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    July 1,2003to

    June 30, 2008

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    ArticleTitleNumber Page Number


    Holiday.............................................................. 27Vacations , 27Leave Provisions................................. .. 30Worker's Compensation Supplement....................... 35




    Preamble 1Recognition.. .... . .. . .. .... . . ... ... ... ... .. . .. .. 1Definitions................................................ 2Union Security...................... 3Check OfL....................................................... 3UnionActivity, Visitation andBulletin Boards....................................... 6Probationary/Promotional Employees.. 7Seniority............... 7Lay-off and Recall...... 10

    MANAGEMENT AND THEWORK PLACEManagement Right................ 11Hours ofWork.......................................... 12Negotiations and Conferences 12Grievance Procedure............................................. 13DisciplinaryAction............................................... 15Drug Testing........................ 16

    XXIVXXVXXVIXXVIIXXVIIIExhibit AExhibit BAppendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DAppendix EAppendix FAppendix H

    No Discrimination .Conditions of Employment ..Nurses Performing Supervisor DutiesSpecial Provisions '" .Miscellaneous .Term and Scope ofAgreement .Signature Page .Check OffAuthorization .Voluntary Payroll Deduction for Political Action.Wage Plan - July 1, 2004 ..Wage Plan - July 1, 2005 ..Wage Plan - October 1, 2006 ..Wage Plan - October 1 2007 ..Medical Plan .Vision Care Benefits .Longevity ..


    III. MONATARY PAYMENTSxv Salaries............... 17XVI Uniform and Transportation Allowance................... 18XVII Tuition Reimbursement......................................... 19IV. BENEFITSXVIII Employment Benefits, Safety, Health

    Insurance and Retirements............ 21XIX Retirement........................................................ 26

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    PREAMBLEThe following agreement entered into by and between the City of

    Bridgeport (hereinafter called the "Employer"), and the New EnglandHealth Care Employees Union, District 1199/SEIU with it s offices at 77Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, (hereinafter referred to as the"Union"), acting herein on behalfof the Employees ofsaid Employer, ashereinafter defined, now employed and collectively designated as the"Employees".

    I t is the intent and purpose ofthe parties hereto that thisAgreement promote and improve the mutual interests ofthe patients ofthe Employer, as well as ofits Employees, and to avoid interruptionsand interferences with services to patients and to se t forth herein theiragreement covering rates of pay, hours of work and conditions ofemployment.

    ARTICLE I - RECOGNITION1-1. The Employer recognizes the Union as the collective bargainingrepresentative for th e Employees covered by this Agreement, ashereinafter provided.1-2. The Union recognizes the Mayor ofthe City of Bridgeport orhisfher designated representative or representatives as th e solerepresentative(s) of the Employer for the purpose of collectivebargaining and contract administration.

    ".... ,. . '- -1-

    2-1. Public Heal th Nurse. A Bridgeport Public Health Nurse is aRegistered Professional Nurse who, under the direction of the Directorof Public Health, appraises individual and family health needs andhazards - existing or potential; provides health counseling (includingemotional support) to individuals, families and groups in clinics, schools,other organized settings, in the home, consults with and refers families,to appropriate personnel within the City Health Department, schoolsystem or community services; carries out nursing duties contributing todiagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation; gives, arranges, teaches orsupervises nursing for sick and injured; works with other heal th orhealth-related personnel as a member of a multidisciplinary teamgeared to the solution ofhealth and medical problems; prepares reportsof clinic and other activities, incidents and patient heal th s tatus ;understands and complies with confidentiality of patient records; assistsin ensuring compliance with health laws and regulations.2-2. Nurse Practitioner. as a primary care provider, assesses th ehealth status of patients to detect the presence of health problems.Manages health problems of patients in accordance with physicianapproved standing orders which include suitable referrals, therapeuticprocedures and the administration ofmedication or immunization. ThePractitioner supervises clinic aides and outreach workers and performsrelated work.2-3. Nurse, when used in thi s Agreement refers to both PublicHealth Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    ARTICLE II I - UNION SECURITY3-1. '- _,on Security - I t shall be a condition ofemployment that al lEmployees ofthe Employer covered by this agreement who are membersof the Union in good s tandingon the effective (execution) date ofthisAgreement shall remain members in good standing ofthe Union duringthe term ofthisAgreement. It shall be a condition ofemployment thatall employees covered by this Agreement who are not members oftheUnion on the effective date of this Agreement shall on the thirty-first(31") day following the effective date ofthis Agreement become andremain members in good standing in the Union orpay to the Union anappropriate agency fee as established by the Union. It shall a lso be acondition of employment that al l employees covered by this Agreementand hired on or after i ts effective (execution) date shall, on the 31" dayfollowing the beginning of such employment become and remainmembers in good s tanding in the Uniqn, or pay to the Union appropriateagency fees during the term ofthisAgreement. All such dues, and fees,shall be automatically payroll deducted and remitted to the Union.3-2. The Union agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City forany loss or damage arising from the operation ofthis Article.

    ARTICLE IV - CHECK OFF4-1. Upon receipt of a written authorization from an Employee in theform annexed hereto as Exhibit A, the Employer shall, pursuant to suchauthorization, deduct from the wages due said Employee each week,starting not earlier than the first pay period following the completion ofthe Employee's first thirty (30) days of employment, and remit to theUnion regular monthly dues and initiation fee, as fixed by th e Union.


    The initiation fee shall be paid in two (2) consecutive mOh ,Jyinstallments beginning the month following th e completion oftheprobationary period.4-2. Employees who do not sign written authorizations for deductionsmust adhere to the same payment procedure by making paymentsdirectly to the Union.4-3. The Employer shall be relieved from making such "check-off'deductions upon (a) termination of employment, or (b) transfer to a jobother than one covered by th e bargaining unit, or (c) layofffrom work, or(d) an agreed leave of absence, or (e) revocation ofthe check-offauthorization in accordance with its terms or with applicable law.Notwithstanding (a), (b), (c), or (d) above, upon the return of anEmployee to work from any of the foregoing enumerated absences, th eEmployer will immediately resume the obligation of making saiddeductions, except that deductions for terminated Employees shall begoverned by Paragraph 1 hereof. This provision, however, shall no trelieve any Employees of the obligation to make the required dues andinitiation payment pursuant to the Union By-Laws in order to remain ingood standing.4-4. The Employer shall not be obliged to make dues deductions ofany kind from any Employee who, during any dues week involved, shallhave failed to receive sufficient wages to equal the dues deductions.4-5. Each month the Employer shall remit to the Union al ldeductions, dues and initiation fees made from the wages of Employeesfor the preceding week, together with a l ist of al l Employees from whomdues and/or initiation fees have been deducted. Said list shall includethe Employees' social security numbers.


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    4-6. The Employer agrees to furnish the Union each month with thenames of newly hired Employees, their addresses, social securitynumbers, classifications of work, their dates of hire, and names ofterminated Employees, together with their dates of termination, andnames of Employees on leaves ofabsence.4-7. I t is specifically agreed that the Employer assumes no obligation,financial or otherwise, arising out of the provisions of this Article, andthe Union hereby agrees that it will indemnify and hold the Employerharmless from any claims, actions or proceedings by any Employeearising from deductions made by the Employer hereunder. Once thefunds are remit ted to the Union, their disposition thereafter shall be thesole and exclusive obligation and responsibility of the Union.4-8. I t is also agreed that neither any Employee nor the Union shallhave any claim against the City for any deductions made or not made, asthe case may be, unless a claim of error is made in wri ting to the Citywithin sixty (60) calendar days after the date such deductions were orshould have been made.4-9. Upon the receipt of a written authorization from an Employee, inthe form annexed hereto as Exhibit B, the Employer shall, pursuant tosuch authorization, deduct from the wages due said Employee each payperiod, the sum specified in said authorization and remit same to theNew England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, PoliticalAction Fund, 77 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106. An Employeemay revoke such authorization by written request to the Employer. TheUnion agrees to indemnify Employer's compliance with this provision.



