New York City Travel Tourism - York City Travel Tourism ... San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Detroit ... High cost of living compared to national

Download New York City Travel  Tourism -    York City Travel  Tourism ... San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Detroit ... High cost of living compared to national

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<ul><li><p>New York City </p><p>Travel &amp; Tourism Lauren Casarona </p><p>Udit Sinha </p><p>Caitlin Dumpe </p><p>Maggie Heithaus </p><p>Ryan Quinlan </p><p>Nick Kossen </p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents </p><p> Executive Summary </p><p>Competitive Analysis </p><p>Las Vegas Tourism </p><p>San Francisco Tourism </p><p>Analysis: NYC Tourism </p><p>Creative Brief </p><p>Media Objectives and Target </p><p>Media Chart Total Budget </p><p>Media Chart Showing Overall Media Schedule </p><p>Flighting Chart </p><p>2</p></li><li><p>Executive Summary NYC &amp; Company is New York Citys official marketing, tourism and partnership organization. Their mission is to partner with </p><p>community businesses and organizations to maximize travel opportunities and tourism experiences throughout the individual </p><p>boroughs of New York City. Their goals include a higher level of economic prosperity for the local communities, as well as </p><p>showcasing the dynamic experiences that are provided in New York City. New York City tourism stands behind a commitment to </p><p>fiscal accountability and works to stay within their $15 million dollar budget for summer, fall and winter tourism. New York City </p><p>markets through various mediums including digital, TV, print and out of home advertising that is used to maximize impressions to </p><p>the target. </p><p>Our media plan focuses on appealing to Generation X parents looking for entertaining opportunities; and young, millennial </p><p>graduates that are new to the workforce and searching for unique experiences fitted to their individual tastes. The majority of our </p><p>efforts focus on a target range within 600 miles of New York City as domestic drivers represent the largest portion of annual visitors </p><p>to the region. Sinceourtargetaudienceiscomprisedofmediumtohighmediumincomeworkingadults,allofourselectedmediaplatformswillappealtothisdemographicandbelocatedinsuburbanmidhighincomeareas. </p><p>By showcasing New York City as a sophisticated destination for fashion, pop culture, art and music, were able to position New York </p><p>City as a family friendly vacation that is affordable to a wide-range of people. By pairing up with hotels in the city, NYC &amp; Company is </p><p>able to provide extensive ad packages that make it easy for frequent travelers and families alike to find vacations to the city. </p><p>Promotional branding and effective packaging suitable to the individual experience will provide a lasting form of progress that sets </p><p>the cities tourism expectations above the rest and will create a level of difference between other hotel establishments. </p><p>The effective bed tax thats applied to most hotels in the New York City limits provides tourism opportunities a healthy and </p><p>consistent amount of public funding. The amount collected in taxes provides the tourism agency comfortable $30 million advertising </p><p>budget that will spread throughout a variety of mediums, the majority of most being digital and online. Along with a using a heavy </p><p>3</p></li><li><p>focus on digital, the company will set aside a large twenty-percent portion of the budget for television advertising during peak hours. </p><p>A heavy focus on television impressions has the lasting power, if done correctly, to impact three times the initial viewers. </p><p>Our media plan places heavy periods of advertising in early March, that run for five to seven weeks, then taper off until </p><p>mid-September. Most vacations are planned three to six months in advance.The highest periods of tourism to the city are during </p><p>May, June, July and August. Launching advertising campaigns during March and then again soon before the holidays, assures