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EW 15 .5 rle 5 BOB BARACH APPOINTMENTS Met-Chern, Inc. welcomes a new sales engineer Luke Johnson to the sales ream. In this position, he will be responsible for used equipment sales and new equipment support, as well as lab testing for equipment and systems. Before becoming a full-time sales engi- neer, Johnson completed the Met- Chem apprentice training program, learning the equipment and systems from the ground up. Johnson graduat- ed with a Bachelors of Arts in math with a minor in chemistry from Concordia, St. Paul, in 2006.. Heatbath/Park Metallurgical, a man- ufacturer of heat treating and metal finishing products, has appointed Bob Barach regional sales manager. Barach will manage six technical sales repre- sentatives, and his territory will include eight states-Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. Bob earned his BS in Chemistry from Wayne State University. He started his career in metal finishing with a large plating company in Detroit as a lab technician, then qual- ity manager. Bob spent 16 years in chemical sales and sales management with a national chemical supplier, and the last eight years as VP of engineer- ing for a major coatings company in the Detroit area. He also has special- ized expertise in zinc plating and rub- ber-to-metal bonding. Atlas has appointed Equipos y Servicios Westek, S.A. de C.V. its new exclusive representative m Mexico. Westek, headquartered in Mexico D.P., has been the exclusive agent for SDL Atlas, a division of Atlas, since 2003. By working with SOL Atlas, Westek has gained experi- ence providing technical support in both sales and service for the entire Atlas product line, including Weather-Ometers®, Fade-Ometers, Anril ?007 I metalfinishincr I6 SUNTESTS, Xenotest®, and Corrosion instruments. NEW DIGS Eastman Chemical Company announces the opening of its new state-of-the-art paint spray facility at the company's international head- quarters in Kingsport, Tenn. The facility is the culmination of a 12- month, multi-million dollar invest- ment in personnel, construction, equipment, and technology. The facility is engineered to precise- ly replicate the wide range of climate conditions, including temperature and humidity, faced by paint shops, as well as the line conditions of most industrial paint application lines. A robot with two interchangeable end devices is connected to an advanced computer system that can be easily adjusted to mimic automotive, build- ing and construction, and electronics applications. To complement its new Kingsport facility, Eastman is also announcing an additional investment in new test- ing equipment at its Kirkby, U.K. site. New capabilities include rheometers, flame treatment, hot spray pressure, peel strength, and stone chip testing equipment. These enhancements will allow the facility to respond more quickly to customer needs, according to Eastman. CERTIFICATION & AWARDS Rohm and Haas' Paint and Coatings Materials business in North America has been recommended for certifica- tion by independent auditor Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The company expects final certification by May 2007. Certification is awarded only to ACC member and partner organiza- tions that successfully complete com- prehensive audits of their environ- mental, health, safety, and security practices by independent, third- party auditors. The Responsible Care initia- tive was launched in the U.S. in 1986 and is widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful voluntary performance initiatives advanced by any industry. Rohm and Haas was a charter sig- natory to the ACC's Responsible Care initiative. The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) announced its newest training and certification program would be available by August. The certification, tentatively titled "SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Inspector," or CPCI, is currently in the final stages of development with a pilot planned for late spring. Based on SSPC, ASTM, ISO, and NACE standards, the program itself contains 12 modules that will be taught over the course of five inten- sive days-with the optional certifica- tion exam administered on the sixth day. The program is designed to edu- cate professionals new to coatings inspection and, like other SSPC pro- grams, will challenge even the most experienced inspectors. Individuals meeting prerequisite educational and experience criteria, as well as those possessing other certifications, can opt to take the certification exam without taking the course. "SSPC's overall goal is to advance the cause of the protective coatings industry by providing leading-edge, high-quality programs and services," said SSPC president Danny J. McDowell (Northrop Grumman). "Our members demand this of us. They also demand that we do it in a way that makes it easy for them to participate." Bill Shoup, SSPC's executive direc- tor, said the CPCI is different from other programs in the industry in that it contains stringent recertification requirements as well as a Disciplinary Action Criteria that is designed to ensure that certified inspectors uphold the integrity and prestige of

