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  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    1. To achieve Superplasticity 50%

    2. 5-10mm

    3. According Borh-Sommerfield model, the

    electron in the p-state has an angular

    momentum of


    4. Hydrogen ground state 15. Value of spin energy 1/2

    6. Semiconductor energy gap 1.43 eV

    7. Superplasticity 2000

    8. Sigma bond Number of atoms +number of rings1

    9. Alpha iron -273912

    10.Gamma iron 912-1394

    11.Delta iron 1394-1595

    12.Superplasticity 0.010.0001

    13.Plain carbon steel 0.022 %

    14.Noncrystalline size, minimum of.. 100nm

    15.Minimum inside diameter os sleeve 101mm16.Bond angle of water 106 degree

    17.Delta iron 13941595

    18.Carbon isotopes 2

    19.malleable cast iron 2.02.6%

    20.Atomic numberof 17 2,8,7

    21.Energy released of a photon 200 MeV

    22.Length of conduit 27.5 mm

    23.Cable sheathwill be considered exposed when

    subjected to a power source near__

    300 volts

    24.Melting point of nickel 3000C

    25.Term for reaching an aggrement 467K-22.064MPa26.Superplasticity. 510 mm/2000%/.01-.0001

    27.Gamma iron 9121394

    28.Proton 938 MeV

    29.1 amu 931.481MeV

    30.Reciprocal dispersionof optical materials Abbe number

    31.Lens not focused on its focal point Aberration spherical

    32.REM is equal to rad in radiation except Alpha ferrite

    33.Dose equivalent in rem is equal to dose

    equivalent in rad for all except

    Alpha particles

    34.The unit of volumedenote molar volume at

    0*C and 1 atm


    35. Inability of the eye to bring lights in horizontal

    and vertical focal lines


    36.Aluminum is not reactive because Aluminum has tin oxide layer

    37. Isotropic mass is in terms of Atomic mass

    38.Atomic s character tends to concentrate in

    orbitals that are directed toward

    electropositive groups and atomic p character

    Bent rule

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    tends to concentrate in orbitals that are

    directed toward electronegative group

    39.2 or more polymer Blend

    40.Does not react in water Beryllium

    41.Small masses Beta ray

    42.The unit of magnetic dipole moment Bohr magnetron43.States that reluctance of magnetic circuit is

    the ratio of the magnetomotive forceand the

    magnetic flux( Analogous to Ohmlslaw in

    electric circuits)

    Bosanquets law

    44.Cause the phenomena of superconductivity Bosons

    45.The absorption or liberationof heat when

    electric current is passed through anistropic


    Bridgman effect

    46.Rapid crack fracture Brittle fracture

    47.Private building Building plant

    48.Outside Outside plant49. Inside Inside plant

    50.Element that has the highest tendency to lose


    51.Most electropositive


    Flourine- most electroniegative

    Chlorine- covalent bond

    52.Sulfuric acid uses Contact process

    53.Example of Electrovalent Carbon dioxide

    54.AXE..A means A- Central atom

    X- How bond form

    E-# of lone of electron

    55.A way that characterizing a discontinuous

    phase transition between two phases of

    matter of single constituent(the rate of change

    of pressure with temperature in terms of

    increase in enthalphy)


    56.Hazardous and flammable Class I

    57. Class 3

    58.Materials according to application of


    Composites material and electronic material

    59.Process of reaching an agreement in a

    collective decision


    60.Lens used in presbyopia Converging lens

    61.The production of electric current around the

    circumference of a diskwhen a magnetic field

    perpendicular to the disc acts on radial current

    in the disc

    Corbino effect

    62.Low energy electronsproduced due to

    bombardment with high energy electrons

    Delta ray

    63.Small masses Beta ray

    64. Interactive forecastingmethod which relies on

    the panel expert

    Delphi method

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    65.Highest thermal conductivity at room



    66.1 Hydrogen bond

    67.State of 2 angular momentum number Diffused state

    68.State of 3 Fundamental state

    69.4 G state70.Refers to crystal imperfectioncharacterized by

    regions of severe atomic misfit


    71.Parallel Screw dislocation

    72.Edge dislocation Perpendicular

    73.Sharing electrons.. localized domain in walls Domain wall effect

    74.Slow crack fracture Ductile fracture

    75.Activities with no duration Dummy activities

    76.Cost performance Earned value to actual value


    78.Empridgement of electron Electron emission microscope

    79.Surface Scanning emission microscope80.Passage of electron Transmission emission microscope

