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  • NEWCNT New Contract Programs
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  • NEWCNT Setup contracts for next fiscal year Create Salary Notices Generate reports Summary, Detail & New Pay
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  • 3 If Employee is currently paid in USPS Job in USPS can be pulled into NEWCNT 1. Mid-year No Retro 2. Mid-year Retro with Spread 3. Mid-year Retro Lump Sum Retro is based on past days worked 4. New Contracts
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  • 4 Accessing the New Contract Programs USPS Main Menu type in:>NEWCNT
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  • 5 1. Maintenance Module Add-Modify-Delete-Purge ---------------------------------------------------- Add employee contracts one at a time Use data entered for salary notices Purge individual contracts into JOBSCN
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  • 6 To ADD a New Contract - Press F12 add - Enter Employee Name then Select the JOB Pulls the Employees Job into New Contract Module
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  • 7 ADD Function: Data displayed is a snap shot of how it looks in JOBSCN JOB 01 - Duck Principal 1.Press the Ctrl+F11 to clear last years data: Amount Paid, Amount Due Amount Earned Amount Docked Pays Paid Worked (days) Pay Period Daily/Hrly Rate New Hire Date
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  • 8 JOB 01 Screen 1 of 3 Spread Employees: New cont type = 4 New Contract Enter Obligation Spread Employees Enter New Contract : (same as obligation) Contract Start: 1 st day employee is paid on new rate Equal pays = Y # of Pays/# of Work Days The following fields will be calculated: New Pay Period & Daily Rate NON Spread Employees: New Cont type= 4 New Contract Enter New Contract: Enter Cont Start : 1 st day employee is paid at new hourly rate Equal pays = N The following fields will be calculated: Hourly Rate & Obligation By pressing enter this will accept your changes and continue to screen 2 of 3: MAINT To Adding information after the Clear Function Screen 1 of 3
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  • 9 Calendar Type: Blank default to Default calendar Calendar Start Date : Date the system will be counting working days on the calendar: No Calendar will be set to the Default. Reset Benefits Fields: Personal Leave: reset to beginning balance. Does an AC PL in ATDSCN screen to bring you to the beginning balance. This looks at your balance and does an AC PL. Example: 1 PL Remains Reset Value=3 ATDSCN is updated, AC PL is 2.0 for 3 days total Reset Sick Advance: NO attendance record is created. This resets to 0 Adjust Vacation Balance: input # of days to be added to balance or hours to be given. ATDSCN is updated with AC VA transaction EMIS Contract: The S11 Clear function will clear the EMIS Contract Info if data exists. FTE will remain. ADD New Contract Screen 2 of 3 Calendar, EMIS & Reset Benefits
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  • 10 ADD Screen 3 of 3 Adding of Payroll accounts Pay Account displayed is from the current JOBSCN Pay Account Information: Ability to change the pay accounts: Percent or Fixed: Must always = 100%. If fixed is used there must be a one Percentage record. Fixed accounts are charge first. Benefits are not charge to a fixed amount account: (Vacation, sick, jury duty etc) Maximum to Charge: Total amt for the account. As the employee is paid this will have a declining balance. S11 Reset key will clear this information Account Status: A=Active I=Inactive Start/Stop Dates: Date to start using or stop using the account. Blank is always available Leave Projection: Used for LEVPRO to charge out leave from ATDSCN to corresponding leave acts Board Distribution: Use for BRDDIS/ Insurance Payment Note* Import Option does not pull in the pay accounts. This is why you need to build them then do the import. Contact ACCESS For assistance.
