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NEWSLETTER Volume 8 Issue: Nov 2013 Inside this issue Letter from the Editor John’s column Making their mark in France - AIR Vallauris Ombre Exhibition Review AGM: Christina Bryer 2014 Calendar New Members Gauteng Committee Gauteng Region Do what you love and you will always love what you do!

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Ceramics Southern Africa December Newsletter Gauteng Region


  • Newsletter Volume 8 Issue: Nov 2013

    Inside this issueLetter from the Editor

    Johns column

    Making their mark in France - AIR Vallauris

    Ombre Exhibition Review

    AGM: Christina Bryer

    2014 Calendar

    New Members

    Gauteng Committee

    Gauteng Region

    Do what you love

    and you will always

    love what you do!

  • The need to create in clay has been ever present in all the activities that we, as members of CSA, have been a part of this year.

    Beginning with the Clay Festival we came together, shared our ideas, our dreams and plans for the future as we watched and listened at workshops presented by knowledgeable and inspiring fellow ceramists.

    This provided the platform for the rest of the year the Regional Exhibition, the Potters Market, the Multi-Workshop and the Ombre Exhibition.

    Importantly, all these events brought us together to interact with each other on the subject we all feel passionate about clay.

    Next year, 2014, also promises more opportunities for learning and showing our work to the public.

    The AGM on February 22 is not to be missed.Besides taking part in the planning for the year there will be an inspirational workshop from Christina Bryer, one of South Africas finest ceramic artists, from the Western Cape (read about her elsewhere in the newsletter).

    During the year there will be exhibitions, workshops and a market so, after you have all had a good holiday, start making more beautiful pieces.

    All this does not happen without an enormous amount of planning and work behind the scenes.

    We would be lost without Cynthia keeping us all on track, and Colleen has taken on every task that has come her way, with the help of various committee and co-opted members. Many, many thanks to them all.

    Thanks also to Claire Waters, who has taken on the setting out of the newsletters, giving us a vibrant looking source of information on all our activities.

    Give some thought as to how you, as a member , can play a part we need to know what you would like to see at workshops, tell us about anything special about your work, let us know about private exhibitions. Next year we would like to tell some individual stories about our members, who you are and what motivates you.

    We wish all our members and their families a blessed and joyous Festive season. Travel safely and return revived, renewed and refreshed even if you are only moving from your own living room to the garden to sit under a tree.

    Happy holidays.


    Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Ceramics SA.


  • As we approach the end of another year I am revisiting a piece I wrote for the newsletter in 2011. As it is a different year I have made a few changes.

    The end of another year looms and brings with it time to reflect on what we have achieved during and to look forward to the new year with excitement and enthusiasm.

    Here is a simple process that you might want to do, either right now or keep it for the end of the year and bring it out at resolution time. I have put this together with regard to your ceramic work but you could use it for any area of your life.

    1. List your 3 biggest accomplishments this year

    2. List 3 areas where you achieved success during the year

    3. List 3 things you want to change or improve during the coming year

    4. List 3 qualities you would like to bring out in your work

    5. Set 3 goals that you wish to achieve in the next year

    6. Set time limits for when you wish to achieve them

    7. List 3 new things you want to try your hand at in the year ahead

    8. Enter your work into at least one competition or exhibition

    Review what you have written for items 1 and 2 and take time to acknowledge yourself for these accomplishments and achievements.

    Do what you love and you will always love what you do!

    I wish you all the very best for the year ahead and may the year ahead be truly productive and rewarding for you in all areas of your life.

    Johns Column Johns Column

  • The creative spirit of three ceramic artists, all members of Ceramics SA, is spreading through the town of Vallauris in the south of France.

    Nic Sithole and Madoda Fani, from Gauteng and Andile Dylvane from the Western Cape were invited to do a month long residency in a town which is famous for ceramics in all its forms, from the priceless jugs and platters painted by Picasso to the small mementos that tourists take home to remind them of their visit.

    The streets of Vallauris are lined with shops selling ceramics, studios where potters can be seen at their wheels and museums where prize winning pieces are on display.