    81.Electron transfer to semi-permeable


    Electron osmosis

    82.Project management process that spends the

    most time and money


    83.Coupling Exchange energy

    84.Contingency of plans Fallback plan

    85.Fermions Half integer

    86.State that the flux of a component of

    concentration across a membrane of unit area,

    in a predefined plane, is proportional to theconcentration different across that plane

    Ficks 1st

    law of diffusion

    87.State that the rate of changeof concentration

    in a volume element of a membrane, with

    diffusional field is proportional to the rate of

    change of concentration gradient at that point

    in the field`

    Ficks 2nd

    law of diffusion

    88.A type of defect in crystals, an ion leaves its

    place in the lattice and becomes an interstitial

    by residing in a position that it does not

    usually occupies

    Frenkel defect

    89.Exoergic impact Gain if kinetic energy

    90.Most widely used Gantt chart

    91.1st Recovery

    92.2nd Recrystalliation

    93.3rdstate.. annealing Grain growth

    94.Principle of physics..Consequence of particle

    of equivalence

    95.Massive star

    Gravitational red shift


  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    97.Most easy to weld Gray cast iron

    98.Hard to weld White cast iron

    99.coefficient of thermal expansion / specific heat Gruiniesens effect


    101. Van der waals force is weakest Helium

    102. Spark dischargescaused by ultra violetlight

    Hertz effect

    103. Octahedral 90

    104. tetrahedral 109

    105. hexagonal 120

    106. Orthorhombic Have 3 unequal axes at right angles

    107. central identical atom Hexagonal closed packed

    108. Central atom FCC

    109. _________ nucleation Homogenous

    110. Not connected to the main telephone


    House cable

    111. States that the ratio of velocity of thegalaxies to its distance is constant

    Hubbles law

    112. Hydrogen Hydrogen bond

    113. Spin is equal to one Hydrogen

    114. Semiconductor with least energy gap Indium antimonade

    115. F block Inner transition metals

    116. ..inside.. connected to main telephone Inside plant

    117. Grain boundaries Integranular

    118. Hard.. but brittle Intermetallic

    119. Intertial site Intertitialcy

    120. Not true regarding wave number Inversely proportional to photon energy

    121. Transferred Ions.. Ionic bond122. Can form metal salt Iron to dilute sulphuric acid

    123. Audio Nickel Iron alloy

    124. Cold formable Iron-chromiun cobalt alloy

    125. motor and low frequency transformer Iron silicon alloy

    126. Rad . dose per___ Kilogram

    127. Delay minimum before starting



    128. Fatigue ______ ultimate strenght Less than

    129. Lowering the maximumslack and



    130. Length of line..number of atoms Linear atomic density131. Critical path Longest path in the network diagram

    132. Least amount element in the earth



    133. Doubly refracting Mojorana effect

    134. Hall effect

    135. Supersaturated interstitial solid

    solutionof carbon


  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    136. Budget reserve Management reserve