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.5rle 5 BOB BARACH

APPOINTMENTSMet-Chern, Inc. welcomes a new salesengineer Luke Johnson to the salesream. In this position, he will beresponsible for used equipment salesand new equipment support, as well aslab testing for equipment and systems.Before becoming a full-time sales engi­neer, Johnson completed the Met­Chem apprentice training program,learning the equipment and systemsfrom the ground up. Johnson graduat­ed with a Bachelors of Arts in mathwith a minor in chemistry fromConcordia, St. Paul, in 2006..

Heatbath/Park Metallurgical, a man­ufacturer of heat treating and metalfinishing products, has appointed BobBarach regional sales manager. Barachwill manage six technical sales repre­sentatives, and his territory will includeeight states-Michigan, Ohio, WesternPennsylvania, Western Virginia,Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, andFlorida.

Bob earned his BS in Chemistryfrom Wayne State University. Hestarted his career in metal finishingwith a large plating company inDetroit as a lab technician, then qual­ity manager. Bob spent 16 years inchemical sales and sales managementwith a national chemical supplier, andthe last eight years as VP of engineer­ing for a major coatings company inthe Detroit area. He also has special­ized expertise in zinc plating and rub­ber-to-metal bonding.

Atlas has appointed Equipos yServicios Westek, S.A. de C.V. itsnew exclusive representative m

Mexico. Westek, headquartered inMexico D.P., has been the exclusiveagent for SDL Atlas, a division ofAtlas, since 2003. By working withSOL Atlas, Westek has gained experi­ence providing technical support inboth sales and service for the entireAtlas product line, includingWeather-Ometers®, Fade-Ometers,

Anril ?007 I metalfinishincr I 6

SUNTESTS, Xenotest®, andCorrosion instruments.

NEW DIGSEastman Chemical Companyannounces the opening of its newstate-of-the-art paint spray facility atthe company's international head­quarters in Kingsport, Tenn. Thefacility is the culmination of a 12­month, multi-million dollar invest­ment in personnel, construction,equipment, and technology.

The facility is engineered to precise­ly replicate the wide range of climateconditions, including temperatureand humidity, faced by paint shops, aswell as the line conditions of mostindustrial paint application lines. Arobot with two interchangeable enddevices is connected to an advancedcomputer system that can be easilyadjusted to mimic automotive, build­ing and construction, and electronicsapplications.

To complement its new Kingsportfacility, Eastman is also announcingan additional investment in new test­ing equipment at its Kirkby, U.K. site.New capabilities include rheometers,flame treatment, hot spray pressure,peel strength, and stone chip testingequipment. These enhancements willallow the facility to respond morequickly to customer needs, accordingto Eastman.

CERTIFICATION & AWARDSRohm and Haas' Paint and CoatingsMaterials business in North Americahas been recommended for certifica­tion by independent auditor DetNorske Veritas (DNV). The companyexpects final certification by May2007.

Certification is awarded only toACC member and partner organiza­tions that successfully complete com­prehensive audits of their environ­mental, health, safety, and securitypractices by independent, third- partyauditors. The Responsible Care initia-

tive was launched in the U.S. in 1986and is widely recognized as one of thelargest and most successful voluntaryperformance initiatives advanced byany industry.

Rohm and Haas was a charter sig­natory to the ACC's Responsible Careinitiative.

The Society for Protective Coatings(SSPC) announced its newest trainingand certification program would beavailable by August. The certification,tentatively titled "SSPC CertifiedProtective Coatings Inspector," orCPCI, is currently in the final stagesof development with a pilot plannedfor late spring.

