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Developing and launching strategic initiatives is critical for businesses, but the effort required to manage and ensure success is often underestimated. Socius client, EGC, recognized this challenge and developed a process that is driving results. EGC Enterprises will discuss common challenges and talk about how you retool your own internal processes to overcome obstacles and drive faster results from your initiatives.


  • 1. EGC Enterprises
  • 2. Are we using our ERP system effectively? Are we using Sage 100 to its fullest capacity? Are we using the same database to communicate?
  • 3. Past milestones reached in some areas Receiving Lot numbers Time Tracker Calculating time Order Status Bar Coding capabilities Attaching documents (IDS, CERTS, PACKING SLIPS, DRAWINGS, TRANSACTIONS) to the part number Inventory Bin locations Lot to FIFO Visual Integrator Bar code labels Shipping Generation of shipping labels thru MAS90
  • 4. The next step? Team ERP to lead the way 1)The team: Dario, Elaina, Lisa, Duane, Susan 2)The Process: Use OFI process for tracking Identify targets in your area or department Integrate Process flow charts ROI established for each implementation Rewarding milestones program Accountability for timelines (Goal Setting & Action Items) 3)Review with the EMT proposed timelines & budgets 4)Report the Progress @ OMT meetings 5)We have the support of the EMT
  • 5. Potential/Challenges Customer Service & Inside Sales Accounting Tracking Fixed assets Production Linking Work tickets to Purchase Orders Engineering Research & Development Purchasing Refining the ROP process Quality Global Use Job Ops Business Insights Crystal Reports Business Alerts TEAM ERP Training Action Item due: 12/19/13 Bring 2 ideas to improve your workflow that you would like to see in your area
  • 6. EGC $$$ investments? Structured engagement of ERP partners when needed (vendor based education) Benchmark companies that currently use Sage 100 and Job Ops Network with the expert users Use the available electronic options Sage University Webinars The time and effort of the ERP team
  • 7. Centralized information from a single source A more efficient workflow Reduced frustration and burnout amongst the workforce Improve the public image of the organization Increased productivity in each department More effective meetings The capability to handle growth with minimal investment in human resources Full use of our ERP systems functionality & benefits. Quickly and easily obtain the information needed to successfully drive growth What we want to accomplish:
  • 8. OMT Benefits Accurately monitor the health of your area or department? Better manage exceptions? Drive collaboration across our organization? Make better, well informed decisions?
  • 9. What we did
  • 10. Caught in the Act: Gift Guide


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