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    Newport Beach & Company

    Mission Statement 04

    Objectives and Strategies 05

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    Visit Newport Beach - Leisure

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    Mission Newport Beach & Company is a creative and focused community-marketing agency that is singularly committed to telling the integrated Newport Beach brand story. By embracing a variety of neighborhoods, businesses and individual unique voices into a complementary story, Newport Beach & Company strengthens all of its partners, drives new revenue to the city and enhances its overall vibrancy.

    Vision Newport Beach & Company aspires to be the national model for outstanding integrated community marketing and brand leadership. As an entrepreneurial leadership organization, Newport Beach & Company is creative, innovative and professional in building destination awareness both locally and nationally which drives business and economic growth. It strives to do for its partners and stakeholders what they cannot do individually.

    Brand Promise Newport Beach & Company is a progressive, dynamic and innovative marketing organization that brings a results-oriented mindset along with forward-looking attitude to the community it serves. Embracing a learning centered environment where ideas can develop and be best used for the benefit of its partners, Newport Beach & Company’s team is a passionate steward for the Newport Beach brand. It is resourceful in creating meaningful marketing programs and services and setting the standard for outstanding destination leadership.


    “Newport Beach & Company aspires to be the national model for outstanding integrated community marketing and brand leadership.”

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    ObjectivesEnhance and support all Newport Beach & Company efforts by providing consistent, ethical, and transparent policies in the financial, human resources, and technological operations.

    Strategies Professional development is important to Newport Beach & Company for the purpose of staff education and development especially since the team is now managing projects for a variety of business units. The purpose of encouraging staff to stay up-to-date on training in their field is to improve the performance of our team and keep Newport Beach on the cutting edge of what is happening in all areas. Professional development promotes the growth of individuals to strengthen their skills used on the job and in our community. Professional development also provides the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose, learn best practices, broaden a positive perception of our organization, network with those in our industry, and increase the capacity to gain knowledge and mastery of techniques.

    Technology Infrastructure & SupportThe technology infrastructure and support is a critical component of the existence of Newport Beach & Company. The technology infrastructure includes the hardware, software, communications platforms, and database management to ensure the organization is optimized for peak performance, management and security. The infrastructure and support includes contingency arrangements and direction for acquisition of technology resources. It considers changes in the competitive environment, economies of scale for information systems staffing and investments, and improved

    interoperability of platforms and applications.

    Newport Beach & Company will continue to seek out open-source platforms, such as our Content Management System (CMS) for our websites, which use WordPress software. Additionally, utilize our Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools to expand the organization and each business unit managed within it.

    Newport Beach & Company also will utilize strategic partnerships with vendor and service providers that will allow pinpoint accuracies and controlled cost variables to ensure as we grow we best manage tools (both hardware and software) that will benefit not just one but all parts of the overall organization.

    OperationsThe operation of Newport Beach & Company is best visualized in this schematic framework to indicate how we carry out all of the business functions. The Brand Marketing Team is where all of the marketing work is carried out for each of the business units.Within the Brand Marketing Team, the

    following areas execute specific roles and responsibilities.

    The Brand Marketing Team is comprised of three functional areas: communications and brand management; marketing and strategic partnerships; and digital marketing and new media.

    The communications and brand marketing team leads Newport Beach & Company’s international marketing, media relations, communications, brand management and design initiatives. The marketing and strategic partnerships team leads the company’s marketing and advertising, special events, business development and sponsorship, Enterprise Newport Beach, Dine Newport Beach and visitor concierge program including the Fashion Island Visitor Center.

    The digital marketing and new media team leads Newport Beach & Company’s digital marketing, website, e-mail marketing, social media, blogging, video production and Newport Beach TV.

    Board of Directors501(c)6TOT


    Brand Marketing Team

    Financial/ Administrative Team

    Visit Newport Beach Inc.

    Dine Newport Beach

    CelebrateNewport Beach

    TVNewport Beach

    EnterpriseNewport Beach

    Newport Beach Foundation501(c)3

    Community Leadership Development

    Destination Marketing Sales and Services• Meeting Planners• Visitors

    Marketing, Sales and Services• Residents• Visitors• Special Events

    Marketing, Sales and Services• Residents• Visitors• Community Events

    Marketing, Sales and Services• BID

    Commmunications• B2B Support• Business Retention

    Marketing Sales, Services and Operations• Select Event

    Execution• New Event

    Development• Sports Support

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    ANDY THEODOROUCHAIRNewport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina


    LINDA BEIMFOHRSECRETARYHornblower Cruises & Events

    DEBBIE SNAVELYPAST CHAIRPERSONMarriott Newport Beach Resort & Spa


    DENNIS O’NEILVICE CHAIRCity of Newport Beach

    KARL KRUGERMEMBER AT LARGEFairmont Newport Beach


    BRION AMENDT Newport Channel Inn

    CRAIG BATLEY Burr White Realty

    LINDA M. BEIMFOHR, Hornblower Cruises & Events

    RUTH BENJAMIN Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

    CANDACE BISCONTE ACCESS Destination Services

    HOMER BLUDAU Former City Manager

    ANNIKA CHASE Disneyland Resort

    SAM ELRABAA Balboa Bay Resort

    CHIEF JAY JOHNSON Newport Beach Police Dept.

