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  1. 1. Group Member Parwesha Sardar Arslan Zia Fahid Raza P A F
  2. 2. The name which we have chosen for our Product Is PAF Product Introduction Cont..
  3. 3. Table of Contents Introduction Vision statement Mission statement Product Features Segmentation Target marketing Positioning competition marketing mix Conclusion P A F
  4. 4. Be the leader in the customer value To set world class standard in the Shampoo Industry Through providing a diverse range of high quality Shampoo product that are prepared. Vision Statement Mission Statement Introduction Cont..
  5. 5. Segmentation Segmentation Geographic Urban Rural Central Pakistan North Pakistan South Pakistan Demographic Gender Male Female Age 2-14 15-24 25-55 Income High Middle Low Psychographic Life style Personality Behavioral Benefit
  6. 6. The PAF geographic target area is whole Pakistan ,Supplying Product to all areas of Pakistan and have further divided the Provinces and cities. Demographic segmentation is done on the basis of; Age Gender Income Education Life style Social Class Family size Geographical Segmentation Demographic Segmentation Segmentation Cont
  7. 7. Target Market Undifferentiated Niche (concentrated) Evaluate Market Segments Selecting Segments Segment have been selected need to be evaluated properly. Segment size and growth Segment structural attractiveness Companys objectives and resources
  8. 8. Target customer
  9. 9. Features Has your hair lost its shine and become dull..? Has your hair Dandruff problem ? Has your hair Hairfall problem..? There is one and only solution for that kind of problems PAF Shampoo The PAF shampoo has a black essence combined with aloevera formula . This formula deeply moisturizes your hair from root to tip, treating it and restronging its healthy look and natural Candy Flavor (For Kids ) Menthol Mint (For Men) Rose Flavor (For Women) Alovera hair fall (For Old age) Tangible Intangible
  10. 10. High quality availability Large range of flavors Standardized and attractive packing Large promotion and market coverage Available in various weights packing product
  11. 11. price Quantity Price 5ml 5 100 ml 79 400 ml 249 700 ml 699
  12. 12. Our product PAF would be launched in the national market. It will be available in every city of Pakistan. We will sell our product at retail outlets, supermarkets, apparel stores Place
  13. 13. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION . MANUFACTUR ER WHOLESALER RETAILER CUSTOMER We will be distributing our product via supermarkets in the country like Big Bazaar, Spencers, Hyper city. We would also use traditional channel i.e. unorganised stores. Our distribution channel length would two level distribution that will include manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, customer
  14. 14. CHANNEL MEMBERS . To get adequate shelf space in the stores we would provide some discounts to channel members. Initially we would keep our margins low and allow more margins to the channel members
  15. 15. Promotion of PAF shampoo is also very strong , because of the advertisement of the it is on the large scale. News Paper Magazine Social networking sites Radio Television Internet (Social Networking Sites) Brouchers & Bill boards Promotional Events promotion
  16. 16. Packaging and Labeling Packaging refers to the physical appearance of a product when a consumer sees it, and labels are an informative component of packaging.
  17. 17. Positioning The marketing strategy is based on positioning of the product in the mind of consumers, Providing high quality shampoo to the customers. We will distribute our product on mass level to that we can maximize the profitability. We want to put an image of our product in the consumers mind as compare to competitors product. We want to target the high school, College , graduate , university student and office workers. Marketing Strategy Positioning Strategy
  18. 18. Competition The PAF is currently facing a competitive environment because the competitors of PAF are: Sun silk Pantene Dove ETC.In next slide.. Product Review The PAF is available in every sizes and available in different flavors like: 1 Candy Flavor 2 Mint Menthol Flavor 3 Rose Flavor PAF Competitor: The competitors of PAF are more then three but Sun silk and Pantene are leading market right know and other are for away from it.
  19. 19. Major competitor Unilever We will defeat you
  20. 20. Single Segment Targeting Other Segment Diversifyin g Worldwide Worlds Market Leader
  21. 21. Conclusion The PAF shampoo having a unique quality that every customer want in his shampoo but they can't. The unique quality is smoothness, silky, antidandruff and black shiny hairs in which only one bottle. The next thing is also important for the customer point of view that is easy availability in Pakistan with low prices from the competitors.


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