    During November the three ceramists, accompanied by a graphic artist from KZN, will live and work in a studio environment , will give master classes and prepare for an exhibition to be held at the end of their visit.

    This is all part of a programme of France/South Africa cooperation and is hosted by AIR(Artists in Residency) Vallauris, which pays the travel costs between the two countries and provides accommodation and studio facilities.

    Ceramics SA has awarded each of the three members a Tim Morris bursary to help with their day to day living costs and several Gauteng members have generously donated amounts to add to these.

    Nic, Madoda and Andile are all active members of Ceramics SA all have won awards on exhibitions, given workshops and developed their own work to a highly professional standard.

    They will certainly be fine ambassadors of Ceramics SA and the country.

    maKinG thEir marK

    in FranCE

    nic sithole, madoda Fani, andile dylvane & Buntu Fihla

  • nic sithole, madoda Fani, andile dylvane & Buntu Fihla

  • omBrExhiBition rEviEw

    212 pieces, 45 ceramists, 2 Duty Officers, 29 days, 55 plinths to be moved and painted. Set up and dismantle, delivery and collection of work, The Opening, Wine sponsorship, Opening speakers, walkabouts, payments to artists, . . . .

    a collaboration between Plascon and Csa @ spaces showroom in Fourways

    Wine was sponsored by Cronier Wines. Annemarie Meintjes from Visi magazine did the opening address.

    These were some of the items on our list for the Ombre exhibition. It was a ground breaking exhibition in terms of venue and display. We are all used to the way CSA exhibitions are normally set up white plinths, usually a pot per plinth or work of the same artist or genre displayed together. When we collaborated with Plascon and were offered their flagship store at the Fourways Design Quarter as a venue for a themed exhibition, we agreed that Claire Bond, Plascon Creative manager extraordinaire, would do the set up.

  • Ombr opening

    Doreen Hemp

    Dale Lambert Melanie Robinson

    Sandy Godwin

  • Plascon donated the paint (colours agreed between both parties), and plinths were painted in various shades of grey with pink for accent. As far as I know, this has never been done for a CSA exhibition previously. Claire also used her design and dcor flair to place pieces in a way that people would do in their own homes. This resulted in a less formal looking display that appealed to visitors looking for dcor items to complement their homes. The grey and pink plinths suited the work well and it was very eye catching.

    It also took us out of our comfort zone and made us question whether this display suited our work and fitted in with the way we previously viewed ceramic exhibitions. Either way, it was different, it was unique and it made us think not a bad thing. We sold well and covered all costs and made a profit. The feedback we received from visitors was generally positive and we have been asked to consider making this an annual event.

    We need your feedback before we can make this decision. If you participated, or visited the exhibition, please drop me an email and let me know what you thought. Was it what you wanted? Would you be willing to assist if we held another exhibition @ Spaces? Any other suggestions?

    Nici Brockwell

    Pauline van Tonder

    Gerhard van den Heever

    Eunice Botes

  • Gerd Kalesse & Betsy Nield chatting at the opening of Ombr

    Melanie & Simon Robinson with Claire Bond from Plascon

    Eugene Hon gave an interesting speech and related his personal experience with his renovations.

    The Gauteng committee meets soon to discuss our diary for 2014 exhibitions, workshops and potters market. Its hard work and so wed like to channel our energies into the events that are wanted and part of our long term vision. If you feel youd like to join the committee, please let me know. If the timing is not right for you at the moment, please give us your support by spreading the word about CSA and participating in as many events as possible during the coming year. n

  • obituary

    John sullivanWell known member of Ceramics SA in Gauteng and nationally, John Sullivan has died in Pretoria at the age of 81.

    Combining his career of 30 years as a structural engineer, with his involvement in his wife, Elzas ceramic studio, John was initially concerned with the technical side of ceramics building their first paraffin fired gas kiln.

    This was after a trip to Japan when he announced that all the best potters are men.

    After some years he, too, started making pots mostly strong slab built forms which complemented Elzas thrown work.

