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New York---MoMA. New York MoMA. MoMA—2011 Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art Surrealistic Impressions. Miro’s 1936 Legs. Surrealism an artistic movement begun in the 1910’s-1920’s driven to liberate the mind by focusing on images of the subconscious. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • New York---MoMANew York MoMA

  • MoMA2011Metropolitan Museum of Modern ArtSurrealistic Impressions

  • Miros1936LegsSurrealism

    an artistic movement begun in the 1910s-1920s driven to liberate the mind by focusing on images of the subconscious

  • Joseph Cornells1940Ice Cube

    Honoring the 19th century ballet star Taglionis jewel casket. She supposedly kept a fake ice cube in her jewel box to remind her of the time she danced on an animal fur in the middle of a highway for a Russian road worker.

  • Magritte, 1928this is not the skyThe Palace of Curtains, III

  • Max Ernsts1924 surreal escape

    Deux Enfantstwo children threatened by a nightingale

  • de Chiricos1914still life with glove

    Song of Love

  • Meret Oppenheims 1936 Furry Tea CupProtesting Picassos machismo

  • Marcel Jeans 1936 zipper

    Specter of the Gardenia

  • Duchamps1920Fresh WidowRose Selavy alter ego

  • Duchamps 1913 readymade wheelFIN


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