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  • W.V.H.C.C. P.O. Box 1086 Warrnambool, Victoria., 3280

    Phone: Peter 0400 638928 Web:





    Events Calendar

    Holden Club History

    CLUB PERMIT ELIGIBILITY -From Aug, 2014 onwards

    As of August 2014, Western Victoria Holden Car Club Inc will no longer process members joining the CLUB PERMIT SCHEME unless the minimum requirements have been adhered to. It is mandatory that a NEW member attend a minimum of two (2) Monthly General Meetings in a six (6) month period to be eligible for a CLUB PERMIT.

    CURRENT MEMBERS (Pre August, 2014Permit Holders) -Need to attend the 2 Log Book checks each year - our Car Show & Christmas Breakup OR contact Graeme Dunn - No requirement to attend other meetings although the club would like you to join in the family fun , camaraderie, knowledge sharing with us each month and improve your fantastic club

  • Meeting, followed by a club social function are generally held on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Refer to newsletter for location. Visitors and friends are most wel-come to attend all club functions.

    Membership is open to anyone who owns or is interested in Holden motor vehicles irrespective of age or model. Membership is $40 per year with $6 charged for those wanting AEHF affiliation. New members will be charged a joining fee of $10.

    President: Peter Dunn Ph: 03-5562 0772 Vice President: Ken Plummer Ph: 03-5592 1964 Public Officer: Peter Dunn Ph: 03-5562 0772 Secretary: Scott Bell Ph: 03-5561 4577 Treasurer: Brooke Dean Ph: Editor: Ken Plummer Ph: 03-5592 1964 Permit Officer: Graeme Dunn Ph: 03-5592 5478

    Rudy Van Bruggen Ph: 03-5567 1157 Wendy Dunn Ph: 03-5592 5478 Chris Moutray John Welch Ph: 0438 611 310 Rob Lee Ross Anderson Kyril Dean Mick Pollard John Dodoro Rob Grills Ph: 0400 480 023

    Robin Whitten Rob Fleming Ray Lancaster Anne Anderson Ross Anderson Scott Bell Andrea Bellman Graeme Dunn

    Peter Dunn Stephanie Dunn Chris Fleming Rick Jenkins Selwyn Jones Andrew Knowles Craig Hose Janelle Hose

    Chris Moutray Robert Penney Jo Richards Shane Riordon Maryanne Van Bruggen Ken Plummer

  • Western Victoria Holden Car Club Inc

    Hi All,

    Couldnt have asked for a more perfect day for the run, numbers were up and the mu-seums fantastic. Our first stop was the Powerhouse museum which is full of a wide range of historical automotive collectables and classic vehicles. We were also invited to use their meeting room which was much more comfortable than trying to hold our meeting down by the wharf. We covered off the date for our Car Show which will be the 21st of March 2015 and all members are invit-ed to have their input for ideas on next years show. After lunch we headed for the RSL museum which is locat-ed in the old town water tower which also doubles as a lookout. The amount of war relics was amazing and I highly recommend a visit if you are in Portland at any stage. The views from atop the tower are spectacular and with the day we had you could see for miles. Our next run is to Ballarat for the all GM Day, this day fea-tures a wide range of all GM vehicles and is well worth the trip. This will be a great day so I look forward to seeing you all there.

    Peter Dunn President W.V.H.C.C. P.O. Box 1086 Warrnambool Vic 3280 Mobile: 0400638928 Email:

    Celebrating 23 Years

    of the Holden Car

    Club in

    Western Victoria


  • Date: 21/09/2014

    Western Victoria Holden Car Club Inc

    Meeting Opened: 12:15 Members Present: As per Attendance Book

    Apologies: Ray Lancaster, Sarah, Leigh, Molly & Charlie Dunn, Valma & Robert Grills, Linda Grills & family,

    Moved: Ross Seconded: Terri Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes of previous meeting were read.

    Moved: Maryanne Seconded: Chris Business Arising from the Minutes: Club trailer to be picked up Ken -3WAYFM13 weeks on Saturday nights between 7-9pmSaturday Night Special program

    #WAY FM have been lax in getting sponsorship started they have apologised and will begin on11th October.

    CPS feedback to VocRoads VSI-33 * Changes to modified platehow ill this be doneRWC? *RWC for new permits ONLY at this stage Clarify our permit scheme re the newsletter Ken to follow up badges with a J Parkes Stephanie to check with Janome for next meet

    Moved: Rob Seconded: John W Treasurers Report:

    Presented to meeting Moved: Graeme Seconded: John D Correspondence: In: # Various Newsletters, VicRoads Permit info Gary Haydyn Out: # Newsletter,

    Moved : Chris S Seconded: Brad H General Business: Car Show date decided 21st March (Log Book Check) 1pm Best Car Awarded Use pho-

    tos of Johns car for advertising Sponsorship ideas =Brooke Rare Spares -March next year car show in Melbsee John Welch Letter from Gary Haydyn Graeme to speak to and clarify membership/ resignation Mick Devlin has sold Holden and will kindly donate outstanding monies to Peters Project

    Next Meeting: Ballarat All GM Day 19th Oct

    Meeting Closed: pm

  • Rob Millard


    Western Victoria Holden Car Club Inc

    There were a total of 405 A9X Toranas built, consisting 100 Hatchbacks and 305 Sedans produced from September 1977 to January 1978. There were also an additional 41 Hatch and 8 Sedans produced as Race Shells for the Motor Racing Industry. These were deliv-ered as Rolling Bodies with no Engine, Gear Box or Front Seats. All A9X Hatchbacks are branded SS, whilst all A9X Sedans are branded SLR5000. The major differences of the A9X were: Salisbury Diff available in G70 (2.60:1) or GU4 (3.08:1) compared to Banjo Diff Rear Disc Brakes Front Air Ducts to cool Brakes Wheel Flares Bonnet Scoop No SLR500 stenciled along the sides of the Sedan Standard 14 x 7 GTS Style Rims Optional Super T10 Gear Box Engine fan removed and replaced with Turbo fan with Radiator overflow Bumper rubber strips removed. Modifications to engine Crank and Cam, front crossmembers and HD Springs

    The A9X pictured is one of only 47 Flemenco Red Sedans produced

    with the Slate Black Interior and GU4 Diff cofiguration.

    The A9X was unrivelled at Bathurst in 1978 and 1979 with Peter Brock and Jim Richards winning both Races. In 1978 the A9X made up 6 of the first 10 cars to finish, taking First and second places. In 1979 the car made up 8 of the first 10 cars to finish, taking the first 8 finishing spots. In 1979 Peter Brock, some 6 laps in front set a new lap record of 2.21.1 on his Final lap to prove the worth of the A9X after 160 laps racing. The legend of the A9X was complete.

    Reference Just Holdens A9X Collector's Issue.

    One of the identifying features of an A9X, is the Hand Written 'A9X', en-scribed in Crayon on the Front Passen-ger Floor Pan. The branding of the Shell was done on the Production Line to identify these vehicles from other SLR Toranas, since the A9X has a different Floor Pan to accommodate the Salisbury Diff.

    The A9X did not come standard fitted with a Radio or A/C, however at times these were added by Dealers at the Buy-ers request.

  • Western Victoria Holden Car Club Inc

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  • Out of the FJs Glove Box ..

    By all accounts it was a great trip to the Powerhouse Mu-seum in Portland last month and the museum was a real stunner for members to salivate over a terrific day was had by allgood to see new membe