    His work began to be shown on exhibitions, winning awards and being bought for many private and public collections, including the Corobrik Collection.

    For more than 40 years John helped Elza in her growing and successful teaching studio, maintained the kilns, developed glazes and was always available to help other potters who ventured into the world of reduction firing.

    He was interested in everything to do with clay and liked nothing more than to interact in a group of friends who all had the same interests.

    Their outstanding reduction fired pieces are a tribute to the exceptional understanding and control of all aspects of the Anglo Oriental tradition and practise.

    Together they were mentors to many and always willing to share all their knowledge.

    Our deepest sympathy goes to Elza and her family. n

  • National exhibitionCape Town next year:

    16th Nov 2014Sunday at 11am.International Award Judge - Magdalene Odundo

    The AGM will be followed by a workshop by Karen Sinovich

    To give members the full benefit of Karens expertise, the AGM will commence at 09:00 sharp. We will ensure that the business of the meeting is concluded by 10:30 so that we can commence the workshop immediately thereafter. We appeal to members to make every effort to adhere to the specified times.


    11:00 Karen will commence with her short PowerPoint presentation.

    12:00-13:00 Break for a light finger lunch which will be provided.

    13:00-15:00 Commence participating workshop with Karen.

    Please note the following:

    It will be necessary to produce current membership cards. Interested non members will be required to take out membership if they wish to attend. In order to make the necessary arrangements and particularly as the workshop is a participating one, it is essential to R.S.V.P. please telephone Cynthia McAlpine at 011 791 5153 or email: [email protected] by no later than 8 February 2012.

    M a g d a l e n e O d u n d O

  • WORKSHOP P R ES EN TER CHRIST INA BRYERChristina Bryer, one of South Africas most accomplished ceramic artists, will give a demonstrating workshop at this years agm.

    Many of you will have seen and marvelled at Christinas amazing Mandala wall plates at the recent exhibition at the Kim Sacks Gallery, or in the Corobrik Collection, or on line or in publications.

    Working in porcelain, she uses endlessly repeating patterns, from the mosaics of the Alhambra to unicellular organisms , to the cross section of a strand of DNA.

    As child she was attracted and fascinated by the 5 and 6 pointed stars surrounding a double helix pattern in the border of the nursery linoleum she worked out that if you traced the 5 pointed star the pattern continued indefinitely, whereas with the 6 pointed star you had to lift your finger after three points.

    In 1998 , while studying ceramics in London, she came across Roger Penroses aperiodic tiling, which gave her further inspiration for her intricate geometric pieces.

    Strict discipline of following prescribed grid patterns gives way to a meditative and intuitive process..

    Starting with the absolute of the grid frees you to work with infinite possibilities, says Christina. n

    GautEnG 2014 aGm SATURDAYFEBRUARY 22

  • FrOM Or tAMBO INterNAtIONAlTake the R24 and drive towards Johannesburg CBD.

    At the Gilloolys interchange follow the Pretoria signs and join the N3

    Proceed on N3 until you get to the N1 North (Pretoria/Polokwane) and N1 South (Roodeport/Bloemfontein split. Take the N1 South.

    Take the next off-ramp (Rivonia Road and follow the Sunninghill sign which leads you to a set of traffic lights.

    Turn left you will now be on Rivonia Road and driving under the bridge. Stay in the extreme left lane.

    Take the second left turn, just before the traffic lights you will now be on Witkoppen Road. Proceed to Witkoppen/Main intersection.

    Turn right into Main Road in the direction of Kyalami.

    Pass the Lonehill Blvd traffic lights, driving downwards and ascending after crossing the bridge.

    Keep to the left lane and turm left into Chattan Rd, followed by another quick left into Duncan Rd (gravel)

    Proceed until you reach the Church on the left.

    FrOM PretOrIATake the N1 (Ben Schoeman) towards Johannesburg.

    Take the Allandale (M39) off-ramp towards Kyalami

    At the Kyalami Racetrack intersection traffic lights turn right and join the R55.

    Pass the Kyalami Estate on the right , stay in the left hand lane and take the off-ramp to Macgregor Rd (M17).