that </p><p>the audience reacts more positively to the ads. During the winter months, which are accompanied by decreased levels of tourism, </p><p>New York City is decorated for the Christmas holiday promoting sights such as the Macys holiday window displays and ice rinks that </p><p>create entertainment opportunities unique to the city. Focusing media efforts on advertising campaigns versus promotional content </p><p>is most effective in creating new impressions because New York is already a common household name. Advertisements designed to </p><p>highlight the cultural significance of New York City will remind the consumer of the citys rich history and prompt visitors to explore </p><p>less frequented areas in the city. </p><p>Combining these several components together outlines the strategy proposed that NYC &amp; Company would use to promote local </p><p>tourism. This media plan will continue to bring steady growth and innovation to the city of New York. </p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Competitive Analysis - Las Vegas Convention &amp; Visitors </p><p>Authority SWOT Analysis </p><p>STRENGTHS:GloballybrandedasidealfunvacationspotAllowsawiderangeofentertainmentGenerallyfavorablevacationweatherEntertainmentforallages,thoughprimarilyaimedatolderdemographicsWhatHappensHere,StaysHerefamoustagline</p><p>WEAKNESSES:LandlockedCanbedifficulttoprovidesmallscaleentertainmentDiscouragingtothosewithchildren,notalwaysakidfriendlyExpensiveHotandhumidduringbusytraveltimes</p><p>OPPORTUNITIESTravel&amp;plannerappsnowbeingwidelyusedTripadvisorbrandscityasgreat/safeplacetotravelSupportfrombusinessesandcasinosHavevirtualtoursandscannerdiscounts</p><p>THREATSCitiesthathaveaccesstolargebodiesofwaterVegasclimateisariddesertoutsidethecityAgenciesthatfocusonfamilyentertainmentaswellappealtofamilyvacationsCitiesthathavelowercostsofvisiting,withattractionsthatdontrequire$$Nonaturalmonumentsareasofnoteareatleast40minutesaway</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Target Market Demographic-Psychographic Profile </p><p>Based on research collected, the Las Vegas Tourism Bureau focuses on attracting first time visitors from a wide range of geographic </p><p>locations. The most common age group of visitors to Las Vegas are men between the ages of 35-50 with very few families targeting </p><p>Las Vegas as a family-friendly vacation. Costs for entertainment and lodging are incredibly high and attract wealthier men along with </p><p>middle-income couples. 64% of visitors to Las Vegas used the internet as a means to plan their trip. In 2013, 58% of domestic visitors </p><p>to Las Vegas arrived by ground transportation in comparison to 42% arriving through air travel. Those looking to experience Las </p><p>Vegas are more often single and looking for an exciting and thrilling vacation that will keep them entertained. Visitors are searching </p><p>for laid back experiences requiring little physical exertion and a pampered experience. </p><p>Geographic Sales/Product Availability </p><p>The top ten feeder markets that filter people to the city of Las Vegas (by air), in order, are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, </p><p>Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, and Houston. The top ten states that send people to Las Vegas are California, </p><p>Texas, Washington, New York, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. </p><p>Length of Purchase Cycle </p><p>ThemostpopulartimetovisitLasVegasisfromMarchthroughMaywithover3millionvisitors.Mildertemperaturesareakeyfactorimpactingtheincreaseintravelerstothecityduringthistime. </p><p>Position in Consumers Mind </p><p>Visitors travel to Las Vegas seeking adventure.Thecityisseenasmysteriousandexcitingandtouristsgowithhopesofhavingawildandunforgettabletime. </p><p>Dominant Advertising Appeals </p><p>Las Vegas is most appealing to those looking for adventure and fun. The city attracts an older demographic that enjoys partying and </p><p>the mystery associated with the citys attractions. . </p><p>SocialAppeal:ConsumersareattractedtosocializingatLasVegascasinosandbarswithfriendsandstrangers.SexAppeal:LasVegasfamoustaglineWhatHappensHere,StaysHerecombinestheexcitementaswellastheexclusivityofthecity.