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Presentation on Personal Branding and Social Media to IASA Combined Central States Regional Meeting. All new slides developed for this meeting.


<ul><li> 1. Social Media and Personal BrandingPresentation to IASA Central States Regional ConferenceSeptember 30, 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. Presenter BiographyDarin M Reffitt, Director, EIS Group@dmreffitt on TwitterDarin Reffitt is Director of Demand Generation andCampaign Management with EIS Group (formerlyExigen Insurance Solutions.) Bringing over 17 years ofexperience in marketing and communications, his focus atEIS Group is on lead generation and lead management inmarketing core system software to insurance companiesof all sizes. He is also a volunteer with the IASAand chairs the Social Media Subcommittee,leading the efforts of the IASA to betterengage with carriers, vendors, andindividual members across socialmedia platforms. He volunteerswith United Way of Delaware,is passionate about socialmedia, and golfs, poorly.@dmreffitt 3. From:@dmreffitt3 Copyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without express authorization. 4. Why doessocial mediamatter?@dmreffitt 5. U.S. householdnewspaper circulationdropped from 50-60%in 2000 to 30-40%in 2012**Source: Daily Newspaper Circulation Trends2000-2013, Communic@tions @dmreffitt Management, Inc. 6. Cable subscriptionscontinue to dropas online viewingrises*.and those who dowatch cable areskipping pastcommercials on DVRs.*Source: Cord Cutters and the Death of TV,, 2013@dmreffitt 7. Radio listening wasdown 13% from2010-2013**Source: Whats REALLY Happening to RadioListening? Read ThisMark Ramsey Media,2013@dmreffitt 8. We demandinstant accessto music, video,news, and otherentertainment.@dmreffitt 9. Mass mediamarketing isdying.@dmreffitt 10. @dmreffitt 11. @dmreffitt 12. @dmreffitt 13. @dmreffitt 14. 14Branding has neverbeen morechallenging.@dmreffitt 15. 15Branding has neverbeen morechallenging.@dmreffitt 16. 16Branding has neverbeen morechallenging.@dmreffitt 17. Ordered a McDouble,something in the damnthing chipped my molar.#McDStories@dmreffitt 18. #McDStories I lost 50lbsin 6 months after I quitworking and eating atMcDonalds@dmreffitt 19. Hospitalized for foodpoisoning after eatingMcDonalds in 1989.Never ate thereagain and becamea vegetarian.Should have sued.#McDStories@dmreffitt 20. #McDStories Learn allabout McDonalds usingpigs from gestationcrates #McCruelty@dmreffitt 21. So PETA andMcDonalds got into ittoday on Twitter. I wassurprised I didntknow there wasactual meat atMcDonalds.#McDStories@dmreffitt 22. #McDStories More thanhalf a year since lastMcTerrible McFatteningMcMeal. I dont McMissthe McFoodMcOne McBit.@dmreffitt 23. @dmreffittMy father used to bringus to McDonalds as areward when we werekids. Now heshorribly obese andhas diabetes. Lessonlearned #McDStories 24. Thank you #McDStoriesyou gave me a veryvaluable lesson formy marketingjob today andit was free:)@dmreffitt 25. Most importantly,social marketing hasbecome monetized.Copyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without express authorization.@dmreffitt 26. Copyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without express authorization.Twitter:@dmreffitt 27. Copyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without express authorization.Facebook:@dmreffitt 28. @dmreffitt 29. Why is social mediaimportant for me personally?@dmreffitt 30. 66% of CEOs say alack of necessaryskills is their biggesttalent challenge*.*Source: PwC global CEO Study@dmreffitt 31. 83% say they arechanging recruitingstrategies toaddress that*.*Source: PwC global CEO Study@dmreffitt 32. @dmreffitt 33. @dmreffitt 34. 39% of employersscreen candidateson social media,and rising**Source: 2013 study from 35. 43% of those havefound informationon social media thatfactored intodecisions to NOThire a candidate*Provocative/Inappropriate PhotosDiscriminatory Comments*Source: 2013 study from 36. 19% of those havefound information onsocial media thatfactored intodecisions TO hire acandidate*Good Communication SkillsProfessional Profiles*Source: 2013 study from 37. How do I build apersonal brand?@dmreffitt 38. Your personal brandis what people hearabout you beforethey meet you.