Based on SSPC, ASTM, ISO, andNACE standards, the program itselfcontains 12 modules that will betaught over the course of five inten­sive days-with the optional certifica­tion exam administered on the sixthday. The program is designed to edu­cate professionals new to coatingsinspection and, like other SSPC pro­grams, will challenge even the mostexperienced inspectors. Individualsmeeting prerequisite educational andexperience criteria, as well as thosepossessing other certifications, canopt to take the certification exam

without taking the course."SSPC's overall goal is to advance

the cause of the protective coatingsindustry by providing leading-edge,high-quality programs and services,"said SSPC president Danny J.McDowell (Northrop Grumman)."Our members demand this of us.They also demand that we do it in away that makes it easy for them toparticipate."

Bill Shoup, SSPC's executive direc­tor, said the CPCI is different fromother programs in the industry in thatit contains stringent recertificationrequirements as well as a DisciplinaryAction Criteria that is designed toensure that certified inspectorsuphold the integrity and prestige of

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NEW5 ·5rle 5

the profession. "We want anybodywho hires an SSPC certified inspectorto know that we're putting our bestefforts into raising the bar on what isexpected from an inspector," he said.

Accordmg to the SSPC, the CPCIprogram is a strong addition to thegroup's inspector training lineup,Jo1Oing the Concrete CoatingsInspector and Bridge CoatingsInspector programs, as well as theNAVSEA Coating InspectorCertIfication

Program. CPCI has a particularfocus on steel surfaces, making it agreat complement to the existingSSPC programs.

For more information, please visit

MEGTEC Systems' CleanSwltchregenerative thermal oxidizer hashelped First American ResourcesCompany win an environmentalaward for reducing VOC and haz­ardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions,reducing energy consumption, andimproving process ventilation anddryer efficiency, the company said in arecent press release. First American,Mableton, Ga., was recently recognizedby the GeorgIa Chapter of the Air &Waste Management Association withits annual environmental award in thecategory of air (minor source). Theaward recognizes First American for:

-Reducing natural gas consump­tion more than 50% for its coating

----TInes, yielding energy cost savingsofmore than $10,000 per week.

-Reducing VOC emissions morethan 80%, from 17 to 18 tonsannually, to approximately 3 tonsper year.

-Increasing VOC and HAPdestruction rates from 97.8% to99.4%.

-Improving coating room ventila­tion and dryer efficiency byinstalling exhaust fans and hoodsto pull solvent vapors away fromoperators. The solvent-laden airis then preheated in a heat recov­ery system before being sent backto the process dryers.

CONTRACTSPantheon Chemical's non-toxic sur­face pretreatment, PreKote, has beenselected by Continental Airlines foruse in its aircraft repainting program.The airline's decision to use hexava­lent chromium-free PreKote marks ashift in the aerospace industry toehminate toxins used in pretreatmentprocesses. According to PreKote,Continental Airlines was the firstcommercial airline to test the technol­ogy followmg the United States AIrForce's success with PreKote. A 22­month performance analysis validat­ed the m-service performance ofPreKote, showing excellent adheSIOnand paint quality results, the compa­ny saId. In addition, the PreKoteprocess used on Continental aircraftat Leading Edge Aviation Services cutprocess time, eliminated hazardouschemicals, improved worker healthand safety conditions and reducedwaste water.

RESIGNATIONThe FSCT Board of Directors hasannounced the resignation of RobertF. Ziegler as executive director of theFSCT, effective Feb. 15, 2007. ZIeglerhad served as executive director of theorganization since January 2006. Priorto this assignment, he held the posi­tion of executive vice president fromOctober 1987.

During his 30-plus years of servicewith the FSCT, Ziegler acted in vary­mg capacities. As editor and publisherof the Journal of Coatings Technologysince 1987, he directed the split of thepublication into two major industryJournals, JCT CoatingsTech and JCTResearch in 2004. Most recently, heserved on the management team thatoversaw the merger of the FSCTresearch journal with the CoatingsTransactions of the Oil and ColourChemists' Association, resulting inthe journal of Coatings Technology andResearch.

As general manager of theInternational Coatings Expo (former­ly the "The Paint Industries' Show,")for the past 20 years, Ziegler oversawIts growth mto the largest coatings­related show in North America. In hiscapacity as executive vice president, he

was also responsible for directmgstaff operations at FSCT headquar­ters m Blue Bell, Pa.