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>EntertainmentAppeal:2135yearoldshavealwaysbeeninterestedinspendingafewdaysinSinCitytoexperiencethefamouscasinos. </p><p>Relative Importance of Advertising VS. Promotion </p><p>Promotion is more important than advertising for Las Vegas tourism because the city is already a very well-known and popular </p><p>tourist destination. Promotion will be important to promote the brand and keep different tourist attractions top of mind amongst </p><p>competitors. </p><p>Advertising Budget/Share Category Voice </p><p>Las Vegas spends an $13.5 million on their advertising budget in 2015. The brand and tagline is most well-known and established </p><p>and also does the most advertising compared to the other two cities. </p><p>Major Media Used and Budget for Each </p><p>Heavy television commercial usage and Las Vegas-area radio spots are the main forms of media used. Social Media platforms </p><p>including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are beginning to see heavy amounts of engagement to reach younger </p><p>demographics. </p><p>Start of Advertising Budget Year </p><p>Las Vegas begins their advertising budget year on July 1st. </p><p>Name of Advertising Agency Handling each Brand </p><p>Las Vegas tourism is handled by R&amp;R Partners. </p><p>Total Billings of Each Agency </p><p>Billings for R&amp;R Partners for 2015: $18 Million </p><p>7</p></li><li><p>Competitive Analysis - San Francisco Travel Association SWOT Analysis </p><p>STRENGTHS: Consistentlywarmweatheryearround Strongnetworkofhotelcooperation Effectivetourismcampaigns Pristinebeaches Ruggedterrainforoutdoorenthusiasts</p><p>WEAKNESSES: Highcostoflivingcomparedtonationalaverage Expensiveairfare Publictransportationisnecessary Proximitytonaturalfaultline</p><p>OPPORTUNITIES: Marketablebeachfrontopportunities CulturalhotspotoftheWestCoast Abletoaccommodateavarietyofbudgets Extensivefoodculture Popularamongyoungergenerations </p><p>THREATS: MoreaffordablecitiesontheWestCoast(SanDiego,</p><p>Sacramento) Internationalhotpotshostingstrongercurrencies(HongKong,</p><p>Tokyo,Paris) Neighboringcitiesthatpossesseasierformsoftravel. AgencyssuchasNewYorkusinglargeradbudgets Appealingtounrepresentedsubcultures </p><p>Target Market Demographic-Psychographic Profile </p><p>AccordingtoanArtsandCulturesurveydonebySanFranciscoTravel,culturaltravelerstakemoretrips,aresomewhatyoungerandmoderatelymoreaffluentthannonculturaltravelers.Whiletheirinterestsvary,"historicsitesandattractions"rankedhighestamong</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>10artsandculturalattributesconsideredwhenselectingadestination.LasVegasandLosAngelesareSanFrancisco'stwobiggestchallengers,withL.A.showingrealcompetitionfor"theaterandperformingarts"and"aquariums,zoosandwildanimalparks.Morethanoneinfourpeoplesurveyedtraveledspecificallytovisitagardenorpark,watchalivemusicperformanceand/orattendafestivalorspecialevent.SanFranciscoisrichinassets,allowingthemtopositionthecityasaculturaldestinationandcapitalizeonthevariedexperiencesandactivitiesculturaltravelersseek.Therefore,thetargetmarketthatSanFranciscoistryingtoreachisyoung,culturedmillennialslookingtoexperienceavarietyofactivitiesthatfurthertheirculturalexperiencessuchastheater,arts,parks,andlivemusic.Althoughthistargetmarketisyoung,theystillhaveenoughdisposableincometopartakeintheseactivities.TheaveragehouseholdincomeofthosethatoccupySanFranciscohotelsis$118,000. </p><p>Geographic Sales/Product Availability </p><p>The top feeder markets into San Francisco include NewYork,LosAngeles,Chicago,Washington,Boston,Seattle,SanDiego,Portland,SacramentoandSanFranciscoBayArea(outsideofSF).Anaverageof69.2percentofSanFranciscovisitorsarrivetothecitybyair. </p><p>Length of Purchase Cycle </p><p>The most popular time to visit San Francisco is June through October when the weather is most ideal for travelers. San Francisco </p><p>hotels are at an average of 87-92 percent full occupancy during these months. Weather plays a major factor in consumers </p><p>purchasing decision