    5-1. No Employee shall engage in any Union activity, including thedistribution of literature, which could interfere with the performance ofwork during hislher working time or in working areas ofthe Employer atany time, except as provided in the Grievance Procedure.5-2. The staff representative ofthe Union shall have reasonableaccess to the Employer for the purpose of conferring with the Employer,Delegates of the Union andlor Employees, and for the purpose ofadministering this Agreement. Where the Union staff representativefinds it necessary to enter a department ofthe Employee for thispurpose, he/she shall first advise th e Adminis trator or the head ofthedepartment or hislher designee in person, as the Employer shall state.5-3. A D elegate intending to go to a department other than the onehe/she represents shall follow the above procedure. Such visits shall notinterfere with the operation ofthe Employer. Such visits shall only bedenied by the Employer because ofoperation requirements bu t in noevent later than the start of the next regular shift.5-4. The Employer shall provide space on existing Bulletin Board(s)which shall be used for the purpose of posting properUnion notices. TheUnion agrees that the notices and material posted shall not containderogatory comments or attacks against the City, it s departments,agencies or officials.5-5. The work schedules of Employees elected as Union Delegatesshall be adjusted to permit attendance only at regular delegate assemblymeetings provided Employer operations shall not be impaired.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    ARTICL VI - PROBATIONARY/PROMOTIONAL EMPLOYEES6-1. Newly hired Employees shall be considered probationary for aperiod of three (3) months from the date of employment. Theprobationary period may be extended for an additional three (3) monthperiod with the approval ofthe Union and the Employer. The Unionshall not unreasonably deny such extension.6-2. During or at the end of the probationary period, the Employermay discharge any such Employee at will and such discharge shall notbe subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement.The end of the probationary period shall be upon completion of hislhershift on their last probationary day.6-3. Employees promoted to probationary, provisional or actingposition shall have the right to return the bargaining unit with adjustedBargaining Unit Seniority, within one year of the acceptance of saidposition. Adjusted Seniority shall mean seniorityminus the length oftime out ofthe Bargaining Unit. The one (1) year period shall not beextended.

    ARTICLE VII - SENIORITY7-1. Definition. Seniority is defined as the length of continuousmunicipal service except for bidding, lay-off and recall purposes underthis Agreement. Forbidding, layoffand recall purposes, BargainingUnit Seniority shall apply. "BargainingUnit Seniority" is defined as thelength of time an employee has been continuously employe in a 1199bargaining unit positionwithin the Department ofHealth covered bythis collective bargaining agreement with the employer as stated in Sideletter #1 of this Agreement.


    7-2. Accrual. An Employee's seniority shall commence after thecompletion of hislher probationary period and shall be retroactive to thedate of hislher last hire.7-3. Bargaining unit seniority shall accrue during an approved leaveas identified in Article 22 provided that the employee returns to workimmediately following the expiration of such leave.7-4. Seniority as defined herein shall be applied to all requests fortransfers where vacancies occur.7-5. When a vacancy occurs or a new position is created that the Cityintends t o f ill on a permanent basis, the following procedure shall apply:a) The vacancies or positions will be posted for a period of five (5)days, excluding weekends and holidays.b) The posting will identif'y the position, title, job description,salary, work location, and schedule.c) The position will be awarded, after bidding on the basis of BargainingUnitSeniority, culture requirement and qualifications based on licensure.d) The City will no t fill such vacancies in an arbitrary andcapricious manner.e) Should no current Employee possess th e necessaryqualifications, the City may seek an outside hire. The City shall dateand t ime all applications and the new hire shall accrue seniority asstated in 7.2f) The City may ftl! such vacancy temporarily if an emergencyexists. However, the definition of th e emergency and the ftlling of such avacancy must be discussed with theUnion. The discussion shall includethe length ofthe temporary need and any other particulars about thevacancy.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    g) f loyees must apply within the posting period to be consideredunder S, ,n 7.5 above.7-6. The following shall apply to al l Public Health Nurs ingassignments::a) Every three (3) years Public Health Nurses shall bid onassignments.. The bidding procedure will begin in June. The effectivedate of any change shall start two (2) weeks prior to school opening.Bidding commenced in 1986 and will continue every three (3) yearsthereafter.b) Assignments shall be ftl led based on Bargaining Unit Seniorityand cultural requirements. Everthing being relatively equal, BargainingUnit Seniority shall prevail.c) Bidding: For the purposes of bidding, PublicHealth Nurseswillbid every three (3) years based on Bargaining Unit Seniority.7.7. Should a vacancy in an assignment occur during the year thefollowing shall apply:a) The posit ion may be filled on a temporary basis until two (2)weeks before the start of school.b) On June 1, of non-bidding years, open positions/assignmentsshall be posted and assignments shall be awarded as written in Section7.5.c) The new hire will go to the former assignment of the nurse whois awarded the vacant position.7.8. I f a nurse's assignment is eliminated and another assignment isavailable, that nurse shall fJ.Il it temporarily until the end of the schoolyear, then 7.5, 7.6 or 7.7 shall apply. I f no assignment is available, theemployer shall comply with Article 8, Layoff and Recall.



    8-1. In the event th e Employer make a reducat ion ofhours or lays offbargaining unit members the Employer shall notify the Union four (4)weeks in advance of the reduction or lay-off. The Employer shall giveeach Nurse affected a four-week written notice of such reduction or layoff or pay in l ieu thereof . The Union may request a meeting to avoid ormitigate said reductions or lay-off.8-2. Seniority shall mean length of continuous employment with the1199 Bargaining Unit. Employees shall retain seniority status andrecall rights for twenty-four (24) months following th e date of layoff. Ifan Employee refuses recall to an open job or fails to report for work onsuch job at the t ime and day specified, he/she shall lose histher right tofurther recall and such refusal or failure shall be treated as histherresignation.8-S. In the event that the Employer makes a reduction in th e numberof Employees covered by this Agreement, Employees with the leas tseniority will be laid offfirst, provided that the more seniorEmployeeshave the present ability to perform th e work required. For th e purposeofdetermining the order of layoff and recall only, al l registered nurses inthe unit will be treated as one seniority group. Seniority shall meanlength of continuous employment with the Employer. Employees shallretain seniority status and recall rights for twenty-four (24) monthsfollowing the date of layoff. I f an Employee refuses recall to an open jobor fails to report for work on such job at the time and day specified,he/she shall lose his/her right to further recall and such refusal or failureshall be treated as histher resignation.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    ofsalary . The ".uon also agrees to meet for purposes of negotiation onoff-duty time at least to the same extent as the released time.11-2. Not more than five (5) nurses from each department,representing th e Union, shall be released at the same time.

    ARTICLE XII - GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE12-1. A g ri evance shall be defined as a dispute which may arise overthe interpretation, application or meaning of this Agreement, or anyalleged breach thereof, and shal l be processed and disposed of in thefollowing manner:Step 1. The aggrieved Employee, who shall be represented by arepresentative of the Union, shall present the facts to his/her immediatesupervisor within ten (10) working days of the date on which thegrievance or dispute arose or within ten (10) days of th e time theEmployee knew of th e grievance or dispute. The immediate supervisorshall render his/her decision to the Employee and the Unionrepresentative within five (5) working days from the date the grievancewas presented.Step 2. I f the grievance is no t resolved in Step One, th e Unionrepresentative shall reduce the grievance to writ ing within five (5)workingdays and present i t to the department head. It shall include:a. A statement ofthe grievance and the facts involved.

    b. The remedy requested.The department head shall arrange a meeting, with al l the partiesconcerned present, to review the facts. The department head shall notifyth e Employee and th e Union representative ofhislher decision, in


    writing, within five (5) working days from the date the grievance wassubmitted to himlher.Step 3. If a grievance is not resolved at Step Two, th e Unionrepresentative shall present i t to the Office of Labor Relations withinfive (5) working days after the decision of the department head isreceived. If requested by the Union, the Office ofLabor Relations shallmeet with interested parties no later than five (5) working days after thereceiptof the grievance and i n any case shall render hislher decision inwriting within te n (10) days of receipt of the grievance.Step 4. I f the Union is not satisfied with the decision rendered in StepThree, it shall notify, in writing, the Office of Labor Relations withinfifteen (15) working days after receipt ofthe decision that i t intends tosubmit the grievance to arbitration; and shall simultaneously file noticeof appeal with the American ArbitrationAssociationwhich shall ac t onsuch request in accordancewith its rules and procedures. Saidarbitration panelshall be limited to th e expressed terms ofthe contractand shall not have the power to modify, amend or delete any terms orprovisions of this contract.

