacecom is expanding its coverage over Europe and Africa.The result: greater capacity, high-throughput Ka multibeam capabilities and affordable end-to-end satellite services. Spacecom. Expect More.</p><p>Untitled-3 1 23/03/2015 14:23:56</p><p></p></li><li><p>EditorGoran Nastic </p><p>Commercial directorJohn Woods</p><p>Design and productionMatt Mills (Manager)Jason TuckerMatleena Lilja-PellingKeem Chung</p><p>Regular contributorsAdrian Pennington, Philip Hunter, David Adams, Stephen Cousins, Anna Tobin</p><p>CirculationJoel Whitefoot AccountsMarilou Tait, Lynta Kamaray</p><p>Editorialtel +44(0)20 7562</p><p>Advertisingtel +44(0)20 7562 2421fax +44(0)20 7374</p><p>Subscriptionstel +44 (0) 20 1635 588 861 Circulation manager:</p><p>Subscription ratesPer year: Europe 88; UK 68; Rest of World 98. Cheques payable to Perspective Publishing Limited and addressed to the Circulation Department Printed by Buxton PressManaging DirectorJohn Woods</p><p>Publishing DirectorMark Evans</p><p>ISSN 1467-5935</p><p>Perspective Publishing3 London Wall BuildingsLondonEC2M</p><p>Editors report:At an IHS conference late last year, Erik Huggers, argued that IPTV has no long term future. Huggers is not the first to make such a claims but his prediction seemed more prophetic coming from the man who led the iPlayer and orchestrated Intels OnCue OTT efforts (now part of Verizon). Huggers said that telcos should instead focus on boosting their broadband pipes in a world moving increasingly towards IP streaming and internet TV </p><p>delivery. IPTV networks are indeed more restricted by geographic boundaries but a new breed of more open systems is emerging that are much more flexible. They embrace software, cloud, virtualisation and multi-screen, taking IPTV into a new, less monolithic era that is more tightly coupled with OTT and thereby promising payTV at Web speeds. This will enable service providers and broadcasters to better compete with more nimble pure-OTT players. Our cover story, on page 20, looks at what the future has in store for IPTV 2.0. Will this be enough? Goran Nastic, editor</p><p>Contents</p><p>4 CSI Summit All the latest speakers you can see and hear at our event </p><p>06 News &amp; analysisAll the latest industry and research news</p><p>12 Analyst cornerStrategy Analytics looks at screen mirroring dongles and the threat they pose for Smart TVs</p><p>14 T-VoDIs there still a future for transactional video-on-demand in a world where consumers increasingly embrace subscription-based VoD offers?</p><p>18 Smart home Selling and packaging smart home solutions is not easy but there are a number of options available to manufacturers and service providers </p><p>20 COVER STORY - IPTV/OTTEric Huggers has predicted the death of traditional IPTV and its replacement by OTT delivery. But IPTV 2.0 can fight back </p><p>23 WiFiWireless and WiFi, both indoors and outdoors, are now the main priorities for cable operators</p><p>29 DTG columnThe first ultra HD plugfests in the UK show that UHD interoperability still has a long way to go</p><p>30 CSI AwardsFind out more about this years awards </p><p>32 DTH in RussiaSatellite TV is facing a new set of opportunities and challenges in the country</p><p>35 Cloud DRMsTo what extent are DRMs migrating to hosted or cloud environments and what is the impact of this move? </p><p>42 Technology corner: 4k testing A leading test vendor offers their perspective on the challenges in this space</p><p> April 2015 03</p><p>2015 </p><p>April 2015</p><p>4k u</p><p>ltra </p><p>HD</p><p> test</p><p>ing</p><p>Clo</p><p>ud D</p><p>RM</p><p>sT-</p><p>VoD</p><p>DT</p><p>H in</p><p> Rus</p><p>sia</p><p>ww</p><p>w.c</p><p>sim</p><p>agaz</p><p>ine.</p><p>com</p><p>New building blocks: Is OTT the future of IPTV?