    RUSS KLINE American Express

    KARL KRUGER Fairmont Newport Beach

    GIUSEPPE LAMA The Resort at Pelican Hill

    MELODY LANTHORN-GALE Newport Beach Marriott Bayview

    ROBERT LECK Radisson Hotel Newport Beach

    DAN MATUSIEWICZ Finance DirectorCity of Newport Beach

    CAROL MCDERMOTT Entitlement Advisors, LLC

    DENNIS O’NEIL City of Newport Beach

    TOM POLLACK ExplorOcean

    NINA ROBINSON Hoag Hospital

    GREGG SCHWENK Newport Beach Film Festival

    DEBBIE SNAVELY Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

    ANDY THEODOROU Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina

    TANYA THOMAS Fashion Island

    JIM WALKER Bungalow Restaurant

    GERARD WIDDER Island Hotel







    MARKETING TEAMMARK RUDYK Senior Director of Digital Marketing and New Media JANE DRYDEN Director of Brand Management and DesignLESLIE DODS Director of Special Events and DevelopmentBRIANNA SAUCEDO Digital Marketing SpecialistCOLLEEN COSTELLO Marketing CoordinatorHALY HAIGH Front Desk Visitor Concierge

    SALES TEAMAMANDA KLIEM Director of Sales (Orange County: Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Anaheim; Washington, D.C.; Maryland; Virginia; Utah; Colorado; Nevada)

    HILLARY BURTON National Account Director (Pacific Northwest; Hawaii/Alaska, California State Associations; Northern CA; Canada)MICHELLE DEVINE National Account Director (Orange County Key Accounts; North & South Carolina; Northeastern U.S.)LORI HOY National Account Director (Silicon Valley; San Diego; Arizona; Texas; New Mexico & Southeastern U.S.)ENRIQUE PAULO National Account Director (Orange County, CA; Midwest)AMANDA RENEE KENNING Sales & Service AssociateERIN STAPLEY Sales & Research Coordinator


    NEWPORT BEACH PRODUCTION TEAMDOMINIC DIMARE Production Team LeaderLUIS HERERRA Videographer/EditorED OLEN Videographer/Editor




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    FORCASTED REVENUEE $2,274,785 $2,820,080OPERATING EXPENSES $2,032,395 $2,527,380ADVERTISING $76,264 $47,000COMMUNITY RELATIONS $66,330 $145,500DIGITAL MARKETING/ADVERTISING $16,000 $88,700PUBLIC RELATIONS & COMMUNICATIONS $75,000 $11,500


    OUR PURPOSE AND DIRECTIONMission Newport Beach & Company is the community marketing agency that is singularly committed to telling the integrated Newport Beach brand story to targeted audiences and thereby strengthening all of its partners, driving new revenue to the city and enhancing the overall economic vibrancy.

    VisionNewport Beach & Company is the national model for outstanding integrated community marketing and brand leadership. As an entrepreneurial organization, Newport Beach & Company is innovative and professional in building destination and community awareness both locally, nationally and internationally which drives business and economic growth. It strives to do for its partners and stakeholders what they cannot do individually.

    OUR CULTUREValuesRespectWellnessIntegrityEmployee Engagement Learning and KnowledgeAdaptability and InnovationCustomer and Stakeholder-centric

    Brand PromiseNewport Beach & Company is a progressive, dynamic and innovative marketing organization that brings a results-oriented mindset along with a forward-looking attitude to the community it serves. Embracing a learning centered environment where ideas can develop and be best used for the benefit of its partners, Newport Beach & Company’s team is a passionate steward of the Newport Beach brand. It is resourceful in creating meaningful marketing programs and services and setting the standard for outstanding destination and community leadership.

    OUR BUSINESS UNIT ABBREVIATIONSCNB: Celebrate Newport BeachDNB: Dine Newport BeachENB: Enterprise Newport BeachFNB: Film Newport BeachNBTV: Newport Beach TVVNB: Visit Newport Beach



    Drive New and/ or Current Demand

    Elevate Destination/Community Marketing

    Awareness and Conversion

    Coordinate Measurable Business Unit Strategies

    Raise Community Involvementand Profile

    LeverageNecessary Resources

    Enhance Community


    IncreaseEntrepreneurship and Integration



    VNB• Maximize OCVA and

    Visit California marketing opportunities

    • Participate in OCVA China and Middle East visitor market preparedness program

    • Increase branded drive-in market programming

    • Enhance digital platform marketing

    • Investigate mobile visitor information center

    • Increase New York conference sales engagement

    • Expand overall conference sales marketing programming

    • Strengthen TBID individual hotel marketing efforts

    DNB• Increase stakeholder

    engagement programming

    • Determine comprehensive new funding formula

    • Explore partnership with new Food and Wine Festival

    • Continue strengthening Restaurant Week

    • Increase online booking capacity through new website

    CNB• Develop “special guest”

    concept every night of the Christmas Boat Parade

    • Increase financial support through sponsorships

    • Enhance bleacher locations and sales for Parade

    • Explore further television coverage of Parade

    • Investigate new methods to sponsor the July 4 Dunes event

    NBTV• Develop new revenue

    opportunities• Create new hotel in-room

    video channel• Expand to 24 hour

    programming• Develop new studio

    facility for improved programming and revenue generation

    • Produce new historical series on Newport Beach

    ENB• Strengthen programming

    for neighborhood districts based on individual strategic plans

    • Further integrate enterprise marketing across all business units

    FNB• Investigate film

    commission formation• Seek potential partnership

    opportunities with State of California and Orange County

    • Improved communitywide marketing effectiveness across all business units

    • Strengthening of the Newport Beach community brand

    • Greater and more integrated visitor industry marketing

    • Improved cost efficiency across all business units

    • Higher group room night production and client loyalty

    • Maximization of signature special event production with improved economic impact and brand enhancement

    • Increased bottom line revenue for City and individual businesses

    • Increase community presence through offline/online conversations

    • Reinstitute Partner Annual Dinner

    • Reactivate Annual Marketing Forum

    • Increase exposure for the Newport Beach brand through high value opportunities

    • Lead Board succession planning

    • Institute ongoing staff talent search

    • Know capital/operating system needs with related budget

    • Ensure self-supporting business units

    • Develop new conference sales marketing business unit to enhance group business


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    MissionAs the City of Newport Beach’s official Destination Marketing Organization, the mission of Visit Newport Beach Inc. is to partner with the tourism and hospitality industry by protecting and nurturing the destination brand and to deliver additional spending by leisure and conference visitors, leading to enhanced community economic vitality and quality of life.