    Any such grievance shall be submitted first to th e UnionPresident. I f not satisfactorily resolved within two (2) weeks of itssubmission, the City may submit the grievance to the AmericanArbitration Association.

    The decision rendered by the American Arbitration Association,regardless of the init iat ing party, shall be final and binding on th eparties.

    It is mutually understood and agreed that no probationaryEmployee at th e entrance level shall have access to the grievance


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    procedure wher , i ssue i s one o fhislher discipline or discharge, andno probationar} _"ployee in any promotional classification shall haveaccess to the grievance procedure where the issue is one ofhislherdemotion.12-2. Any disposi tion ofa grievance from which no appeal is takenwithin the time limits specified herein shall be deemed resolved andshall not thereafter be considered subject to the grievance andarbitration provisions ofthis Agreement.12-3. A grievance which affects a substantial number or class ofEmployees, and which the Employer representative designated in Steps1 and 2 lacks authority to settle, may initially be presented at Step 3 bythe Union Representative.

    ARTICLEXIII - DISCIPLINARYACTION13.1 The City shall have the r ight to maintain discipline andefficiency and shall have the right to discharge, suspend, or discipline anEmployee for just cause.13.2 The City will notify the Union in writing of any discharge orsuspension by mailing notice of discharge or suspension within fortyeight (48) hours from the time of discharge or suspension. Said noticeshall be sent to the Union Office, in Hartford, and notice shall beconsidered given on the date mailed. If the Uniondesires to contest th edischarge or suspension, it shall give written notice thereof to the Citywithin ten (10) working days from the date ofreceipt ofnotice ofsuspension or discharge. In such event, the dispute shall be submittedand determined under the grievance and arbitration procedureshereinafter se t forth, however, commencing at Step 3 of the grievancemachinery.


    13.3 All time limits herein specified shall be deemed exclusive ofSaturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.13.4(a) In the case of an employee who has received a verbal warningand where a period ofone (1) year has elasped without the employee'shaving received any further discipline, or in the case of an employee whohas received a written warning and where a period ofeighteen (18)months has elasped without the employee's having received any furtherdiscipline, th e City shall, upon request, remove th e aforesaid warningfrom the employee's file.(b) Nothing which might result in disciplinary action shall be placedin an employee's file without th e employee's knowledge. Employeesshall have the r ight to review and grieve any material if it is placed intheir personnel file. No univestigated note, memo or complaint whichmight result in disciplinary action shall be permitted in the personnelfiles of bargaining unit members

    ARTICLEXIV - DRUG TESTING14.1. The City reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol testingas provided in Connecticut General Statutes, Section 31-5lt through 3151bb, inclusive excluding Section 31-51v. The drug and alcohol testingpolicy for those Employees required to have a COL shall be incorporatedby reference. The City shall provide th e Union with thirty (30) daysnotice prior to implementing drug and alcohol testing.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    ARTICLE XV - SALARIES15-1. The annual salaries of the nurses covered by this Agreement arese t forth in Appendixes A, B, C, and D. On July 1, 2005 eliminate Step1 and add a new Step 5 at 2% above the old Step 5, (See attached salaryscale)15-2. Compensat ionof two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars annuallyshall be granted to a Public Health Nurse having sixty (60) or morecredits towards a BS Degree in nursing, public health or a directlyrelated nursing field from an accredited school.15-3. a) Compensation of four hundred ($400) dollars annually overand above the annual salary shall be granted to nurses having a BSDegree in nursing, public health or a directly related nursing field froman accredited school.b ) Compensat ion of five hundred ($500) dollars annually shall begranted to nurses having a Master's Degree in nursing, public health ordirectly related nusing field from an accrediated school. These sums arepayable in a lump sum to those eligible onor about October 1, ofeachyear.15.3. c) The amounts provided for under Section 15.2 and Section15.3 shall be increased by fifty ($50.00) effective October 1, 2005 and byan additional ($50.00) effective October I, 2006.15-4. All personnel shall be advanced within the salary range inaccordance with th e established practice.15-5. Educational qualifications and previous experience shall betaken into consideration in determining the starting salary for new


    III. MO' 'ARY PAYMENTS Employees. A nurse who has been actively engaged in tho .rslUgprofession, upon being hired, shall be given credit for such experience inthe following manner:a) If the experience has been in the public health field, is of acharacter satisfactory to the City, the Public Health Nurse shall be hiredon Step II.b) Department Heads may, with the approval ofthe Director ofLabor Relations, hire a Nurse Practitioner at a higher step above entrylevel.15-6. A part-time Employee shall be defined as an Employee who-works nineteen (19) hours a week or less.


    16-1. Effective July 1, 2005, the uniform allowance of $275 peryear forPublic Health Nurses, th e winter navy blue coat allowance of $50 peryear for PublicHealth Nurses, and th e travel allowance of $720 per year($60 pe r month) for both Public Health Nurses and Nurse Practitionerswill be considered as salary and added to the base wages for payment onJuly 1,2005. Nurses shall be provided lab coats by the City as requiredby OSHA. A committee of two (2) Union and two (2) Managementrepresentative will decide on the standards and specifications for coatsand uniforms. This payment will be added after the 2.5% wage increaseprovided under Article 15. Such amounts have been added to the basesalary figures in the attached salary schedules and wil l no longer be paidby separate check.16.,'1. Nurses shall be reimbursed for any vandalism, theft, or theft ofpersonal property from or to automobiles used in the course of their


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    duties for we amountof the loss or deductible amount, whichever is less.

    ARTICLEXVI I - TUITION REIMBURSEMENT17-1. The City and the Union has mutual recognition of theadvantages to the City for Employees to continually improve themselvesthrough additional training and education programs, agree as follows:a) The City shall reimburse each employee for th e cost of tuition up totwo hundred ($200) dollars pe r credit for undergraduate courses and twohundred ($200) dollars per credit for graduate level courses plus th e costof books and all registration, lab and other fees related to th e course.Payment shall be made within sixty (60) days ofsubmission of their costto the labor negotiator and upon satisfactory completion at a Grade C orbetter for each course or a pass grade in a passffail course, at anaccredited college or university in subject taken towards advanceddegrees in nursing or directly related nursing field. Each employee willbe limited to nine (9) credits per fiscal year. The employee must applyand obtain written approval of the City's Labor Relations Director inadvance ofenrollment. Such approval shall be limited to whether or notthe employee's request complies with the standards set forth within thisarticle and shall not be unreasonably Withheld.

    Effective July 1, 2002, the tuition reimbursment expendituresshall be increased and capped at ten thousand ($10,000) dollars perfiscal year for all bargaining unit members.

    The employee agrees to remain in City employment for a periodofone year upon approval ofthe courses. I f the employee leaves prior to


    one year, hefshe will reimburse the City for any tuition rc ed for thatspecific course. The City will then credit th e tuition account so that thesefunds may be used by another member.b) All employees intending to take advantage of the tuitionreimbursement program shall submit to their appropriate departmentsupervisor, thirty days prior to th e beginning of th e fall or springsemester, the course tit le, a description of the college course, tuitioncosts, and any other associated costs. All applications will be reviewedand each eligible applicant will have their first selected course paid forsubject to 17.1 (a). Mter th e f irst round of applications, any additionaltuition costs, courses, books or fees related to the course, will be paid upto nine(9) credits. Also, in the event that any money is not used, thensaid sum shall revert back to th e City.