    Proceed on Macgregor, which becomes Main Rd.

    After passing the Leeuwkop Prison entrance slow down to turn right at Chattan Rd. Turn immediately into Duncan Rd (gravel) and drive to the Church on the left hand side.

    vEnuE: GraCEP o in t mEthodist ChurCh, 125 dun Can r o a d, GlEnFE rnEss

    timE: 8 .30 F o r 9 a . m.GPs Co-ordinates: s260 00.22 e280 02.55telephone number: 011702 4600

    This promises to be an inspiring and fascinating workshop for all members.

  • wElComE to our nEw mEmBErs:

    Gauteng region CommitteeName Duties Tel. No. Mobile e-mail

    Colleen Lehmkuhl

    Regional Chair/Meeting Notes

    011 463 7262 073 481 0889 [email protected]

    John Shirley Vice Chair/Exhibitions

    011640 4982 083407 5968 [email protected]

    Drury Brandt Logistics 011 807 9942 082 574 5800 [email protected]

    Dineke den Bakker

    Vaal Triangle Liaison

    016 932 2173 082 715 1639 [email protected]

    Jerice Doeg Exhibitions/Potters Market

    012 460 6516 082 683 5680 [email protected]

    Darien Harrison Catering 012 667 1207 082 463 8653 [email protected]

    Rose Hobson Clay Festival/Exhibitions

    084436 4312 [email protected]

    Marentia Jordaan

    Workshops 012 660 8550 (W) 084 567 8296 [email protected]

    Claudia Postaremczak

    Workshops 011 467 9765 082 909 5357 [email protected]

    Karen van der Riet

    General assist/Potters Market

    012 660 2341 082 655 2121 [email protected]

    DTP: Claire Waters

    Barbara Hudson, Helen dOliviera, Heather Salinger, Mariska Steyn and Tracey Thurlow (Student)

    Gauteng Administrative Office closes

    on Friday, 13 December 2013 reopens Monday, 13 January 2014.


    EXCITING NEW SHOP NOW OPEN!141 Lynnwood RoadThe Willows, Pretoria(@ the premises of Elza van Dijks Pottery Studio)

    GautEnG aGmsAt FeB 22nd 2014Gracepoint Methodist Church, Duncan road, Glenfernesstime: 8.30 for 9 a.m.

    National ExhibitionCape Town next year:

    16th Nov 2014International Award Judge Magdalene Odundo

    Sunday 11am


    @ the old gas works

    1 Annet Rd, Cottesloe P O Box 674, Auckland Park, JHB, 2006, RSA

    Tel: 011-482-2215/7 Fax: 011-482-2679

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Fascinating array of pottery from around the world.

    Storage jars, rare porcelain, pit fired pots, giant plant-ers and water pots, traditional figurines. Liebermann

    Tableware, Bright Planters, wide range of Bonsai pots, mosaic tiles, collectables, clay tools, banding wheels,

    brushes and lots of bric-a-brac.

    Adventures of The Pottery Detective DVDs detailing potters at work around the world -

    R100 / DVD

    Liebermann Clay

    Imported Super White Porcelain 17kg R303 bag Fine terracotta 25kg R120.00 Fine Terracotta 1 ton R4235.00 Purple Sand T/pot Clay 20 kg R302.50

  • Since graduating from art school, she has featured prominently at exhibitions, both as exhibitor and curator. She has already featured prominently as finalist and prize-winner at Sasol's new signatures art competition, the Thami Mnyele fine art competition and ceramics SA's regional exhibition in 2012. Her first solo exhibition, titled Samsara... the journey of the soul is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013 as part of her M Tech degree in fine art.



    NDEBELE cc

    Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of stoneware and earthenware clays for throwing, slab building and casting, in buff, terracotta and white.

    Contact our switchboard at the above numbers: P O Box 443; CULLINAN; 1000.

    Telephone 082 808 9166 or 082 885 1103.

    Facsimile 086 725 1221

    or Leon Joubert at 082 440 5051 IN SYMPATHY