    Visitor Brand PromiseNewport Beach is an Orange County coastal fantasyland that represents a “taste of the perfect life,” a place where visitors can experience a friendly, sophisticated, aspirational lifestyle that permits them to escape from daily reality. Comprised of a collection of unique islands and neighborhoods that form their own distinct character, the destination offers a combination of affluence, quaintness, casual glamour and attention to detail. Coupled with the manmade and natural beauty of the destination, this is the place that allows the visitor to relax and recreate the dream of what can be.


    “…partner with the tourism and hospitality industry by protecting and nurturing the destination brand…”

  • 11

    ObjectiveIncrease overall leisure travel to Newport Beach through research-based, innovative, and effective integrated marketing initiatives.

    Strategies Research & Planning Conduct annual tourism destination research and planning to support all brand and marketing initiatives.

    Awareness & Brand ManagementGenerate awareness of a positive destination brand identity that is in sync and consistent with Visit Newport Beach’s Brand Promise.

    CollateralProduce a variety of online and printed collateral materials that promote Newport Beach and its partners to visitors and local residents.

    Online MarketingWebsite: For the 2015/16 year, focus will continue on phase II of a full mobile plan, to enhance experiences on mobile devices, look at integration points with emerging technology and hardware (apple watches/wearable products) and increase key metric goal conversions. Other areas of focus will be the following:

    • Meetings: Look at expanding more tools and information in our meetings sections with the goal of RFP and planner conversions.

    • Weddings: Continue to develop content to help increase exposure for Newport Beach as a weddings destination.

    • Stakeholders: increase the business listings and leverage other developments from Dine NB, Enterprise Newport Beach and NBTV to bring full-featured stakeholder representation.

    • Reservations: Continue the growth of partner activities for booking online while promoting more opportunities for lodging exposure.

    Social Media: • The social media plan will continue

    to focus on content growth with increased segmented content from the different business units that fall under Newport Beach & Co. for a diversified offering to the Visit Newport Beach followers.

    Social media channels will continue to be developed with a content strategy plan to maximize engagement while building new channels for business endeavors supporting other business unit goals.

    Email: • Visit Newport Beach will continue

    developing email acquisition strategies and growth while focusing on segmentation of lists. The digital team will continue using ExactTarget for targeted drip campaigns and follow-up distribution flows with continual refinement of email practices and engaging with more frequency with partners, consumers, and meeting planners will be top priority.

    Search Engine Optimization: • Continual optimization and content

    creation is vital for the indexing and organic search growth of Focus will remain on optimizing the front and back-end keyword content while creating new content that is relevant to the overall objectives and goals of Visit Newport Beach. This includes expansion of detail in each of the individual 10 neighborhoods and growth of stakeholder representation among Restaurants and Things to Do. Additional content generation among the many social media channels will

    also focus on building searchable content while watching trends on how social media content feeds into search indexing.

    Focus also will be on increasing analytic data points to increase event tracking and set conversion goals to better understand how changes are positively affecting end results and allowing a better understanding of consumer behavior.

    Search Engine Marketing: • Paid search advertising is a key

    component of the overall plan and objectives online while supplementing SEO and organic growth. Budget resources will increase by 10% year over year and will focus on keyword matching results from analytics to optimize for best performing/volume keywords. Additionally continual A/B testing of ad groups for increased results will be optimized through the fiscal year.

    Leverage Newport Beach & Co. subsidiary websites & online channels: • Additional development and

    participation on divisional websites that fall under the Newport Beach & Co. umbrella will be a key part of the overall online marketing plan to cross-promote the destination and all of its components.

    These leveraged channels are:• Dine Newport Beach

    • Celebrate Newport Beach

    • Enterprise Newport Beach (Balboa Village Merchant Association, Balboa Island Marketing Inc.)

    • Newport Beach TV

    Media Relations & CommunicationsCreating demand to leisure audiences is a key economic driver to the City

  • 12

    of Newport Beach. The key role of public relations and communications is to pique the interest of travelers, drive visitation and grow overnight accommodation stays.

    Media RelationsPublic relations and communications’ main media relations efforts hinge on strong, ongoing relationships with target media, bloggers and influencers. Nurturing current relationships, growing our media database and increasing media visits to the area are the top priorities for the fiscal year ahead. • Develop a 12-month editorial outreach

    plan surrounding the following: • Seasons • Themes – family, romance,

    multi-generational • Holidays – Valentine’s Day, Fourth of

    July, winter holidays • Signature annual events • Unique aficionado angles – family,

    outdoor active, culinary, etc. • Strategic travel trends and “best of ”

    opportunities • Target Media Audiences: • National media • Drive markets including Los

    Angeles, Inland Empire, Palm Springs, and San Diego

    • Tucson and Phoenix • Southwestern Canada • Orange County for local events• Target Channels: • Print • Online • Television• Domestic Media Relations: • Devise compelling story angles

    centered around Newport Beach • Proactive pitching to local, regional,

    national media to place stories • Facilitate incoming media requests • Create custom itineraries for

    visiting media • Plan Familiarization (FAM) tours

    around aficionado angles

    • International Media Relations: • Devise story angles for international

    travelers • Work with Black Diamond (UK) to

    develop plans to resonate with their market

    • Develop custom itineraries for international visiting media

    Community EventsWe provide extensive media relations efforts around key events and seasonal holidays, including:• Dine Newport Beach Restaurant Week• Newport to Ensenada International

    Yacht Race/Balboa Village Fest• Newport Beach Film Festival• Newport Beach Jazz Festival• Newport Beach Summer Concert Series• 4th of July• Christmas at the Beach• Christmas Boat Parade

    E-CommunicationsBlog StrategyThe Visit Newport Beach blog views have grown substantially in the past fiscal year and we aim to continue that growth by the following:• Continue to post blogs three times per

    week for consistency and relevancy.• Incorporate SEO-targeted copy• Add to our dynamic group of guest


    Consumer EnewsletterSimilar to the Visit Newport Beach blog, the consumer Enewsletter has continued to gauge the interest of consumers. We will continue to give the consumer informative and interesting information about the destination to grown our audience base.

