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1. Washi-wall bounceNecessary equipment: 1 bouncy ball 20 rolls of washi tape, including 10 different colours( colours can be used to differentiate difficulty levels) 2. This sport is a mix between darts,hop-scotch and gaelic handball 3. The setupYou need a 2-3m wall with about3m space in front of it (the8 bigger the wall the better). 910Using the washi tape, draw 2shapes on the wall in different1sizes. Inside these shapes write 7the number (the smaller theshape, the higher the number). 46Since washi tape comes off 2easily, you can set up this gameon any wall, even indoors.You can play alone, with 2people or in teams (dependingonthe size of the wall) 4. The rulesIf you are playing with two people, toss a coin and the winner starts first.He or she hits the bouncy ball onto the ground with their open palm, aiming to send theball to hit inside one of the shapes. This player gets the amount of points written in theshape where the ball hits.The 2nd player must hit the ball on the rebound and aim for it to hit into a shape. And soon.The aim is to be the first to reach 51 points, but if you go above 51points you lose the extra points above 51 and have to keep tryinguntil you reach the exact number of 51.It is quite a fast game, each player must manage to hit the ball. If notthey lose their turn. They must also keep track of the score in ordernot to hit too many points and to aim at the correct shape. 5. BenefitsPlaying Washi-wall bounce regularly has been proven to be very good for your coordination and playing for 30mn is equivalent to an hour of cardio on the treadmill.Furthermore scientific research has proved that playing Washi-wall bouncedevelops your creativity as the players create new playing walls everytime they want. Please do try this at home and especially HAVE FUN!!!