    I f at the end of any fiscal year th e $10,000 cap on tuitionreimbursement has notbeen reached, then employees who havepreviously gotten reimbursement in that fiscal year will receivereimbursement for any amounts they have expended for tuition in thatfiscal year, which were not reimbursed. Such amounts will bedistributed prorated to eligible employees if necessary bu t will not, inany event, exceed the tuition payment actually expended by theemployee over and above the amount previously reimbursed or exceedthe unit cap. In the event that any money is not used, then said sumshall revert back to the City.c) Appropriate application and reimbursement forms shall be providedby the City, through the department supervisor.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    IV. BEl' ITS


    AND RETIREMENTS18-1. The City shall provide and pay for Health Benefits for allemployees and their enrolled dependents as follows:a) "MedicalBenefi ts" in accordance with the City ofBridgeport/Bridgeport Board ofEducation Medical Plan (includingSchedule ofBenefits as revised and effective July 1, 2005), a copy ofwhich is annexed to the originals of this Contract and is on file with theCity and the Union (the "Medical Plan"), see Appendix E).b) Drug prescription family plan (covering all approved medications)with an annual maximum of $1,000 per plan year. For addit ionalprescription drug charges, 80% is paid by the City and 20% is paid bythe employee. The copayment shall be five ($5.00) for generic drugs; ten($10.00) dollars for drugs on the list of preferred drugs maintained bythe City's pharmacy manager; and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for allother drugs (The "Prescription Drug Plan").

    Employees must use mail order for prescription drug refills forMaintenance drugs on the list maintained by the City's pharmacybenefits manager after three (3) refills or the co-payment double atretail. Such double co-payment shall only apply to drugs which can beordered by mail. There shall be a l imit of thirty (30) days supply for anysingle prescription at retail.c) The twenty-five ($25.00) dollar deductible ClGNA Dental Plan, orits equivalent, excluding orthodontia (the "Dental Plan").


    d) The Vision Service Plan, or i ts equivalent , as out lined and attachedhereto as Appendix F.18.2 The City will provide and pay for th e cost of a Group LifeInsurance Policy in the amount of twenty five thousand ($25,000) dollarswith accidental death and dismemberment for all employees.18.3 Reti ree s prior to the first day of this Agreement, and theirsurviving spouses, if any, will receive benefits for health care as definedin the p lans in existence under the contractwhich governed theirretirement (or such alternative coverage as they have accepted) andmake contributions to coverage, if any, in accordance with suchcontract(s). For purpose of this Article (A) "retirees" shall meanemployees who: (1) have completed fifteen (15) years of continuousmunicipal service and are age fifty five (55) or who have completedtwenty-five (25) years of continuous municipal service regardless of age;and (2) are eligible to receive full pension benefits in accordance with theretirement qualification provisions ofMERF Fund B; and (B) retireesmust accept Medicare Part B coverage if eligible.18.4 For employees, and their surviving spouses, if any, who retire onth e first day of this Agreement and prior to th e expiration of thisAgreement, the City will provide and pay for benefits under the MedicalPlan or a supplemental plan to Medicare Part B offeringbenefits equalto the Medical Plan and the Prescription Drug Plan. Such retirees, andtheir surviving spouses, shall make the employee contributions tocoverage provided for herein. Coverage for surviving spouses shallterminate upon remarriage.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    18.5 W' ver an employee covered by this agreement is suspended,all health ~ " n e f i t s and insurance shall be provided throughout theperiod of suspension.18.6 The City may offer the privilege of choosing an alternative healthcare carrier and/or administrator and/or plans in l ieu ofthe City's Planas set forth in Section 18.1 ofthis Article. Enrollment periods shall beannually in May ofeach year. For employees electing the alternative,the City shall remit monthly to the Plans in an amount up to bu t not toexceed that which the City pay for the City's Plan Insurance as specifiedin Section 18.1 of thisArticle. I f th e costfor th e alternative is greaterthan the amount the City would have paid or contributed had theemployee not elected such plan, then the City agrees to deduct from theemployee's pay, upon receipt of a written authorization from theemployee, the additional amount required for full payment ofthealternative cost.18.7 The City shall be permitted to substitute insurance or benefitsarrangements from any source for the Plans provided for in Section 18.1of this Article. Such substitutions shall be permitted if the substitutedcoverage offers benefits and methods of administration, processing andpayment ofclaims at least equal to those specifically provided for inSection 18.1 ofthis Article. Before the City may substitute, it mustnegotiate the substitution with th e Union. If the Union does not agreeto the substitution, the City must claim the matter for arbitration inaccordance with single member panel rules ofthe AmericanArbitrationAssociation. The Arbitratorwill order the substitution, if after weighingthe total benefits and methods of administration, processing andpayment ofclaims offered by th e City's proposal against the total


    benefits and methods of administration, processing and .ent ofclaims offered by the Plan specified in Section 18.1 of this Article, he/shefinds that the average bargaining unit member will, on an overall basis,benefit at last as well under the proposed substituted coverage. Nothingherein shall require the City to propose total substitutions for thecoverage provided in Section 18.1 of this Article and substitution may beproposed for anyone or more ofthe specified coverages.18.8 The City shall provide a payment in l ieu of health benefits foremployees that waive such coverage, in the amount of five hundred($500) dollars per year.18.9 The City, at its option, may change carriers for th e insurance orthe method of providing the health benefits in this Article, provided th ebenefits are equal to or better than, in al l benefits, in the manner ofpayments, services and procedures for payment.

    The parties shall continue to work through the LaborManagement Cooperative Committee on health care, which may modifybu t not substantially change the health benefits as provided herein.18.10 Each active employee (and each employee who has retired or willretire on or after on the first day of thisAgreement and before theexpiration of this Agreement shall, effective July 1, 2005, contribute tenpercent (10%), the Premium Cost as defined in this Section for theMedical Plan and PrescriptionDrug Plan. Effective July 1, 2006 suchcontribution shall increase to eleven percent (11%). Effective July 1,2007 such contribution shall increase to twelve percent (12%). Forpurposes ofthis Section (and wherever applicable elsewhere in thisArticle, "Premium Cost" shall be defmed as either the actual premiumcost paid for such coverage or if the City does not pay an actual premium


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    cost, thE pseudo premium cost as developed by an independentthird party administrator for purposes of establishing premiumspursuant to th e Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reduction Act("COBRA") .18.11 - a) The City has implemented and shall maintain a cafeteriaplan pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code for al l activeemployees so as to facilitate deduction ofthe amount contributed forhealth benefits and for child care from the gross income ofthe employeefor tax purposes.b) As an alternative to the current health and/or insurance benefits,the City may offer an employee benefits cafeteria plan which allows theemployee to select from a specific l is t ofbenefits up to a yearly dollaramount as agreed; the details ofwhich shall be subject to reopenernegotiations at the request of either party. Participation in the planshall be voluntary.18.12 - a) For employees who ret ire on or a ft er the expiration of thiscontract and their surviving spouses, if any, the City shall provide andpay for the same benefits for medical care (excluding vision and dentalcoverage) as provided for the active employees as the same may, fromtime to time, be modified under future collective bargaining agreementsor, if eligible and appropriate due to age, and the Medicare SupplementPlan to the extent needed. Retired employee contributions shall beequal to the amount of such contributions at retirement, plus anincrease in such contributions as such increase may exist from time totime.b ) I f any employee who retires on or after June 30, 1999 shall haveavailable coverage for Medical Benefits through subsequent employment


    of the retiree or through the retiree's spouse ("Alternative Coverage"),such retiree shall apply for, and i feligible obtain, such AlternativeCoverage provided that the Alternative Coverage shall not exceed inpremium costs andlor contribution to the reti ree the cost which theretiree would have paid to the City for Medical Benefits coverage exceptas provided below. The reti ree shal l not take advantage of any buy-outprogram in lieu of the Alternative Coverage. The retiree and theretiree's spouse shall remain in the City's Plan even ifAlternativeCoverage is obtained, but the City's Plan shall remain secondary to theAlternative Coverage so long as it is available. In the th e event theretiree shall not be eligible for Alternative Coverage or the retiree'spremium cost andlor contribution would be more than the retiree'spayment for the City's Plan and the City shal l not have exercised anoption to reimburse the reti ree or surviving spouse for such additionalcost, the Medical Benefits provided by the City of Bridgeport shallbecome primary for the retiree and the retiree's spouse. The retiree andthe retiree's spouse who have Alternative Coverage to which they mustcontribute shall not be required to contribute to th e City's coverage tothe extent of such contribution.