    Advertising & Promotions

    Develop intergrated, advertising and promotional campaigns in key target markets that are on-brand and are integrated with the other marketing disciplines in order to generate:

    • Increase year-round leisure travel from day-trippers and first-time visitors

    • Extend visitors’ length of stay

    • Encourage repeat visitation

    International MarketingWork in close collaboration with our international agencies to educate and promote Newport Beach to travel-trade companies and travel media in order to generate visitation to Newport Beach. Key international markets include China, Middle East and United Kingdom. Proposed strategies for FY2016 include:

    Travel Trade Efforts

    • Sales Calls and Trainings

    • Trade and Consumer Shows

    • Co-op Marketing Programs

    • Consumer Promotion to encourage visitation and bookings (United Kingdom only)

    • Brochure Analysis

    • In-Market Familiarization Tours

    • Trade Communications

    PR Efforts

    • Press Office Functions

    • Story Development and Placement

    • Press Releases

    • Nurture Travel Trade Press Relationships

    • Media Familiarization Tours

    Community RelationsWork with our community partners and visitor concierges to provide helpful information and improve the visitors’ experience in order to generate repeat visitation. Continue to operate the Fashion Island Visitor Center and provide the community with content-rich marketing, collateral and visitor information.

  • 13


    WEB VISITS 778,794 856,000 964,000 1,060,400TOTAL PAGE VIEWS 2,194,511 2,413,000 2,800,000 3,080,000

    SOCIAL MEDIASOCIAL FOLLOWERS 43,000 51,000 128,000 140,000SOCIAL POSTS REACH — — 3,640,000 4,120,000

    ADVERTISINGTOTAL AD IMPRESSIONS 120,911,466 172,540,868 139,652,700 153,617,970ONLINE AD CLICKS VISITS TO SITE 239,054 251,000 276,100 303,710









    *Goals subject to change and will be �nalized a�er FY 14/15 Actuals are reported at the end of the �scal year.


    FORCASTED REVENUE $4,350,841 $4,690,506OPERATING EXPENSES $104,335 $130,372ADVERTISING $1,124,833 $1,045,206COMMUNITY RELATIONS $268,750 $287,500COLLATERAL $175,100 $132,600INTERNATIONAL MARKETING $258,090 $373,090DIGITAL MARKETING $294,792 $305,600PUBLIC RELATIONS $176,000 $189,159FEES TO NEWPORT BEACH & COMPANY $1,948,941 $2,226,979

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    “In addition to the significant direct economic impact generated by meetings, they can generate positive experiences…”

    MissionAs the City of Newport Beach’s official Destination Marketing Organization, the mission of Visit Newport Beach Inc. is to partner with the tourism and hospitality industry by protecting and nurturing the destination brand and to deliver additional spending by conference visitors, leading to enhanced community economic vitality and quality of life.

  • 15

    ObjectivesThe foundation of the TBID agreement is to directly impact the group segment of business for TBID partner hotels. To deliver on the TBID promise, conference sales must foster current client relationships and attract new meetings and conferences to Newport Beach through aggressive direct selling, innovative marketing initiatives, and strong community partnerships resulting in increased room nights and additional revenue.

    Objective: Increase definite room nights through research and analysis of key customer profile for each TBID partner hotel and more targeted market segmentation.

    Strategy Overview• Acquire group segment research and

    data about business coming into Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs that offers information on geographic cities of origin, peak and total room nights, rates and patterns and market segmentation.

    • Merge market research with information coming from hotels directly to determine sales direction and focus as a destination and for each partner hotel.

    Objective: Create group-marketing campaign that can be retooled for each subset of group clientele (third parties, clients met at a tradeshow, clients currently in funnel, or any other part or whole of Simpleview database) to help sales team advance awareness and motivate action with clients at any point in the relationship cycle.

    Strategy Overview • Create a customer focus group to

    determine the messaging, timing and frequency, as well as communication vehicles for effective group marketing.

    • Develop digital, email and promotional campaign to encourage submission of RFPs and convert RFPs into confirmed bookings.

    • Sales efforts will focus on continued email list growth, social media outreach for conference planners, website enhancements and detailed information on the destination and its offerings, plus growth of search engine optimization for organic listings on all major search engines.

    • Execute through Exact Target for larger email drops, personal computers for smaller groups.

    Objective: Increase market penetration in key geographic territories of Northeast and Southeast geographic territories.

    Strategy overview• Create growth plan for NE and SE

    region that includes sales trips, membership and involvement in regional and local chapter industry organizations, sponsorship opportunities with same organizations

    • More robust trade show commitments in those regions with our partners

    • Garner lead generation support from our database research partners

    Objective: Host 3 or more industry events per year bringing in a volume of potential clients into the destination allowing personal experiences of destination and connections to be made with sales staffs of Visit Newport Beach and TBID hotels. Events will be planned and executed to be best in the industry.

    Strategy overveiw• Reach out to all industry organization

    and meeting publications leveraging our relationships as partners and advertisers to bring the next open meeting to Newport Beach

    • Work with TBID hotels to create equal opportunities to host events and showcase hotels

    • Follow through with mechanisms that track ROI of hosting /sponsoring industry event

    Objective: Establish strategic partnerships with community businesses who can help conference sales elevate our client experiences in the destination (restaurants, off site venues, retailers, transportation company, Destination Management Company...)

    Strategy overview• Determine assets from the side of

    Visit Newport Beach to articulate to prospective partners and create partnership collateral piece with Director of Special Events and Director of Creative Services.