A task force comprised of membersof the board of directors has beenformed to find a replacement forZiegler. Joseph Pontoski, Secretary­Treasurer and Chief OperatingOfficer of the FSCT, will assumeZiegler's responsibilities until suchtime as a replacement is named.

LICENSE AGREEMENTCleaning Technologies Group, LLC(CTG) has signed a license agreementwith General Electric (GE)Osmonics Division to acquire theexcluslVe rights to design, manufac­ture, sell, and support the full line ofWasteWizard® mdustrial fluid recy­cling systems. "This licensing agree­ment allows to us to further penetratethe industrial waste minimizationmarkets that are so important to ourcustomers," said Jim McEachen, CEOof the Cleaning TechnologiesGroup,These customers are experi­encmg a growing need to recycle andreuse their spent industrial fluids. It isan ideal fit with our overall groupstrategy to capture a leadership posi­tion 10 the supply of total processsolutions withm the cleaning systemsand industrial waste minimizationmarket sectors."

WasteWizard® flUId recycling sys­tems are designed as low maintenance,point-of-use devices with a patentedrotating disk filter coupled with anUltraFilic® membrane to filter out andcollect the soils that reduce the usefullife ofvaluable fluids. These hands off,automated systems reduce labor costs,energy costs, product rework costs,chemical and cleaner costs and elimi­nate more costly waste processing andhauling alternatives.

The Cleaning Technologies Group,LLC is a world leader in providinginnovative cleaning and waste mini­mization technologies to precisionand industrial manufacturing mar­kets. CTG is comprised of Ransohoffof Cincinnati, Ohio, andBlackstone - NEY Ultrasonics ofJamestown, New York. Employingmore than 175 people, the Group isthe premier provider of environmen-

April 7007 I met.-lfinishiner I 7

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tally friendly parts-cleaning and waste-mmlmizatlonequipment and services to the global marketplace.

EXPANSIONSLORD Corp., manufacturer ofMetal]acket® coatings, hasadded a new Metal]acket custom coater. The coater, WuxiZhongjie Vibration Isolators Co., Ltd., will help LORDCorp.'s customers meet the growing demand for LORDMetal]acket coatings for both automotive and industrialapplications. The Zhongjie application line installed a tra­ditional hoist transfer process and will apply the LORDMetal]acket 1100-2110 system.

"We are excited to add a Chinese partner to the growingMetal]acket team," said Todd Wallis, global market man­ager for the Metal]acket product line. "The interest in andtransition to LORD Metal]acket coatings continues to bestrong due to the improved performance, reduced envi­ronmental impact and overall lower operating cost thatLORD Metal]acket coatings offer. With our new partnerin China, we can support global customers who are askmgfor a local supplied ofLORD Metal]acket coated parts andcomponents."

For more information, visit

MIUTARY APPUCATION RESOURCE UNVEILEDTheJoint Service Solvent Substitution Working GroupaS3WG) announces the availability of an Internet-accessi­ble resource ofvalue to manufacturers involved in the fab­rication, repair, and cleaning of components, sub-assem­blies, and products for the military. The site is also of inter­est to suppliers ofcleaning agents. The JS3WG database isa resource to maintain and distributesolvent substitution efforts by the Department of Defenseand the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,to eliminate products that contain hazardous air pollu­tants from cleaning operations, and to prevent duplicationof efforts. Evaluations of cleaning agents that are notvolatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or have very low levels ofVOCs are also included. Industry is invited to visit thedatabase, to submit comments and questions, and to con­tribute independent test results, particularly tests based onrecognized standards. To tour the database, visithttp:/

ROHS LAW KICKS OFF IN CHINAU.S. industry groups are still waiting for guidance fromChina on how to label electronic products that contain acertain amount of chemicals since China's Regulation onHazardous Substances (RoHS) took effect on March 1.However, industry sources said the absence of this guid­ance is not affecting U.S. exports of electronic products,and that companies for now are labeling their products asaccurately as they can on their own.

April 2007 I metalfinishing I 8

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