</p><p>cover.indd 1 27/03/2015 16:15:34</p><p></p></li><li><p>For the latest updates follow us @CSISummit #CSISummit</p><p>Future of TV Business ModelsThursday 21 May 2015St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel</p><p>Key themes under the spotlight will include: The future of movie release windows</p><p> Emerging commercial opportunities for </p><p> content distribution</p><p> Transactional video (TVoD) vs SVoD</p><p> Impact of direct-to-consumer OTT services</p><p> A la carte TV</p><p> Online piracy</p><p> Advertising evolution</p><p> Cross-platform audience measurement &amp; data</p><p> How programmatic is changing the buying </p><p> landscape</p><p> The multi-screen battleground</p><p>Summit 2015</p><p>The linear TV programming model is ripe for replacement - Reed Hasting, CEO, Net ix </p><p>Programmers going OTT are playing with re - Tom Rutledge, CEO, Charter</p><p>Media PartnersSponsor</p><p>CSI-Summitv2.indd 2 27/03/2015 15:24:58</p><p></p></li><li><p>EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! REGISTER BEFORE 10 APRIL 2015 </p><p>Panel discussions on current and developing trends in the media chain</p><p>Contact Hammad Uddin, +44 (0)207 562 2422,</p><p>REGISTER NOW </p><p> Shifting business models - a new digital landscapeCan the current advertising and affi liates revenue survive in the digital age? How are windowing </p><p>strategies evolving in a multi-platform world? Can EST survive in an era of sVoD? Does the death of </p><p>Blinkbox mean T-VoD is dead? How will the studios handle this?</p><p> Panellists: </p><p> Paul Maidment, Director, Kite Media Consultancy</p><p> Philip Mordecai, Director, Curzon Home Cinema </p><p>New Panellist announced: Riccardo Donato, Head of VOD, BBC Worldwide</p><p> Fighting online piracy - a winnable ght?Are we further than ever in combating digital pirates? What impact are OTT devices having on the </p><p>problem? How has the movie industry evolved with advancements in technology? What options are </p><p>open to content owners and broadcasters in tackling sports and movie piracy? </p><p>Panellists: </p><p> Sheila Cassells, Executive Director, Audiovisual Anti-piracy Alliance</p><p> Tim Cooper, Operations Manager; Anti-Piracy, MarkMonitor</p><p> Sundeep Samra, Product Manager, Data Centre and CDN Services, EMEA, Level 3</p><p>New Panellist announced: Kieron Sharp, Director General, FACT</p><p> TVs multiscreen battlegroundWhat is the future relationship for consumers and industry between multiple television screens and </p><p>devices? How will use of diff erent devices aff ect television content?</p><p>Panellists: </p><p> David Mercer, VP, Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics </p><p> Tony Henderson, Operating Systems Group, Microsoft PlayReady</p><p>New Panellist announced: David Cutts, Director, VuTV</p><p>CSI-Summitv2.indd 3 27/03/2015 15:25:03</p><p></p></li><li><p>news in brief</p><p>Free unveils 4k Android boxFrench telco Free has introduced </p><p>what it claims is the worlds first </p><p>4k-capable set-top box based on </p><p>Android TV. The box combines </p><p>TV, broadband and fixed-line in a </p><p>new effort to shake-up the </p><p>countrys telecoms market. The </p><p>new box will be offered as part of </p><p>its standard triple-play service. </p><p>Free is supplying the Freebox </p><p>mini 4k instead of the Freebox </p><p>Crystal to new customers in fibre </p><p>and copper unbundled areas. The </p><p>two-device system consists of a </p><p>Freebox mini 4k server and a </p><p>player. The Freebox Mini 4K </p><p>supports ADSL2+, VDSL2 and </p><p>FttH connectivity and its </p><p>Bluetooth-based remote control </p><p>can recognise voice commands.