    • Conduct personal calls with decision makers of targeted businesses introducing the many reasons to partner with Visit Newport Beach and the TBID community.

    • Create an orientation program for those interested in pursuing the strategic partnership that addresses the key aspects of Visit Newport Beach goals and initiatives as well as the basics of group business and meeting planning. Require selected partners to attend.

    Objective: Bring the new tradeshow booth on the road at every opportunity. With the strong emphasis of trade shows in the conference sales budget, Visit Newport Beach has created a new trade show booth identity that brings a strong brand presence for Newport Beach while also inviting the attendee into a comfortable setting to foster conversation and engagement with sales team.

  • 16

    Strategy overview• Expand trade show participation to

    include national and regional shows with 10x20 space for new booth for including maximum number of TBID partners

    • Invest in elevated registration “sponsorship status” giving us extra visibility wherever possible

    Objective: Continue to elevate destination partnerships with HelmsBriscoe, ConferenceDirect and HPN with the goal of increasing visibility and RFP/definite room night growth.

    Strategy Overview• Invest in highest level of destination

    partnership with 3 major third party companies

    • Attend all third party conferences and events open to suppliers

    • Secure third party programs in our destination where possible

    • Launch promotional marketing campaign to third parties that involves direct and digital mail, incentives, visit to the destination…..

    Objective: Continued education for staff on current and new technology/social media trends of the industry Strategy overview

    • Personalized learning, based on the individual’s strengths, talents and professional responsibilities (Photoshop, Excel, Simpleview, Cvent, General Marketing classes, etc. — should remain based on use of technology)

    • Core classes/education to increase each individual’s knowledge in current technology already in use/ place; Allows for a more streamlined, cohesive sales process (Surface training/customization, Simpleview, Excel, Dropbox, etc.)

    • Develop profile on relevant social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to showcase upcoming client events and/or reach out to targeted groups (HelmsBriscoe, ConferenceDirect, Pharmaceutical, etc.)

  • 17


    FORCASTED REVENUE $3,838,042 $4,094,082OPERATING EXPENSES $1,498,351 $1,511,496ADVERTISING $368,500 $350,000 DIRECT SALES INITIATIVES $1,923,880 $2,106,000MARKETING $18,586 $126,586

  • 18


    OVERVIEWCelebrate Newport Beach brings a professional, cohesive and coordinated approach to managing and marketing in Newport Beach in terms of marketing and sponsorship. Celebrate Newport Beach is designed to give ongoing, year-long, focused attention on creating better, brand-centric events and leveraging those events for the benefit of the entire community. Celebrate Newport Beach will establish strategic partnerships for Newport Beach that will traverse the marketing and media platforms providing sponsorship revenue to the signature events and key marketing initiatives.

    “…designed to give ongoing, year-long, focused attention on creating better, brand-centric events and leveraging those events for the benefit of the entire community.…”

  • 19

    Objectives 1. Create signature “brand-defining”

    events to see full potential

    2. Provide the organizational fundraising efforts for signature events

    3. Market these signature events with Newport Beach & Company’s brand marketing team to further the Newport Beach brand

    4. Work with area Business Improvement Districts, such as the Restaurant Association, Balboa Village and Balboa Island to develop signature events that promote those neighborhoods or businesses

    5. Develop key strategic partnerships to support Newport Beach & Company’s marketing and sales initiatives, as well as provide additional revenue to provide enhanced elements to each signature event

    Strategic Partnerships Strategies• Establish a Founding Partner

    Program identifying key categories specific to the destination to be incorporated into the marketing and advertising efforts, which will continue to elevate the brand

    • Establish a Preferred Partner Program establishing a group of destination-specific partners who will work with the marketing and sales teams to deliver high-end experiences and client services for familiarization trips and sales missions

    Awareness & Brand Management • Attend community and county

    events to establish and steward key relationships integral to the partnership programs

    • Partner with other community organizations and events to increase

    the depth and breath of the partnership programs

    Technology • Develop an online platform for

    partner interaction and solicitation of new partners

    PR • Use media relations initiatives to

    support and promote Newport Beach & Company and its strategic partnership program.

    Collateral • Create partnership kits for

    solicitation efforts

    Strategic Partner Experience • Create a Partnership Summit to

    build awareness of the programs and present partners with activation ideas that meet our brand promise and provide a return on investment

    • Create unique activation experiences surrounding community events and

    key marketing initiatives as added-value opportunities for partners

    Events Strategies• Increase the exposure of the Newport

    Beach Christmas Boat Parade with enhanced experiences, audience engagement opportunities and vivid content for promotion by the marketing team

    • Create an international event in partnership with the Newport Beach Film Festival to promote both the festival and the destination

    • Develop key destination partner events to promote the tools available from the marketing and sales teams for continued success in promoting the destination and increasing economic impact. Events include: Marketing Summit, Annual Dinner and Workshops

    Awareness & Brand Management • Access to all marketing and

    media assets

  • 20

    • Ensure quality of events meets brand promise

    • Work with current partners and identify new ones who meet the brand promise

    Technology • Ensure online access of information is

    accessible, current, rich with content, and meets our brand standards

    PR• Develop campaigns surrounding

    a media hook for each event and identify content that can yield the highest publicity value

    Advertising• Create campaigns consistent with

    experiential and emotional messaging in line with the brand promise

    Digital Marketing• Develop contest and sweepstakes

    campaigns to drive tra�c to the websites

    • Identify creative content that will enlist conversations about event experiences and emotional responses focused on the destination

    Collateral• Produce a variety of online

    and printed collateral materials surrounding each event promoting the event, the destination and partners to visitors and local residents

    FY 12/13 ACTUALS FY 13/14 ACTUALS FY 14/15 GOALS FY 15/16 GOALS*


    VISITS — — 45,000 50,000SOCIAL MEDIA



    IMPRESSIONS — — 900,000 1 MILLION


    MEDIA PLACEMENTS — — 60 100


    *Goals subject to change and will be �nalized a�er FY 14/15 Actuals are reported at the end of the �scal year.