    137. Material engineering

    138. Optical birefringencein a liquid or in a

    solution of optically anistropic molecules

    Maxwell effect

    139. Shared electronnon-directional Metallic bond

    140. Shared electronlocalized direction Covalent bond141. Metal mixed to amorphous structure Metallic glass

    142. Substances are classified as Metallic, polymer, ceramic

    143. Primary substance of natural gas Methane

    144. Most powerful reducing agent Mg(s)

    145. Term blend in mixture Mixing of polymers

    146. Unequal angle, with one has right



    147. All parts of bosons except or does not

    belong to boson


    148. Divine inspiration Natural law

    149. Gain of electrons..electronegativity Negative oxidation number150. Soft magnet Used in Audio devices


    Nickel iron alloy

    151. The ration of the convective heat

    transfer coefficient to the thermal conductivity

    Nusselt number

    152. 90 degrees Octahedral

    153. blending One or more polymer

    154. Have 3 unequal axes at right angles Orthorhombic

    155. Outside telephone cabinet Outside plant

    156. No element has the same spin

    quantum number

    Wolfgang pauli

    157. Hybridization Pauling158. Relatively weakpermanent.. Permanent dipole bond

    159. Edge dislocation Perpendicular

    160. Neutron-neutron dispersion Pion

    161. Circular opening Pipe sleeve

    162. Extremely high corrosion that leads to

    the creation of small nodes in the metal

    Pitting corrosion

    163. Area Planar atomic density

    164. length Linear atomic density

    165. Depends of sole Potestative

    166. Rise to obligation Suspensive

    167. It is a method of constructing a projectschedule network diagram that uses boxes,

    referred to as nodes, to present activities and

    connects them with arrows that sow the


    Precedence diagram

    168. Not included in the goalsof the


    Price goal

    169. Matrixthat is set up before the Priority matrix

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    project begins

    170. A documentthat indicates the

    existence of project

    Project charter

    171. Intense loyaltyin the project Projectitis

    172. 1stmeeting of project Project kickoff meeting

    173. Cost performance Ration of earnedvalue to actualvalue174. 1ststage Recovery

    175. 2ndstage Recrystallization

    176. Instrument used to measure the flow

    properties of solid using the relationship

    between the stress, strain and time


    177. In balmers equation,constant R which

    is equal to 10,967,758.what is R?

    Rydberg constant

    178. Same period..and same total number

    179. Assess and compare Project screening matrix

    180. Pulling out of.. Selective leaching

    181. Sensitivity of network182. Exclusion principle Shielding

    183. Notwave Square of angular momentum

    184. Used to measuring static pressure Static tube

    185. Color of tungsten Silvery white

    186. Atoms connected with solid Slip

    187. Eye chart..consist of rows of letters Snellen chart

    188. The number of atom bonded to the

    central atom of a molecule plus the number of

    lone pairs on the central atom

    Steric number

    189. Work hardening Strain hardening

    190. Viscoelasticity Strain rate191. Stress corrosion environment Stress corrosion

    192. Pitting corrosion

    193. Replace.. Subsidiary


    195. angular quantum number is sum of spin and orbital angle of moment

    196. 4thstate of water Superfluidity

    197. Cooling below melting point Supercooling

    198. Give rise to an obligationeither

    private or public


    199. Apparatus used to measure vapor

    pressure of liquids by comparing it to thevapor pressure of water


    200. A measure of the rate at which a

    temperature disturbance at once point in a

    body travels to another point

    Thermal diffusion

    201.Holistic approach System Thinking

    202. What civil wrong committed by one

    person causing damages to another person of

    his property emotional well-being or


  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE




    204. Passage of electron Transmission electron microscope

    205. The study of frictionbetween the

    surface of solid


    206. Nitrogen strongest bond Triple bond207. Silvery white Tungsten

    208. Constant is used in the magnetic

    polarization of light

    Verdets constant

    209. 2ndmost highest specific heat water

    210. The change in the crystal structure

    due irradiation of particles like neutron

    bombardment graphite

    Wigner effect

    211. Needed in order to have flow Yield stress

    Alpha iron configuration BCC

    Delta iron configuration BCC

    Gamma iron configuration FCC(Crystal )One unequal three side , at right angle

    - Has the highest bravais numberOrthorhombic

    SAME LENGTH.least symmetric of bravais latices TRICLINIC

    (Crystal )One unequal three side, third axisat 90 degrees Hexagonal

    (Crystal )One unequal three side,two axesare same Tetragonal

    4 carbon (crystal arrangement or material) Tetrahedron or circular pla

    At 90 degrees (crystal arrangement or material) octahedral

    Azimuthal quantum number 4

    Principal quantum number 1

    Spin orbital number (Ferrite particle or fermion) integer

    Element at principal electron configuration hydrogenStrongest arrangedbut non-directional.Transfer of atom from one to another.The bond at NaCl.

    Ionic bond

    Sharing of electronsthat have directional.The bond at chlorine.

    Covalent bond

    Sharing of electronsthat non-directional. Metallic bond

    Weakest radiation energy particle with highest powerpenetration.


    Weakest energy bondin dipole material Fluctuating dipole bond

    Energy bond at permanent Permanent dipole bond

    In terms of Devine Law Natural Lawrapid crash deformation Brittle rupture

    Exoergic impact Gain of Kinetic energy

    Endoergic impact Loss of kinetic energy

    Slow crash deformation Ductile rupture

    Tungsten color Silvery White

    Beryllium __agduduma nga___ Gray

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE




    Edge dislocation, slip is______deformation Perpendicular to

    Screw dislocation, slip is______ deformation Parallel to

    In rad , it has equivalent to ______joules per kilogram 0.01

    Second highest specific heat WaterRad is inversely proportional to J/Kg kilogram

    3 spin orbital number f-orbital

    p-group Group 13-18

    d-group Group 3-12

    Next to fundamental state G-state

    R constant at Balmers equation Rydbergs constant

    Can only vibratein its condition,. Freezing

    Use to measure flow and time Rheometer

    Color when 60 % copper and 40% zinc condition Yellow metal

    In conduit, raiser cable diameter 51mm

    A circular where wire insert in tubing Pipe sleeveMaximum length of wire can insert in terminal box 27.5mm