</p><p>Sky invests in OTT start-upSky has put a further $5m in </p><p>1Mainstream, an OTT company </p><p>that provides automation </p><p>technology for content delivery of </p><p>linear and on-demand video to a </p><p>range of connected devices. such </p><p>as Apple TV, Xbox, Android TV </p><p>and Samsung. It enables content </p><p>companies to launch OTT </p><p>services across platforms in only </p><p>a matter of weeks and with </p><p>almost no upfront costs. The </p><p>investment builds on the $2m </p><p>already invested by Sky in August </p><p>2013. Since its initial investment, </p><p>Sky has used the platform to </p><p>broaden distribution of its OTT </p><p>services such as Sky News and </p><p>Now TV to its digital audience. </p><p>New analyst firm on the block</p><p>A new analyst firm has lunched </p><p>founded by veteran Screen Digest </p><p>employees Guy Bisson, Richard </p><p>Broughton, Ben Colbeck, and </p><p>Dan Stevenson. Ampere Analysis, </p><p>will be a research firm for the </p><p>Netflix generation using new Big </p><p>Data analytics.</p><p>06 April 2015</p><p>News</p><p>Multi-screen rights in the spotlightAs content becomes increasingly </p><p>fragmented and non-linear, Liberty </p><p>Globals Mike Fries wants the way </p><p>rights deals are done changed. So </p><p>does Turner, but from a different </p><p>angle.</p><p>Liberty is spending some </p><p>EUR2.5 billion a year on content, </p><p>much of that increasingly on </p><p>non-linear digital rights. In the face </p><p>of this shift, Liberty and other </p><p>cable providers need access to </p><p>a new set of rights, including </p><p>out-of-home viewing rights </p><p>and VoD.</p><p>Content owners need to provide </p><p>us with rights we need to keep </p><p>consumers happy, said Liberty </p><p>Global CEO Mike Fries, talking at </p><p>Cable Congress via Skype. </p><p>Content owners have to get with </p><p>it, thats the bottom line.</p><p>The Horizon Go, for example, </p><p>app is used by a huge proportion of </p><p>those who have it.</p><p>The old strategy of content or </p><p>channel operators to bundle </p><p>channels is running into challenges, </p><p>especially in the US and Latin </p><p>America, and is beginning to </p><p>happen in Europe, according to </p><p>Fries. The traditional strategy of </p><p>channel owners is to say that if you </p><p>want this good channel you have to </p><p>take five not-so-good channels, he </p><p>said. It is getting harder to invest </p><p>expensive amounts in linear </p><p>channels that are seeing fewer </p><p>viewers. So it will be more difficult </p><p>for content providers to package </p><p>that as all-or-nothing. People watch </p><p>TV in different ways now. We need </p><p>new rights and content owners to </p><p>recognise that.</p><p>Vodafone Europe CEO Philipp </p><p>Humm made a similar statement, </p><p>when he said that for true customer </p><p>convergence to happen, rights </p><p>holders have to abandon current </p><p>models of monetising distribution </p><p>channels individually (cable, </p><p>mobile, DVB etc) and move </p><p>towards monetising customers </p><p>instead. Currently they are resisting </p><p>following customers who are on the </p><p>cloud, which is a mistake. My advice </p><p>to content owners is never stand in </p><p>the way of what customers want - </p><p>many industries have tried.</p><p>During the first days morning </p><p>panel, Giorgio Stock, the president </p><p>for EMEA at Turner Broadcasting, </p><p>which owns channel brands such </p><p>as CNN and Cartoon Network, </p><p>agreed that content is not just </p><p>about linear TV consumption </p><p>anymore, but he also outlined his </p><p>case for these negotiations. </p><p>With cross-border consolidation </p><p>taking place in Europe through the </p><p>likes of Sky, Telefonica and Liberty, </p><p>Stock admitted that Turner can now </p><p>engage and discuss in different ways </p><p>with operators. However, he warned </p><p>that multi-screen monetisation </p><p>remains a challenge.