  • 21

  • 22


    Dine Newport Beach is a strategic marketing initiative cooperatively created and managed by Newport Beach & Company and the Newport Beach Restaurant Association (NBRA) to enhance the economic vitality of the Newport Beach culinary community by showcasing and promoting Newport Beach, California as a dining destination offering innovative cuisine, fresh fare, diverse experiences and exceptional restaurants.

    DINE NEWPORT BEACH “…to enhance the economic vitality of

    the Newport Beach culinary community by showcasing and promoting Newport Beach as a dining destination…”

  • 23

    Objectives1. Continue development and growth of

    the Dine Newport Beach brand.

    2. Foster the Newport Beach culinary community to develop strong relationships in order to increase restaurant, stakeholder and partner engagement.

    3. Promote Newport Beach restaurants and showcase the local culinary community year-round to increase diner awareness and generate foodservice revenue.


    Awareness & Brand ManagementThe Dine Newport Beach program and brand will continue development in year two with integrated online, print and public relations campaigns, increased website content, consumer and stakeholder communications and programming targeted to the local culinary community, regional diners, area visitors and food, travel and lifestyle media.

    Advertising A new marketing campaign with fresh creative and messaging will be introduced to continue to generate consumer awareness of the Dine Newport Beach website and the local culinary community. Advertising will appear in a variety of media including newspaper, magazine and on-air outlets as well as in partner publications.

    Promotional MaterialsMarketing collateral will be created to promote the Dine Newport Beach website ( and its comprehensive online dining guide to consumers. Collateral will be distributed throughout Orange County at airports, hotels, office centers and key visitor locations, as well as at a variety of local events throughout the year.

    Website The Dine Newport Beach website,, will continue to progress with the addition of more robust and relevant content, improved imagery, additional dining guides, curated dining experiences and user-friendly navigation in order increase overall website traffic throughout the year. Also, the website will strive to improve its search engine optimization best practices and focus on Newport Beach dining and restaurant keywords to index higher in organic search. Focus will be on keyword research, volume and competitor analytic tracking.

    Social MediaStrategic and trending messaging on the existing social channels will drive followers and build online engagement. In addition, Dine Newport Beach will conduct strategic outreach to key culinary and dining influencers in order to engage with these personalities to broadcast to the larger social population and expand the network.

    Digital MarketingThe website, restaurant promotions and strategic events will be advertised with targeted paid search ads on the major search engines and social networks. In addition, the digital marketing team will work with key industry and media partners to promote the Dine Newport Beach website and programming through partner digital channels.

    Public Relations (PR)Dine Newport Beach will continue to develop and grow strong relationships with food and travel writers, influential lifestyle bloggers and media professionals to ensure that local culinary community, its foodservice establishments, promotions and events receive editorial coverage in local,

    regional and national media outlets throughout the year.

    Consumer E-Newsletter CommunicationsDine Newport Beach will develop a fresh e-newsletter template and increase distribution of the consumer e-newsletter from monthly to weekly over the course of the year in order to deliver relevant information to diners in a timely manner. The e-newsletter will contain robust content including culinary round-ups, dining trends, restaurant promotions, industry profiles, and dining events.

    Signature EventsDine Newport Beach will continue to produce Newport Beach Restaurant Week and any other citywide event that not only promotes participating Newport Beach restaurants, but also positions Newport Beach as Orange County’s premier dining destination.

    Local Culinary PartnershipsDine Newport Beach will support organizations and events that assist in promoting the local restaurant and culinary community. Support will include cooperative advertising, online and social media support, public relations assistance and presence at events with a local restaurant component.

    Concierge ServiceDine Newport Beach will continue to provide a toll-free phone number serviced by the Newport Beach & Company concierge located at Fashion Island. The Dine Newport Beach concierge provides restaurant and dining recommendations and reservation assistance.

    Stakeholder CommunicationsDine Newport Beach will engage NBRA

  • 24

    members, partners and stakeholders with email and occasional print communications. A quarterly NBRA e-newsletter includes information on association news and meetings, promotional opportunities, as well as industry information and events.

    Stakeholder ActivitiesDine Newport Beach will work in partnership with NBRA to develop stakeholder events designed to engage and educate members on NBRA activities, promotions and industry issues. These events include neighborhood mixers, workshops and seminars.

    Community Events Dine Newport Beach will support and partner with businesses, organizations and events that assist in promoting the local restaurant and culinary community. Partnership will include cooperative advertising, online and social media support, public relations assistance and presence at events with a local restaurant component.

  • 25



    2014-2015 YTD 2015–2016


    VISITORS 87,189 115,000

    PAGEVIEWS 367,949 550,000

    AVG. PAGES PER VISIT 4.22 5.0


    FACEBOOK LIKES 4,000 4,500

    TWITTER FOLLOWERS 1,700 2,000

    INSTAGRAM 850 1,200


    IMPRESSIONS 194,503,225 100,000,000

    AD VALUE $1,201,560 $1,500,000

    MEDIA VISITS 20 30



  • 26

    Mission As the official marketing organization for the Balboa Village and Balboa Island neighborhoods, Newport Beach & Company will partner with each organization’s board and its merchants to protect and nurture the destination brand and to deliver additional spending by locals and visitors, leading to enhanced community economic vitality and quality of life.

    “…collaborate with Newport Beach & Company to build more effective marketing strategies and develop strategic marketing plans.”


  • 27

    A number of Business Improvement Districts (BID’s) and Merchant Associations (MA’s) work through the city to drive business to their specific neighborhoods. With limited resources, these BID’s and MA’s struggled at times to effectively market their neighborhoods.