    All employees shall be covered by the Connecticut Municipal RetireesFund B ("CMERF B"). Upon approval by CMERFand subject to theapproval of al l other City unions in CMERF, employee contributions toCMERF will be on pre-tax basis.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    20-1. The following shall be paid holidays: New Year's Day,MartinLuther King Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourthof July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day,the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and any holidayoffICially procla imed as such by the President of the United States,Governor of the State of Connecticut, or the Mayor of the City ofBridgeport.20-2. Employees shall not normally be required to work on any of theaforesaid holidays and shall receive their full weekly salary in each weekin which such holidays may occur.20-3. If any such holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shallbe deemed the holiday. If any such holiday falls on a Saturday, thepreceding Friday shall be deemed the holiday.20-4. If any such holiday shall occur during the vacation of anyEmployee, the Employee shall receive an additional day's vacation inlieu thereof.20-5. Any Employee ons ick l eave on any such holiday shall receivehis/her regular pay for such day, and the same shall not be chargedagainst hisfher accumulated sick leave.

    ARTICLEXXI - VACATIONS21-1. Employees with continuous municipal service ofless than one (I )year shall receive one (1) day of vacation pay for each month ofsuchcontinuous service, bu t not to exceed one (1) calendar week in thecontract year such services are rendered. In each contract year, any


    Employee with one (1) or more years of such municipal service, but lessthan five (5) years ofsuch service, shall receive two (2) weeks vacationwith pay. In each contractyear any Employee with five (5) or moreyears ofcontinuous municipal service, but less than te n (10) years ofsuch service, shall receive three (3) weeks of vacation with pay. In eachcontract year, any Employee with ten (10) or more years of continuousmunicipal service, bu t less than twenty (20) years ofsuch service, shallreceive four (4) weeks of vacation with pay. Any Employee with twenty(20) or more years of continuous municipal service shall receive five (5)weeks vacation with pay.21-2. Nurses will no t be required to work during the Christmas recesswhen schools are not in session. However, such recess shall not exceedfive (5) days, exclusive ofChristmas Day and New Year's Day.21-3. Nurses will not be required to work on any day when schools areclosed because of weather conditions, except that when schools areclosed for energy saving purposes, Nurses will be required to work.21-4. Time for vacat ions shall be granted on the basis of BargainingUnit Seniority.21-5. a) Employees covered by this Agreement may exercise theoption of carrying overonly one (1) week of unused vacation time fromone (1) contract year/vacation year to the next contract/vacation year.b) Employees with two (2) weeks vacation may exercise the option ofcarrying over one (I ) week of unused vacation time from one (1) vacationyear to the next vacation year, bu t are not eligible for the option ofpayout for unused vacation time.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    c) Empl 's with three (3) weeks or more vacation in addition to thecarryover v"tion se t forthin in (h) above, may elect to work one (1)vacation week at their regular weekly compensation and to receive, inaddition, vacation pay for that week worked. An employee eligible forboth carryover and payout options may elect to take one or both optionsin any contract year/vacation year. Each employee must take at leastone week actual vacation.d) Employees with four (4) weeks or more weeks vacation, in additionto the carryover option se t forth in (h) above, may elect to work two (2)vacation weeks at the regular weekly compensation and to receive, inaddition, vacation pay for those weeks worked. An employee eligible forboth carryover and payout options may elect to take one or both optionsin any contract year/vacation year. Each employee must take at leastone week actual vacation.e) Employees who have not carried over from the prior year who electthe payout option will be paid in accordance with the current contractyear/vacation year salary. An employee who has carr ied over a weekfrom the prior year and then elects the payout option shall be paid at arate equal to such employee's salary at the end of the prior vacationyear. All payouts shall be paid to the employee at the end of thevacation year, onor about April 1", in which the election is made.21-6. For the purposes ofthis Article, vacation may start and end onany day with prior approval of the appropriate department . Suchapproval shall not be unreasonably withheld.


    ARTICLE XXII - LEAVE PROVISIONE22-1. Sick Leave.a) "Effective July I, 1995, Employees hired prior to July I, 1995shall earn fifteen (15) sick days per year. Sick days shal l be earned atone and a quarter (1.25) days per month. Those Employees hired afterJuly I, 1995, shall earn ten (10) sick days per year to be allot ted in thefollowing manner: five (5) on July 1st and five (5) on January 1s t of eachyear. Employees hired prior to those days shall receive a projectedprorated share of full month's service between hire date and July 1s t orJanuary 1st, whichever comes sooner.h) Effective July I, 1992, unused sick leave may be accumulated upto a maximum oftwo hundred and fifteen (215) days.c) Any Employee absent from duty because of an i l lness or injurycovered by th e City ofBridgeportWorkers' Compensation shall not beconsidered on sick leave.d) A medical cert ificate acceptable to th e appointing authority isrequired:

    i) For frequent or habitual absence from duty or when, inthe opinion of the appointing authority, there is reasonable cause forrequiring such a certificate.

    (ii) For a per iod ofabsence consisting of more than flYe (5)working days.e) Upon retirement, Employees shall receive a payout equal to fifty(50%) percent of accumulated days to a maximum oftwo hundred andfifteen (215) days. All sick time accumulated as of June 30, 1992, shallbe paid upon retirement at eighty-five (85%) percent of th e maximum


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    accumul' I of one hundred and eighty-five (185) days at the value ofthe E m p l ~ f " e ' s hourly and daily rate on that date unless used prior toretirement.

    Upon the death of an Employee who has twenty (20) or moreyears of service, the amount ofsick leave time shall be payable, ascomputed above, to histher beneficiary, as designated by the Employeeunder the terms ofthe Connecticut Municipal Employees RetirementFund.I') Any nurse who is absent without authorized leave or withoutcalling in as required under the current practice for five (5) days orlonger, will be considered resigned from employment with the City ofBridgeport.22-2. Leave Provis ions - A department head, with the approval ofthe Director of Labor Relations, may grant an employee a leave ofabsence without pay for a per iod not to exceed one (1) year, except asotherwise defined in this contract. No leave without pay shall begranted except upon written request of the employee and a declarationby that employee that he/she will serve the City for at least one (1) yearafter hislher return from such leave.

    Whenever granted, such leave shall be approved in writing andsigned by the department head and the Director ofLabor Relations.Should the nature of the position require a permanent replacement,upon granting of the leave, the employee shall be notified of that. Uponreturning from the leave the employee shall be placed in a substantiallyequivalent position in which he/she has demonstrated that he/she canperform effectively while in City service.

    Failure on the part of an employee on leave to report promptly atits expiration, without good cause, shall be considered as a resignation.


    In the eventof hardship and with th e approval 01 Director ofLabor Relations, a department head may grant a sixty (60) dayextension ofsaid leave but in no event shall any leave exceed a total offourteen (14) months.22.3 (a) Maternity Leave - Any employee who becomes medicallydisabled due to pregnancy or medical complications related to pregnancyand is unable to perform her normally assigned duties shall submit awritten statement from her physician indicating her present condition,the expected date ofchild birth, the nature of th e medical disability, thelimitations to which the disability imposes upon her ability to continuewith her normally assigned duties, and the probable duration ofthedisability.

    Any employee so medically disabled shall be granted anybenefits provided for short term disabilities (which, during the durationof this contract there are none) and paid sick leave to the extent accrued,provided that such leave shall be granted only for the duration ofsuchpregnancy or pregnancy disability.

    Any employee medically disabled as a result of pregnancy anduses sick leave to the extent accured shall be entitled to receive allcompensation which has been accrued under the various provisions ofthis agreement, and upon returning to work, shall receive full credit foraccumulated seniority, retirement, fringe benefits, and other servicecredits.