    Cast iron that is hard weld and wear resistant White Cast Iron

    Cast iron that is good resistant and easy to weld Grey cast iron

    Intermetallic compound in iron Cementite

    Compound in BCC Alpha ferrite

    Compound in body-centered tetrahedron ionic Martensite

    Lowering the temperature of liquid or gas without becomingsolid

    Super cooling

    Consequence of absorption energy from electromagnetic

    radiation of very short wave

    Hertz effect

    s-orbital Group 1(alkali metals), Gro(alkaline earth metals) andHelium, Hydrogen

    T o correct the presbyopia Converging lens

    At adult eye, the object distance at______ and at ______imaging object distance

    25mm and 23mm

    The terminal box size is at least _____ and ______ to haveperfect box.

    300mm and 100mm

    In risk management to reduce the treat Risk mitigation

    Error in surface figure because of high frequency Scanning

    IN AXE A means Central AtomIN AXE E means Lone pairs Electron

    Bosonwith zero energy Pion

    Ignorance of the law excuses no one Article 3

    Civil code RA 386

    1s step in reprocessing crystal Recovery

    2n step in reprocessing crystal Recrystallization


    step in reprocessing crystal Grain growth

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    The blurring of the image produced in a concave mirror due tothe convergence of rays far from the mirror to other points onthe principal axis

    Spherical aberration

    Argonis third abundant in how many percent 0.93%

    Oxygenis abundant in atmosphere in how many percent 20.93%

    Monel coin has carbon percent of 0.12%Ionic bond is Sharing between non-mell

    and non-metallic

    In carbon dioxide, dry air is how many percent in volume 0.03

    Element and compounds is unstable in its pure form Sodium

    The first covalent bond formed between two nucleiisalways a

    Sigma bond

    Describe how the electrons and distributed among in orbital Electron configuration of aatom

    The study of the wear of materials due to friction and otherfactors


    Equipment is installed and/or is being used, sold, maintained,assembled, manufactured or operated.

    Industrial plant

    Source of law based in previous decisions of the supremecourt


    Arise from damage caused to another through an act oromission, there being fault or negligence, but no contractualrelation exist between the parties.

    Tort/ Quasi-delect

    In atomic unit cell with packing arrangement of 12, centeredatom

    Faced centered cubic

    In atomic unit cell with packing arrangement of 12 , centeredidenticalatom

    Hexagonal closed pack

    Body centered cubic, how many unit cell 8Also known as decompositions effect, the displacement ofatoms in solid due to neutron radiation

    Wigner effect

    Principal quantum number of Q shell 1-7

    electrons in S sub-shell 2

    Region of space chosen for study..Holistic Thinking System

    Solid to water Heat of Fusion

    What is the usual specific gravity of the mineral oilused fortransformers?


    How many percent should the program for children 15%

    In nuclear physics, what is the equivalent energy of onehydrogen atom?


    Maximum penalty of KBP offense weather it is light orheavy


    Woodis usually used as telephone poles for transmission linesand cannot be used as a conductor because it has a dielectricstrength of _ V/m.

    4 X 108

    Gun metalis how many percent copper? 88%

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    It is a combination of 2 or more materials that has propertiesthat the component materials do not have by themselves


    which dielectric material has the highest thermal conductivity atroom temperature


    Keyword.High internal pressure power Blistering

    Commonly ligand BidentatePolydentate ligandis also known Chelate

    In monodentate, the coordination number Is same number of ligand

    In coordination numberof ligand in compound has Lone pair of a electron

    The coordination of compound is expressed in Complexes

    Gasoline engine efficency 20-35%

    Diesel engine efficiency 26-38%1curieis 3.70 x 10 events /sec

    Aluminumhas 3.57 x10 per degree CelsMASCRhas salvage valueof depreciation Is Equal to zeroLigandfield theory also known as Crystalfield theory

    dynamic friction of cast iron on cast iron 0.15Static friction of cast iron on cast iron 1.1

    dynamicfriction of steel on steel 0.42Staticfriction of steel on steel 0.78Mineral oil 0.88Less energy gapin semiconductor Indium antimonide