    With the city recommendation, Newport Beach & Company started to work with these organizations to build more effective marketing strategies and to develop strategic marketing plans. As an organization well versed in effective destination marketing strategies, Newport Beach & Company has a wealth of information to help promote these neighborhoods.

    Currently Newport Beach & Company works with two neighborhood organizations – Balboa Village Merchant Association and Balboa Island Marketing Inc. With these two partnerships, we are building a more cohesive marketing effort for each while strengthening the overall appeal of the destination as a whole.

    Putting it all together:What we do at Newport Beach & Company is strive to support the BID and the MA to have their own governance. We work with their advisory committee to understand what their strategic goals are. Once weknow the goals, we can put together a marketing strategy for how they can most efficiently and cost-effectively reach those objectives. Each set of objectives and goals is tailored and customized to fit their specific area or neighborhood. Newport Beach & Company provides recommendations that their board or advisory committee can approve.

    The BID’s still operate under their own direction and objectives and are responsible for their own hard costs such as advertising, collateral or website fees, although Newport Beach & Company would facilitate some of that.

    Enterprise goals as a whole:• To be the marketing agency for a

    variety of our BID’s or MA’s so that we offer consistency in branding and messaging and the ability to leverage our already-existing marketing arm to assist the businesses within Newport Beach

    • Maintain the uniqueness and distinctive qualities of our neighborhoods and help them promote those qualities that make them one of a kind

    • Bring more business into Newport Beach and these unique neighborhoods

    • Execute against the strategic plans for both neighborhoods, supporting marketing, event and community development core focuses

    Research HighlightsCommunity-centric marketing is advantageous in that it allows the ‘reframing of marketing challenges’ tofind new opportunities to service the needs of locals. All of which can be done at a much lower cost than trying to attract new customers. The added benefit of marketing to the community is that the sense of belonging to a greater cause breeds loyalty which organically spreads through the public. Forging a bond with the community can also help a brand evolve by forcing it to stay both innovative and authenticto its consumer’s changing needs. This ability to adapt is a true testament to a brand’s longevity. Forward trends

  • 28

    show that social media marketing will be a huge outreach forum for both community and non-community based marketing. Social media marketing provides an efficient vehicle to deliverquality content. These platforms cut through the clutter, which typically turn tech savvy consumers away. According to, ‘image based content will continue to drive social media engagement’ and studies show that images receive ‘50% more interaction than text-based content.’Visually engaging consumers will generate more interest and lead to increased business.

    Objectives• Promote key events in order to

    generate awareness and increased business while helping to expand reach and functionality

    • Ensure these BID’s and MA’s have a strong consistent brand in the marketplace and are recognizable parts of Newport Beach

    Strategies:Awareness & Brand Management• Generate awareness of a positive

    destination brand identity that is on par with the overall Newport Beach

    Brand• Ensure that messages which define

    the uniqueness of each neighborhood are translated in all disciplines of marketing

    • Increase brand recognition as a individual component of the overall Newport Beach destination

    CollateralProduce a variety of online and printed collateral materials that promote Newport Beach and its partners tovisitors and local residents. This can include brochures, magazines, flyers and all the various online outlets via social media and websites.

    Online MarketingFor the 2015/16 year, Newport Beach & Company will oversee the websites and digital management of and Balboa Island will launch a new responsive-designed website and a whole new URL ( and first year of the new site will focus on building SEO strength and keyword writing to help index top pages of the website.• Newport Beach & Co. will cross-

    promote the stakeholders and events of Balboa Village and Balboa Island, as sectioned out for each specific neighborhood. Users will be able to sort offers, stakeholder listings specifically to provide direct access to the individual neighborhood information.

    • Email: Focus will be on list growth, while generating information on upcoming events and activities in each respective neighborhood.

    • Website: Leverage all key promotions, contests, offers and event details on the,, and websites.

    • SEM: Paid search campaigns will be promoted for the Balboa Village and Balboa Island stakeholders, events

  • 29

    and offers on Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines.

    • SEO: Refine keyword optimization for organic traffic increases for stakeholders specifically in the Balboa Village and Balboa Island locations. Also optimize for key events, activities and tourist information.

    Website Management of and ExploreBalboaIsland.comBoth websites will be managed by Newport Beach & Co. and will focus on the growth and expansion of the key neighborhood initiatives while acting as a core supplement to consumers researching the Newport Beach area. Focus will be on the key stakeholders as outlined by category: Hotels, Dining, Activities and Services. These key areas will be promoted and updated and also integrated into other online touch points and outlets, websites managed by Newport Beach & Co.

    Key goals to accomplish will be:• Increase site visitations, page views

    • Increase merchant listings

    • Direct promotions, sweepstakes and offerings

    • Drive action conversions (signups, purchases, downloads)

    While the new website will be completely responsive and mobile friendly, eventual migration of the Balboa Village site to a responsive, updated look while increasing functionality will be the next recommended steps in development. Extra attention will be given to the current and future events for both neighborhoods. Homepage placement, dedicated

    landing pages and detailed event info will showcase on the websites and on

    PR & CommunicationsPublic Relations & Communications will execute an emphasis on creating interest and demand for the destination to leisure audiences looking to explore Balboa Village and the Balboa Island neighborhoods.Community EventsPlan and execute community publicity support for large events by the using the following techniques and outreach:

    • Alerting media of event to drive attendance

    • E-communications and blog support

    Media RelationsThroughout fiscal Public Relations & Communications will glean publicity for Balboa Village and Balboa Island by developing unique spotlight stories to garner visitation year-round.

    In addition, Public Relations & Communications will include these neighborhoods in international and domestic FAM visits, if a writer’s story-angle is deemed suitable for visitation.

    E-CommunicationsAs apart of our strategic effort to garner publicity to Balboa Village and Balboa Island, the Public Relations & Communications department will showcase stories in each of these neighborhoods including blog posts featured in email newsletters throughout the year.