</p><p>The two things that keep me </p><p>awake at night are innovation and </p><p>monetisation. Its about surprising </p><p>audiences and providing them with </p><p>things they enjoy and love and doing </p><p>that on these new platforms, whether </p><p>its OTT, second screen or others, </p><p>said Stock. But its clear business </p><p>models are changing and we need to </p><p>ensure we get our fair share of </p><p>whatever incremental revenue is </p><p>generated in that space so we can </p><p>keep on investing. And thats a </p><p>struggle because either its not shared </p><p>or not being generated. Not everyone </p><p>shares adequately. So its clear the </p><p>usual commercial discussion has </p><p>to happen.</p><p>Stock noted that viewers now </p><p>expect not just the same content </p><p>packaged onto multiple devices </p><p>but also created natively for </p><p>different platforms.</p><p>On the subject of multi-screen </p><p>data and analytics, he noted how </p><p>Google (a fellow panellist) shares </p><p>data with companies like Turner, </p><p>which allows them to better </p><p>understand audience measurement, </p><p>successful content and drive </p><p>business. This is in stark contrast to </p><p>Netflix who Stock singled out as </p><p>being notoriously difficult to get </p><p>information from.</p><p>He also added that the industry </p><p>will see more consolidation, as well </p><p>as more blurred lines between </p><p>content and distribution as owners </p><p>go OTT and direct-to-consumer </p><p>(D2C). We will see much more </p><p>competition which is great for </p><p>consumers, said Stock. </p><p>news-6.indd 1 30/03/2015 10:26:19</p><p></p></li><li><p>news in brief</p><p>SES calls for S2X plugfestsSatellite operator SES sees the </p><p>need for interoperability tests to </p><p>push DVB-S2X technology </p><p>forward but also foresees good </p><p>times ahead for the new </p><p>standard. Thomas Wrede, senior </p><p>systems engineer at SES Astra, </p><p>said there is a need to evaluate </p><p>2SX modulators that have </p><p>appeared on the market from the </p><p>likes of TeamCast, Newtec and </p><p>Work Microwave, and check if </p><p>the system on chip (SoC) </p><p>implementations pose any </p><p>interoperability issues. I think </p><p>we need to organise an S2X </p><p>plugfest, thats something we </p><p>need to do to really get the trust </p><p>that each and every modulator </p><p>out there works with each and </p><p>every chipset, said Wrede, </p><p>speaking at the DVB World </p><p>conference in Copenhagen. </p><p>Already issues have come up </p><p>between equipment, according to </p><p>Wrede, which is why such </p><p>initiatives are necessary, </p><p>irrespective of whether they are </p><p>organised by operators, </p><p>manufacturers or the DVB. </p><p>There is work to do. But nothing </p><p>to worry about, it will happen, </p><p>said Wrede. One chip is </p><p>commercially available and two </p><p>or three others will come by the </p><p>end of 2015 or early 2016, </p><p>according to Wrede, giving people </p><p>a choice of silicon. S2X is also </p><p>relevant for DTH for ultra HD </p><p>services, but he again pointed to </p><p>a need to wait for silicon makers </p><p>to come up with SoC </p><p>technologies for UHD set-top </p><p>boxes. We also need to sort out </p><p>different phases of UHD and get </p><p>it off the ground. The other area </p><p>where Wrede sees a lot of </p><p>potential in years to come is in </p><p>HTS. My view is that the good </p><p>time for S2X is just a few years </p><p>ahead of us.</p><p>Akamai, the worlds largest CDN </p><p>provider is moving all its customers </p><p>onto HTTP/2 this summer and </p><p>highlighted a range of other solutions, </p><p>including IP multicast and MSE/</p><p>EME extensions, that will be used to </p><p>meet the exponential growth of </p><p>internet traffic.</p><p>Akamai has plans to employ tools </p><p>and technologies to ease network </p><p>congestion as internet traffic is </p><p>expected to reach a peak of 8.3Pbs in </p><p>2025 (the equivalent to 8.3Mps </p><p>streams to 1bn people at the same </p><p>time), which compares to 26.7Tbps...</p></li></ul>