    Any employee previously disabled as a result of pregnancy ormedical complications related to pregnancy must return to her positionwhen she is physically able to perform he r duties. The City may requiremedical proof of any disability which it considers unduly long induration.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    b) Pr oalleave, shall, upon written request to the departmenthead, be granted in six (6) month intervals up to a maximum oftwo (2)years upon the birth or adoption of a chi ld or upon the serious il lness ofa child. A written request is required for each six (6) month period.Such request shall no t be unreasonably denied. This leave is granted inaddition to the sick leave taken pursuant to Section 22.3a. During eachsix (6) month parental leave period, employees shall (a) be allowed tocontinue the insurance coverage provisions provided by this Agreementat their own expenses, and (b) accrue seniority for all benefits theretoprovided by this Agreement.22-4. Military Leave. Leave of absence for the performance ofdutywith the U.S. Armed Forces or with a Reserve Component thereof shallbe granted in accordance with the applicable law.22-5. Education Leave. Employees with (2) or more years ofcontinuous municipal service may request, in writing, from thedepartment head and civil service, an unpaid educational leave for aperiod of t ime not to exceed one (1) year in durat ion. Such leave shallnot be unreasonably denied provided, however, that the proper an defficient operation of the department shall be good cause for denial.22-6. Bereavement Leave. Each Employee shall be granted leavewith pay i n t he event of a death in histherimmediate family. Such leaveshall continue through and include the day of burial, except that in noevent shal l such leave be more than three (3) days. For purposes of thisArticle, the term "immediate family" shal l mean and include thefollowing: mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, brother,spouse, domestic partner, child, grandparent, grandchildren an d foster


    parents. Any other bereavement leave or any extension of aboveleave shall be charged to the Employee's sick leave account.

    Each Employee shall, upon request , be granted leave with pay ofone (1) day upon the death of an aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, son-in-law,daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law22-7. Personal Days. Employees covered by this Agreement shall begranted three (3) personal leave days, with pay, for personal business. Arequest for personal leave for which an Employee is eligible inconformity with the foregoing shall no t be unreasonably denied,provided however, that the proper and efficient operation of thedepartment shall be good cause for denial. Such request must be madetwenty-four (24) hours prior to th e requested day(s) off except in anemergency.

    Personal days which are unused will be credited to theEmployee's sick leave account.22-8. Family Medical Leave - As provided by the 1993 Family andMedical Leave Act (FMLA), and pursuant to th e City's FMLA Policy, alleligible City of Bridgeport employees shall be entitled to t ime off inaccordance with the applicable law.22-9. Jury Duty Leave. Nurses shall be granted time off for juryduty.22-10. Return from a Leave. An Employee returning to work from anapproved leave, ofone (1) year or less, or as otherwise allowed for withinthis contract, shall be reinstated to th e same position held prior to thecommencement of the leave, o r t o a position of like status and pay,provided such Employee has complied with the requirements ofthehereinbefore leave provisions.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    23-1. In the event that an Employee is required to be absent fromwork due to a job-related accident and, as a result thereof, has beendetermined to be entitled to compensatory Workers' Compensationpayments pursuant to the state statute, such Employee shall be paid thedifference between seventy-five (75%) percent of that Employee's regularstraight-time weekly earnings and the amount of the weeklyWorkers'Compensation pay for each of the fourth (4th) to thirteenth (13th) weeksduring which the Employee is thus required to be absent from work.23-2. Absence from work required by virtue ofa jobrelated accidentdetermined to be compensable under theWorkers' Compensation statuteshall not reduce th e sick leave allowance ofthe Employee which hasbeen accumulated pursuant to Article XXII ofthis Agreement.23-3. Each employee injuried or disabled as provided under thisArticle must choose from th e list ofhealth care providers for the City ofBridgeport Workers' Compensation Managed Care Plan, as may bemodified from time to time.

    As provided in Section 22.2 ofArticle 22, the maximum length ofdisability, for an accepted work related injury, shal l not exceed twelve(12) months. The Director of Labor Relations, may extend this period,when there are extenuating circumstances and the anticipated returndate is within a specified time not to exceed an additional sixty (60)days.23-4. Modified Duty. I f an Employee on workers' compensation hasa modified or restricted work capacity, the City may, in its discretion,request the Employee return to a modified duty position. Such workshall be within the restrictions outlined by the treating medical


    ARTIC (XIII - WORKERS ' COMPENSATION SUPPLEMENT provider. The employee shall receive histher regular pa} lidedhelshe works the same number ofhours in histher regular position,otherwise the salary shall be prorated depending on hours worked. TheCity shall endeavor to utilize th e individual in a position where the workis similar to bargaining unit work. The City reserves th e right to limitthe available number of modified duty positions. These positions ar eintended t o be temporary in nature, not to exceed three (3) months induration, and prepare the employee to return to full duty. Nothingherein shall impair an employee's right to take leave provided byexternal law.


    ARTICLE XXIV - NODISCRIMINATION24-1. Neither the Employer nor the Union shall discriminate againstor in favor ofany Employee on account of race, color, creed, nationalorigin, political affiliation, sex, age, marital status, union membership,sexual orientation or disabilities.24.2. Nothing in this agreementshall prohibit the City from takingsteps to comply with the requirements ofthe Americans with DisabilitiesAct.

    ARTICLE XXV - CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT25-1. Appointment of Positiona) Confirmation of appointment, job description and salary shall bein writing and given to each Employee by the appointing authority.b) Personnel policies in effect shall be in writing and a copyavailable in the Office of Labor Relations, th e Director of Health, and acopy given to the Union Delegates.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    25-2. A copy of the contract shall be available i n t he Office of LaborRelations, the Director of Health, Department Supervisors and theUnion Office.25-3. Time for participation in educational institutes, workshops andmeetings which will improve the individual's on-the-job performanceshall be granted on a rotating basis, subject to the necessity for effIcientoperation of the respective department.25-4. Educational seminars for all nurses are at the discretion of theappropriate department head.25-5. Ef fect ive July 1, 2002, the City agrees to provide a total of eightthousand ($8,000) ($6,000 Public Health Nurses, $2,000 NursePractitioners) dollars per year for th e purpose of conducting in-servicetraining for nurses and at tending outof town confeences. A quarterlyaccounting of these funds will be provided to the Union . AManagement/Union Committee will be established to monitor th e usageof these monies. The Management/Union Committee for nurses willconsist offour (4) members each, two (2) appointed by the Union and two(2) appointed byManagement for each department.25-6. AManagement/Union Committee will be established to meetregularly to discuss staffing issues and concerns related to necessaryand adequate equipment, materials and training to al l employees.25.7 For th e purposes of resignation and rehiring:a) A four (4) week written notice of resignation shall be given by anynurse wishing to resign. The Union shall be notified of any resignationof any bargaining unit member at the t ime ofsuch resignation. A copy


    of the resignation letter shall be provided to the Union at the time that itis receive by the City.b) Any nurse who resigns in good standing may, within six (6)months,request that the resignation be withdrawen and request reinstatementwith Adjusted Seniority. For th e purposes of validating a rescindedresignation, the letter rescinding the resignation must be notarized withthe t ime and date of the request to rescind th e resignation.c) If any employee withdrawns their resignation within six (6) months,as provided for in this article, the City will forward a copy of the letter torescind the resignation, and the request for resinstatement to the Union.The City shall, at the time it receives th e request to rescind theresignation, provide to the Union and the employee a written responsestating if a position is open, funded and available to be filled. Theemployee must be willing to immediately accept any such open positionin order to secure Adjusted Seniority. The City shall state the date suchemployee is placed in any such open position. The City ha s no obligationto rehire if the position is not open and funded.d) If no position is available at the t ime th e employee rescinds theirresignation, they may be placed on a rehire list for no t more than six (6)months, making a total of not more than twelve (12) months fromresignation to rehire with Adjusted Seniority.e) Ajusted Senioirty shall be defined as Bargaining Unit Seniorityless any break in service up to twelve (12) months, provided theemployee ha s properly rescinded their resignation in compliance withthe requirements of thisArticle. Employees who resign and have abreak in service of more than twelve (12) months shal l not be


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    IN WITNESSWHEREOF, the Union and the City ofHrexecuted this Agreement this R\." day Mo.. c;.>1r,granted /> ~ t e d Seniority as provided for in this article. AdjustedSeniority ...tll only apply in cases of resignation, that has been

    rescinded within six (6) months.) The Citymay rehire former employees that do not qualify under theabove language as newly hired. For the purposes of lay-off, recall, andbidding these employees shall be considered as new hires with a newseniority date.ARTICLE XXVI - NURSES PERFORMING SUPERVISORYDUTIES- SPECIAL PROVISIONS26-1. It is understood and agreed that Public Health Nurses will notbe required to perform supervisory duties.