    Advertising & PromotionsDevelop advertising and promotional campaigns that are on brand, are integrated with the other marketing

    disciplines, and promote key events in order to:

    • Increase year-round leisure visitation

    • Generate awareness of these unique areas

    • Grow event attendance

    • Leverage media buys & agency team to provide best rates on advertising

  • 30

    FY 12/13 ACTUALS FY 13/14 ACTUALS FY 14/15 GOALS FY 15/16 GOALS*


    VISITS 3,083 10,650 20,000 25,000PAGEVIEWS 9,572 25,776 45,000 55,000


    SOCIAL FOLLOWERS — — 4,500 5,500


    TOTAL AD IMPRESSIONS — 1,301,804 1.6 MILLION** 1.68 MILLION**



    REVENUE — — — $10,000

    FY 12/13 ACTUALS FY 13/14 ACTUALS FY 14/15 GOALS FY 15/16 GOALS*


    VISITS — — — 35,000PAGEVIEWS — — — 65,000



    TOTAL AD IMPRESSIONS — — — 670,000**



    REVENUE — — — $10,000



    * Goals subject to change and will be �nalized a�er FY 14/15 Actuals are reported at the end of the �scal year.**Dependent upon their budget

    * Goals subject to change and will be �nalized a�er FY 14/15 Actuals are reported at the end of the �scal year.**Dependent upon their budget

  • 31


    FORCASTED REVENUE $30,000 $20,000ADVERTISING $30,000 $20,000

  • 32

    MissionNewport Beach & Co will be launching and overseeing the expansion of Newport Beach TV leveraging the governmental access channel with promotional opportunities from different businesses around Newport Beach.

    “…leveraging the public access channel with promotional opportunities from different business around Newport Beach.”


  • 33

    Objective: Tell the compelling integrated brand story of Newport Beach that drives economic success through production of daily, quality local video content, in two-to three-minute segments, that have advertising sponsorships sold and embedded in content to cover all related costs.

    Two-Prong Strategy: 1. Produce City of Newport Beach

    government-access television programming and content to fulfill the legal obligations of the City of Newport Beach as well as provide branded content that tells the Newport Beach brand story to local residents and visitors.

    2. Create an online lifestyle channel with multiple distribution points and compelling video content about the Newport Beach lifestyle, destination and brand.

    Produce one well-produced show, Smart Luxury, with a daily 2-3 minute segment, utilizing videographer and video bloggers. Once these segments are underwritten, begin a second show, and so on. Other show ideas with strong ad potential include an active outdoor activities program, family adventures with fun and travel, and an at home show featuring home decor style and entertaining. All shows must pay for themselves. To do so, everything is bundled. Sales packages include video, web, events, collateral materials, point of purchase, etc. Then, find a way to repurpose content so they can continue to generate revenue and viewership.

    ProgramsSmart LuxuryMagazine-style show format showcasing how to live and experience the ultimate Newport Beach luxury life but in a

    smart and sometimes economical way. Show topics range from home and garden to vacation and activities, how to pack smartly or a Newport Beach vacation, landscaping, decorating your home, luxury apparel, luxury cars and automotive. The program will be weekly and comprised of host and five 2-3 minute videos. All segments will be edited so that they can be repurposed on various website.

    Active OCActive OC is Orange County’s #1 health and active lifestyle show. This show features a variety of healthy and active lifestyle activities in Newport Beach, including: • Newport Beach sporting events from

    the OC Marathon to the Pacific Coast Triathlon to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

    • Recreational activities:

    • Land: cycling, golfing, hiking, lawn bowling, running, Segway, tennis, volleyball

    • Water: canoeing, dragon boat racing, kayaking, outrigger canoeing, parasailing, rowing, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming,

    • Boat: Duffy Electric Boats, Pontoons, Yacht Charters

    • Parks & Recreational Centers

    Family AdventuresLifestyle show about all things family—from vacations to how to pack for a trip, to activities, free things to see and do and more. This show targets the core audience demographic of women 25-44 with family-oriented content and material.

    At-Home In Newport BeachLifestyle show about Newport Beach living focusing on shows ranging from coastal luxury (Newport Coast) to village life on Balboa Island. Show topics include decorating, landscaping, DIY projects, cost-saving tips, water-conservation tips, and more.

    Targeted Advertising Industries• Pharma

    • Telecom

    • Grocery

    • Furniture/Decorators

    • Tech

  • 34

    • Arts

    • Fitness

    • Entertainment

    • Cosmetics/Skincare/Beauty

    • Government Grants

    • Green Tech

    • Active Sports

    • Jewelry

    • Cosmetic Medical

    • Financial Services

    • Insurance

    • Travel/Hotels

    • Attractions

    • Food & Beverage

    • Real Estate (Vacation Rentals, Home Sales, Second Homes)

    • Auto/Luxury Auto

    • Apartment

    • Retail

    • Marine

    Newport Beach TV Audience DemographicsDeliver your message to one of the most desired, affluent and educated audiences. NBTV primarily serves the upscale community of Newport Beach.

    • Population: 85,186

    • Median Age: 43.7

    • Education: 97.5% (High School or Higher)

    • Housing Units: 43,460

    • Median Household Income: $106,333

    • Median Home Value: $1,532,500

    Sponsorship BenefitsOn-Air Benefits

    • Intro, close and embedded advertisement

    • Clutter-free broadcast environment• Category exclusivity

    Off-Air Benefits• Opportunity for strategic partner booth

    to display products, distribute samples and literature, collect leads, etc. at select events

    • Display ads NBTV website

    • Inclusion in outside marketing materials

    • Linked logo in masthead throughout the NBTV website

    • Visibility across NBTV social media pages

  • 35

    FY 14/15 GOALS FY 15/16 GOALS*


    FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS 1,500 3,000





    * Goals subject to change and will be �nalized a�er FY 14/15 Actuals are reported at the end of the �scal year.