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  • 11 2. BUILD Module Mass builds New Contracts by Pay Group Bus Drivers, Cooks, 260 Day Teachers Administrators Creates new contracts and directly loads them into the maintenance module with Pay Accounts Pulls contracts by Pay Group & Job Status on previous jobs. Assigns a contract start date entered
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  • 12 BUILD Option Zeroes all contract-to-date figures from previous contracts Contract Amount paid Contract Amount earned Contract Amount Docked Contract Amount Due Days worked Pays paid Lump Sum Retro Dock Next Pay
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  • 13 BUILD Option Contract start Date: 1 st day the employee is to be paid at new rate. Contract stop date: Leave Blank or enter last day paid to pay BE CAREFUL!! Selection Criteria: Include Jobs of concealed employees? Y or N Job Status: 1=Active 0=Inactive *=Both Pay groups: Enter your pay groups you would like to update. Press enter to continue the build based on your options: The employee new contracts will be placed in the MAINT screens View, modify or delete any contract via the MAINT screen of NEWCNT
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  • 3. Purge Contracts are Mass Purge into JOBSCN of USPS Contract Start Date Appoint type Contract Type User defined in Jobscn-1 Calendar Type Pay Groups Reset New hire date If Y value enter in Maint or new contract start date. BIOSCN flag Y to be reported. (R chg to Y) Generate Report 14
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  • 15 PURGE Option Purges New Contract into JOBSCN Updates JOBSCN information with NEWCNT data Adds LPE/LPA pay types to UPDCAL_FUT for pay off amounts on previous contract, the one in JOBSCN Uses last pay calculation obligation minus amount paid minus dock LPE = Last pay earned USES THE CURRENT CALENDAR AND REMAINING DAYS TO DETERMINE WHAT IS OWED TO EMPLOYEE LPA = Last pay accrued AMOUNT PAID PLUS LPE AMOUNT AND MINUS THIS FROM THE OBLIGATION. If overpayment would occur it will be a negative amount to reduce the figure. If under paid it will be a positive amount. This would be money earned but not yet paid.
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  • 16 PURGE Option /JOB History Purge takes a snap shot of JOB in USPS prior to New Contract Information is stored in USPJOBHIS database JOBHIS Report is only used by NEWCNT. Creates and stores past jobs to history file Data is then reportable by running JOBHIS report
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  • 17 PURGE OPTION . Pay accounts in PAYSCN are all set to inactive Any accounts in NEWCNT are reactivated New accounts are added Resets new hire reporting date if needed The NEW Hire Reporting Flag in USPSCN/BIOSCN does not change. Deletes new contract data from NEWCNT Module Contract data screen Pay account data screen
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  • 18 PURGE Option All changes are written to audit file AUDRPT Allows selection of just the NEWCNT purge data
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  • 19 PURGE Option Only information that meets the criteria will be purged !
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  • 20 DELETE Option MASS Deletes New Contracts Contracts were pulled into new contract anticipating a Negotiated Change Salary Notices are required by a certain date. Generate reports to assist with funding
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  • 21 DELETE Option Only information that meets the criteria will be Deleted !
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  • 22 IMPORT Option Allows importing from outside source Spreadsheet files Third party vendor salary schedules CSV (comma separated values) Tab delimited All contract types can be imported: New, Mid Year, Mid Year Retro
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  • 23 IMPORT Option Three Required Fields: Employee IDEmployee_ID Job numberJOB_NO Contract typeContract_type Other fields required will depend on what the type of contract to import Hours in Day: Hrly Jobs Reqd: Days_Since_Raise: Mid Yr Retro Reqd All calculations are completed as if the MAINT option was used Pay per period (obligation/#pays) Retro amounts, etc. (Days since Raise)
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  • 24 IMPORT Option
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  • 25 IMPORT Option Sample CSV import file
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  • 26 IMPORT Option
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  • 27 REPORT Option Generates report Reports all NEWCNT data MAINT BUILD IMPORT Summary report Detail report Generate Salary Notices
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  • 28 REPORT Option
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  • 31 NEWCNT Calculations Rounding All intermediate calculations use 5 decimal places The rounding is completed at the end of all processing Based on rounding flag in USPSDAT/USPCON (screen 2 of 3) NEWCNT rate rounding : 3
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  • 32 NEWCNT Fields Defined Days since raise Must be greater that zero for retro payments Must be less than or equal to days worked Used to calculate retro earned Contract obligation Amount district owes to employee
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  • 33 NEWCNT Fields Defined New Contract Location of current job on the salary schedule Total contract that could be payable to the employee for the job Amount Paid Amount the employee has received Amount Due what is owed to the employee Amount earned by employee on job but not yet paid to that employee = (Amt Earned Amt Paid )Amt Dock Amount Earned _ Uses the calendar to calculate amount during payroll processing = Days Worked * Daily Rate (Spread with Daily rate) = Days worked * (Hrs * Hrly Rate) (Non spread) Amount Docked Keeps a running total for an employee with DCK pay type # of Pays # Wrk days Looks at the calendar and give a work day when processing payroll.
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  • 34 Purging of New Co

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