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2012 Newberry College Viewbook



    Newberry College has a rich tradition of providing personal attention, challenging

    academic programs, and a close-knit community that welcomes everyone. We

    combine our strong liberal arts foundation with specialized professional degree

    programs to prepare students like you for successful futures.

    DISCOVER what makES nEwbERRy COllEgE SpECIal...Newberry College empowers you with challenging

    academic programs that place you at the center

    of learning. Small classes connect you with faculty

    who know you by name. Dynamic yet down-to-

    earth professors help you see things in new ways.

    And our distinctive Values Based Learning

    philosophy prepares you to lead and serve in your


    We believe learning comes by doingserving

    tryingexploring. Starting as early as your freshman

    year, you can benefit from internships, practicums,

    clinical work, service projects, research efforts,

    travel experiences, and other opportunities that

    bring learning to life.

    Student Profile Keyerria Howard Chemistry MajorBiology MinorClass of 2012Majoring in Chemistry with concentrations in Forensic Science and

    Secondary Education, along with a minor in Biology, Deans List recipient,

    Keyerria Howard still finds time to participate in student life activities. She

    is President of the All Campus Events (ACE) Student Programming Board,

    member of the American Chemical Society Student Chapter, a Summerland

    Honors Program Participant, Orientation Leader and member of the Future

    Educators Association, Chi Beta Phi Honors Society and Omicron Delta

    Kappa Leadership Circle.



    As a student-journalist,

    Elyssa Parnell helps write

    stories for a section of the

    towns publication, The

    Newberry Observer. In

    addition to interviewing,

    writing, and editing, she

    meets the same standards

    and deadlines as the

    professional newsroom

    staff to ensure the paper is

    accurate and informative.

    SETTING A NEW STANDARD FOR ACADEMIC AND LIFE ACHIEVEMENT.A Newberry College education reaches beyond classroom walls,

    city limits, pre-conceived notions of higher learning, and definitions

    of success. A Newberry education is a personal challenge to every

    student in pursuit of knowledge who possesses the drive to live

    and learn with purpose. It is a new model for education a living

    and learning community that transforms study into action through

    personal and professional interaction.

    A thriving community of students, professors, staff, coaches,

    administrators, professionals, and neighbors, Newberry College

    takes an innovative approach to the traditional liberal arts

    education. Through hands-on, real world experiential learning,

    students connect what they learn in the classroom and laboratory

    with what they learn in town, in the field, and on the job.

    We empower students to embrace an evolution of thought and

    a new way to see by challenging their minds as well as their

    imaginations. We stand for purpose, tools, understanding, and

    experiences designed to ready a new generation of citizen leaders

    to transform our world through knowledge, faith, and service.

    we call it education for life.

    Newberry students dont just take classes.

    They ask questions to reveal how things fit together, work with other disciplines, and apply to life.

    Newberry students dont just volunteer.

    They serve the health, well being, and spirits of children in their community through the Free Medical Clinic.

    Newberry students dont just study economics.

    They work Conducting an economic impact study with business leaders and government officials did more than hone business major Jeremy Keens negotiation skills; it gave him the invaluable insight that a communitys success relies on its ability to balance the needs of all.

    Student Profile Elyssa ParnellCommunicationsClass of 2012

    Student ProfileJeremy KeenSports Management MajorBusiness MinorClass of 2013

  • academicS that inSPire, motivate,

    and matter. for life.

    The inspiration for Newberry College comes from its founder, Reverend John Bachman, Naturalist,

    Scholar, and Lutheran Church leader. Bachman believed education was an awakening of ones

    academic, social, civic, and spiritual self for the good of all.

    Indeed, we still endeavor toward Bachmans innovative vision today, offering a comprehensive

    academic experience that spans across seven divisions, numerous pre-professional programs, and

    multiple dual-degree programs. With a faculty that is truly distinguished more than 75% of full-

    time members hold the highest degree in their fields our students receive personalized attention

    and guidance that cultivate not just their intellect, but their overall being.

    More than any set of skills or proficiencies, more than any collaboration or internship, more

    than study abroad or hands-on experience, what makes a Newberry education unique is the

    convergence of them all. Youll discover how skills interact with disciplines; how students, towns,

    cultures, industries, and countries are interdependent on each other; and how, as a global citizen,

    you can make a difference within them all for life.

    What Newberry awakens in you academically, socially, civically, and

    spiritually is more than the time spent pursuing a degree; its a way of life.


    Art Biology Business Business Administration Chemistry Church Leadership Communications Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Middle Level Education English History International Studies Mathematics Music Music Education Music Performance Nursing Physical Education Political Science Psychology Religion and Philosophy Sociology Spanish Theatre

    lEaRnIng that EngagES yOuR CuRIOSIty, talEntS, anD IntEREStSWith some 60 academic majors, minors, and concentrations to

    Choosing from some 60 majors, minors, and concentrations, youll be sure to

    customize a program of study that can propel your professional career as well as

    open new worlds of knowledge and ideas you never imagined before.

    Want to combine a business major with a minor in environmental sciences? Or

    a focus on forensics as part of your chemistry major? Or combine your love for

    music with your vocation as a teacher or minister? Working under the expert

    guidance of your faculty-mentor, you can design a program of study, internships,

    and leadership experiences that cross over disciplines and make you ready for a

    changing, global world.

    Added to your academic major is a core group of courses that teach you to think

    critically, write and speak effectively, understand people and cultures different

    from you, explore and deepen your own beliefs and ideals, and open you to new

    ideas and perspectivesthe hallmark of an outstanding liberal arts education.

    The value of our Education for Life model is widely recognized by those who

    matter to your success. For instance, our professional programs in nursing,

    teacher education, and music have all achieved the highest standards of national

    accreditation. Our graduates are sought after by employers and graduate

    schools alike. After leaving Newberry College, youll be well prepared for the

    next stage of your professional pathway, wherever that might take you.

    25 majors

    31 minors

    31 areas of concentration

  • Student life rules:EnGAGE. EnJOy.REFlEct. REpEAt.

    40Newberry College welcomes students with every passion and purpose from academia to art, publications to politics, discourse to dance. On campus, more than 30 student organizations, including Greek life, intramural sports, honor societies, and student government spark conversation, build community, and provide a creative outlet.

    Within the greater Newberry community, even more hands-on learning and service opportunities can be found from helping children in the local medical clinic to investigating stories for the local paper.

    No matter where you are: on-campus, in-town, or off-the-beaten path, youll exchange ideas and build relationships with faculty, staff, students, and community members alike. Youll discover that the Newberry College classroom extends far beyond ivy-covered walls to the greater Newberry community, region, and world. After all, we believe college should be about expanding your reach and multiplying opportunities for life.


    The city of Newberry was honored as one of Cramptons The 100 Best Small Towns In America and in Sweitzer & Fields

    50 Best Small Southern TownsStudents and parents enjoy a picnic on the Newberry campus.

    acre campus

    awarded each year in Newberry College scholarships

    and grants




    70%of students live on campus

    17:1Student to

    Faculty Ratio

    A member of the Presidents

    hIghER EDuCatIOn COmmunIty SERVICE hOnOR ROll

    Newberry College is affiliated with several well-known study abroad organizations enabling students to pursue international study and/or internships relevant to their major.

    Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy

    1,110students from 29 states and 16 countries 7On-CAmPuS PlACeS tO CAll HOME

    In addition to having