@dmreffitt 39. Elements of a Personal Brand:PhysicalAreas ofAppearanceKnowledgeCommunicationStylesHow YouDressSkills andAbilitiesBehaviors@dmreffitt 40. Elements of a Personal Brand:CommunicationStyles Word choices Speed Inflections Use of Sarcasm Confidence@dmreffitt 41. Elements of a Personal Brand:Behaviors Passions Habits Trust Consistency Expertise Helpfulness@dmreffitt 42. I.T. Department Reliable Knowledgeable Fast HelpfulMr. Fix It@dmreffitt 43. The Bottleneck Marketing Department Never responds toemails Waits till the last minuteto respond to deadlines Holds everything up@dmreffitt 44. Legal Department Paralegal Finds solutions Makes your job easier High level of urgencyLegal Eagle@dmreffitt 45. Elements of an Online Brand:PhotographicWhat YouAppearancePostHow YouPostSecondaryImageryWhere YouPostSites You Use@dmreffitt 46. Elements of an Online Brand:How YouPost Word choices Logic Humor Use of sarcasm Personal attacks@dmreffitt 47. Who are you?Blogging FitnessPresentationsCraft ProductivitySports FoodReview SellingAutomotiveDating/Meeting EntertainmentCopyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without express authorization.Photos &amp; ArtMusicSocialEducationVideosCommunicationProfessionalNewsShopping/FashionMedicalCauses Travel@dmreffitt 48. Level1CommonknowledgeNameSexBirthdayRela2onshipstatusFamilymembersEduca2onAssocia2onmembershipsProfessionaldesigna2onsHobbies&amp;interestsFavoritebrandsFavoritemoviesFavoritesportsteamsBooksyouvereadWhen/whereyouvevaca2onedTalents@dmreffitt 49. Level2Semi-privateInfoAddressPhonenumberCurrentemployerBirthdateAgeReligionPoli2calaffilia2onChildrensnamesSexualorienta2onTravelplansFriendsPetsnamesPreviousemployersBusinessassociates@dmreffitt 50. Level3PrivateinfoMedicalhistorySecurityinforma2onWorkaLtudeJobsearching@dmreffitt 51. How do I start?@dmreffitt 52. Learn your companyssocial media policy.Dont be Stupid.@dmreffitt 53. @dmreffitt 54. Promote your accountseverywhere you can.@dmreffitt 55. Crosslinkaccounts.@dmreffitt 56. Use Google Alertsto keep youinformed@dmreffitt 57. @dmreffitt 58. the worldsbest businessnetworkingdatabase@dmreffitt 59. Professional nameProfessional pictureAttention-grabbingheadingContact infoOther social mediaVanity URL for linksSummarydemonstratingexpertiseBlog posts/SlidesExperience 60. Include skills.This is a timeto brag!@dmreffitt 61. Join Groups!@dmreffitt 62. Why be onTwitter?@dmreffitt 63. Follow keyindustryassociationsand players.@dmreffitt 64. Start bylistening.@dmreffitt 65. #Insurance#Accounting#ScheduleD#PolicyAdmin#SolvencyII #DoddFrankMonitorHashtags!@dmreffitt 66. Same profile pictureDescribeyour valueCross-linked sitesDistinctive header photo@dmreffitt 67. Stake your claim!Reserve yourTwitter handle on allother sites.@dmreffitt 68. Consider having twoFacebook accounts.@dmreffitt 69. Lock downeverything...but assume its allopen to the public.@dmreffitt 70. Join groups anduse lists.@dmreffitt 71. Google+ is stillrelevant.@dmreffitt 72. Use circlesstrategically. @dmreffitt 73. @dmreffitt 74. Blogs donthave to bewritten@dmreffitt 75. SlideShare lets yourepurpose content.Searching Insurance Accounting:@dmreffitt 76. Other sites toconsiderQuora: a Q&amp;A site thatenables experts toshare their expertise,tied to your otheraccounts.@dmreffitt 77. Other sites toconsiderPinterest: a great wayto network around keythemes and ideas; andis moving in a B2Bdirection.@dmreffitt 78. Other sites toconsiderInstagram: generatesphotos to use in otherplaces.@dmreffitt 79. Other sites toconsiderYouTube: videos canbe linked to other sites.@dmreffitt 80. A study by Simply Measuredshowed that Instagramphotos shared by brands toFacebook resulted in 274engagement actions, and toTwitter resulted in 22retweets per photo@dmreffitt 81. AdditionalTools@dmreffitt 82. Hootsuite: social mediadashboard that enablesorganization of social mediaaccounts, keywords, posts,hashtags, etc. form followers intogroups Prospects Customers Competitors Influencers@dmreffitt Partners 83. Twellow: Twitter directorythat allows search bygeography and other factors@dmreffitt 84. Topsy: Twitter searchengine to find topics,people, etc.@dmreffitt 85. Twitonomy: Twitter Analytics Followers Retweets Mentions@dmreffitt 86. Twiangulate: searchTwitter users using multiplevariables@dmreffitt 87. Canva: lets you easilygenerate images to go withyour social posts@dmreffitt 88. @dmreffitt 89. RSS Readers: great way tocurate content to publish:- Feedly- NetVibes- Newsblur@dmreffitt 90. Twitter Automation/Schedulers:- HootSuite- Sprout Social- MarketMeSuite- TweetDeck (now ownedby Twitter)@dmreffitt 91. Social Influence Measurement:- Klout- Kred- PeerIndex@dmreffitt 92. Be aware of thedangers@dmreffitt 93. @dmreffitt 94. @dmreffitt 95. @dmreffitt 96. @dmreffitt 97. @dmreffitt 98. @dmreffitt 99. Putting it alltogether@dmreffitt 100. @dmreffitt 101. @dmreffitt 102. each day connecting with industry contactseach day establishing professional credibilityeach day gathering intelligence about industryissues and eventsSpend:@dmreffitt 103. @dmreffitt 104. @dmreffitt 105. For every 6 posts:should be original posts to interesting contentshould be a retweet/repost of someone yourefollowingmay be self-serving to your own content orcampaign*Source: content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi@dmreffitt 106. *Source: Arlo &amp; Janis @dmreffittCopyright 2014 EIS Group, Inc. Please do not use or duplicate without 106 express authorization. </p>


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