    Energy gap diamond 5.33eV

    Energy gap of ZnTe 2.26eV

    Energy gap of semiconductor 1.4eVLess riskin project organization Closeout

    High riskin

    project organization Initiating the projectThe word, I said you do Do ut facias

    Damageloss that can be done to a person already has. Dena emertante

    Hard drive discwith a circular diameter of 65mm and 95mm

    Aluminum specific heat 13x10

    Aluminum conductivity 3.57x10

    The gas that has greatest deviation XenonVelocity of camera 1/f2

    Number of rem is NOT equal to number of rad Alpha particles

    Wasting money and time Executing

    To get, FCC volume is equal to 16R3

    BCC formula 4R/Energy gap of ZnTe 2.26eV

    C =. 1 amu 931.481MeV/uPacking factorof BCC .68 0.68

    Packing factorof FCC .74 0.74

    Senior manager Must developed project ch

    Disadvantage of Slow response timeAdvantage of Transfer of technology


  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    Can lead to Dual bossRapid response time possible


    The colorie become .,.,joule? Mechanical equivalent of h

    Training ground of manager Projectize

    4 compund bounding in a carbon Hybridization

    BCC formula 4R/3 boses/bosons Pion,kaon,photon

    Not a boson Muons

    I you marry miss dela cruz, I give you 1 peso Mixed contract

    PERT_______;CPM_________ Probabilistic;deterministic

    the expression of the magnitude and directionof the latticedistortion associated with dislocation is slip or

    Burgers vector [Jan Burge

    Skidding distance is equal to V /2a

    The velocity from earth to the galaxyis based in theory of Hubbles Law


    Ch /GM

    When the material at 45owhat is the stress of the material? P/2AWhen the material at inclined what is the stress of thematerial?


    if I will win today in lotto, I will give you 10M Casual contract (Casualoto

    I you marry miss dela cruz, I give you 1 peso Mixed contract (Marry)

    The person who is bound to the fulfillment of the obligation. Passive subject

    The subject matter is a thingwhich the obligor must deliver tothe obligee.

    Real obligation

    The subject matter is a actwhich the obligor must deliver tothe obligee.

    Personal obligation

    Quasi contract. judicial Solution indebtiIs one where the entire obligation is to be fulfilledproportionately by the various obligators or debtor, and eachone of the obligees or creditors is entitled and can demand aproportionate a part of the credit due from each of them.

    Joint obligation

    Is one which fulfillment gives rise to the obligationdependent upon it?

    Suspensive condition

    One which depends upon the sole will the contracting parties. Potestative contract

    Juan borrowed the car, return after passing the

    board/fulfillment of obligation

    Resulatory contract

    .nahuli ang condition C Natural

    nahuli ang condition D Critical

    One which depends upon the solewill the contracting parties. Potestative contract

    One extinguishes the obligation upon the happening of thecondition. The obligation is immediately demandable.

    Resolutory obligation

    It existence and validity is dependent upon another contract,such as pledge, mortgage and guaranty.


  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    A kind of fraudwhich does not go to the essenceof thecontract or to the substance of its subject matter, but refers tosome particulars of the contract which is incompatible with theprinciple of good faith.

    Dolo incedente

    Is contracting for or receiving something in excess of the

    amount allowed by a law for the loan of forbearance of money.


    It is the ratio that indicates the ability of the business topay currents debt.

    Bankers ratio (currentrat

    What theorem relates the line integral of a vector field around a

    simple closed curve C is in IR3

    to an integral over surface S for w/c C

    is the bondary?

    Stokes Theorem

    _____ raises the elastic limit and ultimate strength of the steel

    without reducing the ductility


    The law that states, If the resultant force acting on a particle is

    zero, the particle will remain at rest(if originally at rest) or willmove with constant speed in a straight line (if originally inmotion), is ____________.

    Newtons First Law

    The unit of spring constant k is N/m or kg/s^2

    What type of unit is a slug? Unit of Mass, lb s /ft

    The total electrical resistivityof a metal is equal to the sum ofThermal resistivity and Residual resistivity

    Matthiessens rule

    Ratio of Total thermal resistivity/Electrical conductivity xTemperature

    Weidimann-Frantz ratio

    Ratio of coefficient of thermal expansion/specific heat Gruinisens Effect

    The capacity of a material to absorb energywhen it iselastically deformed.


    A single quantum of vibrational or elastic energy. Phonon

    The time-dependent permanentdeformationthat occursunder stress; for most materials it is important only at elevatedtemperatures.


