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october 2014 newsletter



    Calendar of events: September 1 T Staff meeting, NO Lunch Bunch

    3-18 Class Gathering in the library, 9:15 a.m. 14 M Sports Blitz with Coach Andy Begins

    Parent Board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m. 18 F Cabrillo Marine Program

    22 T Rise and Sing Music with Amy Tibert Begins 28 M Lead teacher meeting, library, 12:30 p.m. October Conferences for Twos & Threes

    2 F Rise and Sing Music with Amy Tibert Begins 5 M Staff In-Service, NO SCHOOL 6 T NO STAFF MEETING There IS Lunch Bunch today 7/8 W/Th Chapel begins, 11:40 a.m. (Parents wait a couple weeks) 8 Th Mindful Parenting Begins, LSH, 9:15 a.m. 12 M Parent board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m. 16 F Reptiles Visit 18 Sun. Family Dinner, LSH 22 Th T-Th School photos 23 F MWF & PreK School photos (and Parent Board) 26 M Lead teacher meeting, Library, 12:30 p.m. 29/30 Th/F Pumpkin Hunts

    Classroom Gatherings

    Please take the time to gather in the Library at 9:30 on your designated day with your Lead Teacher and Miss Cherie. This is a causal half hour in order to get better aquinted with your fellow parents and we can get better aquinted with you.

    Thursday the 3rd Yellow Tuesday the 8th Red

    Wednesday the 9th Red Thursday the 10th Green *Friday the 18th Green

    *Changed from the 11th

    Tuesday the 15th Blue Wednesday the 16th - Blue


    By the sign-in clipboard you will find little forms to fill out if someone other than you will be picking up your child. Even if this person is listed in your childs file this added note is VERY helpful. So, please take the

    time to fill it out and leave it with the clipboard or teacher.

    Please make a special effort to keep our children safe. Please hold your childs hand as you come and go from school. Please keep younger and older siblings with you at all times.

    Do not leave any children unattended in the car. IT IS NEVER SAFE AND IS ILLEGAL!


    Please finish all cell phone calls before entering the school gate. Your children deserve your complete attention.

    Bring your child on time to school. It is difficult for children to enter into the play or circle time if it has already started!!

    Dont forget to bring a photo for your childs cubbie if you are in the MWF or T-Th program.

    Cubby Policy

    Please do not put favors, gifts or goodies in the childrens cubbies.

    Invitations to parties or gatherings are fine as long as everyone is invited. If you would like to bring a special snack for the children please check with your lead teacher first and remember we do have some children

    with allergies.


    The three year olds and some of the two year olds are learning to use the toilets at school!! Part of that process is learning how to wipe. Teachers will talk children through the process of gathering toilet paper, wiping themselves and then washing their hands. Please practice these skills at home. Teachers do not wipe the children so remember when your children come home they may not be as clean in that area as you would like. It is very helpful if you send your child in clothes he/she can easily manipulate. Elastic waistbands seem to be the best. If your child has come home in clothes labeled school please return them to the office once you have washed them so we can keep a good supply on hand.

  • Nothing New. By Cherie McSweeney, Director

    When I started teaching preschool way back in 1979 the trend was for

    everything natural, everything real. Like wooden structures on the play yards,

    real pots and pans, telephones and such in the dramatic play areas. Then, it

    slowly moved to brightly colored plastic play equipment which was more

    durable and was easier to maintain. The dramatic play toys became child

    sized, plastic and brightly colored as well.

    Now, we are seeing the tide turn and the trend is going back to natural

    environments and real things to pretend with while playing and learning about

    their world around them. And, I am happy as can be! It is only when I look

    back I see the real value in using items that are real world for our young


    Not only do I believe children enjoy real items like pots and pans, telephones,

    keyboards, nuts and bolts, rocks and logs, water and dirt/sand more, they also

    provide a variety of advantages. First and foremost there is a greater respect for

    them and their play. Also, these items provide a variety of textures to feel,

    weight which builds muscle strength and they make sounds when clanked

    together. They provide wonderful opportunities for exploration and imagination.

    So, open up the kitchen cabinets and the back doors once again and let your

    children have at it!

  • Mindful ParentingMindful ParentingMindful ParentingMindful Parenting October 8 November 19

    (no class October 22 Picture Day)

    Thursday mornings, 9:1510:30

    Preschool Director Cherie McSweeney and

    the Rev. Amy Pringle will lead a class for

    parents in mindfulness the art of settling

    into the present moment.

    Countless studies have shown that learning the very simple practices of mindfulness

    helps children not only to study and learn at a higher level, but also (and maybe more

    importantly) to improve social skills and the ability to cope with difficult emotions and


    Parents without kids enrolled in the Preschool are welcome.

    Cost: Flat fee of $60, due by October 8th

    Child Care is available for up to 12 kids (must be walkers)

    Sign up for the class, and for child care if you need it:

    On the clipboard on the counter outside the office


    Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is settling back into the routine of a new school year. I know the beginning of a school year can be an emotional time for parents and kiddos. My daughter is in her 3rd and final year at St. Georges so her 1st day of school wasnt so hard but its still never easy leaving your baby. St. Georges is such a great place and I have seen firsthand the wonderful teachers help our children go from being nervous to excited and turning frowns into smiles. BACK TO SCHOOL... I hope you had a chance to stop by our Back to School coffees during the first week of school. It is such a fun way to connect with old and new friends at St. George's. We had a great turn out this year and I loved seeing so many of you! Thank you to our Hospitality Committee, Cristina Kelly, Megan Abel, Lauren Delphey and Lisa Eich for hosting and to the Gavia family for donating all the coffee. Our Parent Social committee is hard at work planning this years fall evening out. This is a great way to see old friends and meet new ones without a little person hanging on your leg. The event is planned for September 24 so save the date and stay tuned for more details. You wont want to miss this fun event. Im so excited about this year's St. George's t-shirts and tote bags! Many thanks to Beth Shupper and Jennifer Mester for all the time they've put into designing, ordering and selling them for us. All pre-paid t-shirts have been ordered and by now your child should have received their tote bag. We are hoping to receive the shirts soon. When they arrive they will be placed in your childs cubby. Planning for Dragon Faire has started early this year. The committee is coming together and is going to be a fabulous group of parents. We are still in need of committee chairs to help with decorations and one committee chair for handling volunteers. Please consider joining these fun committees. Its a great way to get involved with the school and make some new friends!

  • ITS FALL! Save the Date! St. George's Annual Family Fall Dinner is coming up on Sunday, October 18th. We'll have fun arts and crafts, delicious Mexican food and yummy desserts. Look for flyers in your child's cubbies. You wont want to miss out on this fun tradition! I am thrilled to be a part of this year's Parent Board and look forward to an exciting year of Preschool! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the board, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    LIBRARY NEWS Joyce Davison, Librarian and Georgie

    Catch a DRAGON by the Tail Reading Program

    Welcome one and all to the library cart on the patio. You all have given me a big surprise by checking out about 150 books in the first weeks of this school year.

    Sharing good stories is so important in the development of your children. Our books tell stories to learn from like manners, getting along with each other, talking about feelings and so on. There are many books to share during story time and at bed time. Always remember to preview books, before you read them to your children.

    I do ask that you follow the very simple rules that are posted on the cart and I do ask for you to print your childs first and last name just in case there is another child with the same first name. From time to time you will see new books featured on the cart.

    I will make a list of the new titles for you to look for and enjoy. Should you have a suggestion of an addition to our collection please feel free to let me know what it is. Continue to enjoy all of the things on the cart. See