    FOR THE C I T Y ~ 1 ! 7. f /(J

    J . } - ( 6 ~ o 7~ r ~ - . . -.., ---Da t \ ' ), /! ..... - -L-,/{,c;./'"""""', ...Edmund E. WinterbottomDirector of Labor Relations

    " o r t ~ a v e, 20l)k

    Carmen E. Boudier, President

    '3 \ ~ \DDate

    iti i i, " { .j. . " '. \; .1,\t! ..,\ -' r, ..Neid:yRoblesUnion Delegate

    The City agrees to meet and consult with the Union beforeadministering changes in the Department policies. Such consultationshave the sole purpose of allowing input from the Union. In no way,however, is such input by th e Union to be construed as in any way

    ARTICLE XXVIII - TERM AND SCOPE OF AGREEMENT28-1. This Agreement shall be effective July 1, 2003 and shall remainin effect through June 30, 2008 and shall be automatically renewed forsuccessive twelve (12) month period, unless either party notifies theother in writing no more than one hundred fifty (150) days prior to theexpiration of this Agreement. Within ten (10) days of the receipt ofsuchnotification by either party, a conference shall be held between the Cityand the Union Negotiation Committee for th e purpose of discussing suchtermination, amendment or modification.



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    New Enl;l.aod Hullh Care ElIIploYl!l!s Union. Dillirid 119977 HuyshopcAvenue, Hanford, CT IlMO&1201 .Elmwood A ~ e n l l e . f>rvi

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 'Shitt_

    _________0>1. _

    I)". i-fired Wog. l'cr Hnllr Ho ..... lOf w... _~ .Soc. Sec. 11

    - - - - - - , , , , , , - - - - -

    TO ====:;-( m p l o y e r ' ~ Name)

    You ~ I ' I ! pemnltcd to pay by m('am IIthr than cheu;nve bargalllins cont:rarleonla;1I5 a "lIlonsho!" !"'oc';,,,n. you must"' y dul'S or JP!'ropri.le ~ s e n e y r_ h. lhe uruon in ol'lkr I" .....o'k '" the bar;aimng I,Inll. V",n do not h,we ". ~ p p l y 1m uniun mMltler.;hip in omer 10 workn the bilrg

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    ~ ~ 2 , . ~ " , ' f u \ i W j t k , ~ 1 ~ : " i ' : . * ~ ~ ( ; > f l ' , t ~ h 2 i . . < f . ~ ~ A ~ { ; ;ES! I vvant to become a 1 I 99 PolI t ical Act ion membe r !

    I agree we need to elect m o r ~ pro-health care candidates. bet ter educate th e publ ic. and registermore health care workers and families to vote. I commit th e fo l lowing amoun t f or pol i t ical act ion:ct $2/month 0 S4/month CJ Sa/month a Other $__ 0 State: S__ /pay per iod

    NameEmployerSocial Security #Home Address ST__ ZIP _Home PhoneEmai lSignature

    1 h 4urhori2;1! che ,udueti

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    AP ,DIX A

    CITY OF BRIDGEPORTJuly 1, 2004 (2.5%)







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  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    API )IX B




    STEP 5









    $50,460.00 $ 51,448.00$970.38 989.98$74,347.00 $ 75,820.00$1,429.75 $ 1. 458 .08

    .. For purposes of this step and only for this 7/1/05 schedule employeewill move to this step if they have been in Step 5 in the previous 711104 schedule for more than one (1) year.'"For purposes of this 711105 schedule only. Such step 5 movement shall take place on 711/05 regardless of any affected employees usual anniversary date for step purposes.

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  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT




    CITY OF BRIDGEPORTOctober 1, 2007 (3%)








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    $53,533.00 $ 54,581.00$1 ,029.4 8 $1, 049 .6 3$78,874.00 $ 80,438.00$1,516.81 $ 1 ,546 .88

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    CITY OF BRIDGEPORTEffective: July 1,2005CI2BP5fCI2BP6

    The City of Bridgeport J aGE plan is an open access plan that offers you the opportunity to use either HealthNet network or nonnetwork health care providers each time you seek medical care, and still receive benefits for covered services. The plan gives you apowerful choice. You can work within the HealthNet provider network or choose a provider not affiliated with HeaIthNet. Caredelivered within the network is covered. In-Network. Outside the network, care is subject to, coinsurance, and completion of claimfonus.BENEFITS IN-NETWORK' I OUT-OF-NETWORK'FINANCIALDeductible: None NoneMaximum Out-of-Pocket Coinsurance Cost: None $1,000 Single, $2,000 Family(does not include charges in excess ofaJlowedamount or n o n ~ c o v e r e d benefits)Max. Lifetime Benefit Per Member Unlimited $1,000,000Coinsurance Level N/A 80%ofUCRPREVENTIVE CAREPhysical Examination forChildren through Age 17 The maximum frequency of covered routine $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2health exams is Monthly during the first 5 primary care physician and $20,00months of life (maximum 5); once every 2 copayment per visit for a Specialist.months from age 6 months through II months(maximum 3); once every 3 months from age 12months through 23 months (maximum 4); onceevery 6 months age 24 months through 35months (maximum 2); and once per CalendarYear from age 3 through age 17years.Hearing Exams until Age 18 $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

    primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Adults Age 18 and Over $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    BENEFITS I IN-NETWORK' I OUT-OF-NETWORK'OUTPATIENT CAREPhysician Office Visits $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.X-Rays and Laborator)' Tests No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance2Physical & Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance2Care, for up to 30 Visits per Year primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.Cardiac Rehabilitation for up to 12 weeks following $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80%Coinsurance2 ,JmyocardiaJ infarction or cardiac surgery primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a SpecialistSpeech Therapy, for up to60 days per year $20 Copayment per visit far the Emplayees Subject to 80%Cainsuranceu

    primary care physician and $20.00capayment per visit for a SpecialistDiagnostic Procedures NaCost Subjeci to 80%Coinsurance2,3Surgery perfonned in a Hospital or Outpatient $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80%Coinsurance1,3Surgical Care Center primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.ABergy Services $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees Subject to 80% Coinsurance1primary care physician and $20.00

    copayment per visit for a Specialist.INPATIENT CARESemi-Private Room and Board $200 Copayment per AdmissionJ $200 Copayment per Admission, thensubject to 80% coinsurance3Inpatient Skilled Services such as Physical, $200 Copayment per Admission3 $200Copayment per Admission, thenOccupational therapy, and Skilled Nursing Care to a subject to 80% coinsurance3combined maximum of 60 days per calendar yearVISION CAREVision Screening, annually (excludes refraction) $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees SUbject to 80% Cainsurance

    2primary care physician and $20.00copayment per visit for a Specialist.

    Medical Care for Injury ar JIIness to the Eye $20 Capayment per visit for the Employees 2

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    OTHER SERVICESDurable Medical Equipment (Certain devices require HealthNet pays 100% of the cost of HeaJthNet pays 100% of the cost of coveredprior authorization) covered item(s) up to a combined in and item(s) up to a combined in and out ofout of network maximum 0$500 per year network maximum of$500 per yearFoot Orthotics HealthNet pays 50% of the physician's HealthNet pays 50% of the physician'scharge or $125, whichever is less charge or $125, whichever is lessProsthetics (maximums are combined in and out ofnetwork) Internal No Case No Cosrl.3 External, to a maximum 0[$5,000 No Cost' Subject to 80% Coinsurance2,3 External replacement, to a maximum 0[$5,000 No Cost ' Subject 10 80% Coinsurance2.3Oxygen No Cost' No Cost3Acupuncture $20 Copayment per visi t fo r the Employees Covered In Network onlyprimary care physician and $20.00

    copayment per visit for aSpecialist.