because of the common outdoor nature of consumers visits. San Franciscos months with the clearest skies and </p><p>most moderate temperatures are June through October, so it tends to draw more people during that time. Precipitation rates are 5x </p><p>higher during the winter months, so people tend not to visit during that time. San Francisco also relies largely on convention tourists, </p><p>particularly in the technology sector, so the tourist numbers spike during those times as well. </p><p>Position in Consumers Mind </p><p>SanFranciscoisseenasatouristdestinationforthewholefamily.Thecityprovidesawiderangeofoutdooractivitiesandattractionsforallagedemographics. </p><p>Dominant Advertising Appeals </p><p>SanFranciscoisappealingforawiderangeofaudienceswithdifferentinterests.Thecityoffersadifferentexperienceforwhateveratouristmightbeseeking.</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>FamilyAppeal:AfamilyfriendlytouristdestinationSocialAppeal:Sports,musicfestivalsandoutdooractivitiesExclusivityAppeal:Anexpensivetouristdestination </p><p>Relative Importance of Advertising VS. Promotion </p><p>Promotion is more important than advertising for San Francisco tourism because the city is already a very well-known and popular </p><p>tourist destination for travelers. Promotion will be important to promote the brand and keep different tourist attractions top of </p><p>mind amongst competitors. </p><p>Advertising Budget for Parent Company and Brand </p><p>Advertising Budget/Share Category Voice </p><p>San Francisco spends an estimated $14.4 million on advertising. San Francisco has the smallest category voice amongst the New </p><p>York City and San Francisco competition, choosing to typically advertise with the entire state of California as opposed to San </p><p>Francisco specifically. </p><p>Major Media Used and Budget for Each </p><p>SanFranciscoisonFacebook,Twitter,GooglePlusandTV.TheSanFranciscoVisitorsBureaudoesnotpublicizethebudgetforeachmediumused.Start of Advertising Budget Year </p><p>San Francisco begins their advertising budget year on July 1st. </p><p>Name of Advertising Agency Handling each Brand </p><p>Advertising for San Francisco tourism is handled by the San Francisco Visitors Bureau. </p><p>10</p></li><li><p>Total Billings of Each Agency </p><p>Total billings for San Francisco tourism cannot be found. </p><p>Brand Analysis - New York City Tourism SWOT Analysis </p><p>STRENGTHS:BrandedasthemeltingpotofAmericaHasculturalsignificanceasthepicturesqueAmericancityTourismeffortssupportlocalbusiness/economyEasilyaccessiblethroughallmodesoftransportationair,rail,water,wheelsJFKbusiestIntlairportinUS2014:52.3millionvisitors </p><p>WEAKNESSESWintertravelcanbedifficultNYCexperiencesallfourseasonsVolumeofvisitorscancausecongestionandovercrowdingCanbedifficulttoprovidesmallscaleentertainmentAnnualgrowthratecreatesinternaldepartmentalizationproblemsVictimoftouristseasonsummermonthsovercrowded </p><p>OPPORTUNITIES9%usedtravelerprovidedwebsiteOwntheonlinetourismexperienceVirtualtours,scannerdiscountsThefaceofAmericantourismUSexperienceDomestictravelersaccountfornearly80%ofvisitorsin2013Visitorswithpersonalaccesstotravel(cars)andwithina2daysdrive,(5hourflights).Mobileformsofadvertisementsallmodesoftravel.Primarilyairtravel. </p><p>THREATSGrowingcitiesinthemidwestDenver,CincinnatiAgencieslocatedinsouthernstateshavewarmerRisingcostoffoodandlivinginNewYorkCityLimitedspacefortouristscrowded </p><p>Target Market Demographic-Psychographic Profile </p><p>11</p></li><li><p>New York City attracts two different target demographics. The city has something for everyone and has the opportunity to position </p><p>itself as the best destination for Generation X Parents and Millennial Graduates to experience something new and exciting every </p><p>time they visit the city. </p><p>Geographic Sales/Product Availability </p><p>ThecitiesofBoston,Philadelphia,WashingtonD.CandthelowereastcoastofFloridaarethebiggestmarketsthatNewYorkCityTourismappealsto.AlotoftransplantedNewYorkresidentsretire/relocatetoFlorida,sotheymakefrequenttripsbacktoNewYork.Consumersthatliveinthesemoreexpensivecitieshavemor...</p></li></ul>