    In mechanical vibration, what do you call the maximumdisplacement of the body from its equilibrium position Inmechanical vibration, what do you call the maximumdisplacement of the body from its equilibrium position.


    In Engineering Economy, what do you call the method ofrepaying a debt, the principal and interest included, usually bya series of equal payments at periodic intervals of time.


    Which among the crystal system has the least symmetrydueto its unequal unit cell dimensions and angles?


    At temperature above ________, iron is liquid form 1538 deg C

    ..damage.,., without benefits.,.,,victim. Lucro cesante

    Electrom mobility of GaAs 0.85v2/m-s

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    Emissivity with highest @ Dark and rough surface

    Amorphous properties Metallic glass


    Perpendicular Edge dislocation

    The element in periodic table____going up Small size

    Not consider by manager Price goal

    Can choose contract Debtor

    Owns obligation Passive subject

    Complexes of coordination number can be determined by____ number of bond

    Prefixes for 4 carbon bond BUT

    Isotonehas same___ Neutron

    Isobarhas same___ Mass number

    Isotopehas same___ Atomic mass



    Heat of fusion of water in KJ/Kg 333.55Edge dislocation

    Refractivity factor 2)Creep deformation__in metal 30%

    Creep deformation___ in ceramic 40%-50%

    Fixedhas number of reaction 3

    Hingenumber of reaction 2

    Rollernumber of reacton 1

    Luminous emittanceunit Lux

    Luminous exposureunit Lux-s

    Slug equivalent unit Lbf-ft^2/s

    Father of science

    Father of modern science

    Father of modern physics

    Father of experimental astronomy


    Silicon.,.,., added to steel alloy 3.5%

    Highest bulk coordination number 12

    Surface coordination number____ to the bulk coordination Less than

    Number of lattice in bravaiswith 3 dimentional 7

    2 or more bravais number Orthorombic

    Total bravais number in crystal system 14Number of protons that will become unstable 92

    Unit of mobility M2/V-s

    Spring constant Kg/s2

    Another name for Stefan boltzman law Stefan law

    Hypoeutectoid cast iron 0.022%-0.76%

    Hypereutectoid cast iron 0.76%-2.14%

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    Elevated temperature to increase hardness.

    Sea of electrons.


    No resources, and no duration Dummy activities

    Safe loading Working stress

    Work around

    Mole per kg MolalityMetallic bonding Group1 and 2

    Sliding. Shear force

    Same in Titanium and brass

    Malleability arrangement Al, tin, lead, zinc

    Ductility Al, zinc, tin, lead

    Applicable to other planets Keplers Third law

    Knowing speed on another orbit location, know the speed on any


    Keplers second law

    Highest melting point Nickel

    Burn but not self extinguishing AcetaleHolography, hole piercing Ruby laser

    Not burning Fluorocarbon

    Thickness of aluminum sheet to block beta ray 1cm

    May arrow. Monte carlo

    ..crystal Lattice energy

    Wiedemans ratio 20,000-30,000

    ..carbon Allotrpism

    Catenate Energy bond

    Well resolved

    Deformation, imperfection of crystal DislocationMagnesium Least. 2.26mm


    2xxx, ano yung 2? Copper

    68 deg f

    Combination ng tatlong element yun Hastelloy

    Highest bulk Oil

    Disadvantage of malleable cast iron Shrinkage

    Polar bond

    Sa aluminum yan e AgingFull annealing

    Aceteline Hydrogen and carbon

    Rotaion of hard disc 7200 rpm-5400rpm

    Between two metals Kerkendal effect

    Belt system, service factor range 1.0-1.5

    Radiation flux Kg/m-s^2

  • 5/22/2018 New Geas Module 35 COMPLETE


    Potassium chloride

    diameter of hard disc 65-95mm

    Slowest electron mobility GaP

    Nanofiber something Carbon nanotube

    Malleable cast iron Chilling effect.,.may ganito s

    sagotBrass welding Zinc will evaporate

    Copper is hard to weld because___ High conductivity

    Bronze.,., what weld technic is used? Arc welding

    60% carbon 40% zinc Yellow metal


    Cis- isomer

    .. disadvantage of polymer Modest temperature

    Softens at increasing temperature.,..,. Thermoplastic

    .. moh of diamond is 10, what is the moh of 1? Talc

    Resistance to rapture ToughnessSa copper, 1 cm 150N

    Safety factor 4


    Half year.,.,..



    Para maging ibang element Chemical reaction