    BENEFITS IN-NETWORK' OUT-OF-NETWORK'EMERGENCYCAREAt Physician's Office $20 Copayment per visit for the Employees $20 Copayment per visit for the Employeesprimary c are physician and $20.00 primary c are physician and $20.00

    copayment per visit for a Specialist. copayment per visit for a Specialist.Urgent Care at an Urgent Care Center $20 Copayment pervisit for the Employees $20 Copa)TIlent per visit for the Employeesprimary care physician and $20.00 primary care physician and $20.00

    copayment per visit for a Specialist. copayment per visit for a Specialist.At Hospital Emergency Room $75 Copayment per Visit $75 Copayment per Visit(ER Copayment waived if admitted, then $200Inpatient Copayment applies)Ambulance, in case of emergency No Cost No CostEffective July 1,2007 - Copayment for Specialist will go to $30.00 per visit.* Usual, Customary and Reasonable Charge (UCR) is defmed as maximum allowable charge as detennined by HealtNet.** For outpatient mental health, rehabilitative treatment for the abuse of or addiction to drugs and alcohol, and chiropractic care, the allowedamoWlt is detennined by the vendor's fee schedule

    1 In Network services are services and benefits provided or arranged by aHealthNetparticipating provider.2 Out of Network services require a member to pay coinsurance.


  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    The new vision care plan will beprovided by Vision Service Plan. The plan providesa complete vision examination and lenses once every twelve (12)months, and a frameonce every twenty-four (24) months. The vision examination will include tests todetermine the general health of your eyes and whether glasses are necessary. A wideselection of frames are available, and contact lenses are covered if medicallynecessary. An allowance will be made if cosmetic contacts are selected.The plan has a network of over 22,000 doctor locations nationwide for you to choosefrom. WHEN SERVICES AREOBTAINED FROMA MEMBERDOCTOR, VisionService Plan will pay the doctor directly. There will be no out-of-pocket expenseexcept for a twenty ($20.00) dollar co-payment for the examination and a thir ty($30.00) dollar co-payment for materials. There can be an extra charge for cosmeticitems such as tints, over-sixed lenses, or blended lenses, etc. These extras are chargedat predetermined wholesale prices.In addition, your benefit includes a forty dollar ($40.00) wholesale frame allowance.This typically equates to a pair of frames which retail for one hundred/one hundredtwenty ($100/$120) dollars. Should you exceed the wholesale frame allowance, youwill be charged the additional wholesale cost, plus a service fee equal to the overage.(Example: You choose frames which carry a fifty dollar ($50.00) wholesale value.You would be charged the additional wholesale cost of ten dollars ($10.00) plus aservice fee equal to the overage, or ten ($10.00) dollars. Therefore, these frameswould cost twenty ($20.00) dollars in addition to your co-payment.You also have the option to receive SERVICES FROM A NON-MEMBERDOCTOR, and VSP will reimburse you according to a schedule of allowances. Thereis no assurance that the schedule will be sufficient to pay for the entire cost of theexamination or the glasses.


    BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT WITH EITHER A MEMBER OR NONMEMBERDOCTOR, youmust obtain a request card brochure from your PersonnelDepartment. The brochure will further explain the benefits and procedures. Simplycomplete the pre-addressed request-for-service postcard attached to the brochure andmail it to VSP. The request-for-service postcard should be sent in just prior to yourdesired appointmentdate, sincethe benefits from expires sixty (60) days from thedate ofissue. Within approximatelyten (10) days, you will receive a benefit fromalongwith a list ofmember doctors in your area. For questions other than eligibility,call VSP's National Customer ServiceCenter at (1800) 622-7444.

    Vision ExaminationSingle Vision Lenses, up to (per pair)Bifocal Lenses, up to (per pair)Trifocal Lenses, up to (per pair)LenticularFrames, up toContact LensesNecessaryElective -50-

    $40.00$40.00$60.00$80.00$125.00$45.00$210.00$105.00 -5 J-

    APPENDIX G Side Letter ofAgreement #1

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT



    Effective July 1, 2005, each employee who has or will have five(5) or more years of continuous municipal service, of said contract year,shall receive an annual payment calculated by multiplying the sum ofseventy ($70) dollars by the number of years ofsuch completed service.

    Such payment shall not exceed eighteen hundred dollars($1,800) pe r annum.

    Regarding Seniority & BiddingBetween th e City of Bridgeport and Distr ict 1199

    The parties have agreed that for th e pur po se s of bidding fo rassignments and vacancies onlv, seniori ty shall be defined as thelength of continuous employment in an 1199 bargaining unit position int he Depar tmen t of Public Health Covered und er this collectivebargaining agreement (i.e. Public Heal th Nurse or Nurse Practitioner).This clarification shall not be construed as to increase or decrease anycurrent or future employee' benefits, bidding rights, or workingconditions bu t shall mean that any employee hired in to th e bargainingunit after th e date of ratification sha ll h av e their bidding senioritydefined differently than their bargaining unit seniority.


    Name{l r- t:. e..

  • 8/6/2019 New England Health Care Employees Contract Bridgeport CT


    RegardingMalpratice CoverageBetween the City of Bridgeport aod Districll199

    Regarding Retiree Benefits, Retroactive Pay, & Misellaneous AgreementsBetween the City of Bridgeport and District 1199

    The parties have agreed to the following in regards to Retiree benefits, transitionterms between contracts, and retroactive pay issues.

    In accordance with the tentative agreement reached through contract negotiations,the parties have agreed that the City will provide Indemnification and Malpracticecoverage, including claims and representation, to Employees in accordance withstatutory requirements and will maintain the current level of coverage.In addition, such coverage shall include, but not be limited to, claims andrepresentation dealing with HIV testing, transmissions, infection, and/or counseling,allegations of abuse or assault, and any other claims arising out of employment thatmay not specifically be covered by the City's current malpractice insurance policy.

    I. Current employees who wish to retire and may have been delaying theirretirement until a full contract settlement was reached will suffer no lossdue to the delay. Any current employee who gives an intent to retirebetween 7/1/04 and ninety days from the date the full contract is finalizedand ratified will be eligible to have their benefits processed under the termsand definition of section 18.3 of the previous contract language. Suchemployee will meet the "retiree definition" under section 18.3 and willtherefore be eligible for the retiree benefits that were in effect under thecollective bargaining agreement that expired on June 30, 2004.

    This side letter is for clarification purposes and should be attached to the finalizedcollective bargaining agreement, subject to ratification by the Union membership.

    2. Current employees who wishto retire prior to the City issuing theretroactive pay raises may do so and will receive the retroactive pay, infull, at the same time checks are issuedto employees.

    FOR T J . I ! ; . 9 J ~ ; YCJZ// a. L/------Name/, ~ . /C; 4,I)'J"Title

    4. The City will make every effort to process and issue retroactive salarypayments of7/1/04, 7/1105, and 7/1/06 to employees in a timely fashion.

    3. Any employeewho separates employment with the City for any reasonbetween 7/1/04 and the date the retroactive pay raises are issued willreceive their full retroactive pay at the same time checks are issued toemployees.

    .------F O R ( ~ . _ : ~ I ' f f/ ) .LName

    /" ', .9"--/1;("./',.1 'i), " , 4 -Title

    re.s. \ 6 e.1'\'\Title

    F O R T H ~ U. _ N I _ ~ .... N N ~ . ,~ ~ Name

    '; ) 6 ( ' ~ , {--


    D \ , ; ) . , ~ \ c 1 , - - - __DateC' e ::, " ~ e . l \ \

    F O ~ ~. ~ i ame

    \:1...1., IJ,\Date1 l . " ~ 1 ) : ; ' 7Date

    -54- -55-